Backerra, Charlotte

Transnational Histories of the 'Royal Nation'

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Table of contents

1. The Royal Nation in Global Perspective
Charlotte Backerra, Milinda Banerjee, Cathleen Sarti

Part I. Conceptualizing the Royal Nation

2. The Royal Nation and Global Intellectual History: Monarchic Routes to Conceptualizing National Unity
Milinda Banerjee

3. Resilient in Adversity: The Monarchical State in Prussia and Sardinia-Piedmont, 1847–51
Amerigo Caruso

4. Nepalese Monarchy in an Age of Codification: Kingship, Patriotism, and Legality in the Nepalese Code of 1854
Simon Cubelic, Rajan Khatiwoda

5. Loss of Control: Kaiser WilhelmII, Mass Media, and the National Identity of the Second German Reich
Martin Kohlrausch

6. The Comparative Endurance and Legacy of Morocco’s Royal Nation
David Mednicoff

Part II. Visualizing and Performing the Royal Nation

7. From the White Tsar to the Russian Tsar: Monarchy and Russian Nationalism in Tsarist Turkestan, 1867–1917
Ulrich Hofmeister

8. The Monarchs’ New Clothes: Transnational Flows and the Fashioning of the Modern Japanese and Siamese Monarchies
David Malitz

9. ‘Mein Hessenland blühe und in ihm die Kunst’. Ernst Ludwig’s Darmstädter Künstlerkolonie: Building Nationhood through the Arts and Crafts
Anne Anderson

10. Performing Monarchy and Spanish Nationalism (1902–13)
Javier Moreno-Luzón

11. The Dragon Flag in the Republican Nation: The Dowager Empress Longyu’s Death Ritual in 1913 and Contested Political Legitimacy in Early Republican China
Jia Feng

Part III. Remembering the Royal Nation

12. Losing Monarchs: The Legacy of German and English National Historiography
Charlotte Backerra

13. Constructing Queenship in Early Nineteenth-Century French Historiography
Heta Aali

14. Celebrating and Reinventing Brazil: Monarchy and Nation in the Works of Afonso Arinos, 1897–1900
Alexandre Lazzari

15. Catalonia: Medieval Monarchs Testifying for Democracy, Nation, and Europe
Daniel Wimmer

16. ‘Para-Royalty’ Between Nationalism and Transnationalism: Russian Images of Personal Rule
Eva Marlene Hausteiner

17. Conclusion: Transnational Histories of the ‘Royal Nation’
Charlotte Backerra, Milinda Banerjee, Cathleen Sarti

Keywords: History, World History, Global and Transnational History, History of Modern Europe, Cultural History, Imperialism and Colonialism, Political History

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Palgrave Studies in Modern Monarchy
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20 pages
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