Chacon, Richard J.

Feast, Famine or Fighting?

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Richard J. Chacon, Rubén G. Mendoza

2. Violence, Warriors, and Rock Art in Bronze Age Scandinavia
Johan Ling, Per Cornell

3. Societal Dynamics of Prestate Societies of the North Central European Plains, 500–1000 CE: A Model
Ludomir R. Lozny

4. Trade and State Formation in Ancient East African Coast and Southern Zambezia
Chapurukha M. Kusimba, Nam C. Kim, Sibel B. Kusimba

5. Feasting, Social Complexity, and the Emergence of the Early Neolithic of Upper Mesopotamia: A View from Göbekli Tepe
Oliver Dietrich, Jens Notroff, Klaus Schmidt

6. Highly Stratified Societies Without Permanent Leadership: The Yi in Liangshan of Southwestern China
Jianping Yi

7. Coercive Power and State Formation in Northern Vietnam
Nam C. Kim

8. The Emergence of Sociopolitical Complexity: Evidence from Contact-Era New Guinea
Paul Roscoe

9. Tibenuk and Chuji: Status Attainment and Collective Action in Egalitarian Settings
Richard J. Chacon, Douglas Hayward

10. Early Pueblo Great House Communities and Their Leaders: The Transformation of Community Leadership in the Mesa Verde and Chaco Regions, A.D. 625–1025
Richard H. Wilshusen

11. The Development of Complex Societies in Eastern North America: The Roles of Feasting, Famine, and Fighting
David G. Anderson, Robert Cook

12. The Feast Before Famine and Fighting: The Origins and Consequences of Social Complexity in the Mirador Basin, Guatemala
Richard D. Hansen

13. TOLLAN TEOTIHUACAN Multiethnic Mosaics, Corporate Interaction, and Social Complexity in Mesoamerica
Rubén G. Mendoza, Jennifer A. Lucido

14. Pathways to Social Complexity in the Norte Chico Region of Peru
Matthew Piscitelli

15. How Chiefdom and Early State Social Structures Resolve Collective Action Problems
David Willer, Pamela Emanuelson, Yamilette Chacon, Richard J. Chacon

16. Commentary
Robert L. Carneiro

17. Multiple Pathways to Large-Scale Human Cooperative Networks: A Reframing
Gary M. Feinman

Keywords: Social Sciences, Anthropology, Community & Population Ecology, Archaeology, Social Theory

Publication year
Studies in Human Ecology and Adaptation
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29 pages
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