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Strategy and Communication for Innovation

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Table of contents

Part I. Strategic Perspectives on Innovation

1. The Importance of Connecting Open Innovation to Strategy
Wim Vanhaverbeke, Nadine Roijakkers, Annika Lorenz, Henry Chesbrough

2. Setting the Stage for Creativity: Upstream, Mid-stream, and Downstream
Leigh Thompson, David Schonthal

3. When Business Model Meets Open Innovation
Howard H. Yu

4. Classic Root Causes of Innovation Failures—Things We All Know but Sometimes Forget
Jean-Philippe Deschamps

5. The Evolution of Strategic Options, Actors, Tools and Tensions in Open Innovation
Kathrin M. Moeslein, Albrecht Fritzsche

6. Cognitive Diversity of Top Management Teams as a Competence-Based Driver of Innovation Capability
Michael Hülsmann, Meike Tilebein, Philip Cordes, Vera Stolarski

Part II. Communicative Perspectives on Innovation

7. Pairwise Communication for Innovation at Work
Martin J. Eppler, Lawrence McGrath

8. Communication Model Design Innovation—Authentic Open Innovation-Culture
Nicole Pfeffermann

9. Open Innovation: Enhancing Theory and Practice by Integrating the Role of Innovation Communication
Ellen Enkel, Annika Dingler, Carsten Mangels

10. Scanalyse—A Case Study of the Role of Social Capital, Strategic Networking, and Word of Mouth Communication in the Diffusion of an Innovation
Tim Mazzarol, Peter Malone, Sophie Reboud

11. Managing Emotions Matters—A Balanced Framework for Communicating Innovations in Companies
Claudia Mast

12. The Role of Communicators in Innovation Clusters
Bettina Blasini, Rani J. Dang, Tim Minshall, Letizia Mortara

13. Integrated Communication in the Innovation Process—An Approach to Integrated Innovation Communication
Manfred Bruhn, Grit Mareike Ahlers

Part III. Integrated Perspectives on Innovation

14. Innovation Implementation: Leading from the Middle Out
Alan Belasen, Elliot B. Luber

15. Innovation, Leadership, and Communication Intelligence
Ian C. Woodward, Samah Shaffakat

16. Redefining Collaborative Innovation in the Digital Economy
Eric Viardot

17. Customer-Centricity in the Executive Suite: A Taxonomy of Top-Management–Customer Interaction Roles
Noel Capon, Christoph Senn

18. What Is Innovation Communication? A Dynamic Capability View
Nicole Pfeffermann

19. Audience-Centered Approaches to Strategic Planning: Accessing Social Capital Through Sharing Platforms on Social Media
Sherry Devereaux Ferguson

Part IV. Case Examples

20. The Innovation Engine: A Framework for Overcoming Cultural and Organizational Impediments to Innovation at Scale
Andrew Breen

21. Strike While the Iron Is Hot: User Centricity Adapted to the Agile Innovation Development Process
Jörn Schulz, Fee Steinhoff, Kathrin Jepsen

22. Disrupting Communication: Innovation Communications in the Digital Age
Johannes von Karczewski, Sandra Zistl

23. Co-innovation and Communication: The Case of SAP’s Global Co-innovation Lab Network
Sabine Patsch, Ansgar Zerfass

24. Empowering Members of a Brand Community to Gain Consumer Insights and Create New Products: The Case of the Vorwerk Thermomix Research Community
Madeleine Kröper, Volker Bilgram, Ramona Wehlig

25. The Integration of Art and Design, Creativity and Professionalization
Rolf Sachsse

Keywords: Business and Management, Entrepreneurship, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology

Publication year
3rd ed. 2017
Page amount
26 pages
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