Buck, Bela H.

Aquaculture Perspective of Multi-Use Sites in the Open Ocean

Buck, Bela H. - Aquaculture Perspective of Multi-Use Sites in the Open Ocean, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: New Approaches to Sustainable Offshore Food Production and the Development of Offshore Platforms
Poul Holm, Bela H. Buck, Richard Langan

Part I. Species, Techniques and System Design

2. Offshore and Multi-Use Aquaculture with Extractive Species: Seaweeds and Bivalves
Bela H. Buck, Nancy Nevejan, Mathieu Wille, Michael D. Chambers, Thierry Chopin

3. Technological Approaches to Longline- and Cage-Based Aquaculture in Open Ocean Environments
Nils Goseberg, Michael D. Chambers, Kevin Heasman, David Fredriksson, Arne Fredheim, Torsten Schlurmann

4. Operation and Maintenance Costs of Offshore Wind Farms and Potential Multi-use Platforms in the Dutch North Sea
Christine Röckmann, Sander Lagerveld, John Stavenuiter

5. Technical Risks of Offshore Structures
Job Klijnstra, Xiaolong Zhang, Sjoerd Putten, Christine Röckmann

Part II. Aquaculture Governance

6. Aquaculture Site-Selection and Marine Spatial Planning: The Roles of GIS-Based Tools and Models
Vanessa Stelzenmüller, A. Gimpel, M. Gopnik, K. Gee

7. Governance and Offshore Aquaculture in Multi-resource Use Settings
Gesche Krause, Selina M. Stead

8. The Socio-economic Dimensions of Offshore Aquaculture in a Multi-use Setting
Gesche Krause, Eirik Mikkelsen

9. Regulation and Permitting of Standalone and Co-located Open Ocean Aquaculture Facilities
John S. Corbin, John Holmyard, Scott Lindell

Part III. Aquaculture Economics

10. Economics of Multi-use and Co-location
Hauke L. Kite-Powell

Part IV. Case Studies

11. The German Case Study: Pioneer Projects of Aquaculture-Wind Farm Multi-Uses
Bela H. Buck, Gesche Krause, Bernadette Pogoda, Britta Grote, Lara Wever, Nils Goseberg, Maximilian F. Schupp, Arkadiusz Mochtak, Detlef Czybulka

12. The EU-Project “TROPOS”
Nikos Papandroulakis, Claudia Thomsen, Katja Mintenbeck, Pedro Mayorga, José Joaquín Hernández-Brito

13. Offshore Platforms and Mariculture in the US
Jeffrey B. Kaiser, Michael D. Chambers

Part V. Conclusion and Outlook

14. Epilogue—Pathways Towards Sustainable Ocean Food Production
Bela H. Buck, Richard Langan

Keywords: Environment, Marine & Freshwater Sciences, Offshore Engineering, Business and Management, general, Law, general, Water Policy/Water Governance/Water Management

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