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Environmental Law and Economics

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Table of contents

Part I. Foundations

1. Sustainable Development, Economic Growth and Environmental Regulation
Klaus Mathis

2. Temporal Spillovers
Bruce R. Huber

3. Environmental Law and Economics in Europe
Sebastian Heselhaus

4. Defending Environmental Economic Instruments Against the Economists and Their Opponents
Felix Ekardt, Jutta Wieding

5. Escaping the Epistemic Trap
Malte-Christian Gruber

6. Pope Francis’s and Singaporeans’ Insights on Environment and Economics
Evelyne Fiechter-Widemann

Part II. Sustainable Regulation

7. Behavioural Law & Economics and Sustainable Regulation
Philipp Hacker, Georgios Dimitropoulos

8. How to Not Introduce Market-Based Instruments into Environmental Regulations
Florian Stangl

9. Purchasing Energy-Efficient Appliances – To Incentivise or to Regulate?
Renate Schubert

10. Incentives Matter for Depolluting Rivers: The Case of the Ganga
Régis Lanneau

11. Overcoming Nanomaterial Uncertainties: A Responsive Governance Framework
Julian Schenten, Martin Führ, Kilian Bizer

12. The Choice of Regulatory Instruments for a Circular Economy
Eléonore Maitre-Ekern

13. Governing Envorinmental Issues Through Indicators
Myriam Senn

Part III. Climate Change

14. Emission Trading Schemes: A Coasean Answer to Climate Change?
Rolf H. Weber

15. Caught Between WTO Rules and Climate Change: The Economic Rationale of ‘Green’ Subsidies
Elena Cima

16. Behavioural and Evolutionary Approach to the Law and Economics of Cap-and-Trade
Rute Saraiva

17. Climate Change, Environmental Damage and Migration: A Law and Economics Perspective
Philip C. Hanke

Part IV. Tort and Criminal Law

18. Lender Liability for Environmental Damage – Some Preliminary Thoughts on Efficency and Justification
Piotr Tereszkiewicz

19. Between Love Canal and Rada di Augusta: The Optimal Liability for Environmental Damages in American and European Law from the Perspective of Behavioural Law and Economics
Mariusz Jerzy Golecki, Jarosław Bełdowski

20. An Economic Analysis of Liability and Compensation for Harm from Large-Scale Solar Climate Engineering Field Research
Jesse L. Reynolds

21. Environmental Criminal Law: A Vital Part of the Regulatory Framework
Konstantina Papathanasiou

Keywords: Law, Fundamentals of Law, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, Business Law

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Economic Analysis of Law in European Legal Scholarship
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