Chand, Raghubir

Societies, Social Inequalities and Marginalization

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Raghubir Chand, Etienne Nel, Stanko Pelc

Part I. Poverty, Social Inequalities and Marginalization

2. Marginality and Marginalization
Stanko Pelc

3. Poverty and Global Warming: An Example of the Kyrgyz Republic
Asylbek A. Aidaraliev

4. Socio-economic Wellbeing and Mental Health Profile of Rural Hill Women of Uttarakhand, India
Lata Pande, Jyoti Tiwari, Chhavi Arya

5. The Status of Marginalized Women Tea Garden Workers in the Mountain Ecosystem of Darjeeling in a Globalised Village
Moushumi Datta

6. Level of Socio-economic Development in the Mountain Watershed of Uttarakhand State (India)
Savita Chauniyal, Devi Datt Chauniyal

7. The Tales of Origin and Settling Process of Marginal Societies in Bhutan
Aditi Chand

Part II. Indigenous Communities, Identity, Livelihood Practices and Biodiversity

8. Consequences of the Ottoman Land Law: Agrarian and Privatization Processes in Palestine, 1858–1918
Ruth Kark

9. Negev Bedouin and Indigenous People: A Comparative Review
Havazelet Yahel, Ruth Kark, Seth Frantzman

10. Changing Identity, Livelihood and Biodiversity of Indigenous Communities in the Eastern Himalaya with Special Reference to Aka Tribe
Gibji Nimasow, R. C. Joshi

11. The Changing Socio-economic Profile of the Shaukas and Rangs Vis-à-Vis Loss of Agro-Diversity, and Yartsa Gunbu: A Case Study of the Askote Conservation Landscape, District Pithoragarh, Kumaun Himalaya
Chandra Singh Negi

12. Brokpa Yak Herders of Bhutan: A Study in Pastoral Livelihood Patterns, Transhumance and “Drukor”
Raghubir Chand

13. Occupational Diversification and Changing Marginality Conditions of Brokpas of Bhutan in Twenty First Century
Raghubir Chand

14. Socio-cultural and Nutritional Environment of a Marginal Community of Uttarakhand, India—A Case Study of the Tharu Tribe
B. R. Pant, Surendra Pal

Part III. Migration and Depopulation

15. Similarity of the Spatial Patterns of Net Migration and Unemployment in Finland
Olli Lehtonen, Markku Tykkyläinen

16. Regional Pattern of Migration Flows in Uttarakhand, India
R. C. S. Taragi, Raghubir Chand

Part IV. Policies and Strategies

17. Tourism in the Swiss Alps: The Human Factor in Local Development
Walter Leimgruber

18. Garhwal Himalaya—Potential of Cash Crops in Attaining Food Security and Enhancing Livelihoods—Khanda Gad Watershed Case Study
Vishwambhar Prasad Sati

Keywords: Social Sciences, Human Geography, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Geography, general, Social Anthropology

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Perspectives on Geographical Marginality
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