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Preparing Informal Science Educators

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Patricia G. Patrick

Part I. Defining ISE

2. Formerly ISE: Preparation for Continual Science Learning
Phyllis Katz

Part II. Professional Development

3. Informal Science Educators and the Nine Dimensions of Reflective Practice
Patricia G. Patrick

4. Facilitating Deep Conceptual Learning: The Role of Reflection and Learning Communities
Heather King, Lynn Tran

5. From Acquisition to Inquiry: Supporting Informal Educators Through Iterative Implementation of Practice
Lauren B. Allen, Kevin Crowley

6. Museum Science Teaching: Museum Educators’ Personal Epistemologies and Created Learning Experiences
Jung-Hua Yeh

7. Informal Science Educator Identity Construction
Brad McLain

Part III. Designing Programs

8. There Is no “Off Button” to Explaining: Theorizing Identity Development in Youth Who Work as Floor Facilitators
Preeti Gupta, Jennifer Negron

9. Integrating Mobile Computers into Informal Science Education
Heather Toomey Zimmerman, Susan M. Land

10. Designing Informal Astronomy Education Toward Participatory Learning Environments
Mi Song Kim

11. Developing Effective Pedagogical Approaches in Science Outreach Programs for Young Children
Christine Howitt, Elaine Blake, Léonie J. Rennie

12. Gender Differences Reflected in Conversations at Exhibits
Sue Dale Tunnicliffe

13. The Challenges of ‘Measuring Long-Term Impacts of a Science Center on Its Community’: A Methodological Review
Eric Jensen, Thomas Lister

14. Utilizing Indicator-Based Methods: ‘Measuring the Impact of a Science Center on Its Community’
John H. Falk, Mark D. Needham

Part IV. Bridging the Gap Between Formal and Informal Educators

15. Visualising Social Network Structures in the Training of Professional Learning Communities of Educators in Informal and Formal Settings
Jakob Egg, Suzanne Kapelari, Justin Dillon

16. Professional Development: Targeted On-the-Job Trainings
Chance Sanford, Victoria Sokol

17. Multiple Approaches to Using Informal Science Education Contexts to Prepare Informal and Formal Science Educators
Emily Hestness, Kelly Riedinger, J. Randy McGinnis

18. Extending Classrooms into Parks Through Informal Science Learning and Place-Based Education
Jennifer D. Adams, Brett Branco

19. Preparing Informal Science Educators in a Formal Science Teacher Education Program: An Oxymoron?
Catherine E. Matthews, Susannah Thompson, Sadie Camfield Payne

20. A Comparative Look at Informal Science Education and Environmental Education in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia and North Carolina, USA
Aceng Ruyani, Catherine E. Matthews

21. Explorers of Nature in Natural History Museums—An Approach to Integrating Children with Refugee or Migration Status
Alexandra Moormann

Part V. Science Communication

22. Preparing Scientists to Be Science Communicators
Ayelet Baram-Tsabari, Bruce V. Lewenstein

23. ‘User-Generated’ Educators: The New Frontier or a Far-Fetched Dream?
Maria Xanthoudaki, Enrico Miotto

24. Teaching the Theory of Evolution in Informal Settings to Those Who Are Uncomfortable with It
Michael J. Reiss

25. Addressing Nature of Scientific Knowledge in the Preparation of Informal Educators
Judith S. Lederman, Gary M. Holliday

26. The Attributes of Informal Science Education: A Science Communication Perspective
Susan M. Stocklmayer, Léonie J. Rennie

27. Sense of Conservation: When Is a Black Rat Snake (Elaphe obsolete) Really Just a Snake?
Patricia G. Patrick

28. Opening up the Dialogic Space. Using Questions to Facilitate Deeper Informal Learning
Martin Braund, Anthony Lelliott

Part VI. Conclusion

29. The Need and Timeliness of Preparing Informal Science Educators
Joy Kubarek

Keywords: Education, Science Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Learning & Instruction

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