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Light Metals 2011

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Table of contents

1. New Development Model for Bauxite Deposits
Peter-Hans ter Weer

2. Study on the Characterization of Marginal Bauxite from Pará/Brazil
Fernanda A. N. G. Silva, João A. Sampaio, Francisco M. S. Garrido, Marta. E. Medeiros

3. Resource Utilization of High-Sulfur Bauxite of Low-Median Grade in Chongqing China
Jianguo Yin, Wentang Xia, Mingrong Han

4. Development of Bauxite & Alumina Resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
AbdulGhafoor Al-Dubaisi

5. Digestion Studies on Central Indian Bauxite
P. K. N. Raghavan, N K Kshatriya, S Dasgupta

6. Effects of Roasting Pretreatment in Intense Magnetic Field on Digestion Performance of Diasporic Bauxite
Zhang Ting-an, Dou Zhi-he, Lv Guo-zhi, Liu Yan, Du Juan, Wang Xiaoxiao, Li Yan

7. Application of Operation Integrity Management in the Alumina Industry
Carlos Suarez, Daniel Welshons, John McNerney, Jim Webb

8. Influence of Solids Concentration, Particle Size Distribution, pH and Temperature on Yield Stress of Bauxite Pulp
Carla Napoli Barbato, Silvia Cristina Alves França, Márcio Nele Souza

9. A New Method for Removal of Organics in the Bayer Process
Bai Yingwei, Shen Mingliang, Li Junqi, Zhao Fei

10. Alunorte Expansion 3 — The New Lines Added to Reach 6.3 Million Tons Per Year
Daryush Albuquerque Khoshneviss, Luiz Gustavo Corrêa, Joaquim Ribeiro Alves Filho, Hans Marius Berntsen, Ricardo Rodrigues Carvalho

11. One Green Field Megaton Grade Large Alumina Refinery with Successful Engineering & Operation Experience
Luo Xianqing, Yang Xiaoping

12. Advanced Process Control in the Evaporation Unit
C. Satish Kumar, Tonmoy Banerjee, Uttam Giri, Rosalin Pradhan, Ramu Saha, Pratichi Pattnaik

13. Improvements in Smelter Grade Alumina Quality at Clarendon Alumina Works
Ruth Shaw, Ajamu Duncan, Marlon Crosdale

14. Application of Nanofiltration Technology to Improve Sea Water Neutralization of Bayer Process Residue
Kelvin Taylor, Mark Mullett, Lee Fergusson, Helen Adamson, Juerg Wehrli

15. Caustic and Alumina Recovery from Bayer Residues
Gu Songqing

16. Investigation of Alumina Discharge into the Red Mud Pond at Nalco’s Alumina Refinery, Damanjodi, Orissa, India
B. K. Mohapatra, B. K. Mishra, C. R. Mishra

17. Production of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) from Nalco Red Mud
Chitta Ranjan Mishra, Devendra Yadav, P. S. Sharma, M. M. Alli

18. Recovery of Metal Values from Red Mud
P. K. N. Raghavan, N K. Kshatriya, Katarzyna Wawrynink

19. Red Mud Flocculants Used in the Bayer Process
F. Ballentine, M. E. Lewellyn, S. A. Moffatt

20. Reductive Smelting of Greek Bauxite Residues for Iron Production
A. Xenidis, C. Zografidis, I. Kotsis, D. Boufounos

21. Effect of Technological Parameters on PSD of Aluminum Tri-Hydroxide from Seed Preciptation in Seeded Sodium Aluminate Solutions
Yusheng Wu, Mingchun Li, Yanping Qu

22. Methods to Reduce Operating Costs in Circulating Fluidized Bed Calcination
Cornelis Klett, Bernd Reeb, Michael Missalla, Hans-Werner Schmidt

23. Pressure Calcination Revisited
F. S. Williams, C. Misra

24. Dynamic Simulation of Gas Suspension Calciner (GSC) for Alumina
Susanne Wind, Mengzhe Wu, Torsten Vagn Jensen, Benny E. Raahauge

25. Physical Simulation and Numerical Simulation of Mixing Performance in the Seed Precipitation Tank with a Improved Intermig Impeller
Zhang Ting-an, Liu Yan, Wang Shuchan, Zhao Hongliang, Zhang Chao, Zhao Qiuyue, Lv Guozhi, Dou Zhihe

26. Two Perspectives on the Evolution and Future of Alumina
Linus M. Perander, James B. Metson, Cornelis Klett

27. Significant Improvement of Energy Efficiency at Alunorte’s Calcination Facility
Michael Missalla, Hans-Werner Schmidt, Joaquim Ribeiro Alves Filhio, Reiner Wischnewski

28. Attrition of Alumina in Smelter Handling and Scrubbing Systems
Stephen J. Lindsay

29. Perspective on Bayer Process Energy
D. J. Donaldson

30. Optimization of Heat Recovery from the Precipitation Circuit
Michael Simpson, Sushant Hial, Rashmi Sangram Singh

31. Alunorte Global Energy Efficiency
Reiner Wischnewski, Cleto Maues Azevedo, Emerson L. S. Moraes, Arthur Barros Monteiro

32. Opportunities for Improved Environmental Control in the Alumina Industry
Richard Mimna, John Kildea, Everett C. Phillips, Wayne Carlson, Bruce Keiser, John Meier

33. Alumina Refinery Wastewater Management: When Zero Discharge Just Isn’t Feasible…
Lucy Martin, Steven Howard

34. High Purity Alumina Powders Extracted from Aluminum Dross by the Calcining—Leaching Process
Liu Qingsheng, Zhong Chunming, Fang Hui, Xue Jilai

35. Effect of Calcium/Aluminium ratio on MgO containing calcium aluminate slags
Wang Bo, Sun Hui-lan, Guo Dong, Bi Shi-wen

36. Study on extracting aluminum hydroxide from reduction slag of magnesium smelting by vacuum aluminothermic reduction
Wang Yaowu, Feng Naixiang, You Jing, Hu Wenxin, Peng Jianping, Di Yuezhong, Wang Zhihui

37. Application of Thermogravimetric Analysis for Estimation of Tri-hydrate Alumina in Central Indian Bauxites — an Alternative for Classical Techniques
Y. V. Ramana, Rajesh C. Patnaik

38. Determination of Oxalate Ion in Bayer Liquor Using Electrochemical Method
Seval Turhan, Betül Usta, Yücel Şahin, Oktay Uysal

39. The effect of ultrasonic treatment on alumina leaching from calcium aluminate slag
Sun Hui-lan, Wang Bo, Guo Dong, Zhang Xue-zheng, Bi Shi-wen

40. Theory and Experiment on Cooling Strategy during Seeded Precipitation
Zhanwei Liu, Wenmi Chen, Wangxing Li

41. Extraction of Alumina from Red Mud by Divalent Alkaline Earth Metal Soda Ash Sinter Process
S. N. Meher, A. K. Rout, B. K. Padhi

42. Dissolution Kinetics of Silicon from Red Mud in Pure Water
Xiaohui Li, Kai Huang, Hongmin Zhu

43. The effect of cooling rate on the leachability of calcium aluminate slags
Wang Bo, Sun Hui-lan, Zhang Xue-zheng, Bi Shi-wen

44. Preparing Polymerized Aluminum-Iron Chloride with Red Mud
Lu Guilin, Yu Haiyan, Bi Shiwen

45. Adsorption of Polyethylene Glycol at the Interface of Dicalcium Silicate — Sodium aluminate solution
Haiyan Yu, Xiaolin Pan, Zhongke Lu, Tingting Ding

46. Production of Hematite Ore from Red Mud
P. K. N. Raghavan, N. K. Kshatriya, Katarzyna Wawrynink

47. HF Measurements Inside an Aluminium Electrolysis Cell
Karen Sende Osen, Thor Anders Aarhaug, Asbjørn Solheim, Egil Skybakmoen, Camilla Sommerseth

48. Lasir™-R — the New Generation RoHS-Compliant Gas Analyzers Based on Tunable Diode Lasers
Alak Chanda, Gervase I. Mackay, Keith L. Mackay, John T. Pisano, Jean-Pierre Gagne, Pierre Bouchard

49. Use of Spent Potlining (SPL) in Ferro Silico Manganese Smelting
Paulo Krüger

50. Reduction of PFC Emissions at Pot Line 70 kA of Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio
Henrique Santos, Danilo Melo, Jocimar Calixto, Jefferson Santos, João Miranda

51. Towards Redefining the Alumina Specifications Sheet — The Case of HF Emissions
Linus M. Perander, Marco A. Stam, Margaret M. Hyland, James B. Metson

52. Design of Experiment to Minimize Fluoride and Particulate Emissions at Alumar
Eliezer Batista, Edson Montoro, Paulo Miotto, Luciano J. P. Souza

53. Innovative Distributed Multi-Pollutant Pot Gas Treatment System
Geir Wedde, Anders Sørhuus, Odd Bjarnø

54. Fluoride Emissions Management Guide (FEMG) for Aluminium Smelters
Nursiani Tjahyono, Yashuang Gao, David Wong, Wei Zhang, Mark P. Taylor

55. On Continuous PFC Emission Unrelated to Anode Effects
Wangxing Li, Qingyun Zhao, Jianhong Yang, Shilin Qiu, Xiping Chen, Jerry Marks, Chris Bayliss

56. Monitoring air fluoride concentration around ALUAR smelter in Puerto Madryn (Chubut Province, Argentina)
Jorge Zavatti, Claudio Lopez Moreno, Juliana Lifschitz, Gabriela Quiroga

57. Reduction of Anode Effect Duration in 400kA Prebake Cells
Wei Zhang, David Wong, Michel Gilbert, Yashuang Gao, Mark Dorreen, Mark Taylor, Alton Tabereaux, Melinda Soffer, Xiaopu Sun, Changping Hu, Xueming Liang, Haitang Qin, Jihong Mao, Xuehui Lin

58. Sustainable Anode Effect Based Perfluorocarbon Emission Reduction
Neal R. Dando, Lise Sylvain, Janice Fleckenstein, Ciro Kato, Vince Son, Laura Coleman

59. The Initiation, Propagation and Termination of Anode Effects in Hall-Héroult Cells
Gary Tarcy, Alton Tabereaux

60. Towards Eliminating Anode Effects
Ali. Zarouni, B. J. Welch, Maryam Mohamed Al-Jallaf, A. Kumar

61. Correlation between Moisture and HF Formation in the Aluminium Process
Camilla Sommerseth, Karen Sende Osen, Thor Anders Aarhaug, Egil Skybakmoen, Asbjørn Solheim, Christian Rosenkilde, Arne Petter Ratvik

62. Particulate Emissions from Electrolysis Cells
Heiko Gaertner, Arne Petter Ratvik, Thor Anders Aarhaug

63. Investigation of Solutions to Reduce Fluoride Emissions from Anode Butts and Crust Cover Material
Guillaume Girault, Maxime Faure, Jean-Marc Bertolo, Stéphanie Massambi, Georges Bertran

64. PFC Survey in Some Smelters of China
Wangxing Li, Qingyun Zhao, Shilin Qiu, Shuchao Zhang, Xiping Chen

65. Considerations Regarding High Draft Ventilation as an Air Emission Reduction Tool
Stephan Broek, Neal R. Dando, Stephen J. Lindsay, Alain Moras

66. Increasing the Power Modulation Window of Aluminium Smelter Pots with Shell Heat Exchanger Technology
Pascal Lavoie, Sankar Namboothiri, Mark Dorreen, John J J Chen, Donald P Zeigler, Mark P Taylor

67. New approaches to power modulation at TRIMET Hamburg
Till Reek

68. Some Aspects of Heat Transfer Between Bath and Sideledge in Aluminium Reduction Cells
Asbjørn Solheim

69. Towards a design tool for self-heated cells producing liquid metal by electrolysis
Sophie Poizeau, Donald R. Sadoway

70. Heat Recovery from Aluminium Reduction Cells
Yves Ladam, Asbjørn Solheim, Martin Segatz, Odd-Arne Lorentsen

71. Effects of Composition and Granulometry on Thermal Conductivity of Anode Cover Materials
Hasini Wijayaratne, Margaret Hyland, Mark Taylor, Andreea Grama, Tania Groutso

72. Restart of 300kA Potlines after 5 Hours Power Failure
Xinliang Zhao, Jitai Yan, Bingliang Gao, Hua Han, Jie Liu, Jiuyi Xiao, Jianxun Qian, Delai Wang

73. Multiblock Monitoring of Aluminum Reduction Cells Performance
Jayson Tessier, Carl Duchesne, Gary P. Tarcy

74. High Amperage Operation of AP18 Pots at Karmøy
Marvin Bugge, Haakon Haakonsen, Ove Kobbeltvedt, Knut Arne Paulsen

75. Aluminium Smelter Logistics — Can These Bring Real Cost Savings?
Maarten Meijer

76. Simultaneous Preheating and Fast Restart of 50 Aluminium Reduction Cells in an Idled Potline
Albert Mulder, Anita Folkers, Marco A. Stam, Mark P. Taylor

77. SWOT Perspectives of Midage Prebaked Aluminium Smelter
P. R. Choudhury, A. K. Sharma

78. Integrated Approach for Safe and Efficient Plant Layout Development
Rafael L. Pires, Robert F. Baxter, Laszlo Tikasz, Robert I. McCulloch

79. New Progress on Application of NEUI400kA Family High Energy Efficiency Aluminum Reduction Pot (“HEEP”) Technology
Lu Dingxiong, Ban Yungang, Qin Junman, Ai Zijin

80. Improving Current Efficiency of Aged Reduction Lines at Aluminium Bahrain (Alba)
Khalil Ghuloom, Abdulla Habib, K. S. R. Raghavendra, Hasanain Hassan

81. Development of NEUI500kA Family High Energy Efficiency Aluminum Reduction Pot (‘HEEP’) Technology
Lu Dingxiong, Mao Jihong, Ban Yungang, Qi Xiquan, Yang Qingchen, Dong Hui

82. Current Efficiency for Aluminium Deposition from Molten Cryolite-Alumina Electrolytes in a Laboratory Cell
Geir Martin Haarberg, Joseph P. Armoo, Henrik Gudbrandsen, Egil Skybakmoen, Asbjørn Solheim, Trond Eirik Jentoftsen

83. Retrofit of a Combined Breaker Feeder with a Chisel Bath Contact Detection System to Reduce Anode Effect Frequency in a Potroom
Jonathan Verreault, Bernard Desgroseilliers, René Gariépy, Claude Simard, Serge Simard, Xavier Delcorde, Christophe Turpain, Simon-Pierre Déry

84. Anode Dusting from a Potroom Perspective at Nordural and Correlation with Anode Properties
Halldor Gudmundsson

85. The Application of Continuous Improvement to Aluminium Potline Design and Equipment
William Paul

86. Alcoa STARprobe™
Xiangwen Wang, Bob Hosler, Gary Tarcy

87. Active Pot Control using Alcoa STARprobe™
Xiangwen Wang, Gary Tarcy, Eliezer Batista, Geff Wood

88. Technology & Equipment for Starting Up & Shutting Down Aluminium Pots under Full Amperage
Yang Tao, Cao Bin, Li Meng, Yi Xiaobing

89. Study on solution of Al2O3 in low temperature aluminum electrolyte
Hongmin Kan, Ning Zhang, Xiaoyang Wang

90. Applications of New Structure Reduction Cell Technology in Chalco’s Smelters
Liu Fengqin, Gu Songqing, Wang Jiangmin, Yang Hongjie

91. Transport Numbers in the Molten System NaF-KF-AlF3-Al2O3
Pavel Fellner, Ján Híveš, Jomar Thonstad

92. Development and Application of an Ansys Based Thermo-Electro-Mechanical Collector Bar Slot Design Tool
Marc Dupuis

93. Impact of Amperage Creep on Potroom Busbars and Electrical Insulation: Thermal-Electrical Aspects
Andre Felipe Schneider, Daniel Richard, Olivier Charette

94. Modern Design of Potroom Ventilation
Anastasiya Vershenya, Umesh Shah, Stephan Broek, Tom Plikas, Jennifer Woloshyn, Andre Felipe Schneider

95. A Preliminary Finite Element Electrochemical Model for Modelling Ionic Species Transport in the Cathode Block of a Hall-Héroult Cell
Frédérick Gagnon, Donald Ziegler, Mario Fafard

96. CFD Modelling of Alumina Mixing in Aluminium Reduction Cells
Yuqing Feng, Mark A. Cooksey, M. Philip Schwarz

97. Bubble Transport by Electro-Magnetophoretic Forces at Anode Bottom of Aluminium Cells
Valdis Bojarevics, Alan Roy

98. Anodic Voltage Oscillations in Hall-Héroult Cells
Kristian Etienne Einarsrud, Espen Sandnes

99. Electrical Conductivity of the KF - NaF - AlF3 Molten System at Low Cryolite Ratio with CaF2 Additions
A. Dedyukhin, A. Apisarov, P. Tin’ghaev, A. Redkin, Yu. Zaikov

100. Study of ACD Model and Energy Consumption in Aluminum Reduction Cells
Tian Yinfu, Wang Hang

101. Modeling of Energy Saving by using Cathode Design and Inserts
René Kaenel, Jacques Antille

102. Expermental Investigation of Single Bubble Characteristics in a Cold Model of a Hall-Héroult Electrolytic Cell
Subrat Das, Yos Morsi, Geoffrey Brooks, William Yang, John J. J. Chen

103. Large Gas Bubbles under the Anodes of Aluminum Electrolysis Cells
Alexandre Caboussat, László Kiss, Jacques Rappaz, Klára Vékony, Alexandre Perron, Steeve Renaudier, Olivier Martin

104. Initiatives to Reduction of Aluminum Potline Energy Consumption Alcoa Poços de Caldas/Brazil
André L. T. Abreu, Mauro H. D. Salles, Ciro R. Kato

105. Overview of High-Efficiency Energy Saving for Aluminium Reduction Cell
Xi Canming

106. Cell Voltage Noise Reduction Based on Wavelet in Aluminum Reduction Cell
Binchuan Li, Jianshe Chen, Xiujing Zhai, Shuchen Sun, Ganfeng Tu

107. Human Factors in Operational and Control Decision Making in Aluminium Smelters
Yashuang Gao, Mark P. Taylor, John J. J. Chen, Michael J. Hautus

108. An Investigation of Deformation Behavior of Bimetal Clad Sheets by Asymmetrical Rolling at Room Temperature
Xiaobing Li, Guoyin Zu, Qiang Deng

109. Coil Build Up Compensation during Cold Rolling to Improve Off-line Flatness
Lourival Salles Almeida Neto, Tuggan Ayhan

110. Through process effects on final Al-sheet flatness
S. Neumann, K. F. Karhausen

111. New Casthouse Smelter Layout for the Production of Small Non-Alloyed Ingots: Three Furnaces/Two Lines
Jacques Berlioux, Jean Louis Baudrenghien, Arnaud Bourgier

112. Use of Process Simulation to Design a Billet Casthouse
Gwenola Jaouen

113. Optimizing Scrap Reuse as a Key Element in Efficient Aluminium Cast Houses
Jan Migchielsen, Hans-Walter Gräb, Tom Schmidt

114. Implementation of an Effective Energy Management Program Supported by a Case Study
Roger Courchée

115. Molten Metal Safety Approach Through a Network
C. Pluchon, J P. Riquet, F. Fehrenbach, G M. Raynaud, B. Hannart, L. Jouet-Pastré, M. Bertherat, J. Hennings, J. Mathieu, R. Wood, V. Brockhagen

116. Improved Monolithic Materials for Lining Aluminum Holding & Melting Furnaces
Andy Wynn, John Coppack, Tom Steele, Ken Moody

117. Cold Cracking During Direct-Chill Casting
D. G. Eskin, M. Lalpoor, L. Katgerman

118. Surface Defects on Direct Chill As-Cast 6XXX Aluminum Billets
Mikael Erdegren, Torbjörn Carlberg

119. Effect of Cooling Water Quality on Dendrite Arm Spacing of DC Cast Billets
S. P. Mohapatra, S. Nanda, A. Palchowdhury

120. Mould Wall Heat Flow Mechanism in a DC Casting Mould
A. Prasad, I. F. Bainbridge

121. Productivity Improvements at Direct Chill Casting unit in Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA)
Aref Ahmed Mohd Noor, Sukanta Chatterjee, A. Rasool Ahmed

122. The Coupling of Macrosegregation with Grain Nucleation, Growth and Motion in DC Cast Aluminum Alloy Ingots
Miha Založnik, Arvind Kumar, Hervé Combeau, Marie Bedel, Philippe Jarry, Emmanuel Waz

123. Investment Casting of Surfaces with Microholes and Their Possible Applications
Todor Ivanov, Andreas Bührig-Polaczek, Uwe Vroomen, Claudia Hartmann, Jens Holtkamp, Arnold Gillner, Kirsten Bobzin, Nazlim Bagcivan, Sebastian Theiss

124. Using SEM and EDX for a Simple Differentiation of α- and β-Alfesi-Phases in Wrought Aluminum Billets
Marcel Rosefort, Christiane Matthies, Hinrich Buck, Hubert Koch

125. Oxidation of AlMg in Dry and Humid Atmospheres
Darcy Stevens, Anne Kvithyld, Thorvald Abel Engh, Shawn Wilson

126. Study of Early Stage Interaction of Oxygen with Al; Methods, Challenges and Difficulties
B. Fateh, G. A. Brooks, M. A. Rhamdhani, J. A. Taylor, J. Davis, M. Lowe

127. Quality Assesment of Recycled Aluminium
Derya Dispinar, Anne Kvithyld, Arne Nordmark

128. In-Line Salt-ACD™: A Chlorine-Free Technology for Metal Treatment
Patrice Robichaud, Claude Dupuis, Alain Mathis, Pascal Côté, Bruno Maltais

129. The Effect of TIB2 Granules on Metal Quality
Maryam Mohamed Al-Jallaf, Margaret Hyland, Barry Welch, Ali Al Zarouni, Fahimi Abdullah

130. Thermodynamic Analysis of Ti, Zr, V and Cr Impurities in Aluminum Melt
A. Khaliq, M. A. Rhamdhani, G. A. Brooks., J. Grandfield

131. Current Technologies for the Removal of Iron from Aluminum Alloys
Lifeng Zhang, Lucas N. Damoah

132. Electromagnetically Enhanced Filtration of Aluminum Melts
Mark William Kennedy, Shahid Akhtar, Jon Arne Bakken, Ragnhild E. Aune

133. A Review of the Development of New Filter Technologies Based on the Principle of Multi Stage Filtration with Grain Refiner Added in the Intermediate Stage
John H. Courtenay, Frank Reusch, Stephen Instone

134. Wettability of Aluminium with SIC and Graphite in Aluminium Filtration
Sarina Bao, Anne Kvithyld, Thorvald Abel Engh, Merete Tangstad

135. Study of Microporosity Formation under Different Pouring Conditions in A356 Aluminum Alloy Castings
Lu Yao, Steve Cockcroft, Daan Maijer, Jindong Zhu, Carl Reilly

136. Hycast™ Gas Cushion (GC) Billet Casting System
Idar Kjetil Steen, Arild Håkonsen

137. Studies of Fluid Flow and Meniscus Behavior during Horizontal Single Belt Casting (HSBC) of Thin Metallic Strips
Donghui Li, Jaspreet Gill, Mihaiela Isac, Roderick Guthrie

138. Development of Alba High Speed Alloy
Abdulla Habib Ahmed Ali, Jalal Mohd Ghuloom Hassan, Garry Martin, Kishore Ghosh

139. Dissolution Studies of Si Metal in Liquid Al under Different Forced Convection Conditions
Mehran Seyed Ahmadi, Stavros A. Argyropoulos, Markus Bussmann, Don Doutre

140. Modification and grain refinement of eutectics to improve performance of Al-Si castings
M. Felberbaum, A. K. Dahle

141. Production of Al-Ti-C Grain Refiners with the Addition of Elemental Carbon and K2TiF6
Fatih Toptan, Isil Kerti, Sibel Daglilar, Ahmet Sagin, Omer F. Karadeniz, Aysin Ambarkutuk

142. Effect of Mechanical Vibrations on Microstructure Refinement of Al-7 Mass% Si Alloys
Takuya Tamura, Toshiro Matsuki, Kenji Miwa

143. Predicting the Response of Aluminum Casting Alloys to Heat Treatment
Chang-Kai Wu, Makhlouf M. Makhlouf

144. Determination of Coke Calcination Level and Anode Baking Level – Application and Reproducibility of L-Sub-C Based Methods
Stein Rørvik, Lorentz Petter Lossius, Arne Petter Ratvik

145. Operation of an Open-Type Anode Baking Furnace With a Temporary Crossover
Esteban Cobo, Jorge Rey Boero, Luis Beltramino, Juan Pablo Artola, Jean Bigot, Pierre-Jean Roy

146. Recent Developments in Anode Baking Furnace Design
Dagoberto S. Severo, Vanderlei Gusberti, Peter O. Sulger, Felix Keller, Dr. Markus W. Meier

147. Sohar Aluminium’s Anode Baking Furnace Operation
Said Al Hosni, Jim Chandler, Olivier Forato, François Morales, Jean Bigot, Christian Jonville

148. Meeting the Challenge of Increasing Anode Baking Furnace Productivity
François Ordronneau, Magali Gendre, Luc Pomerleau, Nigel Backhouse, Adam Berkovich, Xin Huang

149. Wireless Communication for Secured Firing and Control Systems in Anode Baking Furnaces
Nicolas Fiot, Christian Coulaud

150. Full Control of Pitch Burn During Baking: It’s Impact on Anode Quality, Operational Safety, Maintenance and Operational Costs
Detlef Maiwald, Domenico Di Lisa, Hans Peter Mnikoleiski

151. High Performance Sealing for Anode Baking Furnaces
Pierre Mahieu, Sébastien Neple, Nicolas Fiot, Ismael Ofico, Manuel Eufrasio

152. Property Profile of Lab-Scale Anodes Produced with 180 °C Mettler Coal Tar Pitch
Winfried Boenigk, Claudia Boltersdorf, Falk Lindner, Jens Stiegert

153. Quality and Process Perforamnce of Rotary Kilns and Shaft Calciners
Les Edwards

154. Sub-Surface Carbon Dioxide Reaction in Anodes
Donald P. Ziegler

155. Paste Quality Improvements at Alcoa Poços de Caldas Plant
Beatriz Vry, Ciro Kato, Jeronimo Araujo, Fabiano José Ribeiro, André Luís Abreu

156. Prebaked Anode From Coal Extract (2) - Effects of the Properties of Hypercoal-Coke on the Preformance of Prebaked Anodes
Maki Hamaguchi, Noriyuki Okuyama, Takahiro Shishido, Koji, Sakai, Nobuyuki Komatsu, Toshinori Inoue, Jiro Koide, Keisuke Kano

157. New Generation of Vertical Shaft Calciner Technology
Jingli Zhao, Qingcai Zhao, Qingbo Zhao

158. Historical and Future Challenges with the Vibrated Bulk Density Test Methods for Determining Porosity of Calcined Petroleum Coke
Jignesh Panchal, Mark Wyborney, Jeffrey Rolle

159. Prediction of Calcined Coke Bulk Density
Marie-Josée Dion, Hans Darmstadt, Nigel Backhouse, Mike Canada, Frank Cannova

160. Calcined Coke Particle Size and Crushing Steps Affect Its VBD Result
Frank Cannova, Mike Canada, Bernie Vitchus

161. Bulk Density - Overview of ASTM and ISO Methods With Examples of Between Laboratory Comparisons
Lorentz Petter Lossius, Bill Spencer, Harald A. Øye

162. Improving the Repeatability of Coke Bulk Density Testing
Les Edwards, Marvin Lubin, Jim Marino

163. ASTM D7454 Vibrated Bulk Density Method – Principles and Limitations
Francois Laplante, Luc Duchesneau

164. Vibrated Bulk Density (VBD) of Calcined Petroleum Coke and Implications of Changes in the ASTM Method D4292
B. Spencer, L. Johnsen, D. Kirkpatrick, D. Clark, M. Baudino

165. Multivariate Monitoring of the Prebaked Anode Manufacturing Process and Anode Quality
Julien Lauzon-Gauthier, Carl Duchesne, Jayson Tessier, Katie Cantin, Isabelle Petit

166. Characterization of a Full-Scale Prebaked Carbon Anode Using X-Ray Computerized Tomography
Donald Picard, Houshang Alamdari, Donald Ziegler, Pierre-Olivier St-Arnaud, Mario Fafard

167. Fem Analysis of the anode connection in aluminium reduction cells
Susann Beier, John J. J. Chen, Hugues Fortin, Mario Fafard

168. Development of industrial benchmark finite element analysis model to study energy efficient electrical connections for primary aluminium smelters
D. Molenaar, K. Ding, A. Kapoor

169. Real time temperature distribution during sealing process and room temperature air gap measurements of a hall-héroult cell anode
Olivier Trempe, Daniel Larouche, Donald Ziegler, Michel Guillot, Mario Fafard

170. Effects of high temperatures and pressures on cathode and anode interfaces in hall-heroult electrolytic cells
Lyne St-Georges, Lászlo István Kiss, Mathieu Rouleau, Jens Bouchard, Daniel Marceau

171. New Apparatus for Characterizing Electrical Contact Resistance and Thermal Contact Conductance
Nedeltcho Kandev, Hugues Fortin, Sylvain Chénard, Guillaume Gauvin, Marie-Hélène Martin, Mario Fafard

172. Carbon Anode Modeling for Electric Energy Savings in the Aluminium Reduction Cell
D. H. Andersen, Z. L. Zhang

173. Preheating Collector Bars and Cathode Blocks Prior to Rodding with Cast Iron by Passing an AC Current Through the Collector Bars
Erik A. Jensen, Hans Petter Bjørnstad, Jan D. Hansen

174. Development and Application of an Energy Saving Technology for Aluminum Reduction Cells
Peng Jianping, Feng Naixiang, Feng Shaofeng, Liu Jun, Qi Xiquan

175. Study of Electromagnetic Field in 300kA Aluminum Reduction Cells with Innovation Cathode Structure
Baokuan Li, Xiaobo Zhang, Sui-rui Zhang, Fang Wang, Nai-xiang Feng

176. Evaluation of thermophysical properties of silicon carbide, graphitic and graphitized carbon sidewall lining materials used in aluminium reduction cell in function of temperature
Ayesha Khatun, Martin Désilets

177. Advanced numerical simulation of the thermo-electro-chemo-mechanical behaviour of hall-héroult cells under electrical preheating
Daniel Marceau, Simon Pilote, Martin Désilets, Jean-François Bilodeau, Lyès Hacini, Yves Caratini

178. Influence of Technological and Constructive Parameters on the Integrity of the Bottom of Aluminum Reduction Cells during Flame Preheating
Alexander Arkhipov, Gennadiy Arkhipov, Vitaliy Pingin

179. Creep Behaviors of Industrial Graphitic and Graphitized Cathodes during Modified Rapoport Tests
Wei Wang, Jilai Xue, Jianqing Feng, Qingsheng Liul, Lei Zhan, Jun Zhu, Hua He

180. Measurement of Cathode Surface Wear Profiles by Laser Scanning
Egil Skybakmoen, Stein Rørvik, Asbjørn Solheim, Knut Ragnar Holm, Priska Tiefenbach, Øyvind Østrem

181. Coke Selection Criteria for Abrasion Resistant Graphitized Cathodes
Raymond Perruchoud, Werner Fischer, Markus Meier, Ulrich Mannweiler

182. Determination of the Effect of Pitch-Impregnation on Cathode Erosion Rate
Pretesh Patel, Yoshinori Sato, Pascal Lavoie

183. Simplifying Protection System to Prolong Cell Life
Maryam Mohamed Al Jallaf, Margaret Hyland, Barry Welch, Ali Al Zarouni

184. Aluminate Spinels as Sidewall Linings for Aluminum Smelters
X. Y. Yan, R. Z. Mukhlis, M. A. Rhamdhani, G. A. Brooks

185. A New Ramming Paste with Improved Potlining Working Conditions
Bénédicte Allard, Régis Paulus, Gérard Billat

186. Towards a Better Understanding of the Carburation Phenomenon
Martin Lebeuf, Marc-André Coulombe, Bénédicte Allard, Gervais Soucy

187. Characterization of Sodium and Fluoride Penetration into Carbon Cathodes by Image Analysis and Sem-EDS Techniques
Yuanling Gao, Jilai Xue, Jun Zhu, Kexin Jiao, Gangqiang Jiang

188. Pressureless Sintering of TiB2-Based Composites Using Ti and Fe Additives for Development of Wettable Cathodes
Hamed Heidari, Houshang Alamdari, Dominique Dubé, Robert Schulz

189. Furan Resin and Pitch Blends as Binders for TiB2-C Cathodes
Jinlong Hou, Xiaojun LÜ, Hongliang Zhang, Yanqing Lai, Jie Li

190. Influence of Cobalt Additions on Electrochemical Behaviour of Ni-Fe-Based Anodes for Aluminium Electrowinning
Vivien Singleton, Barry J. Welch, Maria Skyllas-Kazacos

191. Effects of the Additive ZrO2 on Properties of Nickel Ferrite Cermet Inert Anode
Xiao Zhang, Guangchun Yao, Yihan Liu, Jia Ma, Zhigang Zhang

192. Effect of sintering atmosphere on phase composition and mechanical property of 5Cu/(10NiO-NiFe2O4) cermet inert anodes for aluminum electrolysis
Zou Zhong, Wei Chenjuan, Tian Zhongliang, Liu Kai, Zhang Hongliang, Lai Yanqing, Li Jie

193. Influence of Ultrafine Powder on the Properties of Carbon Anode Used in Aluminum Electrolysis
Xiao Jin, Deng Songyun, Li Jie, Lai Yanqing, Liu Yexiang

194. Preparation NiFe2O4 Matrix Inert Anode Used in Aluminum Electrolysis by Adding Nanopowder
Zhigang Zhang, Guangchun Yao, Yihan Liu, Xiao Zhang

195. Cold Water Model Simulation of Aluminum Liquid Fluctuations Induced by Anodic Gas in New Type of Cathode Structure Aluminum Electrolytic Cell
Yan Liu, Ting’an Zhang, Zhihe Dou, Hongxing Wang, Guozhi Lv, Qiuyue Zhao, Naixiang Feng, Jicheng He

196. Effects of Physical Properties of Anode Raw Materials on the Paste Compaction Behavior
Kamran Azari, Hany Ammar, Houshang Alamdari, Donald Picard, Mario Fafard, Donald Ziegler

197. Furnaces Designed for Fuel Efficiency
David W. White

198. Latest Trends in Post Consumer and Light Gauge Scrap Processing to Include Problematic Processing Material such as UBC, Edge Trimmings and Loose Swarf
Franz Niedermair, Guenther Wimroither

199. Investigation of heat transfer conditions in a reverberatory melting furnace by numerical modeling
Andreas Buchholz, John Rødseth

200. Oxyfuel Optimization using CFD Modeling
Thomas Niehoff, Sreenivas Viyyuri

201. Operational Efficiency Improvements Resulting from Monitoring and Trim of Industrial Combustion Systems
Jim Oakes, Damian Bratcher

202. Technology for Electromagnetic Stirring of Aluminum Reverberatory Furnaces
Alan Peel CEng, James Herbert CEng

203. Evaluation of Effects of Stirring in a Melting Furnace for Aluminum
Kunio Matsuzaki, Toru Shimizu, Yoichi Murakoshi, Kenzo Takahashi

204. Business Analysis of Total Refractory Costs
Cynthia K. Belt

205. Improved Furnace Efficiency through the Use of Refractory Materials
James G. Hemrick, Angela Rodrigues-Schroer, Dominick Colavito, Jeffrey D. Smith

206. Study on the Energy-Saving Technology of Chinese Shaft Calciners
Guanghui Lang, Chongai Bao, Shoulei Gao, Ronald Lee Logan, Yan Li

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Materials Engineering, Light Construction, Steel Construction, Timber Construction

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