Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin

Empirical Studies on Economics of Innovation, Public Economics and Management

Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin - Empirical Studies on Economics of Innovation, Public Economics and Management, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Accounting & Finance

1. Islamic Bonds and Real Estate Securitizations: The Italian Perspective for Issuing a Sukuk
Giorgio Carlo Brugnoni, Paolo Gaspare Conforti Lorenzo, Raffaele Didonato, Enrico Giustiniani, Lorenzo Lentini, Massimo Mariani, Claudio Palandra, Fabrizio Petrucci, Antonio Salvi, Alessandra Tami

2. The Role and Impact of Performance Audit in Public Governance
Dalia Daujotaitė, Danutė Adomavičiūtė

3. Business Performance Assessment in the Customs Administrations Activity and Trade Facilitation Measures
Danutė Adomavičiūtė, Dalia Daujotaitė

4. The Determinants of Lending to Customers: Evidence from Italy Between 2008 and 2012
Franco Tutino, Giorgio Carlo Brugnoni, Concetta Colasimone, Luca Riccetti

5. Possibilities of Exotic Options Application in the Pro-ecological Investments Efficiency Assessment
Dziawgo Ewa

6. Weather Derivatives: Another Need for India
Nidhi Choudhary, Girish K. Nair

Part II. Economics of Innovation

7. Global Competitiveness of World Superpowers: Education, Talents and Innovations
Antanas Buracas, Vytas Navickas

8. Energy Security: Is It a Strategic Cause of Conflicts or Peace Among States/Actors in the Global Nexus?
Pantelis Sklias, Spyros Roukanas, Floros Flouros

9. The Organizational Cyberspace: E-trainerism. The Model of Advanced ICT and Augmented Reality in Sports Enterprises
Wojciech Cieśliński, Kazimierz Witkowski, Zbigniew Piepiora, Paweł Piepiora

Part III. Management & Marketing

10. Unexpected Industries with Consumer Power
Renata Beata Dylkiewicz, Paulina Katarzyna Dylkiewicz

11. Brand Meanings in the Context of Luxury Fashion: A Projective Study in China
Sonja Lahtinen, Pekka Tuominen

12. Environmental Decision Support Systems: A Literature Review
Faten F. Kharbat, Jehan A. Abo Sultan

13. Are You Really Influencing Your Customers?: A Black-Friday Analysis
Camelia Delcea, Elsabeta Ioanas, Ramona Paun

Part IV. Growth & Development

14. Institutional Clusters and FDI Flows to the MENA Region
Wasseem Mina

15. TFP and Possibility of Convergence in OECD Countries: The 2000–2012 Period
Aziz Kutlar, Ali Kabasakal, Ahmet Gulmez

16. Estimating the Value of the Honolulu Rail Transit Project: A Semiparametric Analysis of Property Values on Oahu, HI
Peiyong Yu, Jason Levy

Part V. Public Economics

17. Solving the Cost Crisis in Healthcare: Can Poland Learn from the Kaplan and Porter’s Model?
Monika Raulinajtys-Grzybek, Gertruda Krystyna Świderska

18. The Efficiency of the Low Water Retention in the Area of Poland: Chosen Aspects
Zbigniew Piepiora, Marian Kachniarz, Arkadiusz Babczuk

19. The Management and Economics of a Life-Threatening Invasive Species in Hawaii
Jason Levy, Peiyong Yu

20. The Change of Structures or Institutions? Views on the Methods for the Elimination of Territorial Division Dysfunctions
Marian Kachniarz, Arkadiusz Babczuk, Zbigniew Piepiora

21. The Effect of Employment Status on Life Satisfaction in Europe
Mehmet Fatih Aysan, Ummugulsum Aysan

22. Promoting Green Urbanism and Disaster Resilience in the Anthropocene: From Invasive to Community in Kakaako, Oahu
Jason Levy, Joey Valenti, Peiyong Yu

23. Econometric Estimation of the Quality and the Efficiency of Social Services for Children Deprived of Parental Care
Toshko Petrov, Plamena Markova

Keywords: Business and Management, Innovation/Technology Management, Emerging Markets/Globalization, Public Economics, Marketing, Accounting/Auditing

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Eurasian Studies in Business and Economics
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17 pages
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