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Appraisal: From Theory to Practice

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Table of contents

1. The True Value. On Understanding Something
Salvatore Giuffrida

2. Appraisal of Manufacturing Buildings Through the Depreciated Replacement Cost Approach
Sergio Copiello, Valentina Cosmi, Stefano Stanghellini

3. Do Real Estate Cycles Exist and, if so, Are They Predictable?
Francesca Leccis

4. The Mass Appraisal Tool: Application of a Pluri-Parametric Model for the Appraisal of Real Properties
Leopoldo Sdino, Ferruccio Zorzi, Paolo Rosasco, Sara Magoni

5. New Bottom-Up Approaches to Enhance Public Real/Estate Property
Alessia Mangialardo, Ezio Micelli

6. Curricular Damage Estimation
Marco Clemente Basile

7. Valorising in the Absence of Public Resources and Weak Markets: The Case of “Ivrea, the 20th Century Industrial City”
Cristina Coscia, Rocco Curto

8. Technical and Economic Evaluation of a Building Recovery by Public-Private Partnership in Rome (Italy)
Maria Rosaria Guarini, Claudia Buccarini, Fabrizio Battisti

9. A Strategic Environmental Assessment of a Possible Direct Road Connection Between Veneto Region and Central Europe
Giovanni Campeol, Nicola Masotto

10. Appraisal and Evaluation in the Production of Works for the Transformation of the Contemporary City
Fabiana Forte

11. Market Prices and Property Taxation in Italian Real Estate: A Turin Case Study
Rocco Curto, Elena Fregonara, Patrizia Semeraro

12. An Integrated Model for Ex-ante Evaluation of Flood Damage to Residential Building
Marco Mancini, Gabriele Lombardi, Sergio Mattia, Alessandra Oppio, Francesca Torrieri

13. A Few Considerations on the Comparison Method in Appraisal
Marta Berni

14. Forms and Functions of the Real Estate Market of Palermo (Italy). Science and Knowledge in the Cluster Analysis Approach
Grazia Napoli, Salvatore Giuffrida, Alberto Valenti

15. Gaps and Overlaps of Urban Housing Sub-market: Hard Clustering and Fuzzy Clustering Approaches
Laura Gabrielli, Salvatore Giuffrida, Maria Rosa Trovato

16. Buildings Energy Performance and Real Estate Market Value: An Application of the Spatial Auto Regressive (SAR) Model
Marta Bottero, Marina Bravi, Giulio Mondini, Antonio Talarico

17. The Value of Intellectual Capital in Shipping Companies
Vincenzo Giudice, Pierfrancesco Paola

18. Appraisal Analysis of Social Costs of Road Accidents
Francesca Salvo, Manuela Ruggiero, Valentina Farace

19. The Definition of Fair Divisional Projects in Bankruptcy and Inheritance Disputes
Francesco Tajani, Pierluigi Morano

20. Compensation for Land/Property Owners Hosting a Wind Farm. The Italian Case
Benedetto Manganelli

21. Infrastructure Development and Territorial Vulnerability. The Role of Composite Indicators for Addressing Siting Decisions
Alessandra Oppio, Stefano Corsi, Francesca Torrieri, Sergio Mattia

22. Valuing the Impact of Social Housing Renovation Programs: An Application of the Social Return on Investment (SROI)
Marta Bottero, Gustavo Ambrosini, Guido Callegari

23. Designing Adaptive Reuse Strategies for Cultural Heritage with Choice Experiments
Alessandra Oppio, Marta Bottero, Valentina Ferretti

24. Decision Support Methods for Public-Private Partnerships: An Application to the Territorial Context of the Apulia Region (Italy)
Pierluigi Morano, Francesco Tajani

Keywords: Geography, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Construction Management, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Real Estate Management, Sustainability Management

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Green Energy and Technology
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26 pages
Natural Sciences
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