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Cold War Energy

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Table of contents

1. The Soviet Union’s Rise as an International Energy Power: A Short History
Jeronim Perović

Part I. From World War to Cold War: Soviet Oil and Western Reactions

2. From Crisis to Plenty: The Soviet “Oil Campaign” Under Stalin
Felix Rehschuh

3. Stalin’s Oil Policy and the Iranian Crisis of 1945–1946
Nataliia Egorova

4. “Red Oil” and Western Reactions: The Case of Britain
Niklas Jensen-Eriksen

5. Debates at NATO and the EEC in Response to the Soviet “Oil Offensive” in the Early 1960s
Roberto Cantoni

Part II. From Cold War to Détente: Soviet Energy and the Expansion of East–West Trade

6. Decision-Making in the Soviet Energy Sector in Post-Stalinist Times: The Failure of Khrushchev’s Economic Modernization Strategy
Viacheslav Nekrasov

7. A Challenge to Cold War Energy Politics? The US and Italy’s Relations with the Soviet Union, 1958–1969
Elisabetta Bini

8. Gaz de France and Soviet Natural Gas: Balancing Technological Constraints with Political Considerations, 1950s to 1980s
Alain Beltran, Jean-Pierre Williot

9. Rise of Western Siberia and the Soviet–West German Energy Relationship During the 1970s
Dunja Krempin

10. From Linkage to Economic Warfare: Energy, Soviet–American Relations, and the End of the Cold War
David S. Painter

Part III. From Crisis to Collapse: Soviet Energy and the Burden of Empire

11. Creating a Common Energy Space: The Building of the Druzhba Oil Pipeline
Falk Flade

12. Calculating the Burden of Empire: Soviet Oil, East–West Trade, and the End of the Socialist Bloc
Suvi Kansikas

13. Drifting Apart: Soviet Energy and the Cohesion of the Communist Bloc in the 1970s and 1980s
Lorenz M. Lüthi

14. The Fall of the Soviet Union and the Legacies of Energy Dependencies in Eastern Europe
Margarita M. Balmaceda

Keywords: History, Russian, Soviet, and East European History, Political History, World History, Global and Transnational History, Energy Policy, Economics and Management

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