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Energy Technology 2016

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Table of contents

1. Reduction of CO2 Emissions by Chemical Synthesis Processes in the Cement Industry
Juan Camilo Restrepo, Jorge Ivan Tóbon, Oscar Jaime Restrepo

2. Research on Greenhouse Gas Emission of Solid Dust Recovery Using Rotary Hearth Furnace Process in China
Hong-Qiang Liu, Jian-Xun Fu, Si-Yu Liu

3. Thermodynamic Analysis of Hydrogen Production from COG-Steam Reforming Process Using Blast Furnace Slag as Heat Carrier
Wenjun Duan, Qingbo Yu, Junxiang Liu, Qin Qin

4. CO2 Gasification of Catalysts-Loaded Petroleum Coke at Different Grinding Medium
Zhengjie Chen, Wenhui Ma, Kuixian Wei, Jijun Wu

5. Heat Recovery from High Temperature Slags: Chemical Methods
Yongqi Sun, Zuotai Zhang

6. Corrosion Fatigue of X46Cr13 in CCS Environment
Anja Pfennig, Marcus Wolf, Thomas Böllinghaus

7. Power Generation by Organic Rankine Cycle from Low Temperature Waste Heat of Metallurgical Industry
Xu Zhang, Hao Bai, Ning Li, Xin Zhang

8. Preparation of Ti-Al-V Alloys by Aluminothermic Reaction
Zhijiang Gao, Huimin Lu

9. Long Term Prediction of Linz-Donawitz Converter Gas (LDG) in Steel Making Process
Xiancong Zhao, Hao Bai, Qi Shi, Yang Wang, Zhancheng Guo

10. Coke Modification Using Hydrothermal Oxidation Treatment
Quanqiang Ma, Huiqing Tang, Huanyu Zhang

11. Optimization and Management of Byproduct Gas Distribution in Steel Mills Under Time-of-Use (TOU) Electricity Price
Xiancong Zhao, Hao Bai, Qi Shi, Zhancheng Guo

12. Preparation and Characterization of Stearic Acid/SiO2 Nano-encapsulated Phase Change Materials via Sol-gel Method
Huanmei Yuan, Hao Bai, Yuanyuan Wang

13. Reduction of GHG Emissions through the Conversion of Dairy Waste to Value-Added Materials and Products
Caryn Wendt, Chaston Ellis, Donna Post Guillen, Kevin Feris, Erik R. Coats, Armando McDonald

14. Study on Preparing Ti6Al4V Alloys from V-Ti Bearing Beach Placers
Zhijiang Gao, Huimin Lu, Zegao Sun

15. Particles Flow Behavior Around Tubes in Moving Bed
Junxiang Liu, Qingbo Yu, Wenjun Duan, Zongliang Zuo, Qin Qin

16. Effect of Microwave Irradiation on Graphitization of Carbon Matrix in Pulverized Coal
Pang Qing-hai, He Zhi-jun, Zhang Jun-hong, Zhan Wen-long, Ning Zhe

17. Effect of Microwave Irradiation on Improving Coal Grindability
He Zhi-jun, Pang Qing-hai, Zhang Jun-hong, Zhan Wen-long, Ning Zhe

18. Thermomechanical Properties of Bilayer La2Zr2O7 Thermal Barrier Coatings
Xingye Guo, Zhe Lu, Yeon-Gil Jung, Li Li, James Knapp, Jing Zhang

19. An Improvement of SOFC Durability by the Mass Transport Analysis at the Interfaces
Teruhisa Horita

20. CH4 Reforming by CO2 and O2 Using Ni-M (M= Cu, Fe, Co, Mn, Zn, Cr) Bimetallic Aerogel Catalysts
Tianzu Yang, Wei Chen, Lin Chen, Weifeng Liu, Duchao Zhang

21. Electro-spraying and Combustion of Ethanol in a Micro-scale Combustor under Combined Electric Field
Yunhua Gan, Yang Tong, Xiaowen Chen

Keywords: Materials Science, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Energy Systems, Materials Engineering

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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