Bai, Chenguang

Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2015

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Table of contents

1. Study of Age Hardening Behavior in a 350 Grade Maraging Steel
Leandro Gomes Carvalho, Ronald Lesley Plaut, Marcelo Aquino Martorano, Angelo Fernando Padilha

2. Laser Welding between TWIP Steels and Automotive High-Strength Steels
Pasquale Russo Spena, Matteo Rossini, Luca Cortese, Paolo Matteis, Giorgio Scavino, Donato Firrao

3. Undercooling of Rapidly Solidified Droplets and Spray Formed Strips of Al-Cu (Sc)
A. Bogno, P. Natzke, S. Yin, H. Henein

4. Selective Laser Melting: Characteristics of IN718 Powder and Microstructures of Fabricated IN718 Sample
Xiao Sun, Shouping Liu, Jun Bao, Kai Kang

5. Advanced FIB Applications in Materials Research at CanmetMATERIALS
Jian Li, P. Liu, R. Zhang, J. Lo

6. Cyclic Hardness Test PHYBALCHT: A New Short-Time Procedure to Estimate Fatigue Properties of Metallic Materials
Hendrik Kramer, Marcus Klein, Dietmar Eifler

7. Innovative Procedure for the Characterisation of Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Carbon Base Materials Using the Gleeble® 3800 System
Dany Racine, Dmitry Lukovnikov, Daniel Marceau, Denis Laroche

8. Solid Solution Characterization in Metal by Original Tomographic Scanning Microwave Microscopy Technique
Eric Bourillot, Pauline Vitry, Virgil Optasanu, Cédric Plassard, Yvon Lacroute, Tony Montessin, Eric Lesniewska

9. Comparsion of the Mechanisms of Void Formation by Plastic Deformation in Single- and Dual-Phase BCC-Steels
Gregory Gerstein, Hans-Bernward Besserer, Florian Nürnberger, Hans Jürgen Maier

10. Characterization of Sintering Dust, Blast Furnace Dust and Carbon Steel Electric Arc Furnace Dust
Feng Chang, Shengli Wu, Fengjie Zhang, Hua Lu, Kaiping Du

11. Influence of Mineralogical Characteristics of Iron Ore on Formation and Flow of Liquid Phase
Bo Su, Sheng-li Wu, Guo-liang Zhang

12. Effect of Pressure on the Corrosion of Materials in High Temperature Water
W. Li, O. T. Woo, D. Guzonas, J. Li, X. Huang, R. Sanchez, C. D. Bibby

13. The Effect of Strain Reversal during High Pressure Torsion on the Microstructure Evolution and Texture of Aluminum Alloys
K. Chadha, P. P. Bhattacharjee, M. Jahazi

14. Bending Mechanical Behavior of Polyester Matrix Reinforced with Fique Fiber
Giulio Rodrigues Altoé, Pedro Amoy Netto, Mariana Barcelos, André Gomes, Frederico Muylaert Margem, Sergio Neves Monteiro

15. Weibull Analysis of the Behavior on Tensile Strength of Hemp Fibers for Different Intervals of Fiber Diameters
Lázaro A. Rohen, Frederico M. Margem, Anna C. C. Neves, Maycon A. Gomes, Sérgio N. Monteiro, Carlos Maurício F. Vieira, Rafael G. Castro, Gustavo X. Borges

16. Preparation and Characterization of Natural Rubber/Organophilic Clay Nanocomposites
M. Gonzales-Fernandes, F. J. Esper, M. G. Silva-Valenzuela, G. R. Martín-Cortés, F. R. Valenzuela-Diaz, H. Wiebeck

17. Tensile Properties of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Continuous PALF Fibers
Gabriel O. Glória, Giulio R. Altoé, Ygor M. Moraes, Rômulo L. Loyola, Frederico M. Margem, Sergio N. Monteiro

18. Replacement of Carbon Black on Natural Rubber Composites and Nanocomposites — Part 1
Guillermo R. Martín-Cortés, Fabio J. Esper, Antonio J. Santana Araujo, Wildor T. Hennies, Maria G. Silva Valenzuela, Francisco R. Valenzuela-Díaz

19. Flexural Mechanical Characterization of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Continuous Banana Fibers
Foluke S. Assis, Pedro A. Netto, Frederico M. Margem, Rômulo L. Loiola, Sergio N. Monteiro

20. Influence of the Nanoclay Cloisite 20A Incorporation on Properties of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Jorge N. Sales, Andressa A. Silva, Francisco R. Valenzuela-Diaz, Esperidiana A. B. Moura

21. Characterization of Closed-Cell Aluminium Foams Subjected to Compressive Loading
M. A. Islam, J. P. Escobedo, P. J. Hazell, G. J. Appleby-Thomas, M. Z. Quadir

22. Improvement on Performance of Mg-C Refractories as Lining of Vanadium-Extraction Converters
Weijun Huang, Lei Xu, Shuai Zhang, Min Chen

23. Analysis on Deep Treatment Effect of Coking Wastewater Using 3D Electrode Combined with Fenton Reagent
Lei Zhang, Lina Wang, Pu Liu, Benquan Fu, Jiannyang Hwang, Shining Chen

24. Characterization of Steelmaking Desulfurization Slag
Mallikharjuna R. Bogala, Mingming Zhang, Ramana G. Reddy

25. Development and Characterization of Nanomaterials for Zinc Vapor Capture
Paul S. Korinko, Simona E. Hunyadi Murph

26. Separation of Roasted Coating and Core in Double-Layered Pellet Roasting for Pretreatment of Sulfur and Arsenic-Bearing Gold Concentrate
Tao Jiang, Xi-shan Li, Yong-bin Yang, Qian Li, Jie Ge

27. Prediction for the Surface Tension of FeO-TiO2-Ti2O3-X(SiO2, CaO, MgO) Slag Systems
Yanhui Liu, Xuewei Lv, Chenguang Bai

28. Constitutive Modeling of a Glass Fiber-Reinforced PTFE Gasketed-Joint Under a Re-torque
James Williams, Ali P. Gordon

29. Microwave Absorption Characteristics of Tire
Yuzhe Zhang, Jiann-Yang Hwang, Zhiwei Peng, Matthew Andriese, Bowen Li, Xiaodi Huang, Xinli Wang

30. Optical Evaluation for Biomimetic Microlens Array on PDMS Sheet
Kenji Monden

31. Behavior of Linear Low Density Polyethylene Films under UV Ageing for Agricultural Application
Patricia Negrini Siqueira Poveda, Hamilton Magalhães Viana, Leonardo Gondim de Andrade Silva

32. Photoacoustic Thermal Characterization of Malva Fibers
Jean Igor Margem, Vinicius Alves Gomes, Roberto Faria, Frederico Muylaert Margem, Thallis Cordeiro, Marina Rangel Margem, Sergio Neves Monteiro

33. Mechanical, Morphological and Thermal Properties of Açaí Fibers Reinforced Biodegradable Polymer Composites
Célio H. Wataya, Roberta A. Lima, Rene R. Oliveira, Esperidiana A. B. Moura

34. Influence of Clay Exfoliation on the Properties of Evoh/Clay Flexible Films
Messias dos Santos Machado, Renato B. Godoy, Andressa Silva, Roberta Lima, Rene R. Oliveira, Francisco Valenzuela-Díaz, Esperidiana Moura

35. Chemical Resistance of Ornamental Compound Stone Produced with Marble Waste and Unsaturated Polyester
Carlos E. Gomes Ribeiro, Rubén J. Sánchez Rodriguez, Carlos M. Fontes Vieira

36. Characterization of Feldspar by Instrumental Analytical Techniques
Zainab Shehu Aliyu, Adele Dzikwi Garkida, Edwin Adoyi Ali, Muhammad Dauda

37. Microwave Power Absorption Characteristics of Iron Oxides
Zhiwei Peng, Jiann-Yang Hwang, Matthew Andriese, Yuzhe Zhang, Guanghui Li, Tao Jiang

38. Qualitative and Mineralogical Characterization of Lead Deposit in Ishiagu, Ebonyi State Nigeria
G. O. Onyedika, K. Onwukamike, C. Onyenehide, M. O. C. Ogwuegbu

39. Sintering Characteristics of Iron Ores with Addition of Laterite Nickel Ores
Xinyu Li, Jianliang Zhang, Chaoquan Yao, Yapeng Zhang, Zhiwen Shi, Fei Wang

40. Alumina Superfines Based Geopolymeres: Developments and Characterization
Nilton F. Nagem, Marcos Aurélio S. Costa, Valeria G. Silva, Andreia B. Henriques, Alexandra A. P. Mansur, Antonio E. C. Peres, Herman S. Mansur

41. Densification and Mechanical Properties of Reaction Sintered Al2O3-MgO-CaO Refractory
Lei Xu, Liang-yu Jin, Xue-liang Yin, Min Chen

42. Influence of Sintering Temperature on Microstructure and Properties of Magnesia Partially Stabilized Zirconia Ceramics
Lan Jiang, Shuqiang Guo, Yinhe Liu, Yuyang Bian, Song Chen, Xingxing Zhang, Gonghui Yang, Weizhong Ding

43. Evaluation of Structural Clay Brick Masonry Units by Weibull Analysis and Brazilian Code and Specifications
N. G. Azeredo, J. Alexandre, A. R. G. Azevedo, C. G. Xavier, S. N. Monteiro, E. B. Zanelato, R. P. Oliveira

44. Brazilian Bentonite Submitted to Mild Acid Treatment Under Moderated Conditions
C. G. Bastos Andrade, V. F. Justo, D. M. Fermino, M. G. S. Valenzuela, C. Volzone, F. R. Valenzuela-Diaz

45. Increase of Flexural Strength of Red Ceramic Pieces Incorporated with Ornamental Rock Waste: Application of Weibull Statistic for Determination of Best Firing Temperature
C. B Piazzarollo, G. C. Xavier, J. Alexandre, A. R. G. Azevedo, S. N. Monteiro

46. Shape Memory Characteristics of Rapidly Solidified Ti-37.8Cu-18.7Ni Alloy Ribbons
Alana Pereira Ramos, Walman Benicio Castro

47. Effects of Casting Conditions on the Structure and Magnetic Properties of the Co-19 at.%Al-6 at. %W Alloy
N. V. Kazantseva, N. N. Stepanova, M. B. Rigmant, D. I. Davidov, D. A. Shishkin, E. P. Romanov

48. Characterization of the Phase Composition of Nanosized Lithium Titanates Synthesized by Inductive Thermal Plasma
François Quesnel, Gervais Soucy, Jocelyn Veilleux, Pierre Hovington, Wen Zhu, Karim Zaghib

49. Improved Hydrogen Storage Properties of Mg(BH4)2-Mg(AlH4)2 Combined Systems
Haoyuan Xiao, Haiyan Leng, Zhigang Yu, Qian Li, Kuo-Chih Chou

50. Optical Parameters of CdS1−yTey Thin Films
Shadia J. Ikhmayies

51. The Effects of High Al2O3 on the Metallurgical Properties of Sinter
Wen-tao Yu, Hai-bin Zuo, Jian-liang Zhang, Tao Zhang

52. Characterization of Formulations with Ornamental Rock Waste and Clays to Produce Ceramic Paver
Carlos Mauricio Fontes Vieira, Thiago Samarão Motta, Sergio Neves Monteiro

53. Evaluation of Thermoelectric Methods for the Detection of Fretting Damage in 7075-T6 and Ti-6Al-4V Alloys
Hector Carreon

54. Optimization Research of Peritectic Steel Mold Flux with Co2O3 Doping
Chen Junfu, Xie Junlin, He Feng, Jiann Yang Hwang, Wan Entong, Cao Tongyou, Peng Zhugang, Zhang Jianjun, Yang Chengwei, Fang De

55. Effect of Potential on Characteristics of Oxide Product Layers on Chalcopyrite
Yu Juan, Yang Hong-ying

56. Pullout Tests Behavior of Epoxy Matrix Reinforced with Malva Fibers
Jean Igor Margem, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Vinicius Alves Gomes, Marina Rangel Margem, Frederico Muylaert Margem

57. Tensile Strength of Polyester Composites Reinforced with Fique Fibers
Giulio Rodrigues Altoé, Pedro Amoy Netto, Maria Carolina Andrade Teles, Glenio Daniel, Frederico Muylaert Margem, Sergio Neves Monteiro

58. Characterization of Polyester Matrix Reinforced with Banana Fibers Thermal Properties by Photoacoustic Technique
Foluke S. Assis, Pedro A. Netto, Frederico M. Margem, Artur R. P. Junior Sergio N. Monteiro

59. Hot-Pressing and Mechanical Properties of BN Based Composites
Meng Liu, Yijie Song, Xiaohong Xu, Guotao Xu, Gaifeng Xue, Jixiong Liu

60. Experimental Study of Advanced Treatment of Coking Wastewater Using PFS Coagulation-Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology
Lei Zhang, Lina Wang, Pu Liu, Benquan Fu, Jiannyang Hwang, Shining Chen

61. Phase Transformation and Element Migration in the Oxidation Process of Nickel-Copper Sulfide Ore
Guangshi Li, Hongwei Cheng, Xingli Zou, Xionggang Lu, Changyuan Lu, Dan Wang, Zhongfu Zhou, Qian Xu

62. Sintering and Performance of High Alumina Refractory with ZrO2 Addition
Lei Xu, Min Chen

63. Iron Recovery from Copper Slag Through Oxidation-Reduction Magnetic Concentration at Intermediate Temperature
Zhiwen Wu, Chen Chen, Yahui Feng, Xin Hong

64. Characterization and Evaluation of Incorporation the Casting Sand in Mortar
E. B. Zanelato, A. R. G. Azevedo, J. Alexandre, C. G. Xavier, S. N. Monteiro, T. A. O. Mendonça

65. Carbonization of Coals Mixed Iron Ore Fines and Gasification of Resulting Iron Coke with CO2: Transformation of Iron Minerals and Coke Properties
Shengfu Zhang, Wei Liu, Shuxing Qiu, Mingrui Yang, Manjie Li

66. Experimental Investigation on High Temperature Roasting of Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag
Ruirui Wei, Meilong Hu, Fangqing Yin, Yanhui Liu

67. Experimental Study on Semi-Dry Flue Gas Desulfurization Ash Used in Steel Slag Composite Material
Lijun Lu, Honghui Fang

68. Effect of Manganese on the Formation Mechanisms of Silico-Ferrite of Calcium and Aluminum (SFCA)
Leige Xia, Xinyu Li, Jianliang Zhang, Chaoquan Yao, Jian Guo, Chao Zhang

69. Izod Impact Test in Epoxi Matrix Composites Reinforced with Hemp Fiber
Lázaro A. Rohen, Frederico M. Margem, Anna C. C. Neves, Sérgio N. Monteiro, Maycon A. Gomes, Rafael G. Castro, Carlos Maurício F. V, Fernanda Paula

70. Zinc Recovery from Zinc Oxide Flue Dust during the Neutral Leaching Process by Ultrasound
Xuemei Zheng, Jing Li, Aiyuan Ma, Jinhui Peng, Libo Zhang, Shaohua Yin

71. Microhardness and Deformation Storage Energy Density of NiTi Thin Films
Yonghua Li, Xiaodong Wang, Weitao Zheng, Fanling Meng

72. Morphology and Distribution of Nb-Rich Phase and Graphite in Nb Microalloyed Ductile Iron
Haicheng Li, Chao Yang, Zhang Wei, Xiangru Chen, Qijie Zhai

73. Cause Analysis on Buildup Formation of Carbon Sleeve in Continuous Annealing Furnace for Non-Oriented Silicon Steel Produced by CSP Process
Mingsheng He, Shoujun Peng, Gaifeng Xue, Yexian Ouyang, Jing Zhang, Huasheng Chen, Bin Liu

74. Analysis of the Feasibility of Using Soil from the Municipality of Goytacazes/RJ for Production of Soil-Cement Brick
J. Alexandre, A. R. G. Azevedo, M. M. D. Theophilo, C. G. Xavier, A. L. C. Paes, S. N. Monteiro, F. M. Margem, N. G. Azeredo

75. Effects of Niobium Microalloying on the Pearlite of Ductile Iron
Chao Yang, Wei Zhang, Haicheng Li, Xiangru Chen, Qijie Zhai

76. Evaluation of Palf Fibers Elasticity Modulus with Different Diameters by Weibull Analysis
Gabriel O. Glória, Giulio R. Altoé, Ygor M. Moraes, Pedro A. Netto, Frederico M. Margem, Sergio N. Monteiro

77. Research on Reasonable Particle Size of Coal Blends for Blast Furnace Injection: Semi Coke and Bituminous Coal
Haiyang Wang, Runsheng Xu, Tengfei Song, Pengcheng Zhang

78. Recovery of Copper from Slow Cooled Ausmelt Furnace Slag by Floatation
Ping Xue, Guangqiang Li, Qingwei Qin

79. Characterization of Mechanical Properties of PP/HMSPP Blends with Natural and Synthetic Polymers Subjected to Gamma-Irradiation
E. C. L Cardoso, S. R. Scagliusi, A. B. Lugão

80. Effect of Mercerization and Electron-Beam Irradiation on Mechanical Properties of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) / Brazil Nut Pod Fiber (BNPF) Bio-Composites
Rejane D. Campos, Maria Sotenko, Mahesh Hosur, Shaik Jeelani, Francisco R. V. Díaz, Esperidiana A. B. Moura, Kerry Kirwan, Emilia S. M. Seo

81. Analysis of Porosity and Flexural Strength Changes of Red Ceramic Pieces Incorporated with Ornamental Rock Waste
C. B. Piazzarollo, G. C. Xavier, J. Alexandre, A. R. G. Azevedo, S. N. Monteiro, L. G. Pedroti

82. Effects of Accelerated Thermal Aging on Polypropylene Modified by Irradiation Process
Washington Luiz Oliani, Danilo Marin Fermino, Luis Filipe Carvalho Pedroso Lima, Ademar Benevolo Lugao, Duclerc Fernandes Parra

83. Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Nanocomposites with Organoclay and Discarded Bond Paper
Danilo Marin Fermino, Washington Luiz Oliani, Christiano Gianesi Bastos Andrade, Ademar Benevolo Lugão, Duclerc Fernandes Parra, Francisco R. Valenzuela Diaz

84. Recovery of Mercury and Lead from Wastewater by Sulfide Precipitation-Flotation
Qian Li, Ting Liu, Peng Deng

85. Clinker Production from Waste: From Cellulose Industry and Processing Marble and Granite Industry
G. L. Pedroti, C. M. F. Vieira, J. Alexandre, S. N. Monteiro, L Justino, C. G. Xavier

86. Study of Wettability of Clayey Ceramic and Fluorescent Lamp Glass Waste Powders
Alline Sardinha Cordeiro Morais, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Sebastião Ribeiro, Leonardo Carneiro Sardinha, Carlos Maurício Fontes Vieira

87. Biodegradable Starch/Copolyesters Film Reinforced with Silica Nanoparticles: Preparation and Characterization
Roberta A. Lima, Rene R. Oliveira, Célio H. Wataya, Esperidiana A. B. Moura

88. Cyanidation Study of Slag Rich in Silver
Miguel Pérez-Labra, J. Antonio Romero-Serrano, E. O. Ávila-Davila, M. Reyes-Pérez, F. R. Barrientos-Hernández, I. A. Lira Hernández

89. Thermophysical Properties of Modified Ti-bearing Blast Furnace Slags
Yongqi Sun, Zuotai Zhang

90. PhybalSIT — Fatigue Assessment and Life Time Calculation of the Ductile Cast Iron EN-GJS-600 at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures
Benjamin Jost, Marcus Klein, Dietmar Eifler

91. Gold Leaching Characteristics and Intensification of a High S and As-Bearing Gold Concentrate
Yong-bin Yang, Xiao-liang Liu, Tao Jiang, Qian Li, Bin Xu, Yan Zhang

92. Electrochemical Properties of Al-Cu Alloys in Nacl Solutions
Alejandra Silvina Roman, Claudia Marcela Méndez, Carlos Enrique Schvezov, Alicia Esther Ares

93. Evaluation of Acid Treatment on Brown Bentonite
C. G. Bastos Andrade, V. F. Justo, C. M. Matos, M. G. S. Valenzuela, C. Volzone, F. R. Valenzuela-Diaz

94. Numerical Simulation of the Copper Steel Composite Stave Heat Transfer in the Belly and Lower Shaft Region of the Blast Furnace
Qi Liu, Shu-sen Cheng, Jian-ping Niu, Dong-dong Liu

95. Effect of Applied Pressure on the Tribological Behaviour of Dual Particle Size Rutile Reinforced Lm13 Alloy Composite
Rama Arora, Suresh Kumar, Gurmel Singh, O. P. Pandey

96. Investigation on Mechanical and Thermal Behaviours of Copolyester/Pla Blend Reinforced with TiO2 Nanoparticle
Roberta A. Lima, Rene R. Oliveira, Vijaya K. Rangari, Shaik Jeelani, Esperidiana A. B. Moura

97. Influence of Cu2+ and Zn2+ on the Dissolution of Ag IN S2O32- Medium
Julio Cesar Juárez, Isauro Rivera, Francisco Patiño, Juan Hernández, Martin Reyes, Ma Ángeles Hernández

98. Photocatalytic H2 Production under Visible Light Irradiation on Novel Heterostructure Nis/Zns Nanosheet Photocatalyst
Likun Li, Junfu Chen, Jiann-Yang Hwang, JiXiong Liu, Yong Zhou, Lijun Lu

Keywords: Materials Science, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Metallic Materials, Ceramics, Glass, Composites, Natural Materials

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