Furmańczyk, Kazimierz

Coastline Changes of the Baltic Sea from South to East

Furmańczyk, Kazimierz - Coastline Changes of the Baltic Sea from South to East, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Jan Harff, Kazimierz Furmańczyk, Hans Storch

Part I. Concepts and Model Approaches

2. What Determines the Change of Coastlines in the Baltic Sea?
Jan Harff, Junjie Deng, Joanna Dudzińska-Nowak, Peter Fröhle, Andreas Groh, Birgit Hünicke, Tarmo Soomere, Wenyan Zhang

3. The Challenge of Baltic Sea Level Change
Birgit Hünicke, Eduardo Zorita, Hans Storch

4. Recent Baltic Sea Level Changes Induced by Past and Present Ice Masses
Andreas Groh, Andreas Richter, Reinhard Dietrich

5. Factors and Processes Forming the Polish Southern Baltic Sea Coast on Various Temporal and Spatial Scales
Stanisław Musielak, Kazimierz Furmańczyk, Natalia Bugajny

6. The Dynamic Equilibrium Shore Model for the Reconstruction and Future Projection of Coastal Morphodynamics
Junjie Deng, Jan Harff, Wenyan Zhang, Ralf Schneider, Joanna Dudzińska-Nowak, Andrzej Giza, Pawel Terefenko, Kazimierz Furmańczyk

7. Modelling of Medium-Term (Decadal) Coastal Foredune Morphodynamics- Historical Hindcast and Future Scenarios of the Świna Gate Barrier Coast (Southern Baltic Sea)
Wenyan Zhang, Ralf Schneider, Jan Harff, Birgit Hünicke, Peter Fröhle

8. Constraints of Radiocarbon Dating in Southeastern Baltic Lagoons: Assessing the Vital Effects
Albertas Bitinas, Jonas Mažeika, Ilya V. Buynevich, Aldona Damušytė, Anatoly Molodkov, Alma Grigienė

Part II. Regional Studies

9. Late Glacial to Holocene Environmental Changes (with Particular Reference to Salinity) in the Southern Baltic Reconstructed from Shallow Water Lagoon Sediments
Andrzej Witkowski, Bernard Cedro, Sławomir Dobosz, Alistair W. R. Seddon, Agnieszka Kierzek

10. Postglacial Evolution of the Odra River Mouth, Poland-Germany
Ryszard Krzysztof Borówka, Andrzej Osadczuk, Krystyna Osadczuk, Andrzej Witkowski, Artur Skowronek, Małgorzata Latałowa, Kamila Mianowicz

11. Morphodynamic Processes of the Swina Gate Coastal Zone Development (Southern Baltic Sea)
Joanna Dudzińska-Nowak

12. New Demands on Old Maps – An Approach for Estimating Aspects of Accuracy of Old Maps as Basis for Landscape Development Research
Jörg Hartleib, Bernd Bobertz

13. Reconstruction of Coastline Changes by the Comparisons of Historical Maps at the Pomeranian Bay, Southern Baltic Sea
Junjie Deng, Jan Harff, Andrzej Giza, Jörg Hartleib, Joanna Dudzińska-Nowak, Bernd Bobertz, Kazimierz Furmańczyk, Reinhard Zölitz

14. Changes in the Szczecin Lagoon Shoreline as Determined from Selected Seventeenth and Nineteenth Century Maps
Krzysztof Siedlik

15. Retrieving the Signal of Climate Change from Numerically Simulated Sediment Transport Along the Eastern Baltic Sea Coast
Tarmo Soomere, Maija Viška, Katri Pindsoo

16. Sea-Level Change and Flood Risks at Estonian Coastal Zone
Alar Rosentau, Merle Muru, Martin Gauk, Tõnis Oja, Aive Liibusk, Tarmo Kall, Enn Karro, Antti Roose, Mait Sepp, Ants Tammepuu, Jaan Tross, Marge Uppin

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Coastal Sciences, Climate Change, Oceanography, Sedimentology, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences

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