Bandinelli, Romeo

Business Models and ICT Technologies for the Fashion Supply Chain

Bandinelli, Romeo - Business Models and ICT Technologies for the Fashion Supply Chain, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Future Trends in the Fashion Industry

1. A New Research Agenda for Luxury Supply Chain Management?
Alessandro Brun, Federico Caniato, Antonella Moretto

2. Publication Trends in Supply Chain Management in the Fashion Industry
Basak Cetinguc, Eyup Calik, Fethi Calisir

3. Cross-Cultural Research for Luxury Fashion Brands in the Chinese Market: A Review of Long- Versus Short-Term Orientation in National Culture Dimensions
Ruichen Lu, Yi Wang, Richard Kennon

4. See Now Buy Now: A Revolution for Luxury Supply Chain Management
Alessandro Brun, Cecilia Castelli, Hakan Karaosman

5. Development of a Fashion Buying Education Program for an Apparel Retail Company
Sedat Sezer, Burcu Guven, Emel O. Karaoglu, Cevza Candan, Zafer Onder, Emel Aydemir, Gulperi Tandar

Part II. Methods, Technology and Fashion

6. A Conceptual Design of Intelligent Shoes for Pregnant Women
Eva Dimou, Athanasios Manavis, Evridiki Papachristou, Panagiotis Kyratsis

7. The Adaptive Fitting Room
Børge Sjøbakk, Andreas Dypvik Landmark, Hans Petter Hübert

8. Towards Case-Based Morphological Classification for Fashion Product Development
Thomas Fischer, Konrad Pfleiderer, Alexander Artschwager, Anke Rissiek, Magdalena Mandalka, Andreas Seidl, Rainer Trieb

9. GENDE: GENetic DEsign
Andrea Vitaletti

10. Turning a Lean Business Model into a Successful Start-up in the Wearable Technology Sector: The Case of Clara Swiss Tech
Marco Dal Lago, Donatella Corti, Paolo Pedrazzoli

11. Toward a New Fashion Concepts Design Tool: The vMannequin Framework
Paolo Cremonesi, Franca Garzotto, Marco Gribaudo, Pietro Piazzolla, Mauro Iacono

12. Smart Wearable Multi-sided Fashion Product Platforms
Sergey Yablonsky

Part III. Fashion Operations and Supply Chain Management

13. Linking Inventory Management Performance and Operational Performance: An Empirical Analysis of U.S. Fashion Apparel and Accessory Industries
Fethi Çalışır, Gülşah Hançerlioğulları

14. Logistics Solutions to Support Cross Border E-Commerce Towards China: The Case of the Apparel Industry
Maria Giuffrida, Riccardo Mangiaracina, Alessandro Perego, Angela Tumino

15. Development of Scheduling Systems for a Shoe Factory Through IDEF0 and RFID Technologies
Maurizio Bevilacqua, Filippo E. Ciarapica, Giovanni Mazzuto

16. Proposal of a Multi-method Decision Support System for the Fashion Retail Industry
Giada Martino, Marcello Fera, Raffaele Iannone, Salvatore Miranda

17. Testing and Deploying an RFID-Based Real-Time Locating System at a Fashion Retailer: A Case Study
Antonio Rizzi, Giovanni Romagnoli

18. From Financial Merchandise Planning to Supply Chain Design and Execution
Augusto Bianchini, Marco Tricase

19. A Proposal for Supply-Chain Improvements in a Luxury Company
Nathalia Tupinambá Karmaluk Tinoco, Ricardo Augusto Cassel, Juliano Denicol

Part IV. Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain

20. Integrating Sustainability in the Fashion System Using Association Rules
Filippo Emanuele Ciarapica, Ilaria Sanctis, Barbara Resta, Stefano Dotti, Paolo Gaiardelli, Romeo Bandinelli, Virginia Fani, Rinaldo Rinaldi

Part V. Brand Management and Strategy

21. Social Media Strategy in the Italian Fashion Industry: A New Model of Analysis
Monica Faraoni, Romeo Bandinelli, Rinaldo Rinaldi

22. Fashion Supply Chains and Social Media: Examining the Potential of Data Analysis of Social-Media Texts for Decision Making-Processes in Fashion Supply Chains
Samaneh Beheshti-Kashi, Karl Hribernik, Johannes Lützenberger, Dena Arabsolgar, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

23. Engagement as the Core of Social and Digital Media Strategy in the Fashion Industry
Alicia Gonzalez Miralles, Rinaldo Rinaldi, Romeo Bandinelli

24. QR Code and the Wine Sector: What Contents? An Exploratory Research Study on the Wine Industry
Diletta Acuti, Lorenzo Magherini, Valentina Mazzoli, Romeo Bandinelli, Raffaele Donvito, Rinaldo Rinaldi, Gaetano Aiello

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Communications Engineering, Networks, Supply Chain Management, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), e-Commerce/e-business

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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13 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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