Eckermann, Simon

Health Economics from Theory to Practice

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Simon Eckermann

Part I. Principles and Practice for Robust Net Benefit Analysis Informing Optimal Reimbursement (Adoption and Financing) Decisions Across Individual and Community-Focused Programs Using Trial, Model and Network Multiplier Methods

2. Principles and Practice for Trial-Based Health Economic Analysis
Simon Eckermann

3. Avoiding Frankenstein’s Monster and Partial Analysis Problems: Robustly Synthesising, Translating and Extrapolating Evidence
Simon Eckermann

4. Beyond the Individual: Evaluating Community-Based Health Promotion and Prevention Strategies and Palliative Care Domains of Effect
Simon Eckermann, Nicola McCaffrey

Part II. Joint Research and Reimbursement Questions, Optimising Local and Global Trial Design and Decision Making Under Uncertainty Within and Across Jurisdictions with Value of Information Methods

5. The Value of Value of Information Methods to Decision-Making: What VOI Measures Enable Optimising Joint Research and Reimbursement Decisions Within a Jurisdiction?
Simon Eckermann

6. Globally Optimal Societal Decision Maker Trials
Simon Eckermann

7. Value of Information, Pricing Under Uncertainty and Risk Sharing with Optimal Global Trial Design
Simon Eckermann

Part III. Regulating Strategies and Providers in Practice: The Net Benefit Correspondence Theorem Enabling Robust Comparison of Multiple Strategies, Outcomes and Provider Efficiency in Practice Consistent with Net Benefit Maximisation

8. Best Informing Multiple Strategy Cost Effectiveness Analysis and Societal Decision Making: The Cost Disutility Plane and Expected Net Loss Curves and Frontiers
Simon Eckermann

9. Including Quality of Care in Efficiency Measures: Creating Incentives Consistent with Maximising Net Benefit in Practice
Simon Eckermann

10. Multiple Effects Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Cost-Disutility Space
Nicola McCaffrey, Simon Eckermann

Part IV. The Health Shadow Price and Other Key Political Economy and Policy Issues: Appropriate Threshold Pricing and Policy Application of Methods for Optimising Community Net Benefit with Budget Constraints

11. The Health Shadow Price and Economically Meaningful Threshold Values
Simon Eckermann

12. Policy Implications and Applications Across Health and Aged Care Reform with Baby Boomer Ageing - from Age and Dementia Friendly Communities to Palliative Care
Simon Eckermann

13. Conclusion
Simon Eckermann

Keywords: Economics, Health Economics

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