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Practices for Network Management

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Jukka Vesalainen, Katri Valkokari, Magnus Hellström

Part I. Networks-as-Coordinated Social Systems

2. Introduction to Part I—Viewing Networks as Social Systems
Peter Zettinig, Mika Viljanen

3. Stakeholder Identification, Salience, and Strategic Mindset Analysis
Danijela Majdenic, Jonathan Mumford, Milla Wirén, Peter Zettinig

4. Leading Human Values in Complex Environments
Johnny Långstedt, Robin Wikström, Magnus Hellström

5. Making Sense of Network Dynamics through Network Picturing
Tiina Valjakka, Valtteri Kaartemo, Katri Valkokari

6. Functional Contracting for Network Creation and Governance
Mika Viljanen, Anna Hurmerinta, Johanna Liinamaa, Maria Ivanova-Gongne, Hanna Luotola, Magnus Gustafsson

7. Boundary Spanning and the Art of Persuasion
Jukka Vesalainen, Anni Rajala, Joakim Wincent

Part II. Networks-as-Knowledge-Creating Platforms

8. Introduction to Part II—Knowledge Integration in Networks
Rainer Breite

9. Expert Knowledge Integration—A Systematic Approach for Multi-stakeholder Innovation
Anu Suominen, Sari Mäenpää, Rainer Breite

10. Third-Party-Supported Benchmarking for Reciprocal Learning
Sari Mäenpää, Anu Suominen, Rainer Breite

11. Value Proposition Co-development
Juho Ylimäki, Jukka Vesalainen

12. Relational Factors as Part of Network Relationship Evaluation
Rainer Breite, Sari Mäenpää, Anu Suominen, Mika Perho

13. A Tool for Increased Cognitive Ergonomics in Operative Supplier Selection in a Global Context
Tomi Nokelainen, Magnus Hellström, Robin Wikström

Part III. Networks-as-Value-Generating Entities

14. Introduction to Part III—Moving Toward Mutual Benefits and Increased Total Value
Magnus Hellström

15. Life Cycle Cost Calculations as the Means for Value Communication in Networks
Susanna Kunttu, Outi Kettunen, Tero Välisalo

16. The Service Configurator—How to Optimally Split Project Scopes
Magnus Hellström, Víctor A. Sifontes Herrera, Robin Wikström, Johnny Långstedt

17. The Value-based Sales Approach—Design Process, Tools and Needed Capabilities to Create a Solution
Hanna Luotola, Maria Ivanova-Gongne, Johanna Liinamaa

18. Value Co-creation Analysis in Customer–Supplier Network Relationships
Nina Helander, Vilma Vuori

19. Value Curve as a Multipurpose Tool—From Self-assessment to Forming Collaborative Networks
Elisa Kallio, Antti Saurama

20. A Framework for Ecosystemic Strategizing and Change
Anastasia Tsvetkova, Tomi Nokelainen, Magnus Gustafsson, Kent Eriksson

21. Network Performance Management: Measurement, Scorecard, and Boundary Processes
Jukka Vesalainen, Sampo Autio

Part IV. Concluding Remarks

22. Managerial Tools and the Network-as-Practice Perspective
Jukka Vesalainen, Magnus Hellström, Katri Valkokari

Keywords: Business and Management, Management, Organization, Entrepreneurship

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