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Advances in Systems Science

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Table of contents

1. Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Optimal Coordinates
P. Spurek, J. Tabor

2. Domain Adaptation for Image Analysis: An Unsupervised Approach Using Boltzmann Machines Trained by Perturbation
Szymon Zaręba, Marcin Kocot, Jakub M. Tomczak

3. Relation Recognition Problems and Algebraic Approach to Their Solution
Juliusz L. Kulikowski

4. Prediction of Power Load Demand Using Modified Dynamic Weighted Majority Method
Radoslav Nemec, Viera Rozinajová, Marek Lóderer

5. Estimating Cluster Population
Laxmi Gewali, K. C. Sanjeev, Henry Selvaraj

6. Evaluation of Particle Swarm Optimisation for Medical Image Segmentation
Mohammad Hashem Ryalat, Daniel Emmens, Mark Hulse, Duncan Bell, Zainab Al-Rahamneh, Stephen Laycock, Mark Fisher

7. Automated Processing of Micro-CT Scans Using Descriptor-Based Registration of 3D Images
Jakub Kamiński, Barłomiej Trzewiczek, Sebastian Wroński, Jacek Tarasiuk

8. Gender Recognition Based on Speaker’s Voice Analysis
Joanna Świebocka-Więk

9. Topic Modeling Based on Frequent Sequences Graphs
Piotr Ozdzynski, Danuta Zakrzewska

10. Gaussian Process Regression with Categorical Inputs for Predicting the Blood Glucose Level
Jakub M. Tomczak

11. Automated Information Extraction and Classification of Matrix-Based Questionnaire Data
Damian Dudek

12. Evaluating Raft in Docker on Kubernetes
Caio Oliveira, Lau Cheuk Lung, Hylson Netto, Luciana Rech

13. Performance Evaluation of MPTCP Transmission of Large Data Objects in Computing Cloud
Robert R. Chodorek, Agnieszka Chodorek

14. A Decentralized System for Load Balancing of Containerized Microservices in the Cloud
Marian Rusek, Grzegorz Dwornicki, Arkadiusz Orłowski

15. Layered Reconfigurable Architecture for Autonomous Cooperative UAV Computing Systems
Grzegorz Chmaj, Henry Selvaraj

16. A Practical Verification of Protocol and Data Format Negotiation Methods in ComSS Platform
Łukasz Falas, Patryk Schauer, Radosław Adamkiewicz, Paweł Świątek

17. Reactive Dynamic Assignment for a Bi-dimensional Traffic Flow Model
Kwami Seyram Sossoe, Jean-Patrick Lebacque

18. Using Repeated-Measurement Stated Preference Data to Investigate Users’ Attitudes Towards Automated Buses Within Major Facilities
A. Alessandrini, P. Delle Site, D. Stam, V. Gatta, E. Marcucci, Q. Zhang

19. Comparing Signal Setting Design Methods Through Emission and Fuel Consumption Performance Indicators
S. de Luca, R. Di Pace, S. Memoli, L. Pariota

20. GSOM Traffic Flow Models for Networks with Information
Megan M. Khoshyaran, Jean-Patrick Lebacque

21. Designing Mass-Customized Service Subject to Public Grid-Like Network Constraints
Grzegorz Bocewicz, Robert Wójcik, Zbigniew Banaszak

22. Sensing Feedback for the Control of Multi-joint Prosthetic Hand
Andrzej Wołczowski, Mariusz Głebocki, Janusz Jakubiak

23. Spatio-temporal Clustering and Forecasting Method for Free-Floating Bike Sharing Systems
Leonardo Caggiani, Michele Ottomanelli, Rosalia Camporeale, Mario Binetti

24. Comparison of Algorithms for Constrained Multi-robot Task Allocation
Maciej Hojda

25. The Methodology of Multiple Criteria Decision Making/Aiding as a System-Oriented Analysis for Transportation and Logistics
Jacek Żak

26. A Joint Problem of Track Closure Planning and Train Run Rescheduling with Detours
Maciej Hojda, Grzegorz Filcek

27. Nonlinear Optimal Control Using Finite-Horizon State Dependent Riccati Equation Combined with Genetic Algorithm
Ahmed Khamis, Dawid Zydek, Henry Selvaraj

28. Logistic Network Dependability Evaluation – Business Continuity Oriented Approach
Lech Bukowski, Jerzy Feliks

29. Robust Finite-Time Control of an Uncertain Aeroelastic System Using Leading-and Trailing-Edge Flaps
Prince Ghorawat, Keum W. Lee, Sahjendra N. Singh, Grzegorz Chmaj

30. Resource Allocation in Self-managing Networks Under Uncertainty
Dariusz Gąsior

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Complexity

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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