Jimenez, Tania

Network Games, Control, and Optimization

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Table of contents

1. Finite Improvement Property in a Stochastic Game Arising in Competition over Popularity in Social Networks
Eitan Altman, Atulya Jain, Yezekael Hayel

2. Dynamic Games for Analyzing Competition in the Internet and in On-Line Social Networks
Eitan Altman, Atulya Jain, Nahum Shimkin, Corinne Touati

3. Load Balancing Congestion Games and Their Asymptotic Behavior
Eitan Altman, Corinne Touati

4. Go-Index: Applying Supply Networks Principles as Internet Robustness Metrics
Ivana Bachmann, Fernando Morales, Alonso Silva, Javier Bustos-Jimenez

5. Decentralized K-User Gaussian Multiple Access Channels
Selma Belhadj Amor, Samir M. Perlaza

6. Correlated Equilibria in Wireless Power Control Games
Sara Berri, Vineeth Varma, Samson Lasaulce, Mohammed Said Radjef

7. An Energy-Efficiency Game in Relay-Assisted D2D Networks with Malicious Devices
Anil Kumar Chorppath, Alessio Zappone, Eduard A. Jorsweick, Tansu Alpcan

8. Minimally Intrusive Server Policies for Background Data Transfers
Costas Courcoubetis, Antonis Dimakis, Michalis Kanakakis

9. Bounded Generalized Kelly Mechanism for Multi-Tenant Caching in Mobile Edge Clouds
Francesco Pellegrini, Antonio Massaro, Leonardo Goratti, Rachid El-Azouzi

10. Power Control and Bargaining for Cellular Operator Revenue Increase Under Licensed Spectrum Sharing
Vaggelis G. Douros, Stavros Toumpis, George C. Polyzos

11. An Incentive Mechanism for Agents Playing Competitive Aggregative Games
Sergio Grammatico

12. Multi-Games for LTE and WiFi Coexistence over Unlicensed Channels
Kenza Hamidouche, Walid Saad, Mérouane Debbah

13. Energy-Efficient User Association in Broadcast Transmission
Cengis Hasan, Mahesh K. Marina

14. Spectrum Shared p-Cycle Design in Elastic Optical Networks with/without Spectrum Conversion Capabilities
Min Ju, Fen Zhou, Shilin Xiao, Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno

15. Learning Equilibria of a Stochastic Game on Gaussian Interference Channels with Incomplete Information
A Krishna Chaitanya, Utpal Mukherji, Vinod Sharma

16. Potential Game Approach to Virus Attacks in Network with General Topology
François-Xavier Legenvre, Yezekael Hayel, Eitan Altman

17. Interference Mitigation via Pricing in Time-Varying Cognitive Radio Systems
Alexandre Marcastel, E. Veronica Belmega, Panayotis Mertikopoulos, Inbar Fijalkow

18. Opinion Manipulation in Social Networks
Alonso Silva

19. Optimal Security Policy for Protection Against Heterogeneous Malware
Vladislav Taynitskiy, Elena Gubar, Quanyan Zhu

20. An Experimental Comparison of Routing and Spectrum Assignment Algorithms in Elastic Optical Networks
Haitao Wu, Fen Zhou, Zuqing Zhu, Yaojun Chen

21. Robust Power Modulation for Channel State Information Exchange
Chao Zhang, Vineeth Varma, Samson Lasaulce

Keywords: Mathematics, Game Theory, Economics, Social and Behav. Sciences, Systems Theory, Control, Mathematical Applications in Computer Science, Math Applications in Computer Science, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

Publication year
Static & Dynamic Game Theory: Foundations & Applications
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14 pages
Natural Sciences
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