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Light Metals 2016

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Table of contents

1. An Improved Lime Sinter Process to Produce Al2O3 from Low-Grade Al-Containing Resources
Yongpan Tian, Xiaolin Pan, Haiyan Yu, Yuejiao Han, Ganfeng Tu, Shiwen Bi

2. Investigation of Flotation Behaviors of Refractory High-Silica Bauxite
Guihong Han, Lulu Liu, Yanfang Huang, Shuzhen Yang, Dianyuan Dang

3. Study on effective extraction of Al and Fe from high-iron bauxite through “calcification-carbonization” method
Zhang Weiguang, Zhang Ting’an, Lv Guozhi, Zhang Xuhua, Zhu Xiaofeng, Wang Yanxiu, Wang Long

4. Ways to Improve of Aluminum Content Raw Material Treatment by Sintering Method
Vadim A. Lipin, Vladimir G. Kazakov

5. Extraction of Aluminium by Autoclave Hydrochloric Acid Leaching of Boehmite-Kaolinite Bauxite
Dmitry Valeev, Vyacheslav Pak, Alexandra Mikhailova, Margarita Gol’Dberg, Mark Zheleznyi, Irina Dorofievich, Yuri Lainer, Valerii Bychinskii, Konstantin Chudnenko

6. FT-IR, XPS and Density Functional Theory Study of Adsorption Mechanism of Sodium Formate onto Goethite or Hematite
Meng Wang, Huiping Hu, Qiyuan Chen, Guangfu Ji

7. Effect of Different Silica Mineral Compositions on the Digestion Results in Bayer Process
Minghui Luo, Wenzhong Cao, Zhang Liping

8. Effect of Lime Addition during Digestion on Stability of Digested Liquor of Diasporic Bauxite
Tao Jiang, Xiaolin Pan, Haiyan Yu, Xianlin Hou, Ganfeng Tu, Ren Zhang, Yu Lu

9. Influence Factors of Stirring Speed of Self-Stirring Tubular Reactor Used in Bauxite Digestion Process
Zimu Zhang, Qiuyue Zhao, Dianhua Zhang, Ting-an Zhang, Yan Liu, Guozhi Lyu, Zhihe Dou, Changdong Zhang

10. Leaching Kinetics for Recovering Alumina from Waste Tricalcium Aluminate Generated after Filtration of Bayer’s Liquor
Balakrushna Padhi

11. Industrial Implementation Characteristics of Aluminates Liquor Low-Temperature Desilication Technology
Vadim A. Lipin

12. Study on the Influence of Chemical Additives during the Digestion of Bauxite
Wenzhong Cao, Kai Li, Tian weiwei, Hong Zhong

13. Going Far (Floating Alumina Refinery)
Bradley Hogan, Andrew Furlong

14. Sustaining Capital of Alumina Refinery Projects — Important but Unloved
Peter-Hans Weer

15. Reaction behavior and conversion of anatase in alumina production process with calcification-carbonization method
Wang Yanxiu, Zhang Ting’an, Lv Guozhi, Zhu Xiaofeng Zhang Weiguang

16. Alkalinity Precipitation Measurement on Carbonation of Bauxite Residue
Luis C. A. Venancio, José Antonio Silva Souza, Emanuel Negrão Macedo, Fernando Aracati Botelho

17. Extraction of alumina from the magnetic separation tailings derived from reductive roasting of bauxite residue
Guanghui Li, Bona Deng, Jinghua Zeng, Zhuoxuan Li, Tao Jiang

18. Research on activated alumina obtained by spray pyrolysis method
Wang Long, Zhang Ting’an, Lv Guozhi, Zhao Aichun, Ma Sida, Zhang Weiguang

19. Characterization of Near Net-Shape Castable Rare Earth Modified Aluminum Alloys for High Temperature Application
Zachary C. Sims, Orlando Rios, Scott K. McCall, Tony Buuren, Ryan T. Ott

20. On the Effect of Alloying Element Range on the Mechanical Properties of Recycled Aluminium Alloy EN AB-46000
Izudin Dugic, Felix Henriksson, Conrad Strebel, Özkan Kosmaz, Salem Seifeddine

21. Phase and Thermal Stability Analysis of Al-Fe-V-Si-Y Alloys After Solidification at Intermediate Cooling Rates
Ryan Marshall, Robert Field, Krish Krishnamurthy, Michael Kaufman

22. Microstructure and Phase Evolution in A201 Alloys with Additions of Silicon
S. Abd Majid, M. Bamberger, A. Katsman

23. High Temperature Creep Evolution in Al-Si Alloys Developed for Automotive Powertrain Applications: A Neutron In-Situ Study on hkl-Plane Creep Response
Dimitry G. Sediako, Wojciech Kasprzak, Frank Czerwinski, Ahmed M. Nabawy, Amir R. Farkoosh

24. Influencing Intergranular Corrosion via Surface Treatment
Marcel Rosefort, Christiane Matthies, Vivian Poll, Hubert Koch

25. Mechanical Characterization and Corrosion Testing of X608 Al Alloy
Ramprashad Prabhakaran, Jung-Pyung Choi, Elizabeth Stephens, David Catalini, Curt Lavender, Aashish Rohatgi

26. Simultaneous Improvement of Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Aluminum Alloys
J. Esquivel, R. K. Gupta

27. New Methodology to Determine Stable Texture Components under Cold Rolling in FCC Metals
Usman Ali, Abhijit P. Brahme, Raja K. Mishra, Kaan Inal

28. Recrystallization in Al-Mg Alloys after Hot Compression
Ryann E. Rupp, Andrew J. Weldon, Trevor J. Watt, Raul Perez-Bustamante, Ken Takata, Eric M. Taleff

29. Large Strain Cyclic Simple Shear Behavior of Aluminum Extrusions: An Experimental and Numerical Study
Waqas Muhammad, Abhijit Brahme, Jidong Kang, Raja Mishra, Kaan Inal

30. Quasi and Dynamic Compression of ECAP Processed AA 6082
Ehab El-Danaf, Muneer Baig

31. Study on Hot Sizing and Creep-Ageing Behavior of Al-Cu-Mn Cast Alloy
Wenguang Wang, Gang Wang, Peng Du, Guannan Guo, Yiming Rong

32. Grain Refinement Mechanism of Aluminum by Al-Ti-B Master Alloys
Xiaoming Wang, Qingyou Han

33. The Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Al-5Mg-1.4Mn Alloy Cast under Near-Rapid Cooling
Y. L. Liu, G. R. Huang, L. Luo, L. Zhang, Y. H. Zhao, J. J. Wang, C. Z. Liu

34. Effect of the Shape of Solid Particles on the Distribution of Particles in JIS AC4CH (A356) Aluminum Alloy Semi-Solid High-Pressure Die Casting
Yuichiro Murakami, Kenji Miwa, Masayuki Kito, Takashi Honda, Shuji Tada

35. A High Strength Aluminium Alloy for High Pressure Die Casting
Shouxun Ji, Feng Yan, Zhongyun Fan

36. Precipitation of Al3Zr Dispersoids during Homogenization of Al-Zn-Cu-Mg-Zr Alloys
Pikee Priya, Matthew J. M. Krane, David R. Johnson

37. Application of Secondary Shear Effects in the Extrusion Machining Process to Explore Recrystallization Mechanics during Conventional Extrusion of 7050 Aluminum
Daniel R. Klenosky, David R. Johnson, Kevin P. Trumble

38. Large Strain Extrusion Machining on 6013 Aluminum Alloy
Xiaolong Bai, Andrew Kustas, Srinivasan Chandrasekar, Kevin Trumble

39. Effect of Extrusion Ratio on Mechanical Properties of Al-20Si Produced by Spray Deposition and Continuous Extrusion Technique
Yingli Liu, Jiancheng Yin, Hao Li, Yi Zhong

40. The Influence of Low Temperature Clustering on Strengthening Precipitation in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
Alex Poznak, Paul Sanders

41. Synthesis of Al-TiC Nanocomposites by an In-Situ Gas-Liquid Method
Inigo Anza, Mahklouf M. Mahklouf

42. Orientation Relationships of Precipitates with the Matrix in an Aluminum Quasicrystalline Alloy
Franc Zupanič, Christian Gspan, Tonica Bončina

43. Important considerations for laser marking an identifier on aluminum
Alex Fraser, Vincent Brochu, Daniel Gingras, Xavier P. Godmaire

44. Corrosion Resistance of Different Aluminum Alloys in Ethanol
Gustavo Raúl Kramer, Claudia Marcela Méndez, Alicia Esther Ares

45. Refinement of Primary Silicon Crystals by Novel Al-ZnS Master Alloy in Solidification of Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloys
Kawther Al-Helal, Ian Stone, Zhongyun Fan

46. Effects of Alloying Elements on Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Formability of Al-Si-Fe-Cu-Mn Based Alloys for Micro-Channel Tube of Heat Exchanger
Hyeon-Taek Son, Yong-Ho Kim, Jung-Han Kim, Hyo-Sang Yu

47. Conception of “Dream Cell” in Aluminium Electrolysis
P. V. Polyakov, A. B. Klyuchantsev, A. S. Yasinskiy, Y. N. Popov

48. The Impact of the Cavity on the Top Heat Losses in Aluminum Electrolysis Cells
François Allard, Martin Désilets, Marc LeBreux, Alexandre Blais

49. Rio Tinto AP44 Cell Technology Development at Alma Smelter
Pascal Thibeault, Hervé Mézin, Olivier Martin

50. Hydro’s Cell Technology Path towards Specific Energy Consumption below 12 kWh/kg
Martin Segatz, Jorund Hop, Pierre Reny, Håvard Gikling

51. The Successful Implementation of DUBAL DX+ Technology at EMAL
Michel Reverdy, Sajid Hussain, Qassim Galadari, Jean-Luc Faudou, Abdalla Zarouni, Nadia Ahli, Ibrahim Ali, Shaikha Shehhi, Bijan Malladeb, Muna Abdulla, Vinod Nair

52. Alumina Dissolution Modeling in Aluminium Electrolysis Cell Considering MHD Driven Convection and Thermal Impact
Benoit Bardet, Thomas Foetisch, Steeve Renaudier, Jacques Rappaz, Michel Flueck, Marco Picasso

53. Numerical Investigation on the Impact of Anode Change on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Aluminum Smelting Cells
Qiang Wang, Meijia Sun, Baokuan Li, Jianping Peng, Yaowu Wang

54. On the Importance of Field Validation in the Use of Cell Thermal Balance Modeling Tools
Marc Dupuis, Richard Jeltsch

55. Sideledge Facing Metal in Aluminium Electrolysis Cells: Freezing and Melting in the Presence of a Bath Film
Asbjørn Solheim, Nils-Håvard Giskeødegård, Nancy J. Holt

56. Modelling of Metal Flow and Metal Pad Heaving in a Realistic Reference Aluminum Reduction Cell
Jinsong Hua, Magne Rudshaug, Christian Droste, Robert Jorgensen, Nils-Haavard Giskeodegard

57. Characterization of Bubble Behavior in Aluminum Reduction Cells
Xiaojun Lv, Yajing Shuang, Jie Li, Lingyun Hu, Jianhua Liu, Zhenming Xu, Hongliang Zhang

58. Elimination of Lithium from Aluminium Electrolyte by Acid Leaching Method
Jian-feng Hou, Zhao-wen Wang, Tuo-fu Li, Zhong-ning Shi, Xian-wei Hu

59. Impact of the Heat Flux on Solidification of Cryolite Based Bath
Sándor Poncsák, László Kiss, Véronique Dassylva Raymond, Csilla Kaszás, Sébastien Guérard, Jean-François Bilodeau

60. Investigation of Sodium Sulfate Additions into Cryolite-Alumina Melts
Rauan Meirbekova, Geir Martin Haarberg, Thor A. Aarhaug, Gudrun Saevarsdottir

61. Polyvalent Impurities and Current Efficiency in Aluminium Cells: A Model Concerning Electrochemical Short Circuiting
Asbjørn Solheim

62. Sodium in Aluminum Metal of Operating Prebake Cells: Confirmation and New Findings
Alton T. Tabereaux, Mike Barber

63. The Performance of Aluminium Electrolysis in a Low Temperature Electrolyte System
Peng Cui, Asbjørn Solheim, Geir Martin Haarberg

64. The Role of Key Impurity Elements on the Performance of Aluminium Electrolysis — Current Efficiency and Metal Quality
Jassim Ali Al-Mejali, Geir Martin Haarberg, Nasr Bensalah, Ben-Aissa Benkahla, Hans Petter Lange

65. Alcoa STARprobe™ — Update in Further Development for Measuring Cryolite Properties
Xiangwen Wang

66. Analysis and Visualization of Aluminum Reduction Cell Noise Based on Wavelet Transform
Anton Verdenik

67. Study on Effect of Al-O-C Compound in Alumina Carbothermal Reduction
Jun Yang, Yang Tian, Wenlong Jiang, Bin Yang, Xiumin Chen, Dachun Liu, Baoqiang Xu, Yongnian Dai

68. The Impact of Alumina Quality on Current Efficiency and Energy Efficiency in Aluminum Reduction
Grant J. McIntosh, James B. Metson, Pascal Lavoie, Thomas Niesenhaus, Till Reek, Linus Perander

69. Sideledge Facing Metal in Aluminium Electrolysis Cells: Preliminary Modelling Study of Bath Film Formation
Nils-Håvard Giskeødegård, Asbjørn Solheim, Nancy J. Holt

70. Pilot Test of Aluminum Electrolysis by the NiFe2O4-M Inert Anodes
Biao Wang, Feng Liang, Yudong Wang, Kun Peng

71. Thermodynamic Analysis and Dynamic Simulation on Carbothermic Chlorination Reaction of Al2O under Vacuum
Yong Lu, Yue-zhen Zhou, Xiu-min Chen, Jia-ju Wang, Jun-jie Xu, Qing-chun Yu, Da-chun Liu, Bin Yang

72. Design, Start-Up and Performance of Four Gas Treatment Centers for Ma’aden Aluminium
Jean-Baptiste Robin, Bernard Cloutier, Maied Majrashi, Rahul K. Pandey, Bandar M. Al-Zahrani, Ahmed Y. Al-Taher

73. Management and Performance of the Largest Gas Treatment Centre at EMAL Potline during Major Shutdown of Main Exhaust Fans
Khawla AlMarzooqi, Shaikha AlShehhi, Vijayakumar Pillai, Muna Abdulla, Sunny John, Padmaraj Gunjal, Bharat Gadilkar

74. Compact GTC Design: Reducing Footprint and Overall Steel Weight
Peter Klut, Travis Turco, Wouter Ewalts, Erik Dupon

75. Technology for Removal of Sulphur Compounds from Gases Generated during Aluminum Production
Victor Buzunov, Stanislav Belousov, Victor Mann, Aleksey Zherdev, John Johnson, Vyacheslav Anikin, Sergey Pavlov, Yury Bogdanov

76. Sustainable Practices in Spent Potliner — An Industrial Ecology Approach
P. J. Black, B. J. Cooper

77. The LCL&L Process: A Sustainable Solution for the Treatment and Recycling of Spent Potlining
Laurent Birry, Simon Leclerc, Stéphane Poirier

78. Development, Proof of Concept and Industrial Pilot of the New CHAC Scrubbing Technology: An Innovative and Efficient Way to Scrub Sulfur Dioxide
Jean-Nicolas Maltais, Cyril Gaudreault, Jonathan Bernier, Simon Leclerc, Josette Ross

79. Aluminerie de Bécancour Conditioning Tower Replacement
Peter Klut, Travis Turco, Wouter Ewalts, Erik Dupon

80. Alumina Handling in the Smelter — From Port to Pot
Sivert Ose, Anders Sørhuus, Are Dyrøy, Morten Karlsen

81. Recent Developments in Hyper-Dense Phase Alumina Handling Systems
G. Girault, P. Godde, J-P. Laine, H. Hemati

82. The Challenge to Supply Consistent Alumina Quality to All Pots on Increasingly Longer and Higher Capacity Potlines
Shane Pollé, Shaikha Rashed Shehhi, Sunny Mathew, Bharat Gadilkar, Deepu Ramchandran

83. Design and Demonstration of an Improved Automated Pot Tapping Method and Equipment
Jean-Francois Desmeules, Jean Benoit Neron, Martin Tremblay

84. Evolution of Crust Breaker Control for DX+ and DX+ Ultra Technologies
Konstantin Nikandrov, Abdalla Zarouni, Sergey Akhmetov, Nadia Ahli

85. SiC in Electrolysis Pots: An Update
Rudolf P. Pawlek

86. Assessing the Role of Smelter Grade Alumina Porosity in the HF Scrubbing Mechanism
Gordon E. K. Agbenyegah, Grant J. McIntosh, Margaret H. Hyland, James B. Metson

87. The Competitive Adsorption of HF and SO2 on Smelter Grade Alumina
Neal R. Dando, Stephen J. Lindsay

88. Evaluation of Gas Composition from Laboratory Scale Electrolysis Experiments with Anodes of Different Sulphur Content
Thor A. Aarhaug, Ole S. Kjos, Henrik Gudbrandsen, Alain Ferber, Arne P. Ratvik

89. Sustainable Reduction of Anode Effect and Low Voltage PFC Emissions
Eliezer Batista, Neal R. Dando, Nicola Menegazzo, Luis Espinoza-Nava

90. QCL-Based Perfluorocarbon Emission Monitoring
Luis Espinoza-Nava, Nicola Menegazzo, Neal R. Dando, Peter Geiser

91. Using Artificial Neural Network to Predict Low Voltage Anode Effect PFCS at the Duct End of an Electrolysis Cell
Lukas Dion, Charles-Luc Lagacé, László I. Kiss, Sándor Poncsák

92. Anode Effect Initiation during Aluminium Electrolysis in a Two-Compartment Laboratory Cell
Henrik Åsheim, Thor A. Aarhaug, Espen Sandnes, Ole S. Kjos, Asbjørn Solheim, Steinar Kolås, Geir M. Haarberg

93. Enhancing Production Performance by Optimization All Resources at PT Inalum (Persero)
S. S. Sijabat, E. Ivan, M. Syafri Sunardi

94. New Assisted Gauging System: Another Step to Reduce Variation on Low ACD Operation
Charles-Luc Lagacé, Sébastien Bujold, Yannick Bazinet, Dave Rodgers, Robert Pelletier, Marie Fortin, Yves Arsenault, Jean Beauchamp, Tony Dresdell

95. A Novel Method for Processing Sodium Reduction Skimming Station Residue
Shane Pollé, Shaikha Rashed Shehhi, Halim Khan, Yousuf Ehab Yousuf Abdulkhaliq, Bharat Gadilkar, Deepu Ramchandran

96. The ‘Virtual Battery’ — Operating an Aluminium Smelter with Flexible Energy Input
N. Depree, R. Düssel, P. Patel, T. Reek

97. Understanding the Basic Requirements of the Anode Set Modifier
Hershall Wayne Cotten

98. Reduction Operating Experience on Power Shading at Maaden
Khaled Fahad Al-Uraik, Ahmed Y. Al-Taher, Abdulaziz Al-Taisan, Sayed Shaban, Ari Silva, Nilton Nagem

99. Effect of Carbon Dust on the Electrical Resistivity of Cryolite Bath
Louis Bugnion, Jean-Claude Fischer

100. Detection of Local Cell Conditions Based on Individual Anode Current Measurements
Yuchen Yao, Cheuk-Yi Cheung, Jie Bao, Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, Barry J. Welch, Sergey Akhmetov

101. Dynamic Response of Cryolitic Bath and Influence on Cell Heat and Mass Balance with Large Scale Potline Power Shifts
Jingjing Liu, Mark Taylor, Mark Dorreen

102. Simulations on the Bath Chemistry Variables Using Neural Networks
Patrizia R. S. Chermont, Fábio M. Soares, Roberto C. L. Oliveira

103. Technology Research on Decreasing the Aluminum Surface Waves and Reducing the Cathode Voltage Drop in Aluminum Electrolysis Cell
Zhirong Shi, Dengpeng Chai, Haibo Huang, Yanan Zhang, Bin Fang

104. Hall-Heroult Cell Simulator: A Tool for the Operation and Process Control
Jacques Antille, René Kaenel, Louis Bugnion

105. Studies on Anode Pre-Heating Using Individual Anode Signals in Hall-Héroult Reduction Cells
Ali Jassim, Sergey Akhmetov, Barry Welch, Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, Jie Bao, Yuchen Yao

106. 35 Years of Contributions to Cast Shop Research and Development — Honoring Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider
Gerd-Ulrich Gruen

107. Effect of Liquid Metal Distribution on the Flow Field and Macrosegregation during Direct Chill Casting of Aluminum Alloy 7050
John Coleman, Kyle Fezi, Matthew J. M. Krane

108. Aluminum Billets D.C. Casting: Level-Pour vs. Fall-Pour: A Techno-Historical Approach
Plácido García

109. Hot Tearing in DC Casting Ingot of 7XXX Aluminum Alloys
Nobuhito Sakaguchi

110. Initial Development of Micro-Shrinkage Crack during Early Stages of Direct Chill Casting of Al-4.5% Cu Alloy
M. O. El-Bealy

111. Successful Implementation of a New Rolling Slab Casting Technology, AFM, within Hydro
Arild Håkonsen, Terje Iveland, Magne Boge, Stian Rørvik

112. Uncertainty Propagation in Numerical Modeling of Direct Chill Casting
Kyle Fezi, Matthew J. M. Krane

113. The Study Conditions Occurrence of Hot Tearing in the Billets Alloy EN AW6060 Produced with the Process of Direct Chill Casting
Ivica Buljeta, Ana Beroš, Zdenka Zovko Brodarac

114. Weibull Analysis for the Repeatibility of Die Castings Made by an Al-Mg-Si-Mn Alloy
Shouxun Ji, Hailin Yang, Douglas Watson, Zhongyun Fan

115. Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Wrought Aluminium Alloys Produced from Scrap Mixing
Adesola O. Ajayi, Mohamed I Hassan, Daniel Choi

116. History and Development of Slag and Dross Pressing
David J. Roth

117. Testing PPE for Molten Aluminum Splash Resistance
John Zeh, J. T. Major, Jason Sparks

118. Grain refinement of self-hardening aluminum alloys
Mario Rosso, Ildiko Peter, Christian Castella, Silvia Lombardo

119. Modification of Eutectic Si and Refinement of Eutectic Grain in Al-Si-Mg Alloys by CrB2 and Sr Addition
J. H. Li, P. Schumacher

120. Modification of Macrosegregation Patterns in Rolling Slab Ingots by Bulk Grain Migration
S. R. Wagstaff, A. Allanore

121. Effect of High Intensity Ultrasonic Treatment on the Microstructure, Corrosion and Mechanical Behaviour of AC7A Aluminum Alloy
A. M. El-Aziz, M. A. El-Hady, W. Khlifa

122. Mechanism of Zirconium Poisoning Effect on TiB2 Inoculation in Aluminium Alloys
Yun Wang, Li Zhou, Zhongyun Fan

123. Study of Manganese Dissolution in Aluminum Melts
Ghadir Razaz, Torbjörn Carlberg

124. Ultrasonic Grain Refining of Continuous Cast Aluminum: Microstructure and Properties
Michael Powell, Kiran Manchiraju, Qingyou Han

125. Aluminium Casting Furnace Energy Efficiency: Recent Improvements in Rio Tinto Aluminium Casthouses
Vincent Goutière, Martin Fortier, Claude Dupuis

126. Case Study on Round-Top Fire Rates
Cynthia Belt

127. Increasing Holding Furnace Capacity from 30 to be 40 Tons Molten Aluminium through Modification of Lining Design
S. S. Sijabat, Ivan E., M. Syafri Sunardi

128. Furnace Modeling for Efficient Combustion Gas Circulation
Ayoola T. Brimmo, Mohamed I Hassan

129. Furnace Pressure Control Technology for Fuel Efficiency
Robert Voyer, Francis Caron

130. Calculated Aluminum Oxidation Rates during Rotary Furnace Melting through Flue Gas Analysis — Part Two
Stewart Jepson, Hwanho Kim

131. On the Cast House Exergy Management
Ayoola T. Brimmo, Mohamed I Hassan

132. Design of Square Induction Coils for the Electromagnetic Priming of Ceramic Foam Filters
Robert Fritzsch, Mark William Kennedy, Ragnhild E. Aune

133. Assessment of Active Filters for High Quality Aluminium Cast Products
Pierre Brun, Fabio Taina, Claudia Voigt, Eva Jäckel, Christos Aneziris

134. Numerical Simulation of Degassing Phenomena in Direct Chilled Casting Process under External Static Magnetic Field on Flow Pattern in Slab Mold
Mouhamadou A. Diop, Mohamed I Hassan, Chen Xiaomeng

135. The Problem of Cavities in Open Mold Conveyor Remelt Ingots
John Grandfield

136. Theory and Practical Application of Ultrasonic Degassing at J. W. Aluminum
Dawid D Smith, Kent O. Britt

137. TiB2 Particle Detection in Liquid Aluminum via Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
S. W. Hudson, J. Craparo, R. Saro, D. Apelian

138. Inline melt treatment for low to medium metal flow rates
Arild Håkonsen, Terje Haugen, John Olav Fagerlie

139. Effect of Soaking Treatment on the Microstructure and Wear Behavior of the Ultrasonic Melt-Treated B390 Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy
Mona Fadl, Waleed Khalifa, Shimaa El-hadad

140. Influence of Oxidation on Contact Angle between Liquid Aluminum and Al2O3
Ping Shen, Lifeng Zhang, Yi Wang

141. Optimization of the Ultrasonic Processing in a Melt Flow
I Tzanakis, G S B Lebon, D G Eskin, K Pericleous

142. A Comparison of Cold and Hot PoDFA Procedure for Particle Monitoring in Liquid Aluminium
Mark Badowski, Roland Schmoll

143. Assessment of Settling Behavior of Particles with Different Shape Factors by LiMCA Data Analysis
Mertol Gökelma, Pierre Brun, Thien Dang, Mark Badowski, Johannes Morscheiser, Bernd Friedrich, Sebastian Tewes

144. Modeling of Inclusion Behavior in an Aluminum Induction Furnace
Emmanuel Waz, Akshay Bansal, Pierre Chapelle, Yves Delannoy, Jean Pierre Bellot, Pierre Brun

145. Characterization of Carbon Anode Materials by Image Analysis
Xian-Ai Huang, Duygu Kocaefe, Dipankar Bhattacharyay, Yasar Kocaefe, Brigitte Morais

146. Electrochemical Reactivity and Wetting Properties of Anodes Made from Anisotropic and Isotropic Cokes
Camilla Sommerseth, Rebecca Jayne Thorne, Arne Petter Ratvik, Espen Sandnes, Stein Rørvik, Lorentz Petter Lossius, Hogne Linga, Ann Mari Svensson

147. Study of the Wetting of Coke by Different Pitches
Ying Lu, Duygu Kocaefe, Yasar Kocaefe, Dipankar Bhattacharyay, Xian-Ai Huang, Brigitte Morais

148. Quantification of Sodium Present in Dry Aggregates and Anodes
Julie Bureau, Duygu Kocaefe, Dipankar Bhattacharyay, Yasar Kocaefe, Brigitte Morais

149. Interfacial Boundary between Carbon Anodes and Molten Salt Electrolyte
Wojciech Gebarowski, Camilla Sommerseth, Arne Petter Ratvik, Espen Sandnes, Lorentz Petter Lossius, Hogne Linga, Ann Mari Svensson

150. Measurement of the Electric Current Distribution in an Anode
Marc-Alain Andoh, Duygu Kocaefe, Dipankar Bhattacharyay, Yasar Kocaefe, Daniel Marceau, Brigitte Morais

151. Cathode Wear in Electrowinning of Aluminum Investigated by a Laboratory Test Cell
Z. Wang, S. Nobakhtghalati, A. Støre, A. Solheim, K. Tschöpe, A. P. Ratvik, T. Grande

152. Copper Bars for the Hall-Héroult Process
René Kaenel, Louis Bugnion, Jacques Antille, Laure Kaenel

153. Modeling Gravity Wave in 3D with Openfoam in an Aluminum Reduction Cell with Regular and Irregular Cathode Surfaces
Marc Dupuis, Michaël Pagé

154. Porous Carbon Anodes for the Supply of Methane during Electrowinning of Aluminium
Babak Khalaghi, Henrik Gudbrandsen, Ole Sigmund Kjos, Karen Sende Osen, Tommy Mokkelbost, Geir Martin Haarberg

155. Creep Behavior and Change of Porous Structure of Graphite Cathode Material in NaF-AlF3-Al2O3 Melt under External Pressure
Qiwei Tan, Jilai Xue, Jing Sun, Jun Zhu

156. Uneven Cathode Wear in Aluminium Reduction Cells
Tao Li, Stein Tore Johansen, Asbjørn Solheim

157. Effect of Cathode Collector Copper Inserts on the Hall-Héroult Cell MHD Stability
Valdis Bojarevics

158. Anode Baking Furnace Fluewall Design Evolution: A Return of Experience of Latest Baffleless Technology Implementation
Yann Ghaoui, Sandra Besson, Yannick Drouet, François Morales, Alan Tomsett, Magali Gendre, Nigel Martin Anderson, Bernhard Eich

159. Effect of Heating Rate During Baking on the Properties of Carbon Anodes Used in Aluminum Industry
Yasmine Chamam, Duygu Kocaefe, Yasar Kocaefe, Dipankar Bhattacharyay, Brigitte Morais

160. Empirical Modeling of the Baking Furnace to Predict Baked Anode Properties
Amélie Dufour, Jayson Tessier, Louis Gosselin, Carl Duchesne

161. In Situ Investigation of the Behavior of Anode Assemblies
Simon-Olivier Tremblay, Daniel Marceau, Duygu Kocaefe, Charles-Luc Lagacé, Marc Gagnon, François Laflamme, Guy Ladouceur

162. Low Resistance Anode Assembly Using Steel Stubhole Conductors Across the Cast Iron to Carbon Interface
W. Berends, S. Haley, M. Gagnon

163. Upgrade of the Firing and Control System at Egyptalum for Dual Fuel Firing
D. Maiwald, D. Lisa, Mario Mnikoleiski, Amir Tharwat Henry

164. Mirea: an On-Line Quality Control Equipment Integration in an Operational Context
Marc Gagnon, Guillaume Léonard, Ameline Bernard, Yann Ghaoui, Stéphane Gourmaud

165. Journey Towards World-Class Operational Effectiveness at DUBAL (EGA Jebel Ali) Paste Plant
B. Ndjom, M. S. Malik, A. Marzouqi, M. F. Ismael, T. K. Sahu, S. A. Rabba

166. The Startup and the Operation Performance of the Twin Green Anode Plant at Maaden Aluminium Smelter in Saudi Arabia
Christophe Bouché, Abdulrahman Al-Shammari, Subah Al-Shammari, Nitin Yadav, Michel Gendron, Pasquale Calo

167. Simulation-Based Decision Support in Cathode Re-Lining Facility Design
L. Tikasz, W. Y. Alghamdi, J. Caissy, R. I. McCulloch

168. Twin-Roll Casting of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced and Glass Fiber-Reinforced Aluminum Strips
Olexandr Grydin, Mykhailo Stolbchenko, Mirko Schaper

169. Productivity Improvements in Industrial Twin-Roll Casting by Heat Loss Analysis Along the Process Chain
Christian W. Schmidt, Kai-Friedrich Karhausen

170. Development and Numerical Simulation of a Compound Belt Casting Process
Stefan Heugenhauser, Erhard Kaschnitz, Tim Mittler, Manuel Pintore, Peter Schumacher

171. Crystallographic Texture Development of As-Cast 3105 Alloy Produced by St/Cu Shell Pair
Hatice Mollaoğlu Altuner, Cemil Işıksaçan, Onur Birbaşar, Mert Günyüz, Onur Meydanoğlu

172. Annealing Curve of 3105 Alloy Produced by Twin Roll and Belt Casting Method
Dionysios Spathis, John Tsiros, Andreas Mavroudis

173. Effect of As-Cast Strip Thickness and Reduction Prior to Soft Annealing on the Formability of Twin-Roll Cast 5754 Sheets
Onur Meydanoglu, Cemil Işıksaçan, Mert Günyüz, Onur Birbaşar, Hatice Mollaoğlu Altuner

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Materials Engineering, Light Construction, Steel Construction, Timber Construction

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1078 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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