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Transcending Borders

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Table of contents

1. “Every Body Has Its Own Feminism”: Introducing Transcending Borders
Katrina Ackerman, Kristin Burnett, Travis Hay, Shannon Stettner

Part I. Historical Examinations of Abortion

2. Abortion, Infanticide, and a Return to the Gods: Politics of Pregnancy in Early Modern Japan
Eiko Saeki

3. Unlocking the Mysterious Trunk: Nineteenth-Century American Criminal Abortion Narratives
Tanfer Emin Tunç

4. “Impossible to Get to Know These Secret Means”—Colonial Anxiety and the Quest for Controlling Reproduction in “German East Africa”
Daniel Bendix

5. A “Grievously Sinful Attempt to Destroy the Life Which God Has Given:” Abortion, Anglicanism, and Debates About Community Composition in Twentieth-Century Zanzibar
Andreana C. Prichard

6. Troubled Women: Abortion and Psychiatry in Sweden in the 1940s and 1950s
Lena Lennerhed

Part II. Abortion Politics

7. “It Is Not Your Personal Concern”: Challenging Expertise in the Campaign to Legalize Abortion in France
Jennifer L. Sweatman

8. Feminism, Foetocentrism, and the Politics of Abortion Choice in 1970s Australia
Erica Millar

9. We Are All Feminists Now: How to Pass an Anti-Abortion Law in Australia
Kate Gleeson

10. A Provider’s Right to Choose: A Legal History
Mary Ziegler

11. Abortion Politics in a State in Transition: Contesting South Africa’s ‘Choice Act’
Rebecca Hodes

12. Quiet Contestations of Irish Abortion Law: Abortion Politics in Flux?
Joanna Mishtal

Part III. The Social and Discursive Spaces of Abortion

13. The Landscape of Unwanted Pregnancy and Abortion in Highland Bolivia, 1982–2010
Natalie L. Kimball

14. Settler Colonialism, Native American Motherhood, and the Politics of Terminating Pregnancies
Brianna Theobald

15. Revelation and Secrecy: Women’s Social Networks and the Contraception-Abortion Process in Cameroon
Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg, Sylvie Schuster

16. The End of Feminist Abortion Counseling? Examining Threats to Women’s Health
Elyse Ona Singer, Bayla Ostrach

17. True Threats: Wanted Posters, Stalking, and the First Amendment
Mark Dorosin

Keywords: Social Sciences, Gender Studies, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Sociology of the Body

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