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Complex Systems Design & Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Regular Papers

1. Challenges for MBSE and PLE for Legacy Product-Based System Environments
Michael Schäfer, Friedemann Bitsch, Stephan Weißleder, Florian Wartenberg

2. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System: A Systems Engineering Case Study
Robert S. Swarz

3. MBSE, PLM, MIP and Robust Optimization for System of Systems Management, Application to SCCOA French Air Defense Program
Thomas Peugeot, Nicolas Dupin, Marie-Joëlle Sembely, Catherine Dubecq

4. Disruptive Innovation in Complex Systems
Arnaud Durantin, Gauthier Fanmuy, Ségolène Miet, Valérie Pegon

5. Validation of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems: An Application to HVAC Systems
Thao Dang, Alie El-Din Mady, Menouer Boubekeur, Rajesh Kumar, Mark Moulin

6. Modelling and Simulation of the Dynamics of Complex Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems and Large Scale Systems of Systems all Along Their Lifetime
Nguyen Thuy

7. Defining a Distributed Architecture for Smart Energy Aware Systems
Guillaume Habault, Jani Hursti, Jean-Marie Bonnin

8. Incremental Modeling Methodology of Railway System Specifications
Melissa Issad, Leila Kloul, Antoine Rauzy

9. Automated Piping with Standardized Bends in Complex Systems Design
Samuel Vogel, Stephan Rudolph

10. Assessment of Resilience in Desalination Infrastructure Using Semi-Markov Models
Abdulaziz Khiyami, Andrew Owens, Abdelkrim Doufene, Adnan Alsaati, Olivier Weck

11. A Discrepancy-Based Framework to Compare Robustness Between Multi-attribute Evaluations
Juste Raimbault

12. Complexity Management for Engineered Systems Using System Value Definition
Kaushik Sinha, Narek R. Shougarian, Olivier L. Weck

13. Empirical Studies in Decision Rule-Based Flexibility Analysis for Complex Systems Design and Management
Michel-Alexandre Cardin, Yixin Jiang, Terence Lim

14. Requirements Quality Analysis: A Successful Case Study in the Industry
Elena Gallego, Hugo-Guillermo Chalé-Góngora, Juan Llorens, José Fuentes, José Álvarez, Gonzalo Génova, Anabel Fraga

15. Systems Engineering Education for East Africa
Solomon Gebreyohannes, Tadilo Endeshaw Bogale, William Edmonson, Lakemariam Yohannes Worku

16. Systems Engineering Human Capital Development: Objectives and Research Directions
Jon Wade

Part II. Posters

17. System Engineering Education for Confirmed Engineers: The FAIS case Study-
A 6 years Feedback
Omar Hammami

18. Integration of Systems Engineering Approach in Product-Lifecycle-Management by Means of a Mechatronic System
Vahid Salehi, Lukas Burseg, Kristin Paetzold, Abdo Chahin, Jihad Taha, Thomas Rieger

19. Performance Analysis of SDL Systems
Mihal Brumbulli, Emmanuel Gaudin

20. Prerequisites for the Modelling and Analysis of a Product Development Process Using Network Theory
Abdo Chahin, Julian Hoffmeister, Kristin Paetzold, Vahid Salehi

21. Challenges of Agile Development: A Cause-and-Effect Analysis
Tobias Sebastian Schmidt, Kristin Paetzold

22. MBSE and MBSA with Capella and Safety Architect Tools
Marc Sango, Frédérique Vallée, Anne-Catherine Vié, Jean-Luc Voirin, Xavier Leroux, Véronique Normand

23. Resilience Analysis on Infrastructure Networks with Heterogeneous Nodes
C. Y. Lam, K. Tai

24. Direct Democracy as the Keystone of a Smart City Governance as a Complex System
Claude Rochet

25. Fast and Extensive Model Based Project Plan Building in Nuclear Industry
Christian Marie, Gilles Beuzelin, Samuel Boutin, Eric Nicole

26. B4B, a System of System Development Based on Systems Engineering Processes
Yann Chazal, Philippe Toussaint, Do-Hieu Trinh

27. Categorizing Technical Change in a System: Resolving Some of the Shortcomings in Henderson & Clarck’s (1990) Framework
Mohammadreza Arasti, Mahdi Khaleghi

28. Exploring Early Stage Cost-Estimation Methods Using Off-the-Shelf Tools: A Preliminary Study
Haifeng Zhu, Narek Shougarian, Greg Ojard, Kaushik Sinha, Oliver Weck, Eileen Arnold

29. A Framework for Understanding the Complexity of Regional Production Networks: A Case Study
Larissa Statsenko, Vernon Ireland

Keywords: Engineering, Complexity, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics

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