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Table of contents

1. Aberration-Corrected STEM Study of Precipitates in an Al-Mg-Si-Ge-Cu Alloy
Ruben Bjørge, Sigmund J. Andersen, Calin D. Marioara, Joanne Etheridge, Randi Holmestad

2. Diffraction-Amalgamated Grain-boundary Tracking (DAGT) technique and its application to an aluminum alloy
Darren J. LeClere, Takanobu Kamiko, Yasuharu Mizuseki, Yoshio Suzuki, Akihisa Takeuchi, Kentaro Uesugi, Masakazu Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Toda

3. Effect of Composition and Pre-Ageing on the Natural Ageing and Paint-Baking Behaviour of Al-Mg-Si Alloys
Paul A. Rometsch, Sam X. Gao, Malcolm J. Couper

4. Improvement in the Characterization of the 2099 Al-Li Alloy by FE-SEM
Nicolas Brodusch, Michel L. Trudeau, Pierre Michaud, Mathieu Brochu, Lisa Rodrigue, Julien Boselli, Raynald Gauvin

5. Towards new aluminium alloys through advances in atom probe microscopy
L. Viskari, G. Sha, S. P. Ringer

6. Nano-Scale Characterization of Al-Mg Nanocrystalline Alloys
Evan Harvey, Leila Ladani

7. Muon Spin Relaxation and Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy Studies of Natural Aging in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
Sigurd Wenner, Kenji Matsuda, Katsuhiko Nishimura, John Banhart, Teiichiro Matsuzaki, Dai Tomono, Francis L. Pratt, Meng Liu, Yong Yan, Calin D. Marioara, Randi Holmestad

8. Monitoring Precipitation during Rapid Quenching of Aluminium Alloys by Calorimetric Reheating Experiments
Olaf Kessler, Davit Zohrabyan, Benjamin Milkereit, Christoph Schick

9. Hydrogen Depth-Profiling and Desorption Kinetics in Rapidly Solidified Al-Fe Alloys
Iya I. Tashlykova-Bushkevich, Goroh Itoh

10. Three-Dimensional Analysis of Microstructure in Cast Aluminium Piston Alloys
T. O. Mbuya, I. Sinclair, K. A. Soady, P. A. S. Reed

11. Dislocation Density Changes in Ultrafine-grain Aluminum during Tensile Deformation
Hiroki Adachi, Yoji Miyajima, Akinobu Shibata, Daisuke Terada, Nobuhiro Tsuji

12. Study on DC Casting Process of Three-Layer Composite Ingots of 4045/3004/4045 Aluminum Alloys
Jianzhong Cui, Haitao Zhang, Ke Qin, Huixue Jiang

13. Study on Electromagnet-Air Knife DC Casting Process of Large-Size AA 7055 Aluminum Alloys
Haitao Zhang, Jianzhong Cui, Hiromi Nagaumi

14. Development of Large-size Ultrasonic Sonotrodes for Cavitation Treatment of Molten Metals
Sergey Komarov, Yasuo Ishiwata

15. Microstructural Evolution in Intensively Melt Sheared Direct Chill Cast Al-Alloys
S. Jones, A. K. Prasada Rao, J. B. Patel, G. M. Scamans, Z. Fan

16. The grain refinement of 7050 alloy using al-5ti-1b and al-3ti-0.15c grain refiners
Guo Shi-jie, Xue Guan-xia, Ma ke, Nagaumi Hiromi

17. Grain refining potency of LaB6 on aluminum alloy
Pengting Li, Wenjie Tian, Dong Wang, Xiangfa Liu

18. The good grain refining performance of a new kind of Al-Ti-C-B master alloy
Jinfeng Nie, Xiaoguang Ma, Haimin Ding, Xiangfa Liu

19. Assestment of the Al-Ni-Mn-Fe-Si-Zr Phase Diagram for New Generation Heat Resistant Casting Aluminum Alloys
N. A. Belov, A. N. Alabin

20. The Influence of Heat Treatment Parameters on the Electrical Conductivity of AlSi7Mg and AlSi10Mg Aluminum Cast Alloys
Piotr Uliasz, Tadeusz Knych, Marzena Piwowarska, Justyna Wiecheć

21. The Effect of Nickel on the Thermal Conductivity of Al-Si Cast Alloys
Florian Stadler, Helmut Antrekowitsch, Werner Fragner, Helmut Kaufmann, Peter J. Uggowitzer

22. Production of Single Cylinder Engine Piston through Vacuum Die Casting in Sedi Enugu.
E. I. Nwonye, C. O. Nwajagu

23. Fatigue behavior in rheocast aluminum 357 suspension arms using the SEED process
Ehab Samuel, Chang-Qing Zheng, Amine Bouaicha, Mohamed Bouazara

24. Single Roll Caster to Cast Aluminum Alloy Strip
Toshio Haga, Kazuya Akitsu, Keisuke Kamakura, Shinji Kumai, Hisaki Watari

25. Roll Caster to Cast Clad Strips
Toshio Haga, Hiroshi Tsuge, Takuya Ishihar, Shinji Kumai, Hisaki Watari

26. Tests of Heat Treatment Conditions of AlZr0.22 Alloy, Produced using the Continuous Casting Method
M. Piwowarska, T. Knych, P. Uliasz

27. Investigation on the evolution of the microstructure during homogenization in thin Al sheets
I. Peter, M. Rosso

28. Investigation of Acoustic Streaming in Aluminum Melts Exposed to High-Intensity Ultrasonic Irradiation
Yasuo Ishiwata, Sergey Komarov, Yoshihiro Takeda

29. Fabrication of Aluminum Alloy-Based Diamond Grinding Wheel by the Centrifugal Mixed-Powder Method For Novel Machining Technology of CFRP
Takahiro Kunimine, Motoko Yamada, Hisashi Sato, Yoshimi Watanabe

30. Preparation of Al-Sc Master Alloy by Aluminothermic Reaction with Special Molten Salt
Cong Xu, Xinxin Liu, Fengmei Ma, Zhiwei Wang, Wenhong Wang, Chaoli Ma

31. In situ Synthesis of Al/TiC Composites by Combustion Reaction in an Aluminium Melt
Young-Hee Cho, Jung-Moo Lee, Hwa-Jung Kim, Jong-Jin Kim, Su-Hyeon Kim

32. Effects of Electroslag Refining on Removal of Iron Impurity and Alumina Inclusions from Aluminum
Jun Wang, Chong Chen, Baode Sun

33. Aging Behavior of Flexcast® Al-Mg Alloys with Sc and Zr Additions
M. Sohi, N. Singh, C. W. Sinclair, W. J. Poole, M. Gallerneault

34. Electromagnetic Continuous Casting of Free-Shaped Aluminum Billet
Myoung-Gyun Kim, Jong-Ho Kim, Joon-Pyo Park, Gyu-Chang Lee

35. Effect of Mn on the Interaction between Die Casting Steel and Al Alloy
Se-Weon Choi, Young-Chan Kim, Cheol-Woo Kim, Jae-Ik Cho, Chang-Seog Kang, Yu-Mi Kim, Sung-Kil Hong

36. Limitation of Shrinkage Porosity in Aluminum Rotor Die Casting
Young-Chan Kim, Se-Weon Choi, Cheol-Woo Kim, Jae-Ik Cho, Sung-Ho Lee, Chang-Seog Kang

37. The Effect of Alloying Elements on Thermal Conductivity and Casting Characteristic in High Pressure Die Casting of Aluminum Alloy
Cheol-Woo Kim, Jae-Ik Cho, Se-Weon Choi, Young-Chan Kim, Chang-Seog Kang

38. Initial Studies of 6082 Aluminium Thin Films
Jon Holmestad, Øystein Dahl, Sigmund J. Andersen, Oddvin Reiso, Randi Holmestad, John C. Walmsley

39. Finite Element Simulation of Shot Peening: Prediction of Residual Stresses and Surface Roughness
Alexandre Gariépy, Claude Perron, Philippe Bocher, Martin Lévesque

40. The Potential of the Cold Spray Process for the Repair and Manufacture of Aluminium Alloy Parts
David Harvey, Tiziana Marrocco

41. Utilisation of Atom Probe Data to Model Precipitation and Strengthening in an Al-Mg-Si-Cu Alloy During Natural Ageing and Early-Stage Artificial Ageing
Dacian Tomus, Paul A. Rometsch, Lingfei Cao, Malcolm J. Couper, Chris H. J. Davies

42. Ab initio simulations of vacancy-solute clusters in Al-Mg-Si and Al-Zn-Mg alloys
Peter Lang, Peter Mohn, Ahmad Falahati, Ernst Kozeschnik

43. The Role of the Si Network to the Stabilization of Hardening Precipitates in the Al-Mg-Si(-Cu) Alloy System
Flemming J. H. Ehlers, Sigurd Wenner, Sigmund J. Andersen, Calin D. Marioara, R. Holmestad

44. Residual Stress Analysis in AA7449 As-Quenched Thick Plates Using Neutrons and Fe Modelling
N. Chobaut, J. Repper, T. Pirling, D. Carron, J-M. Drezet

45. A Through Process Model for Extruded AA3xxx Aluminum Alloys
W. J. Poole, M. A. Wells, N. C. Parson

46. Modeling the Recrystallization Textures in Particle Containing Al Alloys after Various Rolling Reductions
Jurij J. Sidor, Roumen H. Petrov, Koen Decroos, Leo A. I. Kestens

47. TCAL1 and MOBAL2 — The Development and Validation of New Thermodynamic and Mobility Databases for Aluminium Alloys
L. J. Zhang, A. Markström, P. Mason, Y. Du, S. Liu, L. Kjellqvist, J. Bratberg, Q. Chen, A. Engström

48. Advances in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering “ICME”
Jürgen Hirsch

49. Numerical Simulation of Flat Rolling Practices
Y. Shi, P. D. Wu, M. Gallerneault

50. Modelling the Effect of Room Temperature Storage and Deformation on the Age-hardening Behaviour of Al-Mg-Si alloys
C. Schäfer, O. R. Myhr, Z. Liang, H. J. Brinkman, O. Engler, J. Hirsch, C. Chang, J. Banhart

51. Evaluation Of The Quenching Sensitivity Of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Zr Aluminum Alloys By Mole Fraction Of Equilibrium Phases
Baohua Nie, Peiying Liu, Tietao Zhou, Yanjun Xie

52. Modelling Grain Deformation during Extrusion of AA3003 using the Finite Element Method
Yahya Mahmoodkhani, Mary A. Wells, Lina M. Grajales, W. J. Poole, Nick Parson

53. Experience of Developing and Introduction in Industry New Primary and Secondary Al-Alloys with Given Properties for Shape Casting
V. S. Zolotorevskiy

54. Application of Microelectrochemical Methods for Understanding Localized Corrosion Behavior of Aluminum Alloys
R. G. Buchheit, N. Birbilis

55. Precipitation of the β-phase and Corrosion Behavior of an Al-6.8 wt.% Mg Alloy
Miljana Popović, Tamara Radetić, Endre Romhanji

56. Testing the Corrosion Behaviour of Plated Aluminum Strips for Heat Exchangers Operating in the Automotive Industry
Marek Nowak, Mieczysław Opyrchał, Andrzej Kłyszewski, Janusz Żelechowski

57. Corrosion Protection of Light Alloys using Low Pressure Cold Spray
Dmitry Dzhurinskiy, Roman Gr. Maev, Volf Leshchynsky, Emil Strumban

58. Crystallographic Orientation Dependence of Corrosion Behabior of 5N Purity Aluminum in Different Concentrations of HCl Aqueous Solutions
Yoshimasa Takayama, Masayuki Sato, Hideo Watanabe

59. Corrosion Fatigue Mechanism on Hot-Forged AA6082 Aluminum Alloy
N. Saleema, P. Gauthier, X.-G. Chen

60. Corrosion Inhibition of Stress Corrosion Cracking and Localized Corrosion of Turbo-Expander Materials
Behzad Bavarian, Jia Zhang, Lisa Reiner

61. Corrosion Characteristics of an Al-1.78%Si-13.29%Mg Alloy in Chloride Solutions
M. A. Pech-Canul, R. Giridharagopal, M. I. Pech-Canul, E. E. Coral-Escobar

62. Corrosion Performance of New Generation Aluminum-Lithium Alloys for Aerospace Applications
James P. Moran, Francine S. Bovard, James D. Chrzan, Peter Vandenburgh

63. Comparison of corrosion performance and mechanisms of Al-Cu alloys with and without Li addition
Christine Henon, Sacha Rouault

64. The effect of stress in age-forming on corrosion behavior of high-strength aluminum alloy
J. F. Chen, G. S. Frankel, C. Y. Xu, G. A. Li, Z. Lu, L. Zhen

65. Corrosion and Potentiostatic Polarization of an Al-Cu-Li Alloy under Tensile Stress
Jin-feng Li, Zi-qiao Zheng

66. The Effect of Chemical Composition and Structure on the Corrosion Resistance of Plated Aluminium Alloy Strips
Andrzej Klyszewski, Janusz Zelechowski, Mieczyslaw Opyrchal, Marek Nowak, Andrzej Frontczak, Pawel Rutecki

67. Effect of Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Material Properties on the Efficiency of Aircraft Structures
Hans-Juergen Schmidt, Bianka Schmidt-Brandecker

68. About the Challenge in Determining the Cyclic Material Behavior of Aluminum Alloys for Numerical Fatigue Analyses
R. Wagener, C. Fischer, A. Frohm, H. Kaufmann

69. A Microstructure Based Multi-Site Crack Growth Model
J. R. Brockenbrough, J. M. Fridy, H. Weiland

70. Short Fatigue Crack Growth Micromechanisms in a Cast Aluminium Piston Alloy
T. O. Mbuya, J. Crump, I. Sinclair, K. A. Soady, R. C. Thomson, P. A. S. Reed

71. Fatigue Life of Ablation Cast 6061-T6 Components
M. Tiryakioğlu, P. D. Eason, J. Campbell

72. Mechanical Properties of Heat Exchanger Tube Materials at Elevated Temperatures
Sören Kahl, Jozefa Zajac, Hans-Erik Ekström

73. Fatigue Behavior and Damage Monitoring of Ultrasonic Welded Hybrid Joints
Stefan Huxhold, Frank Balle, Guntram Wagner, Dietmar Eifler

74. Fatigue Resistance of Al-Cu-Li and Comparison with 7xxx Aerospace Alloys
A. Daniélou, J. P. Ronxin, C. Nardin, J. C. Ehrström

75. Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of 2099-T83 Extrusions in two Different Environments
Franck Armel Tchitembo Goma, Daniel Larouche, Alexandre Bois-Brochu, Carls Blais, Julien Boselli, Mathieu Brochu

76. Influence of microstructure on the fretting resistance of Al-Cu-Li alloys
Jessica Delacroix, Sophie Cazottes, Armelle Daniélou, Siegfried Fouvry, Jean-Yves Buffiere

77. Al-Li-Cu-Mg-(Ag) Products for Lower Wing Skin Applications
L. M. Karabin, G. H. Bray, R. J. Rioja, G. Venema

78. Development of High Toughness Sheet and Extruded Products for Airplane Fuselage Structures
P. E. Magnusen, D. C. Mooy, L. A. Yocum, R. J. Rioja

79. Expanding the Availability of Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Armor Plate Procured from Detailed Military Specifications
Kevin Doherty, Richard Squillacioti, Bryan Cheeseman, Brian Placzankis, Denver Gallardy

80. Threshold stress of A3003 alloy
Makoto Ando, Yoshikazu Suzuki, Goroh Itoh

81. Ultrasonic fatigue of SiC particle reinforced aluminum in the VHCF-regime
M. Wolf, G. Wagner, D. Eifler

82. Influence of Strain Hardening on Rheological Properties of AlMgSi Wires
Beata Smyrak, Tadeusz Knych, Kinga Korzeń

83. Origin of Ductile Fracture in Aluminum Alloys
Hiroyuki Toda, Hideyuki Oogo, Hideki Tsuruta, Keitaro Horikawa, Kentaro Uesugi, Akihisa Takeuchi, Yoshio Suzuki, Masakazu Kobayashi

84. Damage Tolerance Applied to Design of Mid-Size Aircraft
Carlos Eduardo Chaves

85. The Metallurgy of High Fracture Toughness Aluminum-Based Plate Products for Aircraft Internal Structure
J. Boselli, G. Bray, R. J. Rioja, D. Mooy, G. Venema, G. Feyen, W. Wang

86. The Evolution of Plate and Extruded Products with High Strength and Fracture Toughness
D. K. Denzer, R. J. Rioja, G. H. Bray, G. B. Venema, E. L. Colvin

87. Lighter and Stiffer Materials for Use in Space Vehicles

R. J. Rioja, D. K. Denzer, D. Mooy, G. Venema

88. Research on the High-cycle Fatigue and Crack Initiation Behavior of AA7449 Alloy
Zi-qiao Zheng, Shen Zhong, Jing-feng Li, Shi-chen Li

89. Vehicle Lightweighting: Challenges and Opportunities with Aluminum
Anil K. Sachdev, Raja K. Mishra, Anirban Mahato, Ahmet Alpas

90. Correlation of Fracture Behavior with Microstructure in Friction Stir Welded, and Spin-Formed Al-Li 2195 Domes
Wesley A. Tayon, Marcia S. Domack, Stephen J. Hales

91. Effect of Process Parameters on Microstructure Stability of FSW Butt Joints after Thermal Treatments
E. Cerri, P. Leo

92. Microhardness Profile and Microstructure Characterization in Friction Stir Processing Zone of the Aged and Solid Solution Treated 7075 Aluminum Alloys
Zheng ZHOU, Sheng CHEN, Qing LIU

93. Microstructure and mechanical properties of dissimilar friction stir welds using AA6061-T6 and AZ31 plates
Kwang-Jin Lee, Sang-Hyuk Kim, Hyeon-Taek Son, Kee-Do Woo

94. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Aluminum Alloy/Stainless Steel Lap Joints
Tomo Ogura, Taichi Nishida, Hidehito Nishida, Syuhei Yoshikawa, Takumi Yoshida, Noriko Omichi, Mitsuo Fujimoto, Akio Hirose

95. The Effect of the Variation of Microstructure in the Friction Stir Welded Zone on the Strain and Tensile Properties of Al2139
Tomoko Sano, Jian Yu, Richard Chen, Chian-Fong Yen

96. Hardening Potential of an Al-Cu-Li Friction Stir Weld
Rosen Ivanov, Julien Boselli, Diana Denzer, Daniel Larouche, Raynald Gauvin, Mathieu Brochu

97. Material Testing and Modeling of Aluminum Alloy Sheet in Support of Forming Simulations
Toshihiko Kuwabara, Kengo Yoshida, Daisaku Yanaga

98. Evaluation of the Ring Compression Test for the Parameter Determination of Extended Friction Models
Dieter Horwatitsch, Andreas Merstallinger, Kurt Steinhoff

99. Finite Element Peen Forming Simulation
Alexandre Gariépy, Simon Larose, Claude Perron, Philippe Bocher, Martin Lévesque

100. The Influence of Alloy Composition on the Microstructure, Tensile Ductility and Formability of 6xxx Alloys
Hao Zhong, Paul A. Rometsch, Yuri Estrin

101. Accelerated Post-Weld Natural Ageing in Ultrasonic Welding Aluminium 6111-T4 Automotive Sheet
Ying-Chun Chen, Phil Prangnell

102. Limitations of the M-K Based Forming Limit Diagrams
Mohsen Mohammadi, Kaan Inal, Raja k. Mishra

103. Influence of Forming Conditions on Springback in V-bending Process Using Servo Press
Shinya Abe, Susumu Takahashi

104. Anisotropy and Forming Limit Diagram Comparison of DC and CC 5xxx O Temper Aluminum Alloy Sheets
Xiyu Wen, Yansheng Liu, Shridas Ningileri, T. Zhai

105. Comparison of Localized Deformation in Crystal Plasticity Based Finite Element Simulations between Experimentally Measured and Statistically Generated Three-Dimensional Microstructures for the Aluminum Alloy 5754
Jonathan Rossiter, Abhijit Brahme, Kaan Inal, Raj K. Mishra

106. Path Independent Polar Effective Plastic Strain (PEPS) Diagram for Sheet Forming
Jeong Whan Yoon, Thomas B. Stoughton

107. Effect of Impact Compression on the Age-Hardening of Rapidly Solidified Al-Zn-Mg Base Alloys
Keitaro Horikawa, Hidetoshi Kobayashi

108. Fatigue and Creep Properties of Al-Si Brazing Filler Metals
Masakazu Edo, Masatoshi Enomoto, Yoshimasa Takayama

109. Effect of Additional Elements of Al-Si Filler Alloy on Flowability and Clearance Fillability
Masakazu Edo, Michihide Yoshino, Shuu Kuroda

110. Influence of Erosion Phenomenon on Flow Behavior of Liquid Al-Si Filler Between Brazed Components
Takahiro Izumi, Toshiki Ueda

111. Effects of Plate Thickness and Projection Shape on the Microstructure and Strength of High-Speed Solid-State Joined 2024 Alloy Studs and 5052 Alloy Plates
Shinji Kumai, Keisuke Hayashida, Kento Takaya

112. Interfacial Reaction During Dissimilar Joining of Aluminum Alloy to Magnesium and Titanium Alloys
J. D. Robson, A. Panteli, C. Q. Zhang, D. Baptiste, E. Cai, P. B. Prangnell

113. Joining of 2024 Aluminum Alloy Stud to AZ80 Magnesium Alloy Extruded Plate by Advanced High-Speed Solid-State Method
Yohei Harada, Yutaro Sada, Shinji Kumai

114. Interface Structure and Bonding in Rapid Dissimilar FSSW of Al to Steel Automotive Sheet
Ying-Chun Chen, Phil Prangnell

115. Effect of Additional Element on Hybrid Laser Weldability in Al-Mn Alloys
Kenta Suzuki, Hisashi Hori, Keiji Kanamori, Kazumitsu Mizushima, Junichi Kinoshita, Tooru Murata

116. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Formation Manner of Characteristic Wavy Morphology in Impact Welded Similar- and Dissimilar-Metal Plates
Yuya Sawa, Shougo Kakizaki, Shinji Kumai

117. Influences on ARC Stability in Welding of Aluminum Pin-Structures
Lukas Wittwer, Nasrin Jank, Almedin Bećirović, Andreas Waldhör, Norbert Enzinger

118. Multiscale characterization and mechanical modeling of an Al-Zn-Mg electron beam weld
Quentin Puydt, Sylvain Flouriot, Sylvain Ringeval, Guillaume Parry, Frédéric De Geuser, Alexis Deschamps

119. High Temperature Deformation Behavior of a 6N01 Aluminum Alloy Extrusion with a Seam Weld
Shinya Yasuda, Ken Atsuta, Satoshi Wakaguri, Koji Ichitani, Akira Hibino

120. Simulation of Local Material Properties during Laser Beam Welding of Aluminum-Titanium Compounds
Annika Barr, Martin Hunkel, Axel Hehl

121. Changes in Microstructure during High Strain Rate Superplastic Deformation of an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Zr Alloy Containing Sc
A. K. Mukhopadhyay, K. S. Prasad, A. Kumar, S. Raveendra, I. Samajdar

122. Investigation of Superplasticity in Aluminum Alloy 5083
Shasha Zhao, Rehan Qayyume, Haoyan Diao, Chaoli Ma, Xiaowei Wu, Yong Wang

123. Microstructure Evolution and Tensile Property of Al-4.35Cu-1.53Mg Alloy during Creep Age Forming Process
S. S. Wang, J. T. Jiang, K. Zhang, J. Z. Chen, L. Zhen

124. New Analysis of Solute Drag in AA5754 by Precise Determination of Point Defect Generation and the Orowan Relation
Brad J. Diak, Alex Penlington, Shig Saimoto

125. The Influence of Microstructure and Composition on the Machinability of Al-Si Alloys
Y. Zedan, A. M. Samuel, F. H. Samuel, S. Alkahtani

126. Modeling of Transients as a Response to Changes in Strain path of Commercially Pure Aluminium
Tomáš Mánik, Bjørn Holmedal, Odd Sture Hopperstad

127. A New Crystal Plasticity Based Constitutive Model Incorporating Backstress for FCC Polycrystals
Abhijit Brahme, Raja K. Mishra, Kaan Inal

128. Numerical Analysis of Surface Roughening and Necking in Aluminum Alloy Tubes Under Internal Pressure
Y. Shi, P. D. Wu, D. J. Lloyd

129. Polycrystal-Plasticity Simulation of Roping in AA 6xxx Automotive Sheet Alloys
O. Engler, C. Schäfer, H.-J. Brinkman

130. Properties of Free-Machining Aluminum Alloys at Elevated Temperatures
Jiří Faltus, Miroslav Karlík, Petr Haušild

131. Mechanical Properties of Al-Mg-Sc-Zr Alloys at Cryogenic and Ambient Temperatures
Darya Zhemchuzhnikova, Anna Mogucheva, Rustam Kaibyshev

132. Manufacturing Challenges for Aluminum Sheet in the Automotive Industry
Susan E. Hartfield-Wünsch, Jody N. Hall

133. Thermal Modeling and Die Design Tools for Warm Forming Applications
N. R. Harrison, S. G. Luckey

134. Buckling of Aluminium Sheet Components
Vishwanath Hegadekatte, Yihai Shi, Dubravko Nardini

135. Predicting Hot Deformation of AA5182 Sheet
John T. Lee, Alexander J. Carpenter, Jakub P. Jodlowski, Eric M. Taleff

136. Examination of Buckling Behavior of Thin-Walled Al-Mg-Si Alloy Extrusions
Athanasios Vazdirvanidis, Ioanna Koumarioti, George Pantazopoulos, Andreas Rikos, Anagnostis Toulfatzis, Protesilaos Kostazos, Dimitrios Manolakos

137. Crystal Plasticity Calculations of Mechanical Anisotropy of Aluminium Compared to Experiments and to Yield Criterion Fittings
Kai Zhang, Bjørn Holmedal, Tomas Manik, Qinglong Zhao

138. Microstructure and mechanical properties of an electron beam welds in a spray-deposited Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy
Wang Feng, Xiong Baiqing, Zhang yongan, Zuo Yuting, Liu Hongwei, Li ZHihui, Li Xiwu

139. Characterization of Damage Mechanisms During Bending of 6xxx Aluminum Automotive Sheets
Laurent Mattei, Dominique Daniel, Gilles Guiglionda, Helmut Klöcker

140. Heat treatment of welded joints made on 7020 alloy with the AlMg5 alloy
Wojciech Szymański, Marzena Lech-Grega, Sonia Boczkal, Andrzej Kłyszewski

141. Development of Age-Hardening Technology for Ultrafine-Grained Al-Li-Cu Alloys Fabricated by High-Pressure Torsion
Hiroaki Motoshima, Shoichi Hirosawa, Seungwon Lee, Zenji Horita, Kenji Matsuda, Daisuke Terada

142. Tailored Welding Technique for High Strength Al-Cu Alloy for Higher Mechanical Properties
N. S. Biradar, R. Raman

143. Distinguishing Dynamic Recrystallization (DRX) in Aluminum and Single-Phase Alloys
H. J. McQueen

144. Strain Hardening, Strain Softening and the Portevin-Le Chatelier Effect in Cryomilled, Ultrafine Grained AA 5083
Troy D. Topping, Enrique J. Lavernia

145. Fabrication of Nanostructural Aluminum Alloy Powder with Ball Milling Method
Han Yang, Ruixiao Zheng, Yanbo Yuan, Xiaoning Hao, Dan Wu, Chaoli Ma

146. Magnetic, Structural and Mechanical Behavior of Transitional Bulk Nanostructured Al Alloy
M. M. Rajath Hegde, A. O. Surendranathan

147. Production of Al-Based Nano-Intermetallics by High-Pressure Torsion
Kaveh Edalati, Zenji Horita

148. Novel Cold Spray Nanostructured Aluminum
Victor K. Champagne, Matthew Trexler, Yongho Sohn, George E. Kim

149. Self-propagating foaming process of Al-Ti reactive precursor for fabricating long scale porous materials
Makoto Kobashi, Naoyuki Kanetake

150. ALUHAB — The Superior Aluminium Foam
N. Babcsan, S. Beke, P. Makk, P. Soki, Gy Számel, H. P. Degischer, R. Mokso

151. Microstructures and Mechanical properties of Al-Al2O3 Composites Processed by Disk-HPT and Ring-HPT
Maki Ashida, Zenji Horita

152. Powder metallurgy of high-strength Al90.4Y4.4Ni4.3Co0.9 gas-atomized powder
K. G. Prashanth, K. B. Surreddi, S. Scudino, M. Samadi Khoshkhoo, Z. Wang, D. J. Sordelet, J. Eckert

153. Advanced Class of FML on the Base Al-Li Alloy 1441 with Lower Density
V. V. Antipov, O. G. Senatorova, N. F. Lukina

154. Solute Distribution and Mechanical Properties of Ultra-Fine-Grained Al-Mg Alloys
Richard A. Karnesky, Nancy Y. C. Yang, Chris San Marchi, Troy D. Topping, Zhiui Zhang, Ying Li, Enrique J. Lavernia

155. Age-hardening Behavior of MgB2 Particle Dispersed Al Alloy Composite Materials
Chihaya Kawamoto, Kenji Matsuda, Satoshi Murakami, Daisuke Tokai, Tokimasa Kawabata, Yasuhiro Uetani, Susumu Ikeno

156. Production of the Al3Ti foam by microwave heating
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Makoto Kobashi, Naoyuki Kanetake

157. Nanocluster Formation Behavior in Al-Zn-Mg Alloys with Microalloying Elements and Improved Mechanical Properties
Tatsuo Sato, Tomo Ogura

158. Effects of Microalloying Elements (Cu, Ag) on Nanocluster Formation and Age-Hardening Behavior in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
JaeHwang Kim, Calin Daniel Marioara, Randi Holmestad, Equo Kobayashi, Tatsuo Sato

159. Effect of Low Cu Amounts and Pre-Deformation on the Precipitation in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
Takeshi Saito, Shinji Muraishi, Calin D. Marioara, Randi Holmestad

160. High Resolution Characterization of the Precipitation Behavior of an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy
Yi-Yun Li, Libor Kovarik, Patrick J. Phillips, Yung-Fu Hsu, Wen-Hsiung Wang, Michael J. Mills

161. Precipitation Process in a High Mg to Cu Ratio Al-Mg-Cu-Ge Alloy
J. H. Xia, G. Sha, Z. G. Chen, S. P. Ringer

162. Investigations on the Precipitation in Monocrystalline Al-Mg-Si Model Alloy by Small Angle Neutron Scattering
Cynthia Sin Ting Chang, André Heinemann, Charles Dewhurst, Zeqin Liang, John Banhart

163. Prediction of the Influence of Si Content on the Ageing Behavior of Al-Mg-Si-Cu Alloys by Thermodynamic Modeling
Yanli Ji, Hao Zhong, Ping Hu, Fuan Guo, Hiromi Nagaumi

164. Continuous Heating Dissolution Diagrams of Aluminum Alloys
Benjamin Milkereit, Julia Osten, Christoph Schick, Olaf Kessler

165. Dynamic room temperature precipitation during cyclic deformation of an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy
C. R. Hutchinson, F. Geuser, A. Deschamps

166. Effects of Pre-Aging Condition on Multi-Step Aging Behavior in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
Yasuo Takaki, Tetsuya Masuda, Equo Kobayashi, Tatsuo Sato

167. Hardening Response to Rapid Aging Processes and Precipitation in Al-7%Si-0.3%Mg Alloy
Hengcheng Liao, Yuna Wu, Ke Ding

168. Thermodynamics of Al3Li nano-clusters in an Aluminum solid solution
Christophe Sigli, Joël Lépinoux

169. The Effect of Cu and Cr on Clustering and Precipitation in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
Zeqin Liang, Cynthia Sin Ting Chang, John Banhart, Jürgen Hirsch

170. Influence of Mg and Si on Cluster Formation in Al-Mg-Si Alloys Studied by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy
M. Liu, Y. Yan, Z. Liang, C. S. T. Chang, J. Banhart

171. Microstructural Characterization of Flexcast® Al-Mg Alloys with Scandium and Zirconium Additions
D. H. Kang, M. Sohi, S. H. Mousavi, M. Gallerneault

172. Precipitation in Al-Cu-Li alloys: from the kinetics of T1 phase precipitation to microstructure development in friction stir welds
A. Deschamps, F. Geuser, B. Decreus, B. Malard

173. Quantitative description of the T1 morphology and strengthening mechanisms in an age-hardenable Al-Li-Cu alloy
Thomas Dorin, Alexis Deschamps, Frédéric De Geuser, Matthew Weyland

174. Orientation Relationship of Dispersoids Precipitated in an AA3XXX Alloy during Annealing at Low Temperatures
Astrid Marie F. Muggerud, Yanjun Li, Randi Holmestad

175. Hf-Containing Precipitates in Al-Si-Mg-Hf Alloy during Heat Treatments at 400°C-560°C
Z. H. Jia, Z. J. Chen, L. Arnberg, P. Åsholt, Q. Liu, G. J. Huang

176. Ageing Hardning and Precipitationg of the 7A60 Alloy during Cooling Aging
Liu Yan, Jiang Daming, Wu Gaohui

177. Precipitation Morphology in Al-Mg-Si-Sc-Zr Hot-Rolled Sheet
Ken-ichi Ikeda, Ryutaro Akiyoshi, Takuya Takashita, Masatoshi Mitsuhara, Satoshi Hata, Hideharu Nakashima, Kazuhiro Yamada, Kenji Kaneko

178. The Effect of Natural Ageing on Quench Sensitivity in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
Katharina Strobel, Mark A. Easton, Lisa Sweet, Nick C. Parson

179. An Isothermal Calorimetry Technique for Measurement of C-Curves in AA6XXX Alloys
Leo Colley, Nitin Singh, Cyrille Bezençon

180. Influence of chemical composition on aging property of 7204 aluminum alloy
Tadashi Minoda, Hideo Yoshida

181. Transforming of the Morphology of Iron Phases in Aluminum Alloys
V. V. Cheverikin, A. V. Khvan, V. S. Zolotorevskiy

182. Effects of microalloying with Sn on the precipitation process of Al-3.5Cu-0.4Mg (wt%) alloy
Jun Shu, Zhi-guo Chen, Ji-shuai Zhang

183. Effect of Fe Content on the Transformation of Ferrous Phases in 6XXX Alloys during Homogenizing Annealing
P. Bryantsev, M. Samoshina

184. Evolution of nanometer precipitates in AA7050 alloy subjected to overaging treatment and warm deformation
Lang Yujing, Cui Hua, Cai Yuanhua, Zhang Jishan

185. Precipitation morphology and tensile properties of Al-0.62Mg-0.32Si alloy aged at low temperature
Ryutaro Akiyoshi, Ken-ichi Ikeda, Masatoshi Mitsuhara, Satoshi Hata, Hideharu Nakashima, Ken Takata, Makoto Saga, Kohsaku Ushioda, Kenji Kaneko, Masao Kikuchi

186. Microstructural Change and Mechanical Properties with Isochronal Aging in Al-Ni-Gd Metallic Glasses
Hideomi Kato, Shoichi Hirosawa, Kenji Matsuda, Gary J. Shiflet

187. Age-Hardening Behavior of Al-Mg2Si Alloys with Different Mn and Fe Contents
Shumei Wang, Shanshan Chen, Tokimasa Kawabata, Susumu Ikeno, Hidetoshi Takagi, Koji Kawakita, Kenji Matsuda

188. The Features of Phase Composition and Microstructure of Eutectic Piston Alloys AlSi12CuMgNi and AlSi12Cu2MgNi
M. Samoshina, N. Belov

189. Tem Observation of Precipitates in Ag-Added Al-Mg-Si Alloys
Takeshi Nagai, Kenji Matsuda, Junya Nakamura, Tokimasa Kawabata, Calin Marioara, Sigmund J. Andersen, Randi Holmestad, Shoichi Hirosawa, Zenji Horita, Daisuke Terada, Susumu Ikeno

190. Effect of Ag and Cu Contents on the Age Hardning Behavior of Al-Zn-Mg Alloys
Katsumi Watanabe, Tokimasa Kawabata, Susumu Ikeno, Tomoo Yoshida, Satoshi Murakami, Kenji Matsuda

191. Effect of Cu or Ag Addition on Tensile Deformation in Al-Zn-Mg Alloys
Naoya Miura, Katsumi Watanabe, Tokimasa Kawabata, Yasuhiro Uetani, Susumu Ikeno, Tomoo Yoshida, Satoshi Murakami, Kenji Matsuda

192. Hrtem Observation of the Precipitates in Cu and Ag Added Al-Mg-Si Alloys
M. Tokuda, K. Matsuda, T. Nagai, T. Kawabata, J. Nakamura, S. Ikeno

193. Effect of Cu or Ag Addition on Two-Step Aging Al-Mg-Si Alloy
Yoshihisa Oe, Kenji Matsuda, Momoko Tokuda, Takeshi Nagai, Tokimasa Kawabata, Susumu Ikeno

194. Effect of Cold Rolling on Age Hardening in Excess Mg-Type Al-Mg-Si Alloys Including Some Minor Elements
Yurie Ogawa, Kenji Matsuda, Tokimasa Kawabata, Yasuhiro Uetani, Susumu Ikeno

195. Effect of Transition Metals on the Age-Hardening Behavior of Al-Mg-Ge Alloys
K. Matsuura, K. Matsuda, T. Murakami, T. Kawabata, S. Ikeno

196. Tem Observation of Precipitates in Al-Mg-Ge Alloys with Different Mg2Ge Contents
Tomoatsu Murakami, Kenji Matsuda, Tokimasa Kawabata, Susumu Ikeno

197. Effect of Quenching Condition on Aging of Dilute Al-Ag Alloy
Teruto Kanadani, Keiyu Nakagawa, Akira Sakakibara, Koji Murakami, Makoto Hino

198. Influence of Silicon Addition on Precipitation Behavior in an Al-Cu-Mg Alloy
Xiwu Li, Baiqing Xiong, Yongan Zhang, Feng Wang, Yanqi Zeng, Zhihui Li, Baohong Zhu, Hongwei Liu

199. X-Ray Diffraction Study on Lattice Constant of Supersaturated Solid Solution for Al Based Binary Alloys and Selected Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys
Zhihui Li, Baiqing Xiong, Yongan Zhang, Xiwu Li, Baohong Zhu, Hongwei Liu, Feng Wang, Peiyue Li

200. Exploring Property Based Aluminum Specifications
Naitik Gada, Gabrielle Gaustad

201. Emerging Development in Al-Alloy Recycling for Nontraditional Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites Processing
Bakr Mohamed Rabeeh

202. Reuse of Aluminum Dross as an Engineered Product
Chen Dai, Diran Apelian

203. Separation of Inclusion Particles from Liquid Metal by Electromagnetic Force
Shin-ichi Shimasaki, Koichi Takahashi, Yoshimasa Kanno, Shoji Taniguchi

204. The Influence of Pyrolythic Reactions on the Aluminum Dross Formation during the Twin Chamber Remelting Process
B. Jaroni, B. Flerus, B. Friedrich, G. Rombach

205. Turbulent Coagulation of Solid Particles in Molten Aluminium—Kinetics of Cluster Formation
Tao Li, Shin-ichi Shimasaki, Shoji Taniguchi, Kentaro Uesugi

206. Purification using high pressure molten aluminum
Vivek M. Sample, William A. Cassada

207. Recycling of Aluminum Alloy with Dimox and Rheocasting Functionalize High Performance Structural Foam Composite
Bakr Mohamed Rabeeh

208. It’s not Your Father’S Casthouse any More
Robert B. Wagstaff, Mark T. Gallerneault

209. Aluminum Monolithic Alloy and Multi-Alloy Cast Using Planar Solidification Approach
Men G. Chu, Alvaro Giron, William A. Cassada

210. The Effect of Planar Solidification on Mechanical Properties of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Zr Alloy Plate
T. Hosch, M. G. Chu, G. Feyen, R. J. Rioja, W. A. Cassada

211. Functional Gradient Products Enabled by Planar Solidification Technologies
R. J. Rioja, R. R. Sawtell, M. G. Chu, M. Karabin, W. A. Cassada

212. Role of Solute and Transition Metals in Grain Refinement of Aluminum Alloys under Ultrasonic Melt Treatment
L. Zhang, D. G. Eskin, A. Miroux, L. Katgerman

213. Melt Conditioned Casting of Aluminum Alloys
Geoff Scamans, Hu-Tian Li, Zhongyun Fan

214. Impact Toughness Enhancement of Melt Treated Al-Si-Mg Cast Alloy
A. M. A. Mohamed, F. H. Samuel, Saleh Alkahtani

215. Intermetallic Phase Formation in TP-1 and DC Cast Billet of an AA6063 Al Alloy
A. Verma, S. Kumar, P. S. Grant, K. A. Q. O’Reilly

216. The Interdependence Model: An Improved Predictor of Grain Size
David H StJohn, Mark A Easton, Ma Qian

217. Analysis of Dendritic Primary Al Grain Ripening and Solid Fraction Measurement in A356 Alloy Semi-Solid Slurry Using Segregation Sensitive Reagent
Li Gao, Yohei Harada, Shinji Kumai

218. Microstructure Development and Control in Hypereutectic Cast Al-Si Alloys Evaluated by Metallurgical Analysis and Neutron Diffraction
W. Kasprzak, D. Sediako, M. Aniolek, H. Kurita

219. Semi-Solid Forming of A356 Alloy by Rapid Slurry Forming Process
S. Sharma, A. Sharma, S. Kumar

220. Influence of the Fe Content, Mn/Fe Ratio and Cooling Rate on the Modification Process of Fe Intermetallic Compounds in Hypoeutectic Al-Si Alloys
Zhijun Zhang, Equo Kobayashi, Hiroyasu Tezuka, Tatsuo Sato

221. Effect of Oxide Level on Pore Formation in A356 Alloy by X-Ray Imaging and Directional Solidification Technology
Hengcheng Liao, Wan Song, Qigui Wang, Lei Zhao, Ran Fan

222. Microstructure of 3003/4045 Aluminum Alloy Clad Strip Fabricated by Vertical Type Tandem Twin Roll Caster
Ryoji Nakamura, Toshio Haga, Yohei Harada, Shinji Kumai

223. Rapid Solidification of a New Generation Aluminum-Lithium Alloy via Electrospark Deposition

David W. Heard, Julien Boselli, Raynald Gauvin, Mathieu Brochu

224. The Influence of Cu on Eutectic Nucleation and Morphology in Hypoeutectic Al-Si Alloys
A. Darlapudi, M. Felberbaum, R. H. Mathiesen, A. K. Dahle

225. Primary Cooling Heat Transfer during the Direct-Chill Casting of Aluminum Alloy AA6111
Etienne Caron, Amir Baserinia, Rosa O. Pelayo, David C. Weckman, Mary A. Wells

226. The Relationship between Dendrite Arm Spacing and Cooling Rate of Al-Si Casting Alloys in High Pressure Die Casting
Jae-Ik Cho, Cheol-Woo Kim, Young-Chan Kim, Se-Weon Choi, Chang-Seog Kang

227. Characterization of Metal Flow in Metals Processing by a Combined Approach using Advanced Experimental Grid Pattern Techniques Coupled with FE-analysis
Henry Valberg

228. Research and Development of High-Strength of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys
R. O. Vakhromov, V. V. Antipov, E. A. Tkachenko

229. Effect of Alloy Elements on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
Yoshikazu Kato, Koji Hisayuki, Masashi Sakaguchi, Kenji Higashi

230. Dispersion Hardening Effect of Dispersoids in 3xxx Al Alloys With Varying Manganese and Silicon Contents
E. Mørtsell, A. M. Muggerud, Y. J. Li, R. Holmestad

231. Effect of Hot Extrusion Conditions on the Microstructure of AA3003
L. M. Grajales, W. J. Poole, Y. Mahmoodkhani, M. A. Wells, N. Parson

232. Effect of Iron and Silicon on Strength and Electrical Resistivity of Al-Zr Wire Alloys
A. N. Alabin, N. A. Belov

233. Influence of the Chemical Composition on the Structure and Properties of Lead-Free Machinable AA6023 (Al-Mg-Si-Sn-Bi) Alloy
Jiří Faltus, Miroslav Karlík, Petr Haušild

234. Homogenization of 6xxx Alloy Ingots with an Addition of Vanadium
Marzena Lech-Grega, Wojciech Szymański, Maciej Gawlik, Mariusz Bigaj

235. Hot Extrusion of Aluminum Chips
A. Erman Tekkaya, Volkan Güley, Matthias Haase, Andreas Jäger

236. 3-Dimensional Microstructure of Al-Al3Ti Alloy Severely Deformed by ECAP
Hisashi Sato, Takahisa Hishikawa, Yuuki Makino, Takahiro Kunimine, Yoshimi Watanabe

237. Abnormal Recrystallization Behavior of High Purity Aluminum Foil
Guangjie Huang, Jing Zhang, Yunlei Wang, Qin Liu

238. Effect of Annealing Condition on Earing and Texture Formation in Cold Rolled AA5182 Aluminum Alloy
Minemitsu Okada, Seiichi Hirano

239. Effect of Quenching Wait Time on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of As-Extruded AA6063 Alloy
Yuna Wu, Hengcheng Liao, Jian Yang

240. Hot Deformation Behavior and Microstructural Evolution of Homogenized 7150 Aluminum Alloys Micro-Alloyed with Zr and V
C.-J. Shi, X.-G. Chen

241. Orientation Effect in the Particle Stimulated Nucleation of Recrystallization
L. C. L. Ko, J. Quinta Fonseca

242. Structual Evolution in Aluminium Alloy AA6082 during HPT Deformation at Increased Temperature
Jozef Zrnik, Libor Kraus, Stephan Scheriau, Reinhard Pippan

243. Advances in Aluminum Mold Block for Plastic Injection Molding Operations
Jinsoo Kim, Ron Smierciak, Yong Seung Shin, Leighton Cooper

244. Metalworking of a Spherical Particle Reinforced Aluminum Composite
William C. Harrigan

245. Properties, Microstructure and Hot Deformation Behaviour of Different Al-Zn-Mg (Zr) Alloys
P. Leo, H. J. McQueen, E. Cerri, S. Spigarelli

246. Super High Strength Aluminum Alloy Processed by Mechanical Alloying and Hot Extrusion
Ruixiao Zheng, Han Yang, Zengjie Wang, Shizhen Wen, Tong Liu, Chaoli Ma

247. A system for Continuous Extrusion Using High Pressure Molten Metal
Vivek M. Sample, Ronald Chabal, Vincent Paola, Douglas Robosky

248. Visualization of Material Flow in Friction Extrusion
X. Li, W. Tang, A. P. Reynolds

249. High-Pressure Torsion for Microstructure Control in Binary Al-Fe Alloys with Different States of Fe-Containing Phases
Jorge M. Cubero-Sesin, Zenji Horita

250. Process analysis of the co-extrusion of aluminum and titanium alloys
N. Grittner, B. Striewe, D. Dietrich, A. Hehl, C. Klose, M. Schaper, H.-W. Zoch, Fr.-W. Bach

251. Rheo-Extrusion of Hypoeutectic Al-Si-Mg-Fe Alloy
Yasuhiro Uetani, Nanako Mori, Masayoshi Dohi, Kenji Matsuda, Susumu Ikeno

252. Simultaneous Improvement of Strength and Ductility in Al-Ag Alloys Processed by High-Pressure Torsion and Aging
Seungwon Lee, Zenji Horita

253. Microstructural and mechanical evolutions during the forging step of the COBAPRESS, a casting/forging process
Frédéric Perrier, Christophe Desrayaud, Véronique Bouvier

254. The Bonding Behavior of co-extruded Aluminum-Titanium-Compounds
Barbara Striewe, Martin Hunkel, Axel Hehl, Norbert Grittner

255. The Effect of Heat Treatment Technology on Mechanical Properties of Al/Al Alloys Multilayer Sheet Fabricated by Hot Roll Bonding
Chen Zejun, Chen Quanzhong, Kawunga Nyirenda, Liu Qing

256. Orientation Dependent Subgrain Growth During Isothermal Annealing of High-Purity Aluminum
Sindre Bunkholt, Knut Marthinsen, Erik Nes

257. Effect of Nickel Variation and Thermomechanical Treatment on Microstructure and Properties in Aluminum Alloy Fin Stock for Heat Exchanger
Suk Bong Kang, Dong Bae Kim, Jaehyung Cho

258. A study of the influence of plastic pre strain in different directions before ageing of extruded and hydro formed material on the mechanical properties of AA6063
Jan Kanesund, Sten Johansson

259. Characterization of the Artificial Aging Behavior and Formability of a High Strength EN AW-6016 at Different Heat Treatment Conditions Used for Automotive Applications
Ramona Prillhofer, Josef Berneder, Josef Enser, Dirk Uffelmann, Peter Schulz, Carsten Melzer

260. Low Work Hardening and Its Mitigation in Ultra-Fine Grained Aluminum Alloys
H. Jin, M. Gallerneault, D. J. Lloyd

261. The Influence of Initial Microstructure on the Recrystallization Behaviour of Cold-Rolled AA3003
Payman Babaghorbani, Warren J. Poole, Mary A. Wells, Nick C. Parson

262. Mechanical Properties of Multilayer 1100/7075 Aluminum Sheet Produced by Hot ARB
Kawunga Nyirenda, Chen Zejun, Chen Quanzhong, Liu Qing

263. Examining the Mechanisms of Dynamic Recrystallization (DRX) in Two-Phase Al Alloys
H. J. McQueen

264. Mechanical Characterization of Bimodal Grain Size Aluminum 5083 Under Various Test Conditions
Andrew Magee, Leila Ladani

265. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an Al-Mg-Sc-Zr Alloy Subjected to Extensive Cold Rolling
Anna Mogucheva, Evgeniya Babich, Rustam Kaibyshev

266. Microstructure, Mechanical and Electrical Properties Evolution During Cold Rolling of Different 1xxx Series Aluminium After Continuous Casting
Tadeusz Knych, Artur Kawecki, Grzegorz Kiesiewicz, Paweł Kwaśniewski, Andrzej Mamala, Beata Smyrak, Wojciech Ściężor

267. Modeling of Work-Hardening in an Age-Hardenable AA7108 Aluminum Alloy
Ida Westermann, Odd Sture Hopperstad, Ole Runar Myhr, Knut Marthinsen, Bjørn Holmedal

268. A Study of the Influence of Strain Hardening and Precipitation Hardening Sequence on Mechanical Properties of AlMgSi Conductor Alloys
Beata Smyrak, Tadeusz Knych, Andrzej Mamala, Kinga Korzeń, Piotr Osuch

269. Characterization of Pre-Aged AA6061-T6 Sheet Material for Aerospace Applications
Josef Berneder, Ramona Prillhofer, Peter Schulz, Carsten Melzer

270. Controlled Quenching of Aluminum Alloys in Flexible Spray Fields
Andrea Rose, Sven Schuettenberg, Nils Hornig, Axel Hehl, Udo Fritsching

271. Effect of Coarse Particles on Work Hardening in the Al-Mn Alloy
Shingo Iwamura, Kazuyo Ogawa

272. Precipitation behavior of dispersoids in Al-Mg-Si-Cu-Mn-Cr alloy during homogenization annealing
Yi Han, Ke Ma, Chuyan Wang, Hiromi Nagaumi

273. Effect of Si Addition on Solid Solution Hardening of Al-Mn Alloys
Qinglong Zhao, Bjørn Holmedal

274. Effects of Deformation Texture Intensities and Precipitates on the Anisotropy of Mechanical Properties of Al-Li Alloy 2099 T83 Extrusions
Alexandre Bois-Brochu, Carl Blais, Franck Armel Tchitembo Goma, Daniel Larouche, Julien Boselli, Mathieu Brochu

275. Evolution in Microchemistry and its Effects on Deformation and Annealing Behavior of an AlMnFeSi Alloy
Ning Wang, Jarl Erik Flatøy, Yanjun Li, Knut Marthinsen

276. Influence of Process Fluctuations on Weld Seam Properties in Aluminum Alloy Extrusion
Marcus Engelhardt, Norbert Grittner, Christian Klose, Friedrich-Wilhelm Bach

277. Evolution of Fragmented Fe-Intermetallic Compounds in the Semi-Solid State of Al-Mg-Si-Fe Alloys by Deformation Semi-Solid Forming Process
Chakkrist Phongphisutthinan, Hiroyasu Tezuka, Equo Kobayashi, Tatsuo Sato

278. Identification and Distribution of Fe Intermetallic Phases in AA 5657 DC Cast Ingots
Z. Zhang, G. Li, X.-G. Chen

279. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AA2195 DC Cast Ingot Plates
E. M. Elgallad, A. Hekmat-Ardakan, F. Ajersch, X-G. Chen

280. Threshold Deformation for Exhibiting the Hardening on Annealing Behaviour in AA3103 Alloy
Nagaraj Vinayagam Govindaraj, Bjørn Holmedal

281. A Study of the Microstructure, Crystallographic Texture, and Recrystallization in AA4006 Alloy Strips Produced by Twin Roll Caster and Direct Chill Processes
F. M. Souza, R. C. Fernandes, R. L. Plaut, N. B. Lima, A. F. Padilha

282. Effect of Extensive Rolling on Mechanical Properties of An Al-Mg-Sc Alloy
Andrii Dubyna, Anna Mogucheva, Rustam Kaibyshev

283. The Effects of Transition Elements on the Control of Recrystallization of Al-Zn-Mg Extrusion
Yukimasa Miyata, Shinji Yoshihara

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Waste Management/Waste Technology

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