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Oases and Globalization

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Table of contents

Part I. Oasis?

1. Oases in Southern Tunisia: The End or the Renewal of a Clever Human Invention?
Bénédicte Veyrac-Ben Ahmed, Slaheddine Abdedayem

2. A Travel Through Oases
in French
and Arabic
Marc Kober

3. The Conceptual Approach of Oasis as Insights on Globalisation. Example of the Coastal Valleys of Northern and Central Peru
Evelyne Mesclier, Anaïs Marshall, Célia Auquier, Jean-Louis Chaléard

Part II. History of Water and Oases

4. The Genesis of Oases in Southeast Arabia: Rethinking Current Theories and Models
Julien Charbonnier

5. The Oasis of the Chicama Valley: Water Management from the Chimú to the Spaniards (Eleventh to Seventeenth Century AD) on the North Coast of Peru
Camille Clément

6. Who Runs the Orange River Oasis? A Case Study of the Midstream Orange River Oasis, Northern Cape Province, South Africa
David Blanchon

Part III. Global to Local control? Glocal Actors

7. The Baghlan Oasis in Transition—From Autocratic Modernisation to Contested Spaces
Hermann Kreutzmann, Stefan Schütte

8. Mountain-Oases Faced with New Roads: Case Studies from the Andes and the Himalayas
Emilie Lavie, Monique Fort

9. Changing Agricultural Practices in the Oases of Southern Tunisia: Conflict and Competition for Resources in a Post-revolutionary and Globalisation Context
Irène Carpentier, Alia Gana

10. Tourism Development in the Thar Desert, Rajasthan
Philippe Cadène

Part IV. Marginalization and Spatial Reversal

11. Insular Oases in Globalisation: The Ribeiras of the Cape Verde Archipelago, Fragmented and Fragile Areas on the Way to Marginalisation
Frédéric Alexandre

12. Liwa: The Mutation of an Agricultural Oasis into a Strategic Reserve Dedicated to a Secure Water Supply for Abu Dhabi
Alain Cariou

13. The Transformation of the Oases of Mendoza (Argentina): How the Provincial Socio-spatial Structure Was Reversed by the Crises of the 1980s and 2000s
Emilie Lavie, José A. Morábito, Santa E. Salatino

Keywords: Geography, Environmental Geography, Physical Geography, Economic Geography, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts

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