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The Hippocampus from Cells to Systems

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Table of contents

Part I. Cellular Structure and Function

1. The Nonhuman Primate Hippocampus: Neuroanatomy and Patterns of Cortical Connectivity
R. Insausti, M. P. Marcos, A. Mohedano-Moriano, M. M. Arroyo-Jiménez, M. Córcoles-Parada, E. Artacho-Pérula, M. M. Ubero-Martínez, M. Muñoz-López

2. Human Hippocampal Theta Oscillations: Distinctive Features and Interspecies Commonalities
Joshua Jacobs, Bradley Lega, Andrew J. Watrous

3. Elements of Information Processing in Hippocampal Neuronal Activity: Space, Time, and Memory
Howard Eichenbaum

4. Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Forgetting
Axel Guskjolen, Jonathan R. Epp, Paul W. Frankland

5. Manipulating Hippocampus-Dependent Memories: To Enhance, Delete or Incept?
Hugo J. Spiers, William Cothi, Daniel Bendor

Part II. Development, Aging, and Functional Contributions to Learning and Memory

6. Hippocampal Development: Structure, Function and Implications
Joshua K. Lee, Elliott G. Johnson, Simona Ghetti

7. Age-Related Differences in the Human Hippocampus: Behavioral, Structural and Functional Measures
Cheryl L. Grady, Jennifer D. Ryan

8. Physical Activity and Cognitive Training: Impact on Hippocampal Structure and Function
Rachel Clark, Christopher Wendel, Michelle W. Voss

9. Hippocampal Contributions to Declarative Memory Consolidation During Sleep
James W. Antony, Ken A. Paller

10. Beyond Long-Term Declarative Memory: Evaluating Hippocampal Contributions to Unconscious Memory Expression, Perception, and Short-Term Retention
Deborah E. Hannula, Jennifer D. Ryan, David E. Warren

11. Memory, Relational Representations, and the Long Reach of the Hippocampus
Rachael D. Rubin, Neal J. Cohen

Part III. Beyond Memory: Contributions to Flexible Cognition

12. How Hippocampal Memory Shapes, and Is Shaped by, Attention
Mariam Aly, Nicholas B. Turk-Browne

13. The Hippocampus and Memory Integration: Building Knowledge to Navigate Future Decisions
Margaret L. Schlichting, Alison R. Preston

14. Escaping the Past: Contributions of the Hippocampus to Future Thinking and Imagination
Daniel L. Schacter, Donna Rose Addis, Karl K. Szpunar

15. Distinct Medial Temporal Lobe Network States as Neural Contexts for Motivated Memory Formation
Vishnu P. Murty, R. Alison Adcock

16. Hippocampal Contributions to Language Use and Processing
Melissa C. Duff, Sarah Brown-Schmidt

17. The Hippocampus and Social Cognition
Anne C. Laurita, R. Nathan Spreng

18. Dynamic Cortico-hippocampal Networks Underlying Memory and Cognition: The PMAT Framework
Marika C. Inhoff, Charan Ranganath

Keywords: Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Neurobiology, Cognitive Psychology

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