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Regional Research Frontiers - Vol. 1

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Table of contents

Part I. Technology, Innovation, Gender, and Entrepreneurship

1. Opportunities and Challenges of Spatially Distributed Innovation Imaginariums
Timothy R. Wojan

2. Exploring Innovation Gaps in the American Space Economy
Gordon F. Mulligan, Neil Reid, John I. Carruthers, Matthew R. Lehnert

3. Future Shock: Telecommunications Technology and Infrastructure in Regional Research
Tony H. Grubesic

4. Mobility and Technology Research: From the Industrial Revolution to Flying Vehicles in 2050
Roger R. Stough

5. Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Gender
Tessa Conroy, Stephan Weiler

Part II. Regional Growth, Regional Forecasts, and Policy

6. Agglomeration and Automation in the Twenty-First Century: Prospects for Regional Research
Doug Woodward

7. Designing Policies to Spur Economic Growth: How Regional Scientists Can Contribute to Future Policy Development and Evaluation
Carlianne Patrick, Amanda Ross, Heather Stephens

8. Regional Science Research and the Practice of Regional Economic Forecasting: Less Is Not More
Dan S. Rickman

9. Energy for Regional Development
Paulo Henrique Mello Santana

10. Regional Perspectives on Public Health
Sara McLafferty, Alan T. Murray

11. New Approaches to Gender in Regional Science
Katherine Chalmers, Walter Schwarm

12. Identifying Sleeping Beauties in the Lore of Regional Science
Rajendra Kulkarni, Roger R. Stough

13. Regional Policy and Fiscal Competition
Santiago M. Pinto

14. Back to the Future: Lösch, Isard, and the Role of Money and Credit in the Space-Economy
David Bieri

Part III. Diasters and Resilience

15. Economic Resilience in Regional Science: Research Needs and Future Applications
Adam Rose

16. Disaster and Regional Research
Yasuhide Okuyama

17. Regional Sustainability and Resilience: Recent Progress and Future Directions
Elena G. Irwin, Tim Jaquet, Alessandra Faggian

Part IV. Migration, Demography, and Human Capital

18. Directions in Migration Research
Peter V. Schaeffer

19. Human Capital Research in an Era of Big Data: Linking People with Firms, Cities and Regions
K. Bruce Newbold, W. Mark Brown

20. The View from Over the Hill: Regional Research in a Post-Demographic Transition World
Rachel S. Franklin, David A. Plane

Keywords: Economics, Regional/Spatial Science, Economic Geography, Migration, Economic Policy, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning

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Advances in Spatial Science
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