Jiang, Xin Hua

Genetic and Evolutionary Computing

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Table of contents

1. A Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Traffic Rule
Lin Xiao, Minqian Tang, Jeng-Shyang Pan

2. Composite Probe and Signal Recovery of Compressed Sensing Microarray
Zhenhua Gan, Baoping Xiong, Fumin Zou, Yueming Gao, Min Du

3. Curve Fitting Based on Neural Dynamics Optimization
Baoping Xiong, Zhenhua Gan, Fumin Zou, Yuemin Gao, Min Du

4. Certificateless Authentication Protocol for Wireless Body Area Network
Jian Shen, Shaohua Chang

5. Hierarchical PSO Clustering on MapReduce for Scalable Privacy Preservation in Big Data
Ei Nyein Chan Wai, Pei-Wei Tsai, Jeng-Shyang Pan

6. Observation of Unattended or Removed Object in Public Area for Security Monitoring System
Baby Htun, Myint Myint Sein

7. Compact Particle Swarm Optimization for Optimal Location of Base Station in Wireless Sensor Network
Jeng-Shyang Pan, Thi-Kien Dao, Trong-The Nguyen, Tien-Szu Pan

8. The Reliability and Economic Analysis on System Connection Mode
Chao-Fan Xie, Lin Xu, Lu-Xiong Xu

9. Teaching Achievement Study of Creative Design Competitions
Rui-Lin Lin

10. A Study of Micro-film Creation: Using the Inspirational Story of a Tomato Farm Micro-film
Jing-Chen Xie

11. Apply Image Technology to River Level Estimation
Ming-Tsung Yeh, Yun-Jhong Hu, Chien-Wen Lai, Chao-Hsing Hsu, Yi-Nung Chung

12. Arena Simulation for Aviation Passenger Security-Check Systems
Chia-Hung Wang

13. Simulation Model and Optimal Design for Call Center Staffing Problems
Chia-Hung Wang, Mao-Hsiung Hung

14. On the Security of a Certificateless Searchable Public Key Encryption Scheme
Tsu-Yang Wu, Fanya Meng, Chien-Ming Chen, Shuai Liu, Jeng-Shyang Pan

15. On the Study of Trading Strategies Within Limited Arbitrage Based on SVM
Hui-Huang Tsai, Mu-En Wu, Wei-Ho Chung, Cheng-Yu Lu

16. A More Efficient Algorithm to Mine Skyline Frequent-Utility Patterns
Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Lu Yang, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Siddharth Dawar, Vikram Goyal, Ashish Sureka, Bay Vo

17. Research on Expressway Emergency Vehicle Allocation Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization
Lieyang Wu

18. Local-Learning and Reverse-Learning Firefly Algorithm
Zhifeng Xie, Jia Zhao, Hui Sun, Hui Wang, Kun Wang

19. Using Parallel Compact Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimizing Ontology Alignment
Xingsi Xue, Pei-Wei Tsai, Li-Li Zhang

20. Robot Path Planning Optimization Based on Multiobjective Grey Wolf Optimizer
Pei-Wei Tsai, Trong-The Nguyen, Thi-Kien Dao

21. Enhanced Diversity Herds Grey Wolf Optimizer for Optimal Area Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
Chin-Shiuh Shieh, Trong-The Nguyen, Hung-Yu Wang, Thi-Kien Dao

22. Utilizing IABC and Time Series Model in Investigating the Influence of Adding Monitoring Indicator for Foreign Exchange Rate Forecasting
Pei-Wei Tsai, Wen-Ling Wang, Jui-Fang Chang, Zhi-Sheng Chen, Yong-Hui Zhang

23. Myanmar-English Machine Translation Model
Khin Thandar Nwet, Khin Mar Soe

24. CRF-Based Named Entity Recognition for Myanmar Language
Hsu Myat Mo, Khin Thandar Nwet, Khin Mar Soe

25. Back-Propagation Neural Network Approach to Myanmar Part-of-Speech Tagging
Hay Mar Hnin, Win Pa Pa, Ye Kyaw Thu

26. Efficient Algorithm for Finding Aggregate Nearest Place Between Two Users
Su Nandar Aung, Myint Myint Sein

27. Optimal Route Finding for Weak Infrastructure Road Network
K-zin Phyo, Myint Myint Sein

28. Analysing the Effect of Disaster
Thida Aung, Myint Myint Sein

29. Deep Learning Model for Integration of Clustering with Ranking in Social Networks
Thi Thi Zin, Pyke Tin, Hiromitsu Hama

30. An Automatic Target Tracking System Based on Local and Global Features
Thi Thi Zin, Kenshiro Yamada

31. Antlion Optimization Based Segmentation for MRI Liver Images
Abdalla Mostafa, Mohamed Houseni, Naglaa Allam, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Hesham Hefny, Pei-Wei Tsai

32. Handwritten Arabic Manuscript Image Binarization Using Sine Cosine Optimization Algorithm
Mohamed Abd Elfattah, Sherihan Abuelenin, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Jeng-Shyang Pan

33. An Adaptive Approach for Community Detection Based on Chicken Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Khaled Ahmed, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Ehab Ezzat, Pei-Wei Tsai

34. A Fully-Automated Zebra Animal Identification Approach Based on SIFT Features
Alaa Tharwat, Tarek Gaber, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Gerald Schaefer, Jeng-Shyang Pan

35. Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis Based on Moth Flame Optimization
Gehad Ismail Sayed, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Tamer M. Nassef, Jeng-Shyang Pan

36. Breast Cancer Diagnosis Approach Based on Meta-Heuristic Optimization Algorithm Inspired by the Bubble-Net Hunting Strategy of Whales
Gehad Ismail Sayed, Ashraf Darwish, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Jeng-Shyang Pan

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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