Gabbert, Ulrich

Lamb-Wave Based Structural Health Monitoring in Polymer Composites

Gabbert, Ulrich - Lamb-Wave Based Structural Health Monitoring in Polymer Composites, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Motivation
R. Lammering, S. Duczek, U. Gabbert

2. Objectives
R. Lammering, S. Duczek, U. Gabbert

Part II. Foundations

3. Wave Propagation in Elastic Solids: An Analytical Approach
N. Rauter, B. Hennings, M. N. Neumann, A. Asmus, R. Lammering

4. Fundamental Principles of the Finite Element Method
S. Duczek, U. Gabbert

5. Experimental Methods
F. Raddatz, A. Szewieczek, M. Sinapius

Part III. Efficient Numerical Methods for Wave Propagation Analysis

6. Higher Order Finite Element Methods
S. Duczek, C. Willberg, U. Gabbert

7. Hybrid Simulation Methods: Combining Finite Element Methods and Analytical Solutions
S. Duczek, Z. A. B. Ahmad, J. M. Vivar-Perez, U. Gabbert

8. Damping Boundary Conditions for a Reduced Solution Domain Size and Effective Numerical Analysis of Heterogeneous Waveguides
S. Duczek, S. M. H. Hosseini, U. Gabbert

9. The Finite Cell Method: A Higher Order Fictitious Domain Approach for Wave Propagation Analysis in Heterogeneous Structures
S. Duczek, U. Gabbert

10. A Minimal Model for Fast Approximation of Lamb Wave Propagation in Complex Aircraft Parts
C. Heinze, S. Duczek, M. Sinapius

Part IV. Continuous Mode Conversion

11. Continuous Mode Conversion in Experimental Observations
M. N. Neumann, R. Lammering

12. Material Modeling of Polymer Composites for Numerical Investigations of Continuous Mode Conversion
B. Hennings, R. Lammering

Part V. Signal Processing

13. Localization of Damaging Events and Damage in Anisotropic Plates by Migration Technique
A. Ungethüm, R. Lammering

14. Time-of-Flight Calculation in Complex Structures
F. Raddatz, M. Sinapius

15. The Determination of Dispersion Curves from Measurements by the Matrix Pencil Method
T. Schuster, F. Schöpfer

16. Damage Identification by Dynamic Load Monitoring
T. Schuster, F. Schöpfer

Part VI. SHM: Systems

17. Mode Selective Actuator-Sensor-Systems
D. Schmidt, M. Sinapius

18. Virtual Sensors for SHM
A. Szewieczek, M. Sinapius

19. Lamb Wave Generation, Propagation, and Interactions in CFRP Plates
G. Mook, J. Pohl, Y. Simonin

20. Structural Health Monitoring on the SARISTU Full Scale Door Surround Structure
M. Moix-Bonet, D. Schmidt, P. Wierach

Keywords: Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Ceramics, Glass, Composites, Natural Materials, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics

Publication year
Research Topics in Aerospace
Page amount
14 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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