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Consumer Perception of Product Risks and Benefits

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Table of contents

Part I. Product Risks

1. Types of Consumer Products
Ilene B. Zackowitz, Michael J. Vredenburgh, Meriel Bench, Alison G. Vredenburgh

2. Risks of Consumer Products
John Kozup

3. Non-Clinical Research-Based Product Assessment
Dominique Deplanque

4. Clinical Research-Based Product Assessment
Rolf Weitkunat

5. Epidemiological Product Assessment
Olivier Ethgen, Olivier Bruyère

6. Individual and Population Risks
Viviane Kovess-Masfety

7. Risk Communication
Hye Kyung Kim

Part II. Perception of Product Risks and Benefits

8. Comprehension of Products and Messages
Christopher L. Cummings

9. Perception of Product Risks
Arnout R. H. Fischer

10. Measuring Risk Perception
Stefan Cano, Thomas Salzberger

11. The Perception Risk Instrument (PRI)
Thomas Salzberger, Stefan Cano

12. Role of Emotions in Risk Perception
W. Gerrod Parrott

13. Rational Choice and Bounded Rationality
Ronald E. Goldsmith

14. Temporal Discounting of Future Risks
Chengyan Yue, Jingjing Wang

15. Cognitive Styles and Personality in Risk Perception
Eric Ping Hung Li

16. Consumer Values and Product Perception
Katrin Horn

Part III. Consumer Behavior

17. Perception, Attitudes, Intentions, Decisions and Actual Behavior
Arnout R. H. Fischer

18. Consumer Products and Consumer Behavior
Antony Davies

19. Consumer Resistance: From Anti-Consumption to Revenge
Marcelo Vinhal Nepomuceno, Mina Rohani, Yany Grégoire

20. Motivation
Gregory Bonn

21. Marketing and Market Research
Burak Tunca

22. Consumer Behavior Research Methods
Polymeros Chrysochou

23. Use, Abuse and Misuse
Michel Bourin, Abdeslam Chagraoui

24. Consumer Behavior in Subpopulations
Qing Wang, Naina Narain

Part IV. Regulation and Responsibility

25. Regulatory Prospective for Medicinal Products
Louis A. Morris

26. Regulations of Consumer Products
Zahra Meghani

27. Manufacturer Responsibilities
Elizabeth Beard Goldsmith

28. Consumer Responsibilities
Sue L. T. McGregor

29. Society and Policy Maker’s Responsibilities
Jennifer Kuzma

30. Consumer Perceptions of Responsibility
Sue L. T. McGregor

Keywords: Economics, Behavioral/Experimental Economics, Public Health, Health Psychology, Market Research/Competitive Intelligence, Psychological Methods/Evaluation, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law

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