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Small Machine Tools for Small Workpieces

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to the Priority Programme SPP1476—Small Machine Tools for Small Workpieces
Jens P. Wulfsberg, Tobias Redlich, Benny Röhlig, Adam Sanders, Silka Grimske, Peter Kohrs

Part I. Tools

2. Compact Air Bearing Spindles for Desktop Sized Machine Tools
Christopher Müller, Benjamin Kirsch, Jan C. Aurich

3. Module for Micro Electrical Discharge Machining with Gaseous Dielectrics
Ivan Perfilov, Jan Streckenbach, Tassilo-Maria Schimmelpfennig, Eckart Uhlmann

4. Compact Module for Maskless and Simultaneous 2D Laser Chemical Machining
Hamza Messaoudi, Frank Vollertsen

5. GrindBall—A Novel Drive and Bearing Concept for Micro Grinding Tools
Ekkard Brinksmeier, Bernd Orlik, Rodion Groll, Carla Flosky, Alexander Norbach, Kristofer Leach, Juan E. Gomez

Part II. Actuators

6. Design and Experimental Validation of a Hybrid Actuator Based on Piezoceramics and Shape-Memory-Alloys
Kenny Pagel, Welf-Guntram Drossel

7. Highly Integrated Self-compensating Hydraulic Feed Axis for Small Machine Tools
Jörg Bauer, Benedikt Klee, Jürgen Fleischer

8. Modular Desktop Machining Centre with SMA Actuation
Jan Pollmann, Horst Meier, Bernd Kuhlenkötter

9. Fluid Dynamic Drive Module for Planar Motion in Three Degrees of Freedom
Berend Denkena, Haydar Kayapinar, Tim Schumacher

10. Novel Electrodynamic Feed Units for Small Machine Tools and Automation
Thomas Bödrich, Johannes Ziske, Markus Stock, Jens Lienig

11. Functional Integrated Feed-Units Based on Flexible Mechanisms in Small Machine Tools for Small Workpieces
Nanxi Kong, Adam Sanders, Malte Rösner, Robert Friedrich, Frank Dirksen, Elisabeth Bauma, Thomas Schuster, Rolf Lammering, Jens P. Wulfsberg

Part III. Additional Modules

12. High Accuracy Millimetre Wave Radar for Micro Machining
Steffen Scherr, Sven Thomas, Mario Pauli, Serdal Ayhan, Nils Pohl, Thomas Zwick

13. Multifunctional and Intelligent Mechanical Interface for a Fast, Easy and Precise (Re-)Configuration of Small Modular Machine Tools
Silka Grimske, Benny Röhlig, Jens Müller, Jens P. Wulfsberg

14. Modularly Structured, (Re-)Configurable Machines for Micro Machining by Means of Cooperative Motion Generation
Christoph Batke, Tarek Tounsi, Karl-Heinz Wurst, Alexander Verl, Hans-Werner Hoffmeister

Keywords: Engineering, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Operating Procedures, Materials Treatment, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control

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Lecture Notes in Production Engineering
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13 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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