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Smart Growth and Sustainable Development

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Table of contents

1. Distinguishing Characteristics of Urban Form from Evolutionary Perspective—The Case of Chengdu in China
Xu Li, Ling Xu, Zeng Hanmei

2. The China Paradox of Migrant Labor Shortage Amidst Surplus Rural Laborers: An Alternative View
Chen Chen

3. From Polysemous Affect to City Integration: The Definition Thinking and Frontier Method to Radiation Realm of City Rail Transit Station
Dongzhu Chu, Shuxiang Wei

4. The Optimizing Strategies of Three-Dimensional Walking System in Mountainous Cities: Take Chongqing Yuzhong District for Example
Xiyue Li, Ling Huang

5. A Study on Urban Spatial Structure in the Context of the Jobs-Housing Balance: A Case of Suzhou, China
Zhenlong Zhang

6. Analysis on the Spatial Impact Factors of Poverty and Its Planning Suggestions: A Case Study of Guizhou Counties
Zhengxu Zhou, Wenning Zhao

7. Research for Increasing FCD Map Matching Accuracy Based on Feature Extraction of Continuous Traffic Flow and Interrupted Traffic Flow
Zhiping Zhang, Hangfei Lin

8. Visual Impact Analysis and Control Method of Building Height for Landscape Preservation of the Traditional Gardens: A Case Study on the Suizenji JōjueninKumamoto City
Li Lin, Riken Homma, Kazuhisa Iki

9. Satisfaction Level of Elderly People’s Life in Urban Communities Based on the Status of Internet Usage—A Survey Covering Different Types of Communities in Xi’an
Liuchangyue Li, Xin Dong, Jing Zhu

10. Study on Characteristics and Policy Recommendations of Small Towns in View of Regional Development Strategy in the Coastal Area of Jiangsu Province, China
Shuping Cui, Wei Fu

11. Space Design of Slow Mode Transportation System of Mountainous City
Yong Huang, Jie Feng, Dan Wan

12. Combined Commuting Mode for Residents in Big Cities by Public Health—A Case Study of Xi’an
Zirui Lyu, Jing Zhu, Xin Dong

13. Problem Analysis of Urban-Rural Industrial Land Use in Metropolitan Areas Under the New Urbanization Policy—A Case Study of Shanghai
Fan Yang

14. Following Natural Features—Planning Method Research on the Spatial Arrangement of Blue-Green Webs Around Urban Core Areas
Zhong Xing, Xizi Tang, Qiao Yu, Xiaobo Xu

15. A Comparative Study of the Evolution of Greenbelts in London and Beijing
Mingfei Ma

Keywords: Social Sciences, Human Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Urban Studies/Sociology, World Regional Geography (Continents, Countries, Regions)

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