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Feeding Japan

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Reconsidering Japanese Food
Tine Walravens, Andreas Niehaus

Part 1. Inventing Japanese Food Identities

2. ‘They Should Be Called Gluttons and Be Despised’: Food, Body and Ideology in Kaibara Ekiken’s Yōjōkun (1713)
Andreas Niehaus

3. ‘Sweets Reimagined’: The Construction of Confectionary Identities, 1890–1930
Tatsuya Mitsuda

4. For Gluttons, Not Housewives: Japan’s First Gourmet Magazine, Kuidōraku

Eric C. Rath

5. Global Recognition and Domestic Containment: Culinary Soft Power in Japan
Stephanie Assmann

Part 2. Feeding the Nation: Japanese Food Identities in Times of Globalization

6. Deconstructing ‘Kokushu’: The Promotion of Sake as Japan’s National Alcohol Drink in Times of Crisis in the Sake Industry
Dick Stegewerns

7. The Drink of the Nation? Coffee in Japan’s Culinary Culture
Helena Grinshpun

8. Forging Ahead with Bread: Nationalism, Networks and Narratives of Progress and Modernity in Japan
Annie Sheng

9. Joining the Global Wine World: Japan’s Winemaking Industry
Chuanfei Wang

Part 3. Japanese Food Identities Inside-Out

10. Chinese Food Threatening the Japanese Table: Changing Perceptions of Imported Chinese Food in Japan
Tine Walravens

11. Domesticating the Japanese Culinary Field in Shanghai
James Farrer

12. Ḥalāl Foods Discourse and Constructing Muslim Identities in Japan
Junichi Ono

13. Eating Japanese – Being Japanese: Ethnic Food in Hawai’i
Jutta Teuwsen

Part 4. Agricultural Politics of Self-Sufficiency and Dependency

14. Japan in the International Food Regimes: Understanding Japanese Food Self-Sufficiency Decline
Felice Farina

15. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Import Dependency, and the Future of Food Security in Japan
Paul O’Shea

16. Subsidized Tradition, Networks, and Power: Hamlet Farming in Japan’s Changing Agricultural Support and Protection Regime
Hanno Jentzsch

Part 5. Post-Fukushima Food Education and Food Safety

17. Eating School Lunches Together After the Fukushima Accident
Aya H Kimura

18. National Solidarity of Food Insecurity: Food Practice and Nationalism in Post-3/11 Japan
Hiroko Takeda

19. Discourse on Food Safety and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Perspectives from Japan
Cornelia Reiher

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology of Culture, Cultural Studies, Ethnicity Studies, History of Japan

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