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Green Technologies and Environmental Sustainability

Kumar, Sanjeev - Green Technologies and Environmental Sustainability, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Review and Perspective of Constructed Wetlands as a Green Technology in Decentralization Practices
Alireza Valipour, Young-Ho Ahn

2. Laccases: A Blue Enzyme for Greener Alternative Technologies in the Detection and Treatment of Emerging Pollutants
Melissa Rodríguez-Delgado, Nancy Ornelas-Soto

3. Biofuels for Sustainable Development: A Global Perspective
Vaishali V. Shahare, Banty Kumar, Prashant Singh

4. Greening the Indian Transport Sector: Role of Biodiesel
Dipesh Kumar, Bhaskar Singh, Kuldeep Bauddh

5. Microalgae Biofuels: A Green Renewable Resource to Fuel the Future
Mylsamy Prabhakaran, Venkataraman Sivasankar, Kiyoshi Omine, M. Vasanthy

6. Harvesting of Microalgae for Biofuels: Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Natural, Inorganic, and Synthetic Flocculants
Sanjay Kumar Gupta, F. A. Ansari, Kuldeep Bauddh, Bhaskar Singh, A. K. Nema, K. K. Pant

7. Solar Photovoltaics (PV): A Sustainable Solution to Solve Energy Crisis
A. K. Pandey, N. A. Rahim, Md. Hasanuzzaman, P. C. Pant, V. V. Tyagi

8. Biological Limitations on Glyphosate Biodegradation
Juan Francisco Villarreal-Chiu, Alejandra Guadalupe Acosta-Cortés, Shardendu Kumar, Garima Kaushik

9. Bioindication-Based Approaches for Sustainable Management of Urban Ecosystems
Andrey Gorovtsov, Vishnu D. Rajput, Sergey Gorbov, Nikita Vasilchenko

10. An Overview of Sustainable Dimensions and Indicators for Smart City
Swatantra Kumar Dubey, Devesh Sharma

11. Need for an Integrated Approach Towards Environmental Quality Control in Developing Countries
Virendra Misra, Ritu Singh, Sanjeev Kumar

12. Eco-Friendly Post-Consumer Waste Management Utilizing Vermitechnology
M. Vasanthy, V. Sivasankar, M. Prabhakaran, A. Karthika, D. Tamilselvi, Kiyoshi Omine

13. Recent Advances in Green Sustainable Nanocellulosic Fiber: An Overview
Disha Mishra, Karuna Shanker, Puja Khare

14. Metal NPs (Au, Ag, and Cu): Synthesis, Stabilization, and Their Role in Green Chemistry and Drug Delivery
Prashant Singh, Kamlesh Kumari, Vijay K. Vishvakrma, Gopal K. Mehrotra, Ramesh Chandra, Durgesh Kumar, Rajan Patel, Vaishali V. Shahare

15. Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles: An Emerging Phytotechnology
Garima Awasthi, Amit Kumar, Kumud Kant Awasthi, Amit Pal Singh, Sudhakar Srivastva, Poornima Vajpayee, Kumkum Mishra, Rudra Deo Tripathi

16. Green Analytical Techniques: Novel and Aboriginal Perspectives on Sustainable Development
Elijah M. M. Wanda, Edgar C. Mapunda, Deogratius T. Maiga, V. Sivasankar, Bhekie B. Mamba, Titus A. M. Msagati, Kiyoshi Omine

17. Emerging Aspects of Bioremediation of Arsenic
Anurakti Shukla, Sudhakar Srivastava

18. Distillery Wastewater: A Major Source of Environmental Pollution and Its Biological Treatment for Environmental Safety
Pankaj Chowdhary, Ashutosh Yadav, Gaurav Kaithwas, Ram Naresh Bharagava

19. Ecological Restoration Techniques for Management of Degraded, Mined-Out Areas and the Role Played by Rhizospheric Microbial Communities
Prashant Pant, Pratibha Pant

20. Biochar: An Emerging Panacea for Contaminated and Degraded Soils
Shilpi Jain, Puja Khare

Keywords: Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Biomaterials, Sustainable Development, Nanochemistry, Water Industry/Water Technologies, Agriculture

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