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Value-Oriented Media Management

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Table of contents

1. Value-Oriented Media Management: What, Why, and What for? An Introduction to This Volume
Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen, C. Ann Hollifield, Joost Loon

Part I. Theories, Concepts, and Findings in Value-Oriented Media Management

2. Examining Media Management and Performance: A Taxonomy for Initiating a Research Agenda
Alan B. Albarran, Terry Moellinger

3. Business Models in Media Markets
Bernd W. Wirtz, Marc Elsäßer

4. Moving Media and Journalism Forward from Private to Public Value
Josef Trappel

5. Managing Media and Prioritising Societal Values: Market and Non-Market Solutions
Gillian Doyle

6. Media Markets, Value and the Unique: Consequences and Implications for Media Management from Karpik’s New Economics Sociology Perspective
Andreas Will, Britta Gossel

Part II. Cultures and Organizations: Structures, Actions and Values in Media Companies

7. Values as Input and Values as Output: The True Challenge for Media Companies
Christian Scholz

8. Creating Innovative News: The Values of Future Newsroom Managers
George Sylvie

9. The Economic Value of Creativity: How Much, for Whom, and What for?
M. Bjørn Rimscha

10. German Media Managers: A Survey on Their Origins, Careers, and Value Orientation
Regina Greck, Annika Franzetti, Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen

Part III. Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of Management and Leadership for Value Orientation and Implementation

11. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Media Industry: Setting the Benchmark or Falling Behind?
Matthias Karmasin, Klaus Bichler

12. Finding Common Ground: CSR and Media Responsibility
Philipp Bachmann, Diana Ingenhoff

13. Managing Values: Analyzing Corporate Social Responsibility in Media Companies from a Structuration Theory Perspective
Isabel Bracker, Stephanie Schuhknecht, Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen

14. The Perspective of Value Orientation for the Shareholder and the Stakeholder: The Case of Corporate Governance in Media Companies
María Elena Gutiérrez-Rentería

15. Media Management in the Digital Age: Toward a Practical Wisdom-Based Approach
André Habisch, Claudius Bachmann

16. The Diffusion of Authority: A Case Study Analysis of News Corporation’s News of the World Newspaper
Richard A. Gershon, Abubakar Alhassan

Part IV. Trust, Branding, Digitalization: Value Drivers

17. Media Branding: A Strategy to Align Values to Media Management?
Gabriele Siegert, Stefanie A. Hangartner

18. The Role of Trust in Value Networks for Journalism in a Convergent Media Environment
Lars Rinsdorf

19. Media-Related Value Generation: New Paradigms on the Horizon? Or—What a Wonderful Morning for Prof. Beale
Frank Habann

Keywords: Business and Management, Media Management, Communication Studies, Ethics, Business Ethics, Media Research, Media Sociology

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Media Business and Innovation
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