Esquinas, Antonio M.

Mechanical Ventilation in the Critically Ill Obese Patient

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Table of contents

Part I. Effects of Obesity on Respiratory Physiology

1. Control of Ventilation in Obesity
Nikolaos Markou, Heleni Stefanatou, Maria Kanakaki

2. Obesity, Respiratory Mechanics and Its Impact on the Work of Breathing, Neural Respiratory Drive, Gas Exchange and the Development of Sleep-Disordered Breathing
Culadeeban Ratneswaran, Patrick Murphy, Nicholas Hart, Joerg Steier

3. Implications of Obesity for Mechanical Ventilation
Paolo Formenti, John J. Marini

Part II. Causes of Acute Respiratory Failure in the Obese Patient

4. Obesity and Comorbidities
Cintia Zappe Fiori, Denis Martinez, Alicia Carissimi

5. Atelectasis
Sevinc Sarinc Ulasli

6. Obesity and Congestive Heart Failure
Stephan Steiner

7. Intra-abdominal Hypertension and Abdominal Compartment Syndrome: Consequences for Mechanical Ventilation
Peter D. Liebling, Behrouz Jafari

8. Impact of Sleep Breathing Disorders in Obese Critically Ill Patients
Moh’d Al-Halawani, Christine Won

9. Drugs and Medications
Clement Lee, Kate Millington, Ari Manuel

Part III. Invasive Mechanical Ventilation in the Critically Ill Obese Patient

10. Preoxygenation Before Intubation in the Critically Ill Obese Patient
Francesco Zarantonello, Carlo Ori, Michele Carron

11. Analgesia in the Obese Patient
Preet Mohinder Singh, Adrian Alvarez

12. Sedation of the Obese Patient: Indications, Management, and Complications
Krysta Wolfe, John Kress

13. Positioning of the Critically Ill Obese Patient for Mechanical Ventilation
Malcolm Lemyze

14. Obesity and Positive End-Expiratory Pressure (PEEP)-Obesity and Recruitment Maneuvers During the Intraoperative Period
Seniyye Ulgen Zengin, Güniz Köksal

15. Complications Associated with Invasive Mechanical Ventilation in Obese Patients
Nishant Chauhan

16. Management of Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury
Sven Stieglitz

17. Ventilation Modes for Obese Patients Under Mechanical Ventilation
Rachel Jones, Jason Gittens, Ari Manuel

18. Obesity and Tracheostomy: Indications, Timing, and Techniques
Bahman Saatian, Julie H. Lyou

19. Decannulation Process in the Tracheostomised Obese Patients
Pia Lebiedz, Martin Bachmann, Stephan Braune

Part IV. Noninvasive Ventilation and Oxygen Delivery in the Critically Ill Obese Patient

20. The Choice of Interface
Ahmed S. BaHammam, Tripat Singh, Antonio M. Esquinas

21. The Choice of Ventilator and Ventilator Setting
Ebru Ortaç Ersoy

22. Obesity and Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure
Ayelet B. Hilewitz, Andrew L. Miller, Bushra Mina

23. High-Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy: Principles and Potential Use in Obese Patients
Emmanuel Besnier, Jean-Pierre Frat, Christophe Girault

24. NIV in Type 2 (Hypercapnic) Acute Respiratory Failure
Shaden O. Qasrawi, Ahmed S. BaHammam

25. Prevention of Post-extubation Failure in Critically Ill Obese Patient
Ali A. Solh

26. NIV in the Obese Patient After Surgery
Giuseppe Fiorentino, Antonio M. Esquinas, Anna Annunziata

27. Determinants of NIV Success or Failure
Antonello Nicolini, Ines Maria Grazia Piroddi, Cornelius Barlascini, Gianluca Ferraioli, Paolo Banfi

28. Chronic Ventilation in Obese Patients
Jean Christian Borel, Jean-Paul Janssens, Renaud Tamisier, Olivier Contal, Dan Adler, Jean-Louis Pépin

Part V. How to Support Nutritionally the Critically Ill Obese Patient

29. Nutritional Support in the Critically Ill Obese Ventilated Patient
Kasuen Mauldin, Janine W. Berta

30. Long-Term Outcomes After Mechanical Ventilation
Rose Franco, Rahul Nanchal

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Anesthesiology, Pneumology/Respiratory System

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