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1. Arsenic and Antimony Removal from Copper Concentrates by Digestion with NaHS-NaOH
Maria C. Ruiz, Felipe Daroch, Rafael Padilla

2. Rate of Metal Deposition from Aqueous Solutions
Anne-Marie Suriano, Stanley Howard, Sadegh Safarzadeh

3. Electrochemical Reduction of Cobalt Tetrafluoroborate in 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate Ionic Liquid
Min Li, Zhongning Shi, Zhaowen Wang, Ramana G. Reddy

4. Extracting Alumina from Coal Fly Ash with Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Sintering and Ultrasound Aided Leaching
Wenbo Luo, Jilai Xue, Jun Zhu, Kang Liu, Chunlei Yang, Fusheng Mao

5. A Cellular Automaton Model Coupled with Finite Element Method for Solidification Process of Beam Blank Continuous Casting
Yan Zhao, Dengfu Chen, Mingtu Ma, Xinming Wan, Yang Li, Rongshan Qin

6. Numerical Simulation of the Coupled Turbulent Flow, Heat and Solute Transport in the Turbulent Flow Region of Slab Continuous Casting
Huabiao Chen, Dengfu Chen, Lintao Gui, Mujun Long, Yunwei Huang, Youguang Ma

7. Interphase Evolution and Defect Formation During Horizontally Directional Solidification Process of Sn-Zn Alloys
Alex I. Kociubczyk, Wilky Desrosin, Lucía Mabel Boycho, Carlos E. Schvezov, Alicia E. Ares

8. Effect of Technological Parameters on Mold Powder Entrainment by Water Model Study
Lizhi Zhang, Yugang Li, Qian Wang, Cheng Yan

9. Equivalency Comparison of Heat Transfer Coefficient in Liquid and Gas Quenches
Yuan Lu, Yiming Rong, Richard D. Sisson

10. Determination of Cavity Profile Induced by Supersonic Jets Impinging Onto Liquids Surface
Qiang Li, Mingming Li, Mingxia Feng, Zongshu Zou

11. In-Situ Gas Monitoring by Emission Spectroscopy
Thor Anders Aarhaug, Alain Marc Ferber, Pål Tetlie, Halvor Dalaker

12. Thermodynamic Study on Vanadium Extraction with CO2 and O2 Mixed Blowing
Wei-Tong Du, Yu Wang, Gang Wen

13. Effects of Power Ultrasound on Precipitation Process of Sodium Silicate Solutions
Tiepeng Li, Jilai Xue, Wenbo Luo, Jun Zhu

14. CO2 Capture and Conversion Using a Cobalt(III) Schiff Base Complex as a Catalyst at Ambient Conditions
Jun Miao, Jilai Xue, Jun Zhu, Kang Liu

15. Effect of Laminar Cooling Parameters on Martensite Volume Fraction and Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Dual Phase Steel
Sibel Daglılar, Isıl Kerti, Sinem Yıldırım

16. The Effect of Graphene on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum/Graphene Produced by HPT
Liyuan Zhao, Huimin Lu, Zhijiang Gao

17. The Extent of Dopant Activation after Microwave and Rapid Thermal Anneals Using Similar Heating Profiles
T. Gunawansa, Zhao Zhao, N. David Theodore, A. R. Lanz, T. L. Alford

18. Application of Computational Thermodynamics to Steel Processing: The Case of Steel Cleanness
A. Costa e Silva, L. Goulart, E. Araujo, R. Batista
, A. Martins

19. Reaction Between MnO-SiO2 Oxides with Low FeO Content and Solid Steel Deoxidized by Si and Mn During Heat Treatment
Chengsong Liu, Jingshe Li, Haiyan Tang, Xiaojie Gao

20. Nucleation and Growth in the Equiaxed Zone of Metal Matrix Composites
Alicia E. Ares, Carlos E. Schvezov

21. Combined Effects of Silicon (Si) and Low Temperature Annealing on the Tensile Properties of Cartridge (70/30) Brass with Nickel (Ni) and Iron (Fe) Contaminants
Adegbenjo Adewale Oladapo, Adegbola Adekunle Amos, Raji Fatai Olasunkanmi, Ladiipo Olufemi Akinbiyi, Adeboje Taiwo Bode, Ibitoye Simeon Ademola

22. Effect of Lime on Alumina Extracting Property of Calcium Aluminate Slag
Wang Bo, Zhang Yubing, Ma Lijuan, Sun Huilan

23. Prepare for U3O8 from Ammonium Uranyl Carbonate Using Microwave Calcination
Liu bing-guo, Peng jin-hui, Zhang li-bo, Hu jin-ming, Guo sheng-hui, Kong dong-cheng

24. Directional Growth of Bulk Silicon from Silicon-Aluminum-Tin Melts
Yaqiong Li, Yi Tan, Kazuki Morita

25. Preparation of Solar Grade Silicon Precursor by Silicon Dioxide Electrolysis in Molten Salts
Liangxing Li, Jinzhao Guan, Aimin Liu, Zhongning Shi, Michal Korenko, Junli Xu, Bingliang Gao, Zhaowen Wang

26. Effect of Temperature in Extraction of High Purity Amorphous Silica from Rice Husk for Silicon Production
C. E. Ilochonwu, C. O. Nwajagu, I. U. Onyenanu, E. I. Nwonye

27. Numerical Modeling of Stress Distribution in a Bi-Grain Small Scale Silicon Ingot Including Crucible Deformation
Sylvain Gouttebroze, Mohammed M’Hamdi

28. Mechanical Strength of Silicon Solar Wafers Characterized by Ring-On-Ring Test in Combination with Digital Image Correlation
V. A. Popovich, W. Geerstma, M. Janssen, I. J. Bennett, I. M. Richardson

29. Behavior for Nitrogen and Iron in the Bottom of Casting Multicrystalline Silicon Ingot
Cong Zhang, Kuixian Wei, Wenhui Ma, Jiao Li, Yongnian Dai

30. Thermal Field Design and Optimization of Directional Solidification for Multicrystalline Silicon Growth
Wenhui Ma, Xi Yang, Guoqiang Lv

31. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Screen-Printed Silver Front Side Solar Cell Contact
V. A. Popovich, M. Janssen, I. J. Bennett, I. M. Richardson

32. Studies on the Purification of Na3AlF6−K2SiF6−AlF3 Melt
Zhongliang Tian, Shu Yang, Yanqing Lai, Xun Hu, Jie Li

33. Electrochemical Separation of Dy and Nd From Nd Magnet Scrap in a Molten LiCl-KCl
Hirokazu Konishi, Hideki Ono, Eiichi Takeuchi, Toshiyuki Nohira, Tetsuo Oishi

34. Production of Titanium Oxycarbide from Titania-Rich Mineral Sands
Farzin Fatollahi-Fard, Petrus Christiaan Pistorius

35. Experimental Thermodynamic Study on the Ag-Sb System at Elevated Temperatures
Markus Aspiala, Fiseha Tesfaye, Pekka Taskinen

36. Synthesis of High Performance LiMn0.8Fe0.2PO4/C Cathode Material for Lithium ion Batteries: Effect of Calcination Temperature
Enrui Dai, Weibing Chen, Haisheng Fang, Hui Wang, Bin Yang, Wenhui Ma

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

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