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New Trends in Analysis and Interdisciplinary Applications

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Table of contents

Part I. Complex-Analytic Methods for Applied Sciences, Complex Geometry and Generalized Functions

1. Generalized Functions Method for Solving Nonstationary Boundary Value Problems for Strictly Hyperbolic Systems with Second-Order Derivatives
L. A. Alexeyeva, G. K. Zakir’yanova

2. A Fast Algorithm to Determine the Flux Around Closely Spaced Non-overlapping Disks
Olaf Bar

3. Conformal Mapping of Circular Multiply Connected Domains Onto Domains with Slits
Roman Czapla, Vladimir V. Mityushev

4. Functional Equations for Analytic Functions and Their Application to Elastic Composites
Piotr Drygaś, Vladimir Mityushev

5. An Example of Algebraic Symplectic Reduction for the Additive Group
Victoria Hoskins

6. Submanifolds with Splitting Tangent Sequence
Priska Jahnke, Ivo Radloff

7. Generalized Solutions to Stochastic Problems as Regularized in a Broad Sense
Irina V. Melnikova

8. Image Processing Algorithms in Different Areas of Science
Mateusz Muchacki

9. Boundary Value Problems for Half-Plane, Strip and Rectangle with Circular Inclusions
E. Pesetskaya, N. Rylko

10. Regular Strata and Moduli Spaces of Irregular Singular Connections
Daniel S. Sage

11. Analysis of the Strategy Used to Solve Algorithmic Problem: A Case Study Based on Eye Tracking Research
Anna Stolińska, Magdalena Andrzejewska

Part II. Complex and Functional-Analytic Methods for Differential Equations and Applications

12. Green and Neumann Functions for Strips
H. Begehr

13. The Forecast of Ebola Virus Propagation
Zaiqiang Ku, Li Cheng

14. On Existence of the Resolvent and Discreteness of the Spectrum of the Schrödinger Operator with a Parameter Changing Sign
M. B. Muratbekov

15. Source Identification for the Differential Equation with Memory
S. A. Avdonin, G. Y. Murzabekova, K. B. Nurtazina

16. New Methods for Volterra Type Integral Equation with Boundary Singular Point
Rajabov Nusrat

17. Approximate Properties of Solutions of Second Order Differential Equations with Unbounded Drift Coefficient
K. N. Ospanov

18. Associated Operators to the Space of Elliptic Generalized-Analytic Functions
Gian Rossodivita, Judith Vanegas

19. Identification of Nonlinear Differential Systems for Bacteria Population Under Antibiotics Influence
Simon Serovajsky, Anvar Azimov, Alexandr Ilin, Rinat Islamov, Syrym Kasenov, Marina Lankina, Danijar Nurseitov

20. The Cauchy Problem for Some System of n-th Order Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
A. Tungatarov

21. Hilbert Boundary-Value Problem for Rotation-Invariant Polyanalytic Functions
Yufeng Wang, Yanjin Wang

22. Riemann Boundary Value Problem with Square Roots on the Real Axis
Shouguo Zhong, Ying Wang, Pei Dang

Part III. Functions Theory of One and Several Complex Variables

23. Picard Values and Some Normality Criteria of Meromorphic Functions
Zhixue Liu, Tingbin Cao

24. Rational Approximation of Functions in Hardy Spaces
Deng Guantie, Li Haichou, Qian Tao

25. Suita Conjecture for a Punctured Torus
Robert Xin Dong

26. Plemelj Formula for Bergman Integral on Unit Ball in Hermitean Clifford Analysis
Min Ku, Fuli He

27. Meromorphic Functions Sharing Four Real Values
Xiao-Min Li, Cui Liu, Hong-Xun Yi

28. The Minimal Cycles over Isolated Brieskorn Complete Intersection Surface Singularities
Fanning Meng, Jianming Lin, Wenjun Yuan, Zhigang Wang

29. Properties and Characteristics of ɛ Starlike Functions
Ming-Sheng Liu

30. Generalized Integration Operators fromQ

(p, q) to the Little Zygmund-Type Spaces
Yongmin Liu, Yanyan Yu

31. The Hyperbolic Metric on the Complement of the Integer Lattice Points in the Plane
Katsuhiko Matsuzaki

32. Further Results of a Normality Criterion Related a Famous Hayman Conjecture
Wenjun Yuan, Fanning Meng, Shengjiang Chen

33. Variable Integral Exponent Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces Associated with Non-negative Self-Adjoint Operators
Jingshi Xu, Xiaodi Yang

34. A Decomposition Theorem for Null-Solutions to Polynomial Slice Dirac Operator
Hongfen Yuan, Tieguo Ji, Hongyan Ji

35. Further Results on Meromorphic Functions Sharing a Set with Their Derivatives
Shengjiang Chen, Weichuan Lin, Wenjun Yuan

36. Normal Criterion on Differential Polynomials
Cuiping Zeng

Part IV. Harmonic Analysis and Nonlinear PDEs

37. A Conjecture Regarding Optimal Strichartz Estimates for the Wave Equation
Neal Bez, Chris Jeavons, Tohru Ozawa, Hiroki Saito

38. Uniform Regularity for the Time-Dependent Ginzburg-Landau-Maxwell Equations
Jishan Fan, Tohru Ozawa


-boundedness of Functions of Schrödinger Operators on an Open Set of





Tsukasa Iwabuchi, Tokio Matsuyama, Koichi Taniguchi

40. The Kirchhoff Equation with Gevrey Data
Tokio Matsuyama, Michael Ruzhansky

41. On Inverse Scattering on a Sun-Type Graph
Kiyoshi Mochizuki, Igor Trooshin

42. On Certain Exact Solutions for Some Equations in Field Theory
Łukasz T. Stȩpień

43. Elliptic Equations, Manifolds with Non-smooth Boundaries, and Boundary Value Problems
Vladimir B. Vasilyev

Part V. Integral Transforms and Reproducing Kernels

44. Learning Coefficients and Reproducing True Probability Functions in Learning Systems
Miki Aoyagi

45. A Survey of Change of Scale Formulas on an Analogue of Wiener Space
Dong Hyun Cho, Suk Bong Park, Min Hee Park

46. Integrability and Uniform Convergence of Multiplicative Transforms
B. I. Golubov, S. S. Volosivets

47. Shifting for the Fourier–Feynman Transform on Wiener Space
Byoung Soo Kim

48. General Integral Transforms by the Concept of Generalized Reproducing Kernels
T. Matsuura, S. Saitoh

49. On Some Applications of Kontorovich–Lebedev Transforms
Juri M. Rappoport

50. Generalized Reproducing Kernels and Generalized Delta Functions
S. Saitoh, Y. Sawano

51. Pasting Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
Yoshihiro Sawano

52. Fundamental Solutions of Hyperbolic System of Second Order and Their Graphical Representations
G. K. Zakir’yanova

53. Learning with Reproducing Kernel Banach Spaces
Haizhang Zhang, Jun Zhang

Part VI. Recent Advances in Sequence Spaces

54. Mappings of Orlicz Type
Awad A. Bakery

55. On Rate of Convergence of Sequences
Binod Chandra Tripathy

56. Studies on Bounded Difference Sequence Space

(△) with Statistical Metric
Paritosh Chandra Das

57. Rough Convergence in Metric Spaces
Shyamal Debnath, Debjani Rakshit

58. Class of p-Absolutely Summable Sequence of Interval Number
Amar Jyoti Dutta

Part VII. Recent Progresses in Evolution Equations

59. Global Existence of Small Data Solutions to the Semilinear Fractional Wave Equation
Marcello D’Abbicco, Marcelo Rempel Ebert, Tiago Picon

60. On Strichartz Estimates in an Abstract Form
Andrei V. Faminskii

61. A Remark on the Energy Estimates for Wave Equations with Integrable in Time Speed of Propagation
M. R. Ebert, L. Fitriana, F. Hirosawa

62. Semilinear Wave Equation in the de Sitter Spacetime with Hyperbolic Spatial Part
Anahit Galstian

63. Note on Backward Uniqueness for a Class of Parabolic Equations
Christian P. Jäh

64. Multiplier Method in the Strong Unique Continuation for Electromagnetic Schrödinger Operator
Xiaojun Lu, Xiaofen Lv

65. The Cauchy Problem for Nonlinear Complex Ginzburg–Landau Type Equations
Makoto Nakamura

66. Uniform Resolvent Estimates for Stationary Dissipative Wave Equations in an Exterior Domain and Their Application to the Principle of Limiting Amplitude
Kiyoshi Mochizuki, Hideo Nakazawa

67. Stabilization of the Fourth Order Schrödinger Equation
Belkacem Aksas, Salah-Eddine Rebiai

68. The External Damping Cauchy Problems with General Powers of the Laplacian
Pham Trieu Duong, Michael Reissig

69. A Note on the Blow-Up of Solutions to Nakao’s Problem
Yuta Wakasugi

70. Regular Singular Problems for Hyperbolic Systems and Their Asymptotic Integration
Jens Wirth

Part VIII. Wavelet Theory and Image Processing

71. A Generalization of Average Interpolating Wavelets
Kensuke Fujinoki

72. Gabor Transformation on the Sphere and Its Inverse Transformation
Keiko Fujita

73. A Model of Relationship Between Waveform-Averaging and Slow Auditory Brainstem Response by Using Discrete Stationary Wavelet Analysis
Nobuko Ikawa, Akira Morimoto, Ryuichi Ashino

74. The Analysis of Big Data by Wavelets
Kiyoshi Mizohata

75. Image Source Separation Based on N-tree Discrete Wavelet Transforms
Ryuichi Ashino, Takeshi Mandai, Akira Morimoto

76. Touch-Less Personal Verification Using Palm and Fingers Movements Tracking
Marcin Piekarczyk, Marek R. Ogiela

Keywords: Mathematics, Functions of a Complex Variable, Several Complex Variables and Analytic Spaces, Partial Differential Equations

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