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Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems and Informatics 2016

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Table of contents

1. Further Investigations for Documents Information Retrieval Based on DWT
Mohamed Yehia Dahab, Mahmoud Kamel, Sara Alnofaie

2. Knowledge Representation in Intelligent Tutoring System
Alan Ramírez-Noriega, Reyes Juárez-Ramírez, Samantha Jiménez, Yobani Martínez-Ramírez

3. Multimodal Graph-Based Dependency Parsing of Natural Language
Amr Rekaby Salama, Wolfgang Menzel

4. Arabic Text Classification Based on Word and Document Embeddings
Abdelkader Mahdaouy, Eric Gaussier, Saïd Ouatik Alaoui

5. An Enhanced Distance Based Similarity Measure for User Based Recommendations
Yasmine M. Afify, Ibrahim F. Moawad, Nagwa L. Badr, Mohamed F. Tolba

6. Semantic-Based Feature Reduction Approach for E-mail Classification
Eman M. Bahgat, Ibrahim F. Moawad

7. A New Method for Interoperability Between Lexical Resources Using MDA Approach
Malek Lhioui, Kais Haddar, Laurent Romary

8. Statistical Machine Translation Context Modelling with Recurrent Neural Network and LDA
Shrooq Alsenan, Mourad Ykhlef

9. Optimizing Fuzzy Inference Systems for Improving Speech Emotion Recognition
Reda Elbarougy, Masato Akagi

10. Tree-Based HMM State Tying for Arabic Continuous Speech Recognition
Mona A. Azim, A. Aziz A. Hamid, Nagwa L. Badr, M. F. Tolba

11. Arabic Fine-Grained Opinion Categorization Using Discriminative Machine Learning Technique
Imen Touati, Marwa Graja, Mariem Ellouze, Lamia Hadrich Belguith

12. Towards Improving Sentiment Analysis in Arabic
Sanjeera Siddiqui, Azza Abdel Monem, Khaled Shaalan

13. A Spell Correction Model for OCR Errors for Arabic Text
Mariam Muhammad, Tarek ELGhazaly, Mostafa Ezzat, Mervat Gheith

AKEA: An Arabic Keyphrase Extraction Algorithm
Eslam Amer, Khaled Foad

15. Lexicon Free Arabic Speech Recognition Recipe
Abdelrahman Ahmed, Yasser Hifny, Khaled Shaalan, Sergio Toral

16. Agent Productivity Measurement in Call Center Using Machine Learning
Abdelrahman Ahmed, Sergio Toral, Khaled Shaalan

17. Natural Language Processing for Arabic Metaphors: A Conceptual Approach
Manar Alkhatib, Khaled Shaalan

18. Alserag: An Automatic Diacritization System for Arabic
Sameh Alansary

19. Using Text Mining to Analyze Real Estate Classifieds
Sherief Abdallah, Deena Abu Khashan

20. Mitigating Malware Attacks via Secure Routing in Intelligent Device-to-Device Communications
Hadeer Elsemary

21. An Efficient System for Finding Functional Motifs in Genomic DNA Sequences by Using Nature-Inspired Algorithms
Ebtehal S. Elewa, Mohamed B. Abdelhalim, Mai S. Mabrouk

22. Security as a Service Model for Cloud Storage
Alshaimaa Abo-alian, Nagwa L. Badr, M. F. Tolba

23. Fuzzy Rough Set Based Image Watermarking Approach
Musab Ghadi, Lamri Laouamer, Laurent Nana, Anca Pascu

24. EEG Signal Classification Using Neural Network and Support Vector Machine in Brain Computer Interface
M. M. El Bahy, M. Hosny, Wael A. Mohamed, Shawky Ibrahim

25. Content Based Image Retrieval with Hadoop
Heba Gaber, Mohammed Marey, Safaa E. Amin, Mohamed F. Tolba

26. A Comparison Between Optimization Algorithms Applied to Offshore Crane Design Using an Online Crane Prototyping Tool
Ibrahim A. Hameed, Robin T. Bye, Ottar L. Osen

27. Direct Adaptive Control of Process Control Benchmark Using Dynamic Recurrent Neural Network
Mohamed A. Hussien, Tarek A. Mahmoud, Mohamed I. Mahmoud

28. An Enhanced Distributed Database Design Over the Cloud Environment
Ahmed E. Abdel Raouf, Nagwa L. Badr, M. F. Tolba

29. An Energy Management Approach in Hybrid Energy System Based on Agent’s Coordination
Djamel Saba, Fatima Zohra Laallam, Brahim Berbaoui, F. H. Abanda

30. Improving the Predictability of GRNN Using Fruit Fly Optimization and PCA: The Nile Flood Forecasting
Mohammed E. El-Telbany

31. Abrupt Cut Detection in News Videos Using Dominant Colors Representation
Ibrahim A. Zedan, Khaled M. Elsayed, Eid Emary

32. An Improved DV-Hop Localization Algorithm
Enas Mohamed, Hatem Zakaria, M. B. Abdelhalim

33. New Quantum Image Steganography Scheme with Hadamard Transformation
Bassem Abd-El-Atty, Ahmed A. Abd El-Latif, Mohamed Amin

34. Prediction of Antioxidant Status in Fish Farmed on Selenium Nanoparticles using Neural Network Regression Algorithm
Ahmed Sahlol, Ahmed Monem Hemdan, Aboul Ella Hassanien

35. A Hybrid Krill-ANFIS Model for Wind Speed Forecasting
Khaled Ahmed, Ahmed A. Ewees, Mohamed Abd Aziz, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Tarek Gaber, Pei-Wei Tsai, Jeng-Shyang Pan

36. Optimize BpNN Using New Breeder Genetic Algorithm
Maytham Alabbas, Sardar Jaf, Abdul-Hussein M. Abdullah

37. An Innovative Method for Key Frames Extraction in News Videos
Ibrahim A. Zedan, Khaled M. Elsayed, Eid Emary

38. A Neural Network Approach for Binary Hashing in Image Retrieval
Mohamed Moheeb Emara, Mohamed Waleed Fahkr, M. B. Abdelhalim

39. An Integrated Smoothing Method for Fingerprint Recognition Enhancement
Muhammad Khfagy, Yasser AbdelSatar, Omar Reyad, Nahla Omran

40. RBG-CD: Residue Based Genetic Cancer Diagnosis
Mohamed A. Mahfouz

41. Distributed Topological Extraction Protocol for Low-Density Wireless Sensor Network
Walaa Abd-Ellatief, Hatem Abdelkader, Mohee Hadhoud

42. Particle Swarm Optimization with Random Forests for Handwritten Arabic Recognition System
Ahmed Sahlol, Mohamed Abd Elfattah, Ching Y. Suen, Aboul Ella Hassanien

43. Group Impact: Local Influence Maximization in Social Networks
Ragia A. Ibrahim, Hesham A. Hefny, Aboul Ella Hassanien

44. Controlling Rumor Cascade over Social Networks
Ragia A. Ibrahim, Hesham A. Hefny, Aboul Ella Hassanien

45. Medical Diagnostic System Basing Fuzzy Rough Neural-Computing for Breast Cancer
Mona Gamal Gafar

46. Meta-Heuristic Algorithm Inspired by Grey Wolves for Solving Function Optimization Problems
Alaa Tharwat, Basem E. Elnaghi, Aboul Ella Hassanien

47. Automatically Human Age Estimation Approach via Two-Dimensional Facial Image Analysis
Alaa Tharwat, Basem E. Elnaghi, Ahmed M. Ghanem, Aboul Ella Hassanien

48. A Behavioral Action Sequences Process Design
Moataz Kilany, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Amr Badr, Pei-Wei Tsai, Jeng-Shyang Pan

49. Hybrid Rough Set and Heterogeneous Ensemble Classifiers Model for Cancer Classification
Mohamed E. Helal, Mohammed Elmogy, Rasheed M. El-Awady

50. WEMA to Speed up NIDS Packet Header Detection Engine
Adnan A. Hnaif

51. Content-Based Arabic Speech Similarity Search and Emotion Detection
Mohamed Meddeb, Hichem Karray, Adel M. Alimi

52. Symptom-Diagnosis-Care: A Framework for a Collaborative Medical Chat Bot
Michael Fischer

53. Reducing Execution Time for Real-Time Motor Imagery Based BCI Systems
Sahar Selim, Manal Tantawi, Howida Shedeed, Amr Badr

54. CNN for Handwritten Arabic Digits Recognition Based on LeNet-5
Ahmed El-Sawy, Hazem EL-Bakry, Mohamed Loey

55. A Multilateral Agent-Based Service Level Agreement Negotiation Framework
Amira Abdelatey, Mohamed Elkawkagy, Ashraf El-Sisi, Arabi Keshk

56. An Adaptive Load-Balanced Partitioning Module in Cassandra Using Rendezvous Hashing
Sally M. Elghamrawy

57. 3D Mesh Segmentation Based on Unsupervised Clustering
Dina Khattab, Hala M. Ebeid, Ashraf S. Hussein, Mohamed F. Tolba

58. Affective Dialogue Ontology for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Human Assessment Approach
Samantha Jiménez, Reyes Juárez-Ramírez, Victor Castillo Topete, Alan Ramírez-Noriega

59. Hybrid Randomized and Biological Preserved DNA-Based Crypt-Steganography Using Generic N-Bits Binary Coding Rule
Ghada Hamed, Mohammed Marey, Safaa El-Sayed Amin, Mohamed Fahmy Tolba

60. Parallel Implementation of Super-Resolution Based Neighbor Embedding Using GPU
Marwa Moustafa, Hala M. Ebeid, Ashraf Helmy, Taymoor M. Nazamy, Mohamed F. Tolba

61. Ultrasound Image Enhancement Using a Deep Learning Architecture
Mohamed Abdel-Nasser, Osama Ahmed Omer

62. Prediction of Medical Equipment Failure Rate: A Case Study
Rasha S. Aboul-Yazeed, Ahmed El-Bialy, Abdalla S. A. Mohamed

63. Predicting Learner Performance Using Data-Mining Techniques and Ontology
Alla Abd El-Rady, Mohamed Shehab, Essam El Fakharany

64. A Random Forest Model for Mental Disorders Diagnostic Systems
Horeya Abou-Warda, Nahla A. Belal, Yasser El-Sonbaty, Sherif Darwish

65. Performance Analysis of Biased Localization of Heterogeneous Nodes Combined with Pure LEACH Routing Protocol
Ahmed Lotfy, Amr A. Awamry, M. B. Abdelhalim

66. Effective Selection of Machine Learning Algorithms for Big Data Analytics Using Apache Spark
Manar Mohamed Hafez, Mohamed Elemam Shehab, Essam El Fakharany, Abd El Ftah Abdel Ghfar Hegazy

67. Mammogram Classification Using Curvelet GLCM Texture Features and GIST Features
Syed Jamal Safdar Gardezi, Ibrahima Faye, Faouzi Adjed, Nidal Kamel, Mohamed Meselhy Eltoukhy

68. Fingerprint Identification Using Hierarchical Matching and Topological Structures
M. Elmouhtadi, S. El fkihi, D. Aboutajdine

69. Energy-Aware Topology Construction and Maintenance for Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks
Tien-Wen Sung, Chao-Yang Lee, You-Te Lu, Liang-Cheng Shiu, Fu-Tian Lin

70. Serious Educational Games’ Ontologies: A Survey and Comparison
Ahmed M. Abou Elfotouh, Eman S. Nasr, Mervat H. Gheith

71. Enhancing Web Page Classification Models
Fayrouz Elsalmy, Rasha Ismail, Walid AbdelMoez

72. Artifact Elimination in Neurosciences
Thea Radüntz, Mohamed A. Tahoun, Mohammed A-Megeed, Beate Meffert

73. Composing High Event Impact Resistible Model by Interactive Artificial Bee Colony for the Foreign Exchange Rate Forecasting
Pei-Wei Tsai, Li-Hui Yang, Jing Zhang, Yong-Hui Zhang, Jui-Fang Chang, Vaci Istanda

74. Distributed Influential Node Detection Protocol for Mobile Social Networks
Doaa AbdelMohsen, Mohammed Hamdy

75. Enhanced Algorithms for Fuzzy Formal Concepts Analysis
Ebtesam E. Shemis, Ahmed M. Gadallah

76. A Comparative Study of Feature Selection and Classification Techniques for High-Throughput DNA Methylation Data
Alhasan Alkuhlani, Mohammad Nassef, Ibrahim Farag

77. Exploiting Existed Medical Ontologies to Build Domain Ontology for Hepatobiliary System Diseases
Galal AL-Marzoqi, Marco Alfonse, Ibrahim F. Moawad, Mohamed Roushdy

78. An Approach for Opinion-Demographic-Topology Based Microblog Friend Recommendation
Sherin Moussa

79. Plant Recommender System Based on Multi-label Classification
Alaa Tharwat, Hani Mahdi, Aboul Ella Hassanien

80. An Ontology-Based Framework for Linking Heterogeneous Medical Data
Rashed Salem, Basma Elsharkawy, Hatem Abdel Kader

81. A Hybrid Grey Wolf Based Segmentation with Statistical Image for CT Liver Images
Abdalla Mostafa, Ahmed Fouad, Mohamed Houseni, Naglaa Allam, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Hesham Hefny, Irma Aslanishvili

82. Implementation of Elliptic Curve Crypto-System to Secure Digital Images over Ultra-Wideband Systems Using FPGA
Mohammed F. Albrawy, Ali E. Taki El-Deen, Rasheed M. El-Awady, Mohy E. Abo-Elsoaud

83. Combining Public-Key Encryption with Digital Signature Scheme
Mohammad Ahmad Alia

84. The Challenges of Reinforcement Learning in Robotics and Optimal Control
Mohammed E. El-Telbany

85. Robust Control for Asynchronous Switched Nonlinear Systems with Time Varying Delays
Ahmad Taher Azar, Fernando E. Serrano

86. Path Planning for Line Marking Robots Using 2D Dubins’ Path
Ibrahim A. Hameed

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
27 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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