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Advances in Through-life Engineering Services

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Louis Redding

Part I. Developing a Strategy for Through-life Engineering Services

2. The Development of a UK National Strategy for Through-Life Engineering Services: Rationale and Process
Andy Shaw, Paul Tasker

3. The Development of a UK National Strategy for Through-Life Engineering Services: Workshop Outputs Analysis and Final Strategy Creation
Andy Shaw, Paul Tasker

Part II. Through-life Engineering Services and Design

4. Warranty Driven Design—An Automotive Case Study
Louis Redding

5. Designing for Service in a Complex Product Service System-Civil Aerospace Gas Turbine Case Study
Andrew Harrison

6. The Knowledge Management Perspective
Charles Dibsdale

Part III. The Role of Data, Diagnostics and Prognostics in Through-Life Engineering Services

7. Predictive Big Data Analytics and Cyber Physical Systems for TES Systems
Jay Lee, Chao Jin, Zongchang Liu

8. Development and Operation of Functional Products: Improving Knowledge on Availability Through Use of Monitoring and Service-Related Data
John Lindström, Elisabeth Källström, Petter Kyösti

9. Remodelling of Structured Product Data for Through-Life Engineering Services
Sebastian Adolphy, Hendrik Grosser, Rainer Stark

10. Holistic Approach for Condition Monitoring in Industrial Product-Service Systems
Eckart Uhlmann, Christian Gabriel, Abdelhakim Laghmouchi, Claudio Geisert, Niels Raue

11. An Erlang-Coxian-Based Method for Modeling Accelerated Life Testing Data
Haitao Liao, Ye Zhang, Huairui Guo

Part IV. Component Degradation and Design in Accelerated Life Testing Data

12. Thermographic NDT for Through-Life Inspection of High Value Components
Sri Addepalli, Yifan Zhao, Lawrence Tinsley

13. Engineering Support Systems for Industrial Machines and Plants
Youichi Nonaka, Takahiro Nakano, Kenji Ohya, Atsuko Enomoto, Gábor Erdős, Gergely Horváth, József Váncza

Part V. System Degradation and Design

14. Infrastructure/Train Borne Measurements in Support of UK Railway System Performance—Gaining Insight Through Systematic Analysis and Modelling
Amir Toossi, Lloyd Barson, Bradley Hyland, Wilson Fung, Nigel Best

15. Warranty Impacts from No Fault Found (NFF) and an Impact Avoidance Benchmarking Tool
Piotr Sydor, Rohit Kavade, Christopher J. Hockley

16. Insights into the Maintenance Test Effectiveness
John Thompson, Laura Lacey

Part VI. Cost, Obsolescence, Risk and TES Contract Design

17. Best Practices in the Cost Engineering of Through-Life Engineering Services in Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and Design To Cost (DTC)
Paul Baguley

18. Cost Model for Assessing Losses to Avionics Suppliers During Warranty Period
Ahmed Raza, Vladimir Ulansky

19. Product-Service Systems Under Availability-Based Contracts: Maintenance Optimization and Concurrent System and Contract Design
Amir Kashani Pour, Navid Goudarzi, Xin Lei, Peter Sandborn

Part VII. Autonomous Maintenance and Product Support

20. Application of Open Source Hardware to the Development of Autonomous Maintenance Support Systems
Michael Knowles, David Baglee, Pankaj Sharma

21. Design for Zero-Maintenance
M. Farnsworth, R. McWilliam, S. Khan, C. Bell, A. Tiwari

22. Graph-Based Model for Context-Aware Maintenance Assistance with Augmented Reality and 3D Visualization
Michael Abramovici, Mario Wolf, Matthias Neges

23. Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems Support Considerations
Jonathan Pelham

24. Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Optimization: A Review of Applications for Power Plants
Neha Prajapat, Ashutosh Tiwari, Xiao-Peng Gan, Nadir Z. Ince, Windo Hutabarat

25. Beyond RAMS Design: Towards an Integral Asset and Process Approach
A. Martinetti, A. J. J. Braaksma, L. A. M. Dongen

26. On the Initial Spare Parts Assortment for Capital Assets: A Structured Approach Aiding Initial Spare Parts Assortment Decision-Making (SAISAD)
A. Martinetti, A. J. J. Braaksma, J. Ziggers, L. A. M. Dongen

27. The Design of Cost and Availability in Complex Engineering Systems
Duarte Rodrigues, John Erkoyuncu, Andrew Starr

28. Defence Support Services for the Royal Navy: The Context of Spares Contracts
Davood Sabaei, Alessandro Busachi, John Erkoyuncu, Paul Colegrove, Rajkumar Roy

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, R & D/Technology Policy, Innovation/Technology Management, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools

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