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Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering and Control Applications

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Table of contents

Part I. Control and Systems Engineering (CSE)

1. Power Quality Improvement Based on Five-Level NPC Series APF Using Fuzzy Control Scheme
Salim Chennai

2. Adaptive Backstepping Control Using Combined Direct and Indirect sigma –Modification Adaptation
Y. Soukkou, S. Labiod

3. Linear Stochastic Model Validation for Civil Engineering Structures Under Earthquakes
Mohamed Azira, Lakhdar Guenfaf

4. Adaptive Fuzzy Control-Based Projective Synchronization Scheme of Uncertain Chaotic Systems with Input Nonlinearities
Sarah Hamel, Abdesselem Boulkroune

5. A Novel State Representation of Electric Powered Wheelchair
Djamila Boubekeur, Zaki Sari, Abdelmadjid Boumédiène, Souad Tahraoui

6. Single and Multi Objective Predictive Control of Mobile Robots
H. Merabti, K. Belarbi, I. Bouchachi

7. Comparison Between Predictive Sliding Mode Control and Sliding Mode Control with Predictive Sliding Function
Houda Ben Mansour, Khadija Dehri, Ahmed Said Nouri

8. Discrete Variable Structure Model Reference Adaptive Control for Non Strictly Positive Real Systems Using Only I/O Measurements
Aicha Znidi, Khadija Dehri, Ahmed Said Nouri

9. Stable Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding-Mode Controller for a Class of Underactuated Dynamic Systems
Soumia Moussaoui, Abdesselem Boulkroune

10. Indirect Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Control of Uncertain Two Link Robot Manipulator
Bounemeur Abdelhamid, Chemachema Mouhamed, Essounbouli Najib

11. Constrained Fuzzy Predictive Control Design Based on the PDC Approach
Abdelmalek Zahaf, Sofiane Bououden, Mohamed Chadli

Part II. Renewable Energy (RE)

12. Control of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System with Batteries Storage
Seif Eddine Boukebbous, Djallel Kerdoun, Messaoud Khelif

13. The Development of Empirical Photovoltaic/Thermal Collector
H. Ben cheikh el hocine, K. Touafek, F. Kerrour

14. A Mathematical Model to Determine the Shading Effects in the I-V Characteristic of a Photovoltaic Module
A. Fezzani, I. Hadj Mahammed, S. Bazi

15. Hybrid Systems Using Thermal/Biomass Sources
Souad Belhour, Abdelouahab Zaatri

16. A Neural and Fuzzy Logic Based Control Scheme for a Shunt Active Power Filter
Hichem Laib, Abd Elaziz Chaghi, Patrice Wira

Part III. Faults Diagnosis-Faults Tolerant Control (FTC)

17. Robust Fault Detection Filter Design for Discrete-Time Fuzzy Models
Sabrina Aouaouda, Mohammed Chadli

18. Feature Selection for Enhancement of Bearing Fault Detection and Diagnosis Based on Self-Organizing Map
Smail Haroun, Amirouche Nait Seghir, Said Touati

19. Small Signal Fractional Order Modeling of PN Junction Diode
F. Boulgamh, M. Remram, A. Djouambi

Part IV. Fractional Order Systems (Sofa)

20. Rational Function Approximation of a Fundamental Fractional Order Transfer Function
Djamel Boucherma, Abdelfatah Charef, Hassene Nezzari

21. Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Fractional Systems
Khatir Khettab, Yassine Bensafia, Samir Ladaci

Part V. Signal and Communications (SC)

22. A Leaky Wave Antenna Based on SIW Technology for Ka Band Applications
Souad Doucha, Mehadji Abri

23. Selective Filters Design Based Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals: Modeling Using the 2D-FDTD Method
Hadjira Abri Badaoui, Mehadji Abri

24. Writer’s Gender Classification Using HOG and LBP Features
Nesrine Bouadjenek, Hassiba Nemmour, Youcef Chibani

25. Speech Recognition System Based on OLLO French Corpus by Using MFCCs
Braham Chaouche Youcef, Yessaad Mohamed Elemine, Benmaiza Islam, Bouttout Farid

26. Wavelets Based Image De-Noising: Application to EFTEM Imaging
Sid Ahemd Soumia, Zoubeida Messali, Abdeldjalil Ouahabi, Sergio Marco

27. New Front End Based on Multitaper and Gammatone Filters for Robust Speaker Verification
Fedila Meriem, Harizi Farid, Bengherabi Messaoud, Amrouche Abderrahmene

28. Comparative Study of Time Frequency Analysis Application on Abnormal EEG Signals
Abdelhakim Ridouh, Daoud Boutana, Messaoud Benidir

29. Performance Evaluation of Segmentation Algorithms Based on Level Set Method: Application to Medical Images
Messaouda Larbi, Zoubeida Messali

30. Design of Antipodal Linearly Tapered Slot Antennas (ALTSA) Arrays in SIW Technology for UWB Imaging
Benzerga Fellah, Mehadji Abri

Part VI. Large Scale Systems (SI03)

31. Optimized Sliding Mode Control of DC-DC Boost Converter for Photovoltaic System
A. Khoudiri, K. Guesmi, D. Mahi

32. Modeling of MOSFET Transistor by MLP Neural Networks
K. Lamamra, S. Berrah

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Communications Engineering, Networks, Signal, Image and Speech Processing

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