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Karst Groundwater Contamination and Public Health

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction to the Conference

1. Contaminated Groundwater in Karst: Why Is It an Issue? An Introduction to the KWI San Juan Conference
William B. White, Janet S. Herman, Ellen K. Herman, Marian Rutigliano

2. Public Health and Karst Groundwater Contamination: From Multidisciplinary Research to Exposure Prevention
Heather F. Henry, William A. Suk

Part II. Keynote Papers

3. Team Science Applied to Environmental Health Research: Karst Hydrogeology and Preterm Birth in Puerto Rico
José F. Cordero, John D. Meeker, Rita Loch-Caruso, Roger Giese, Ingrid Padilla, Dorothy Vesper, David Kaeli, Thomas Sheahan, Phil Brown, Carmen M. Vélez-Vega, Akram N. Alshawabkeh

4. Flow Routing in the Karst of Puerto Rico
Thomas E. Miller, Gilles Brocard, Jane Willenbring

5. Fate, Transport, and Exposure of Emerging and Legacy Contaminants in Karst Systems: State of Knowledge and Uncertainty
Ingrid Y. Padilla, Dorothy J. Vesper

6. Puerto Rico’s Karst Protection—Beyond the Laws and Regulations
Abel Vale-Nieves

7. Contaminant Transport in Karst Aquifers: Systematics and Mechanisms
William B. White

Part III. Karst Groundwater Contaminants and Tools for Their Evaluation

8. Trace Metal Accumulation and Re-mobilization in Phreatic Karst Conduits
Amy L. Brown, Jonathan B. Martin

9. Evaluation of Spill Response System for Mammoth Cave National Park Using Quantitative Dye Tracer Studies
JeTara Brown, Thomas Byl, Rickard Toomey, Lonnie Sharpe

10. Bioremediation Potential in Karst Aquifers of Tennessee and Kentucky
Thomas Byl, Michael Bradley, Lashun K. Thomas, Roger Painter

11. Investigating and Remediating Contaminated Karst Aquifers
Malcolm S. Field

12. Electrochemical Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater: Pilot Scale Study
Savannah Gregor, Noushin Fallahpour, Ljiljana Rajic, Akram Alshawabkeh

13. Water Tracing Tests and Public Health in Karst Areas
William K. Jones

14. Turbidity as an Indicator of Contamination in Karst Springs: A Short Review
Ferry Schiperski

15. Using Nutrient Data and Dye Tracing to Infer Groundwater Flow Paths and Contaminant Transfer Time in Grayson-Gunnar Cave, Monticello, KY
G. V. Tagne, L. J. Florea

16. Development and Testing of Hydrogel Beads as Potential Floating Tracers of Contaminant Movement in Karst Aquifers
Dorothy J. Vesper, Habib Bravo-Ruiz, Amanda F. Laskoskie, Harry M. Edenborn

Part IV. Contaminant Exposure and Public Health

17. Cave Characterization in the North Karst Belt Zone of Puerto Rico: Cave Mesofauna Diversity as an Indicator of Pathogenic and Opportunistic Species
Ángel A. Acosta-Colón

18. Social Determinants of Contaminant Exposure and Pregnancy in the Northern Karst of Puerto Rico
Nancy R. Cardona-Cordero, Carmen M. Vélez-Vega, José F. Cordero, Zaira Rosario, Colleen Murphy, Hernando Mattei, John Meeker, Akram Alshawabkeh, Carlos Vergara

19. Public Health Approaches to Preventing Outbreaks of Gastrointestinal Infection Linked to Karst Systems
Samuel Dorevitch

20. Integrated Strategy to Guide Health-Related Microbial Quality Management at Alpine Karstic Drinking Water Resources
Andreas H. Farnleitner, Domenico Savio, Regina Sommer, Georg Reischer, Alexander Kirschner, Wolfgang Zerobin, Hermann Stadler

21. Bassett’s Cave, Bermuda
Maureen Handler, John Hoffelt

22. Moving Beyond Case Studies: Research Examples from Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
Michael Hendryx

23. Using Enteric Pathogens to Assess Sources of Fecal Contamination in the Silurian Dolomite Aquifer: Preliminary Results
Maureen A. Muldoon, Mark A. Borchardt, Susan K. Spencer, Randall J. Hunt, David Owens

24. Human Perceptions of Anthropogenic Impact on the Aquifer Recharge Zone in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico
Betzaida Ortiz-Carrión, Jorge R. Ortiz-Zayas, Josefina Arce-Quiñones

25. Factors Influencing the Occurrence and the Fate of E. coli Population in Karst Hydrosystems
Fabienne Petit, Thierry Berthe, Gautier Chaix, Erick Denamur, Olivier Clermont, Nicolas Massei, Jean-Paul Dupont

26. Spatiotemporal Assessment of CVOC Contamination in Karst Groundwater Sources and Exposure at Tap Water Point of Use
Vilda L. Rivera, Ingrid Y. Padilla, Norma I. Torres

27. Potential Exposure of Emerging Contaminants in Tap water from Karst Groundwater Sources
Norma I. Torres, Ingrid Y. Padilla, Vilda L. Rivera

Part V. Risk Assessment and Regulatory Issues

28. On the Implementation of Environmental Indices in Karst
Marianna Mazzei, Mario Parise

29. Fitting Regulatory Square Pegs into Round Holes: Local Land Use Regulation in Karst Terrain
Jesse J. Richardson

30. Recommended Strategies for the Response to Hazardous Materials Releases in Karst
Geary M. Schindel

31. Investigating Groundwater Vulnerability of a Karst Aquifer in Tampa Bay, Florida
Philip E. van Beynen, Michael Niedzielski, Elzbieta Bialkowska-Jelinska, Kamal Alsharif

Part VI. Aquifer Studies

32. Lithofacies and Transport for Clastic Sediments in Karst Conduits
Rachel F. Bosch, William B. White

33. Delineation of a Major Karst Basin with Multiple Input Points, Roaring River, Tennessee
Ryan Gardner, Evan Hart, Chuck Sutherland

34. Karst Geology and Regional Hydrogeology in Denmark
Bertel Nilsson, Peter Gravesen

35. Recharge and Water-Quality Controls for a Karst Aquifer in Central Texas
Brian A. Smith, Brian B. Hunt

36. Monitoring of Cueva Larga, Puerto Rico—A First Step to Decode Speleothem Climate Records
Rolf Vieten, Sophie Warken, Amos Winter, Denis Scholz, Thomas Miller, Christoph Spötl, Andrea Schröder-Ritzrau

Part VII. Conference Summary

37. Abstracts of Additional Conference Papers
William B. White

38. The Intersection of Groundwater Contamination and Human Health: Summary of an Interdisciplinary Conference
Janet S. Herman

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Hydrogeology, Water Quality/Water Pollution, Public Health, Environmental Health, Epidemiology

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