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Implant Aesthetics

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Table of contents

Part I. Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations

1. Recognition of Risk Factors and Patient Assessment
Lyndon F. Cooper, Homayoun H. Zadeh

2. Determination of the Sequence of Therapy
Michael S. Block

3. Osseointegration and the Biology of Peri-implant Hard and Soft Tissues
Clark M. Stanford

4. Revisiting the Role of Implant Design and Surgical Instrumentation on Osseointegration
Paulo G. Coelho, Estevam A. Bonfante, Ryo Jimbo

5. Anatomic Considerations in Dental Implant Surgery
Mitra Sadrameli

6. The Aesthetic Challenge: Three-Dimensional Planning Concepts for the Anterior Maxillary Aesthetic Zone
Scott D. Ganz

7. Clinical Assessment of the Gingiva and Alveolus
Yung-Ting Hsu, Hom-Lay Wang

8. Interdisciplinary Planning, Development, and Treatment
Keith M. Phillips

9. Flap Design, Suturing, and Healing
Praveen Gajendrareddy, Sivaraman Prakasam, Satheesh Elangovan

10. Digital Photography and Digital Asset Management
Steven H. Goldstein

Part II. Tissue Augmentation Considerations

11. Preservation of Alveolar Dimensions at the Time of Tooth Extraction
Robert A. Horowitz

12. Development of Hard Tissues with Block Grafting Techniques
John Russo

13. Guided Bone Regeneration for Aesthetic Implant Site Development
Bach Le

14. Development of the Soft Tissue with Gingival Grafting
David H. Wong

15. Tissue Engineering Approach to Implant Site Development
Dan Clark, Igor Roitman, Mark C. Fagan, Richard T. Kao

Part III. Implant Placement and Restoration

16. Optimal Implant Position in the Aesthetic Zone
Jae Seon Kim, Lance Hutchens, Brock Pumphrey, Marko Tadros, Jimmy Londono, J. Kobi Stern

17. Parameters of Peri-Implant Aesthetics
Henriette Lerner

18. The Single Implant-Crown Complex in the Aesthetic Zone: Abutment Selection and the Treatment Sequencing
Stavros Pelekanos

19. Implant Provisionalization: The Key to Definitive Aesthetic Success
Edward Dwayne Karateew

20. Biomaterials Used with Implant Abutments and Restorations
Toru Sato, Kazuhiro Umehara, Mamoru Yotsuya, Michael L. Schmerman

21. Digital Implant Abutment and Crowns in the Aesthetic Zone
Nesrine Z. Mostafa, Chris Wyatt, Jonathan A. Ng

22. Challenging Maxillary Anterior Implant-Supported Restorations: Creating Predictable Outcomes with Zirconia
Michael Moscovitch

Part IV. Complications and Their Management

23. Peri-implantitis: Causation and Treatment
Michael L. Schmerman, Salvador Nares

24. Laser-Assisted Treatment of Peri-implantitis
Edward A. Marcus

25. Prosthetic Solutions to Biological Deficiencies: Pink and White Aesthetics
Pinhas Adar

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