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Advances in Applied Economic Research

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Table of contents

1. A CGE Analysis of the Macroeconomic Effects of Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction on the Algerian Economy
Touitou Mohammed

2. Impact of International Migration on Human Development: A South Asian Perspective
Sami Ullah

3. Job Satisfaction Factors Among University Staff Officers in an Emerging Economy: The Case of Sri Lanka
Lakmini V. K. Jayatilake

4. Blogs Usage in Purchasing Process
Martina Ferencová, Lukáš Kakalejčík, Sebastian Kot

5. Social and Community Services Government Expenditure and Nigeria’s Economic Growth
Okezie A. Ihugba, Asoluka C. Njoku

6. The Relationship Between Government Expenditure on Health and GDP in Turkey
Nedim Dikmen

7. Banking Efficiency and Financial Stability: Which Causes Which? A Panel Analysis
Nader Alber

8. Dynamic Modeling of Causal Relationship Between Energy Consumption, CO2 Emissions, and Economic Growth in Italy
Pavlos Stamatiou, Nikolaos Dritsakis

9. Financial Literacy and Financial Behavior: An Evidence of Linkage in Albanian Context
Besa Shahini

10. Financial Leverage Hits Corporate Performance
Muhammad Ishfaq Ahmad, Wang Guohui, Mudassar Hasan, Muhammad Yasir Rafiq, Ramiz-Ur Rehman

11. Comparison of Innovation Performance Within Visegrad Countries
Tatiana Corejova, Mario Al Kassiri

12. Dimensions of Market Liquidity: The Case of the Polish Stock Market
Joanna Olbrys, Michal Mursztyn

13. Formal Identification of Crises on the Euro Area Stock Markets, 2004–2015
Elzbieta Majewska, Joanna Olbrys

14. Economics and Marketing of E-Commerce at 0 km and Further on the Path Towards S-Commerce
Angela Besana, Annamaria Esposito

15. Using Demographic Variables to Determine Target Segments in Binary Logit Models
Tsend-Ayush Ganbaatar

16. Social Media Usage in the University Activities
Klaudia Smoląg, Beata Ślusarczyk

17. Strategic Management of Costs: A New Tool to Gain Competitive Advantage
Vlora Berisha

18. The Causal Relationship Between Government Spending and Revenue: An Empirical Study from Greece
Chaido Dritsaki

19. Marketing Ethics and Communication Strategy in the Case of Enron Fraud
Georgia Broni, John Velentzas, Harry Papapanagos

20. Effectiveness of Use of MCDM Methods in the Terms of Local Self-Government
Roman Vavrek, Rastislav Kotulic, Peter Adamisin, Elena Sira, Ivana Kravcakova Vozarova

21. Credit Risk Measurement Using VaR Methodology
Katarina Valaskova, Anna Siekelova, Ivana Weissova

22. The Effects of Country-of-Origin on Consumers’ CSR Perceptions, Behavioral Intentions, and Loyalty
Leonidas Pouliopoulos, Theofilos Pouliopoulos, Amalia Triantafillidou

23. Symptoms of Depression and Status in the European Labour Market
Alexander Tarvid

24. Univariate GARCH Model Generated Volatility Skews for the CIVETS Stock Indices
Coenraad C. A. Labuschagne, Niel Oberholzer, Pierre J. Venter

25. Business Process Reengineering in Emergency Departments (EDs): Evidence from Two Hospitals
Amarantou Vasiliki, Chatzoglou Prodromos, Kexagia Vasiliki, Chatzoudes Dimitrios

26. Assessment of Innovative Capacity of the Region
T. S. Kolmykova, S. G Emelianov, E. A Merzlyakova

27. Education Democracy and Dictatorship
Rizwan Ali, Gao Leifu

28. Are We Better Off Working in the Public Sector?
Yi Wang, Peng Zhou

29. Innovation and Regulatory Holdup: The Case of Shale Gas
Anastassios Gentzoglanis

30. Trinities in Political Economy: More Than Just a Way of Observation
Thomas Siskou

31. Evolution of Trade Globalization from 2003 to 2014: Weakening Dynamics of World Trade Confirms Globalization Postulates
Bruno G. Rüttimann

32. High Education, Professional Insertion and Economic Development in Romania
Raluca Ioana Horea Serban, Marinela Istrate

33. Strategic IT Alignment: Business Performance During Financial Crisis
Fotis Kitsios, Maria Kamariotou

34. On the Examination of Value-Based Performance Measures: Evidence from Indian Firms
Imlak Shaikh

35. The Procyclicality of African Sovereign Credit Ratings
Marinda Pretorius, Ilsé Botha

36. The Determinants of Sovereign Credit Ratings in Africa: A Regional Perspective
Marinda Pretorius, Ilsé Botha

37. CFIs for Sustainable Risk Proofing in Value Chain Financing: Instances from the Asia Pacific Region
C. S. Sundaresan

38. Cointegration Between Energy Commodities and the South African Financial Market
Corlise L. Roux

39. Do Dividend Payout Ratio Drive the Profitability of a Firm: A Case of Energy and Textile Sector of Pakistan?
Anikia Sattar, Gao Leifu, Muhammad Ishfaq Ahmad, Mudassar Hassan, Rizwan Ali

40. Attitude of Customers to Socially Responsible Products
Katarína Moravčíková, Ľubica Gajanová

41. Dynamics of Lending Rates in the Baltic Countries: Influence of Funding Costs of Banks and Risk Factors
Vija Micune

42. Modelling Farmers’ Behaviour Toward Risk in a Large Scale Positive Mathematical Programming (PMP) Model
Iván Arribas, Kamel Louhichi, Ángel Perni, José Vila, Sergio Gómez-y-Paloma

43. CAPM Model, Beta and Relationship with Credit Rating
Lucia Michalkova, Katarina Kramarova

44. Shocks Transmission Through Real Channel: The Case of the Central and Eastern European Countries
Vilma Deltuvaitė

45. Health Capital as a Factor of Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation’s Regions
Gayaz Rustemovich Ganibaev, Regina Petrovna Yakunina

46. Corporate Governance, Insider Trading, and Stock Returns in the Greek Technology Sector
I. Antoniadis, C. Gkasis, S. Kontsas

47. Internal Audit Disclosure Regarding to External Audit in Greece
Georgia Boskou, Efstathios Kirkos, Charalambos Spathis

48. Which Factors Are Crucial in Explaining Vulnerability of Countries to the External Macroeconomic Shocks? The Case of the Central and Eastern European Countries
Vilma Deltuvaitė

49. Deterrence, Detection, and Investigation of Economic Fraud and Auditor’s Responsibilities Relating to Audit of Financial Statements According to International Standards
John Velentzas, Georgia Broni, Nick Kartalis

50. Can Internet Reporting Affect the Stock Market Listed Companies: The Case of the Greek Listed Companies
Nikos D. Kartalis, Nikiforos Charalampos, Velentzas John, Broni Georgia

51. Corporate Governance: Legal, Managerial, and Auditing Dimensions
John Velentzas, Georgia Broni, Lefteris Skalidis

52. Importance of Productivity in Non-Optimal Currency Areas
Carlos Encinas-Ferrer

53. Greek Brain Drainers in Europe: An Empirical Study
Dimitra Spanou, Anastasios G. Karasavvoglou, Yiannis Tsoukalidis, Antonios Kostas, Lambros Tsourgiannis

54. Failures in Elements and Processes of Quality Management Systems in Companies and Their Potential Solutions
Ivan Litvaj, Oľga Poniščiaková, Emese Tokarčíková

55. Controlling as a Tool for Decision Support
Oľga Poniščiaková, Ivan Litvaj, Emese Tokarčíková

56. Gastronomy Tourism: An Examination of the “Greek Breakfast Initiative” Potential
Aikaterini Stavrianea, Christos Dipidis, George Siomkos

57. Greek Wineries on Facebook Wall
Aspasia Vlachvei, Evita Grigoriou, Ourania Notta

58. Short- and Long-Run Determinants of Tourist Flows: The Case of South Korea
George Agiomirgianakis, Dimitrios Serenis, Nicholas Tsounis

59. Assessing the Impact of Economic Crisis on Food Firms Performance
Ourania Notta, Aspasia Vlachvei

Keywords: Economics, Industrial Organization, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics, European Integration, Health Economics

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