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Energy Technology 2015

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Table of contents

1. A Thermodynamic Study of Mixed Carbon Feedstock Gasification Slags
Jinichiro Nakano, Marc Duchesne, James Bennett, Kyei-Sing Kwong, Anna Nakano

2. Evaluation of Heat Treatment Performance of Potential Pipe Steels in CCS-Environment
Anja Pfennig, Helmut Wolthusen, Philip Zastrow, Axel Kranzmann

3. Economic Assessment of Methanol Synthesis by CO2 from Coal-Fired Power Plants
Yudong Wang, Yongnian Dai

4. Thermal Wastes from Energy Conversions and Global Anthropogenic Warming
Neale R. Neelameggham, Brian R. Davis

5. Influence of the Initial Solidification Controlling on the Energy Saving during Continuous Casting
Lejun Zhou, Wanlin Wang

6. Performance of Twin Oxygen-Coal Lances for PCI Operation in Blast Furnace Iron Making
Fanqing Meng, Huiqing Tang, Zhilong Zhao

7. Energy Saving and CO2 Emission Reducing Analysis of Chinese Iron and Steel Industry
Zhang Qi, Li Yu, Shen Yinghua, Dong Hui

8. Investigation on the Heat Recovery from High Temperature Slags
Yongqi Sun, Zuotai Zhang

9. Optimal Distribution of Byproduct Gases in Iron and Steel Industry Based on Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP)
Xiancong Zhao, Hao Bai, Qi Shi, Jiehai Han, Hongxu Li

10. Energy Efficient Separation of Magnetic Alloy fron the Carbothermic Reduction of NKANA Cu-Co Concentrates
Yotamu R. S. Hara, Animesh Jha

11. LCA Evaluation for Different Treatment Processes of Nickel Laterite Ore
Shuai Wang, Hongxu Li, Chao Li, Xiangxin Hao, Qinghua Bao, Lifeng Zhang

12. Low Temperature Sulphidization of Cu-Co SLAG in the Presence of Calcium Sulphide
Yotamu R. S. Hara, Animesh Jha

13. A Kinetic Analysis of Acid Leaching of Niobium and Zirconium from Titania Waste Residue Stream: an Energy Efficient Methodology for the Reclamation of Metal Values
Terence Makanyire, Animesh Jha, Stephen Sutcliffe

14. The Optimization Formula Design of CuxZn1-xO Infrared Radiation Material and Coating Slurry
Yuhao Ding, Hao Bai, Chao Lian, Wei Wei, Wenquan Liu

15. The Role of Austenitizing Routines of Pipe Steels During CCS
Anja Pfennig, Johann Schiz, Axel Kranzmann

16. Evaluation of Surface Tension for the NaNO3-KNO3-Ca(NO3)2 System and its Sub-System
Jifang Xu, Jingjing Zhao, Jixu Wang, Jianchao Li, Kang Wan

17. Development of High Flux Solar Simulators for Solar Thermal Research
Ben M. Ekman, Geoffrey Brooks, M. Akbar Rhamdhani

18. The Removal of Phosphate and Ammonia Nitrogen from Wastewater Using Steel Slag
Xu Ping, Yang Liyun, Renaguli Aikebaier, Bai Hao

19. Sustainable Recycling Technologies for Bauxite Residue (Red Mud) Utilization
Ji Whan Ahn, Thenepalli Thriveni, Seong Young Nam

20. Investigation on Recycling of Ag from Pb-Cu-Ag Alloy by Vacuum Distillation1

Bingyi Song, Wenlong Jiang, Bin Yang, Baoqiang Xu, Qitong Yang, Shuai Xu, Dachun Liu

21. Recycling of Sinter Plant Offgas Cleaning System Dust by Pre-Agglomeration
Naiyang Ma

22. Recovery of Metals from Waste Printed Circuit Boards by Leaching with 1-Ethyl-3-Methyl-Imidazolium Hydrogen Sulfate Ionic Liquid
Tuğba Selcen Atalay, Ayfer Kılıçarslan, Muhlis Nezihi Sarıdede

23. Application of 1-Methylimidazolium Hydrogen Sulfate Ionic Liquid to the Oxidative Leaching of Copper and Zinc in Industrial Brass Dross
Ayfer Kılıçarslan, Muhlis Nezihi Sarıdede

24. Experimental Study on Reduction in Low Grade Lateritic Nickel Ore Mixed with Pickling Sludge
Feng Ya-hui, Sun ying, Zhang jing, Li Qiu-ju

25. Recycling Wastes in the Alumina and the Cement Industry
Nickolay Ilyoukha, Valentina Timofeeva

26. Evaluation of the Silver Recovery from Radiographic Films in a Filter Press Electrochemical Reactor
Pedro Alberto Ramirez Ortega, Victor Esteban Reyes Cruz, Laura Garcia Hernández, Diana Arenas Islas, Mizrraim Uriel Flores Guerrero, Luis Garcia Lechuga

27. Leaching of Gold from Printed Circuit Boards Scrap of Mobile Phones
Angela C. Kasper, Hugo M. Veit

28. Effect of Electric Current Pulse on Grain Boundary of Grain Oriented Silicon Steel during Primary Recrystallization Annealing
Zheng Lu, Lijuan Li, Wenming Nan, Xiang Jiang, Qijie Zhai

29. Magnetostriction of Co-Fe-Based Amorphous Soft Magnetic Microwires
A. Zhukov, M. Churyukanova, S. Kaloshkin, V. Sudarchikova, S. Gudoshnikov, M. Ipatov, A. Talaat, J. M. Blanco, V. Zhukova

30. Magnetostructural Transition in Heusler Mn-Ni-In Melt-Spun Ribbons
Hongwei Li, Jian Ren, Jinke Yu, Hongxing Zheng

31. Magnetic Properties of Nanocrystalline Microwires
A. Talaat, V. Zhukova, M. Ipatov, J. M. Blanco, P. Klein, R. Varga, L. Gonzalez-Legarreta, B. Hernando, A. Zhukov

32. On Magnetocaloric Properties of (Pr,Dy)Fe9 Alloys
R. Guetari, C. B. Cizmas, K. Zehani, L. Bessais, N. Mliki

33. Technical Innovation and Entrepreneurial Potential of “Hydrotalcite Like” Materials
David Cocke, Paul Latiolais, Andrew Gomes, Gary Beall

34. Layered Double Hydroxides in Energy Research: Advantages and Challenges
Andrew Gomes, David Cocke, Doanh Tran, Arnab Baksi

35. Modelling the Structure and Vibrational Properties of Layered Double Hydroxides
Erwan Andre, Jean Fahel, Cedric Carteret

36. Synthesis of Hydrotalcite-like Compounds from Blast Furnace Slag: The Effect of Synthesis Parameters on Structure and Crystallinity
Maocheng He, Jianliang Zhang, Zhiwen Shi, Feng Liu, Xinyu Li

37. Evaluating Electrophoretically Deposited Cu-Mn-O Spinel Coatings on Stainless Steel Substrates Used in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Interconnects
Michael Galbo, Kyung Joong Yoon, Uday B. Pal, Srikanth Gopalan, Soumendra N. Basu

38. Degradation of Sm2Zr2O7 Thermal Barrier Coating Caused by Calcium-Magnesium-Aluminum-Silicon Oxide (CMAS) Deposition
Honglong Wang, Zhizhi Sheng, Emily Tarwater, Xingxing Zhang, Sudip Dasgupta, Jeffrey W. Fergus

39. Minimum System Entropy Production for the Figure of Merit of High Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid Properties
Peiwen Li, Ye Zhang

Keywords: Materials Science, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Energy Systems, Materials Engineering

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