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Light Metals 2014

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Table of contents

1. Evolution of the Technology for the Production of Alumina from Bauxites
V. V. Medvedev, S. N. Akhmedov

2. Approaches to the Processing of Jamaican Bauxite with High Goethite Content
Desmond Lawson, Ab Rijkeboer, Dejan Dajkovich, Marvin Jackson, Horace Lawrence

3. Improvement of Processing Characteristics of High Carbonate and High Silica Diasporic Bauxite by Enriching Roasting
Alexander G. Suss, Alexander N. Fedyaev, Andrey V. Panov, Irina V. Paromova, Dmitry V. Finin, Anna A. Damaskina

4. New High-Performance Crystal Growth Modifiers to Improve Alumina Trihydrate Quality and Yield
Ryan Chester, John Kildea, Everett Phillips

5. Votorantim Metais — CBA Alumina Refinery Precipitation Modeling
Thiago Teixeira Franco, Roberto Seno Junior

6. Value of Systems Integration to Optimize Operation in Alumina Refineries
Hugues Tremblay

7. Study of Influences on the Bauxite Moisture and Solids in Filtrate in the Hyperbaric Filters through Design of Experiments (DOE) Statistic Tool
Alex Pinheiro, Américo Borges, Enio Laubyer

8. Increased Operational Flexibility in CFB Alumina Calcination
Linus Perander, Ioannis Chatzilamprou, Cornelis Klett

9. Increasing Extraction Efficiency Using a Closed Grinding Circuit
Julia Mourão Meira, Roberto Seno Junior

10. A Review of Two Phase Flow Modeling and Its Applicability to the Bayer Process
Alessio Scarsella, Hans-Werner Schmidt

11. Pipeline Scaling Prevention and Removal Methods in Bayer Digestion Process
Cao Wenzhong, Li Haining, Tian Weiwei, Zhong Hong

12. Using of Siliconate-Type Polymers as Inhibitor of Scaling at Aluminate Liquors Heating and Evaporation
Vladimir G. Kazakov, Vadim A. Lipin

13. Crystal Structure and Alumina Leaching Property of Na2O Doped C12A7
Wang Bo, Zong Shufeng, Sun Huilan, Zhang Jianxin, Zhang Yubing, Liu Dongdong, Liu Jiajia

14. Decomposition Property of γ-2CaO·SiO2 during Leaching Process of Calcium Aluminate Slag
Sun Huilan, Wang Bo, Zhang Jianxin, Zong Shufeng

15. Effect of Calcium/Aluminium Ratio on Crystal Structure and Al2O3 Leaching Property of 12CaO·7Al2O3

Wang Bo, Zhang Jianxin, Zong Shufeng, Sun Huilan

16. Multi-Steps Carbonation Treatment of Calcified Slag of Red Mud
LV Guozhi, Zhu Xiaofeng, Zhang Ting’an, Guo Fangfang, Pan Lu, Liu Yan, Zhao Qiuyue, Li Yan, Jiang Xiaoli, He Jicheng

17. Tests on Comprehensive Recovery of Iron Minerals And Bauxite from High Iron Diasporic Bauxite by Medium Temperature Metal-Based Roasting
Sichun Hu, Henqin Zhao, Min Guo

18. The Influence of the Mineral Composition of Low-Grade Aluminum Ores on Aluminium Extraction by Acid Leaching
Alexander G. Suss, Alexander A. Damaskin, Alexander S. Senyuta, Andrey V. Panov, Andrey A. Smirnov

19. Dry Sintering of Nepheline — A New More Energy Efficient Technology
Sine Bøgh Skaarup, Yuriy A. Gordeev, Victor V. Volkov, Victor M. Sizyakov

20. A Study on Sintering Process Optimization of Alumina Attraction from Fly Ash
Yongfeng Xiao, Qi Sun, Baodong Wang, Xiaotong Liu, Xiaohuan Wang, Lijun Zhao, Gengzhi Yu

21. Effect of Pressure on Alumina Extraction from Low-Grade Bauxite by Acid-Leaching Method
Yusheng Wu, Laishi Li, Mingchun Li

22. Extraction of Alumina from Coal-Derived Pyrite Flotation Tailing by Pre-Desilication–Bayer Process
Jun Luo, Mingjun Rao, Mingxia Liu, Guanghui Li, Tao Jiang

23. Extracting Alumina from Low Grade Bauxite with Ammonium Bisulfate Leaching
Li Laishi, Wu Yusheng, Liu Yingying

24. Hydrochemical Method of Low-Quality Raw Materials Processing to Alumina
Vladimir G. Kazakov, Vadim A. Lipin

25. The Enexal Bauxite Residue Treatment Process: Industrial Scale Pilot Plant Results
Efhtymios Balomnenos, Dimitrios Kastritis, Dimitrios Panias, Ioannis Paspaliaris, Dimitrios Boufounos

26. Sustainability and Bauxite Deposits
Peter-Hans Weer

27. Valorization of Alumina Red Mud for Production of Geopolymeric Bricks and Tiles
Dimitrios Panias, Ioanna Giannopoulou, Dimitrios Boufounos

28. Study of Alternative Technologies for Residue Disposal (Red Mud)
Kellen Nery, Joaquim Ávila, Milton Scarmínio, Luciana Bittar, Rodrigo Moreno, Roberto Seno

29. Economic Analysis of Producing Alumina with Low-Grade Bauxite(Red Mud) by Calcification-Carbonization Method
Zhao Qiuyue, Zhang Zimu, Zhu Xiaofeng, Liu Yan, Lv Guozhi, Zhang Ting’an, Wang Shuchan

30. Recovery of Titanium Oxide from Undigested Sand of an Indian Alumina Refinery and Preparation of Value Added Titanium Carbide
B. K. Mohapatra, S. K. Singh, C. R. Mishra, B. K. Mishra

31. AMAG 6XXX Series Alloys for Chassis Application in the Automotive Industry
Josef Berneder, Ramona Prillhofer, Josef Enser, T. Grohmann

32. Heat Treating of High Pressure Die Cast Components: Challenges and Possibilities
Salem Seifeddine, Darya Poletaeva, Mohammad Ghorbani, Anders Jarfors

33. Influence of the Chemical Composition on the Ductility of an AlSiCuZnFe Recycling foundry Alloy
P. Pucher, H. Böttcher, H. Kaufmann, H. Antrekowitsch, P. J. Uggowitzer

34. Assessment of Hot Cracking During Tig Welding of B206 Aluminum Alloy
F. D’Elia, A. Lombardi, C. Ravindran, D. Sediako, K. P. Rao

35. Influence of Microstructure on the Folding Behavior of Crash Relevant Aluminum Extrusion Parts
Marcel Rosefort, Ruven Baumgart, Christiane Matthies, Hubert Koch

36. Effect of TiC Powder Addition on the Grain Refinement Response of B319 Aluminium Alloy
Vishank Kumar, Lukas Bichler

37. Properties of AlZn10Si8Mg Alloys for High Performances Application
Mario Rosso, Ildiko Peter, Christian Castella, Roberto Molina

38. An Experimental and Modeling Investigation on High-Rate Formability of Aluminum
Aashish Rohatgi, Richard W. Davies, Elizabeth V. Stephens, Ayoub Soulami, Mark T. Smith

39. Influence of Chemical Composition and Process Parameters on Mechanical Properties and Formability of AlMgSi-Sheets for Automotive Application
R. Prillhofer, J. Berneder, G. Rank, H. Antrekowitsch, S. Pogatscher, P. J. Uggowitzer

40. High Strength Aluminum Brazing Sheets for Condenser Fins of Automotive Heat Exchangers
Kwangjun Euh, Hyoung-Wook Kim, Su-Hyeon Kim

41. High-Temperature Processes Occurring During Homogenization of AA6082 Aluminum Alloy
Miroslav Cieslar, Jan Bajer, Michal Hájek, Vladivoj Očenášek

42. A Study of The Artificial Ageing on The Low Temperature Creep of AlMgSi (AA6201) Wires
Beata Smyrak, Tadeusz Knych, Andrzej Mamala, Kinga Korzeń

43. Precipitates in Long Term Aging Al 5083 Alloy
Gaosong Yi, Yakun Zhu, David A. Cullen, Alexander T Derrick, Michael L. Free

44. Effect of Modified Aging Treatments on the Tensile Properties, Quality Indices and Fatigue Life of Cast Components of Aluminum Alloy 354
G Dinesh Babu, M Nageswara Rao

45. Effect of Vanadium Additions on the Structure of Aluminium (AL99.5) And 6XXX Aluminium Alloys
S. Boczkal, M. Lech-Grega, J. Morgiel, K. Piela

46. Aluminum Tailor-Welded Blanks for High Volume Automotive Applications
Yuri Hovanski, Piyush Upadhyay, Siva Pilli, Blair Carlson, John Carsley, Susan Hartfield-Wunsch, Mark Eisenmenger

47. A New Approach for Evaluation of Fatigue Life of Al Wire Bonds in Power Electronics
Golta Khatibi, Martin Lederer, Bernhard Czerny, Agnieszka Betzwar Kotas, Brigitte Weiss

48. Long and Small Fatigue Crack Growth in Aluminum Alloys
Anthony Spangenberger, Anastasios Gavras, Diana Lados

49. Alumina Silica Brick Corrosion by Different Aluminium Alloys
G. Monsberger, C. Majcenovic, G. Praseta

50. Effect of Salt Solution Corrosion on Tensile Properties of Vacuum High Pressure Die Cast A356 Alloy Subjected to Heat Treatment
Yanda Zou, Henry Hu, Patrick Cheng, Yeou-Li Chu

51. Effect of the Thermo-Mechanical Treatment on IGC Susceptibility of AA 5083 Alloy
Tamara Radetić, Akram Halap, Miljana Popović, Endre Romhanji

52. Role of Ni and Zr in Preserving the Strength of 354 Aluminum Alloy at High Temperature
G. H. Garza-Elizondo, S. A. Alkahtani, A. M. Samuel, F. H. Samuel

53. Stress-Strain Curves of Pure Aluminum and Al-4.5mass%Cu Alloy in Semi-Solid State
Nobuhito Sakaguchi

54. Modeling Texture Evolution of Pure FCC Alloy During Annealing
Shiyao Huang, Ruijie Zhang, Mei Li

55. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 3003 Aluminum Alloy with Mg and Ni Addition
Zhijiao Tang, Ye Pan, Tao Lu, Yabiao Lin

56. Lightweight Construction for Electric Mobility Using Aluminium
Andreas Kleine, Marcel Rosefort, Hubert Koch

57. Deformation of Open-Cell Microcellular Pure Aluminum Investigated by the Acoustic Emission Technique
Michal Knapek, Patrik Dobroň, František Chmelík, Mariia Zimina, Josef Pešička, Etienne Combaz, Andreas Mortensen

58. The Research on Process of Impact Factors of Hard Anodic Oxidation for 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Wang Jiexiang, Zhang Zhengfu, Sun Junsai, Huang Shiguo, Han Yamei, Du Jiang

59. Using Scrap in Recycling Alloys for Structural Applications in The Automotive Industry
Werner Fragner, Kurt Baumgartner, Helmut Suppan, Marc Hummel, Dominik Bösch, Heinz-Werner Höppel, Peter J. Uggowitzer

60. Residual Stress Analysis in Semi-Permanent Mold Engine Head Castings
M. J. Walker, D. R. Hess, D. G. Sediako

61. Tensile and Shear Mechanical Properties in a Thermo-Mechanical-Electrical Processed Spot Weld
S. A. Turnage, K. N. Solanki, W. R. Whittington, R. S. Florea, M. A. Tschopp, K. A. Darling

62. Development of High-Strength and Highly Ductile Hypo-Eutectic Al-Si Alloys by Nano-Refining the Constituent Phases
Mohammad Shamsuzzoha, Laurentiu Nastac, Anwarul Haque

63. Anodization and Optical Appearance of Sputter Deposited Al-Zr Coatings
Visweswara Chakravarthy Gudla, Stela Canulescu, Rajashekhara Shabadi, Kristian Rechendorff, Jørgen Schou, Rajan Ambat

64. Friction Coefficients on Compression Testing Of AA6060 and 42CrMo4 with Different Lubrication Conditions
Sabbah Ataya, Tobias Emde

65. Effect of TIN on the Corrosion and Electrochemical Behavior of Al-Zn-Mg Alloy in Sea Water
M. M. Sadawy, K. M. Zohdy

66. Interface Evolution in the Process of Fabricating Aluminum Foam Sandwiches
Hao Lin, Hongjie Luo, Wei Sun, Guangchun Yao

67. Alloy AlZn9 Casted in the Process of Rapid Solidification and Consolidated in the Process of Plastic Forming
Wojciech Szymanski, Marcin Szymanek, Maciej Gawlik, Mariusz Bigaj, Sonia Boczkal, Bartłomiej Płonka

68. Evolution of Microstructure and Texture During Severe Cold Rolling and Annealing of Al-2.5%Mg and Al-2.5%Mg-0.2%Sc Alloys
J. R. Gatti, P. P. Bhattacharjee

69. Dynamic Simulation of Internal Logistics in Aluminum Downstream Manufacturing
Anton Winkelmann, Sverre Brandal, Stefan Neumann, Juliens Desjardins

70. Influence of the Twin-Roll Casting Parameters on the Microsegregation in Thin Strips of the Aluminium Alloy EN AW-6082
Olexandr Grydin, Mykhailo Stolbchenko, Florian Nürnberger, Mirko Schaper

71. Determination of Aluminum Rolling Oil And Machinery Oil Residues on Finished Aluminum Sheet and Foil Using Elemental Analysis and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Coupled with Multivariate Calibration
Özlem İnanç Uçar, Hatice Mollaoğlu Altuner, Mert Günyüz, Mustafa Murat Dündar, Durmuş Özdemir

72. A Numerical and Experimental Study of Homogenization of Al-Si-Mg Alloys
Pikee Priya, Matthew J. M. Krane, David R. Johnson

73. Effect of Mg2Si Phase on Extrusion of AA6005 Aluminum Alloy
Yiwei Sun, David R. Johnson, Kevin P. Trumble, Pikee Priya, Matthew John M. Krane

74. Analysis of the Evolution and Deformation of Pore Morphology During Compression
Li Wei, Tingan Zhang, Yuan Fang, Yunan Tian

75. Cell Electrical Preheating Practices at Dubal
Alexander Arkhipov, Abdalla Zarouni, Dr. Maryam Al Jallaf, Ibrahim Baggash, Sergey Akhmetov, Michel Reverdy, Vinko Potocnik

76. Dubal Cell Voltage Drop Initiatives Towards Low Energy High Amperage Cells
Marwan Bastaki, Abdulla Zarouni, Bernard Jonqua, Nadia Ahli, Lalit Mishra, Amal Al Jasmi, Ali Al Zarouni, Michel Reverdy, Vinko Potocnik

77. Startup of Shut-Down Pots — Problems and Solutions to Improve Results
Diego Cota Marinho, Lauro Fabri, Nilzandro Gama

78. Thermal Events of the Early Life of an Aluminum Electrolysis Cell
Ádam Ugron, László I. Kiss, Jean-François Bilodeau, Sébastien Guérard

79. Regulation System to Improve Quality of the Metal Sucked During Tapping Operation
Steve Bouchard, Pierre-Marie Canis, Serge Despinasse, Anne-Gaëlle Hequet, Patrick Marchand, Frédéric Potvin

80. Key Success Factors Deploying a Manufacturing Excellence Solution (Mesal™) in Rio Tinto Alcan
Manuel Chareyre, Steve Boivin

81. Influence of the Cathode Surface Geometry on the Metal Pad Current Density
Marc Dupuis, Valdis Bojarevics

82. On the Influence of Mhd Driven Convection on Cathode Wear
Kristian Etienne Einarsrud, Egil Skybakmoen, Asbjørn Solheim

83. Effect of Innovative Cathode on Bath/Metal Interface Fluctuation in Aluminum Electrolytic Cell
Qiang Wang, Jianping Peng, Baokuan Li, Naixiang Feng

84. Simulation and Optimization of Cathode Current Distribution to Reduce the Horizontal Current in the Aluminum Liquid
Wangxing Li, Yanfang Zhang, Dengpeng Chai, Jianhong Yang, Shilin Qiu, Yueyong Wang

85. Numerical Simulation of Full Life Cycle Cathode Assembly Performances for Design Optimization
Guorong Cao, Xinquan Zhang, Hao Zhang

86. Bar to Block Contact Resistance in Aluminum Reduction Cell Cathode Assemblies
Richard Beeler

87. Anode Rod to Beam Contact
D. Molenaar, T. Kilpatrick

88. Towards Decreasing Energy Consumption of Aluminum Reduction by Using Anodes with Holes and Channels
Feng Naixiang, Peng Jianping, Niu Qingren, Zhan Lei, Kang Ning, Liao Xian’an, Gong Xiaofeng

89. Comparing Different Measurement Approaches to Characterize All PFC Emissions
Simon Gaboury, Anne Gosselin, Patrice Tremblay, Jerry Marks

90. Anode Effect Phenomena During Conventional AEs, Low Voltage Propagating AEs & Non-Propagating AEs
David S. Wong, Alton Tabereaux, Pascal Lavoie

91. Monitoring of Continuous PFC Formation in Small to Moderate Size Aluminium Electrolysis Cells
Henrik Åsheim, Thor A. Aarhaug, Alain Ferber, Ole S. Kjos, Geir M. Haarberg

92. At-Line Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Aluminium Primary Production
Ole S. Kjos, Thor A. Aarhaug, Bernd Wittgens, Anders Brunsvik

93. Raw Gas Particles and Depositions in Fume Treatment Facilities in Aluminium Smelting
Heiko Gaertner, Arne Petter Ratvik, Thor Anders Aarhaug

94. The Nature of Particles and Fines in Potroom Dust
David S. Wong, Nursiani I. Tjahyono, Margaret M. Hyland

95. Predictive Tools in Evaluating Re-Entrainment of Exhausted Particulate in Different Ventilator Configurations for Different Heat Process Applications
Siegmar U. Baltuch, Edmund G. Baltuch

96. Economic and Environmental Alternative for Destination of Spent Pot Lining from Primary Aluminum Production
Bruna Meirelles, Henrique Santos

97. Improving XRD Analysis for Complex Bath Chemistries — Investigations and Challenges Faced
Nursiani Indah Tjahyono, Tania Groutso, David S. Wong, Pascal Lavoie, Mark P. Taylor

98. Al2O3-Na3AlF6 Man-Made Ledge Composites for Aluminum Electrolysis Cells
Lv Xiaojun, Zhang Chao, Lai Yanqing, Tian Zhongliang, Jia Ming, Li Jie

99. Structural Characterisation and Thermophysical Properties of the side Ledge in Hall-Héroult Cells
Sándor Poncsák, László Kiss, Rémi St-Pierre, Sébastien Guérard, Jean François Bilodeau

100. The Melting Behaviour of Aluminium Smelter Crust
Qinsong Zhang, Mark P. Taylor, John J. J. Chen

101. Key Physical Properties of Smelter Grade Alumina
Stephen J. Lindsay

102. Modeling the Behavior of Alumina Agglomerate in the Hall-Héroult Process
Véronique Dassylva-Raymond, Laszlo I. Kiss, Sandor Poncsak, Patrice Chartrand, Jean-François Bilodeau, Sébastien Guérard

103. Wetting Characteristics of Cryolite-Based Melts on Spinels Substrate
Reiza Z. Mukhlis, Muhammad Akbar Rhamdhani, Geoffrey Brooks, Kathie McGregor

104. Abart CDS — A New Compact Multi-Pollutant Pot Gas and Alumina Handling System
Sivert Ose, Anders Kenneth Sørhuus, Geir Wedde

105. Development on Electrolytic Cell Gas Cooling
Antoine Gromard, Chin Lim, El Hani Bouhabila, Bernard Cloutier, Mathieu Frainais

106. 15 Years of GTC Operation at Aldel: Long-Term Assessment of GTC Performance
Anita Folkers, Jan Weerdt, Peter Klut, Erik Dupon, Edo Engel

107. Pot Gas Cooling Technologies
Peter Verbraak, Travis Turco, Peter Klut, Erik Dupon, Edo Engel

108. Modelling HF Generation: The Role of Ambient Humidity
Youjian Yang, Margaret Hyland, Chris Seal, Zhaowen Wang

109. Online Monitoring of Aluminium Primary Production Gas Composition by Use of Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometry
Thor A. Aarhaug, Alain Ferber, Ole Kjos, Heiko Gaertner

110. On the Prediction of the Crust Evolution Inside Aluminum Electrolysis Cells
Marc LeBreux, Martin Désilets, Alexandre Blais, Marcel Lacroix

111. An Improved Finite Element Model for Thermal Balance Analysis of Aluminum Electrolysis Cells
Cui Xifeng, Zhou Yiwen, Yang Jianhong

112. A Modelling of Heat Losses in Aluminium Reduction Cell With Slotted Anodes
Yang Shuai, Li Jie, Xu Yujie, Zhang Hongliang, Lv Xiaojun, Jia Ming

113. AP60 Cell Start-Up: Thermal Electrical Mechanical Quarter Cell Model
Lyès Hacini, Jean-François Bilodeau, Yves Caratini

114. A Numerical Approach for the Design of Anode Beam Mechanical Systems
Andre Felipe Schneider, Olivier Charette, Daniel Richard

115. MHD Stability for Irregular and Disturbed Aluminium Reduction Cells
Valdis Bojarevics, Sharnjit Sira

116. Revised Benchmark Problem for Modeling of Metal Flow and Metal Heaving in Reduction Cells
Jinsong Hua, Christian Droste, Kristian E. Einarsrud, Magne Rudshaug, Robert Jorgensen, Nils-Haavard Giskeodegard

117. Dynamic Simulation of Cell Voltage Resonance Effect in Aluminum Electrolysis Cell
Yongliang Wang, Jun Tie, Ganfeng Tu, Shuchen Sun, Rentao Zhao, Zhifang Zhang

118. Analysis of the MHD Instabilities in Reduction Cells with Lyapunov Method
Yang Yi, Yao Shihuan, Yi Xiaobing

119. A Novel Design Criterion for Alumina Feeders in Aluminium Electrolysis Cells
Asbjørn Solheim

120. Non-Linear Behavior of a Metallic Foam for the Reduction of Energy Losses at Electrical Contacts in the Aluminum Industry
René Kaenel, Jacques Antille, Michel Pillet, Matthieu Lindeboom

121. Influence of Heat Source Cooling Limitation on ORC System Layout and Working Fluid Selection: the Case Og Aluminium Industry
Yves Ladam, Monica Børgund, Erling Næss

122. Concept and Design of Dubal Pot Start-Up Fuses
Amal Al Jasmi, Abdalla Zarouni, Lalit Mishra, Marwan Bastaki, Vinko Potocnik

123. A Novel Heat Recovery Technology from an Aluminum Reduction Cell Side Walls: Experimental and Theoretical Investigations
Yaser Mollaei Barzi, Mohsen Assadi, Håvard Møllerhagen Arvesen

124. On-Line Monitoring of Anode Currents: Experience at Trimet
Andreas Lützerath, James W. Evans, Ron Victor

125. Startup and Tuning of Material Distribution System at Aluminium Smelter in Qatar
Jan Paepcke, Arne Hilck, Julian Sowah, Vivek Shroff, Santosh Kumar, Rahul Jain

126. Mass Transfer Reactions Near the Cathode During Aluminium Electrolysis
Geir M. Haarberg, Peng Cui

127. Current Efficiency in Aluminium Reduction Cells: Theories, Models, Concepts, and Speculations
Asbjørn Solheim

128. Effect of Current Density and Phosphorus Species on Current Efficiency in Aluminum Electrolysis at High Current Densities
Rauan Meirbekova, Jomar Thonstad, Geir Martin Haarberg, Gudrun Saevarsdottir

129. A Concept for Electrowinning of Aluminium Using Depolarized Gas Anodes
Tommy Mokkelbost, Ole Kjos, Ove Paulsen, Bjarte Øye, Henrik Gudbrandsen, Arne Petter Ratvik, Geir Martin Haarberg

130. Investigations into Innovative and Sustainable Processes for the Carbothermic Production of Gaseous Aluminum
Efhtymios Balomenos, Panagiotis Diamantopoulos, Dimitrios Gerogiorgis, Dimitrios Panias, Ioannis Paspaliaris, Christoph Kemper, Lars Peters, Bernd Friedrich, Irina Vishnevetsky, Michael Epstein, Martin Halmann, Andreas Haselbacher, Zoran Jovanovic, Aldo Steinfeld

131. A CFD-PBM Coupled Model Predicting Anodic Bubble Size Distribution in Aluminum Reduction Cells
Shuiqing Zhan, Mao Li, Jiemin Zhou, Jianhong Yang, Yiwen Zhou, Chenn Q Zhou

132. Simulation of Anode Bubble: Volume of Fluid Method
Yiwen Zhou, Jiemin Zhou, Jianhong Yang, Wangxing Li, Shouhui Chen

133. EAF Carbothermic Co-Reduction of Alumina and Silica for the Direct Production of Al-Si Master Alloy
Christoph Kemper, Efhtymios Balomenos, Dimitrios Panias, Ioannis Paspaliaris, Bernd Friedrich

134. Preparation and start-up of Arvida Smelter, AP60 Technological Center
René Gariépy, André Couturier, Olivier Martin, Bertrand Allano, André Machado, François Charmier

135. Industrial Running of the 530kA Potline in North-Western China
Liang Xuemin, Chen Xiping, Guo Long, Li Jie, Ding Fengqi, Liu Shiwen, Ren Liangwen, Liu Youyuan

136. The end of an era for Søderberg Technology in North and South America
Mike Barber, Alton T. Tabereaux

137. Successful Start-Up of World Largest Greenfield Smelter
Salman Dawood Abdulla, Raja Javed Akhtar, Mohammed Al Qassemi

138. Understanding and Managing Alumina Quality Fluctuations to Minimise Impact on Cell Performance and Metal Quality
Maryam Mohammad Al-Jallaf, Andries Louw, Gregory Meintjes, Arvind Kumar, Daniel Whitfield, Mohamed Tawfik Boraie, Ghedyer Hamad, K. G. Venkatasubramaniam, Akhmetov Sergey

139. Developing a New Process Indicator Based On The Relationship Between an Electrolysis Cell Impurity Balance and its Incidents
Lukas Dion, Laszlo I. Kiss, Dany Lavoie, Jean-Paul Arvisais

140. New Generation Control for Daily Aluminium Smelter Improvement Generation 3 Process Control for Potlines
Albert Mulder, Yashuang Gao, Dongfang Zhou, David S. Wong, Liu Ming, Pascal Lavoie, Mark P. Taylor, Xiaodong Yang

141. Current Status of Research and Development on Automatization and Intellectuality for Plants of Aluminum in China
Jian-hong Li, Jing Liu, Ding-xiong Lu, Ji-hong Mao, Qing-chen Yang, Gan-feng Tu

142. Statistical Evaluation and Modeling of the Link between Anode Effects and Bath Height, and Implications for the ALPSYS Pot Control System
Sylvain Fardeau, Arthur Martel, Pierre Marcellin, Patrick Richard

143. Mechanisms and Control of Macrosegregation in Dc Casting
Dmitry G. Eskin

144. Modelling of Micro- and Macrosegregation in Multicomponent Aluminium Alloys Accounting for Secondary Phase Formation
K. Ellingsen, Mohammed M’Hamdi, Knut Tveito, Dag Mortensen

145. Macrosegregation Modelling of DC-Casting Including Grain Motion and Surface Exudation
Dag Mortensen, Mohammed M’Hamdi, Kjerstin Ellingsen, Knut Tveito, Liss Pedersen, Geir Grasmo

146. A New DC Casting Technology for Extrusion Billets with Improved Surface Quality
Arild Håkonsen, John Erik Hafsås, Rune Ledal

147. An Innovative Automated Surface Inspection of DC Cast Billets
Philippe Martin, Roch Larouche, Jean-Alain Laurin

148. Impact of Cooling Water Composition on Heat Transfer in Ingot Casting
David Gildemeister

149. Neutron Diffraction Measurement of As-Cast Residual Stresses in Aa7050 Rolling Plate Ingots: Influence of A Wiper
J.-M. Drezet, P. Celle, O. Ribaud, Th. Pirling

150. Life Cycle Assessment of Secondary Aluminium Refining
Gro Gilstad, Johanne Hammervold

151. A Material Flow Model for Impurity Accumulation in Beverage Can Recycling Systems
Amund N. Løvik, Daniel B. Müller

152. The viability of a “Voluntary Refund-Deposit System” for Aluminum can Recycling in the U.S.
Jack Buffington

153. Oxide Skin Strength Measurements on Molten Aluminum — Manganese Alloys with and Without Salt on Surface
Martin Syvertsen

154. Oxidation of Manganese-Containing Aluminum Alloys
S. C. Wilson, A. Kvithyld, G. Tranell, T. A. Engh

155. Development of a Sampling Device for Furnace Dross
Anne Kvithyld, Sarina Bao, Arne Nordmark, Martin Syvertsen, Mark Schlesinger, Anders Johansson

156. Grain Refinement of Aluminium Alloys: Recent Developments in Predicting the As-Cast Grain Size of Alloys Refined by Al-Ti-B Master Alloys
Mark A. Easton, David H. StJohn, Arvind Prasad

157. A Comparison of the Effects of Al-Ti-B Type Grain Refiners from Different Makers on Pure Aluminum
Wei Dai, Xiaoming Wang, Weitao Zhao, Qingyou Han

158. Improved Grain Refinement of AA6060 Extrusion Billets
John Courtenay, Isabell Klauke, Rein Vainik, Giuseppe Esposito, Marcel Rosefort

159. On the Performance of A Novel Grain Refiner in Hyper-Eutectic Al-Si Cast Alloys
L. Bolzoni, M. Nowak, N. Hari Babu

160. Analysis of Boron Treatment for V Removal Using AlB 2 and AlB 12 Based Master Alloys
A. Khaliq, M. A. Rhamdhani, G. A. Brooks, J. Grandfield

161. The Effect of Trace Levels of Ni And V on the Microstructure and Properties of Four Common Aluminum Alloys
John Grandfield, Lisa Sweet, Aiden Beer, Suming Zhu, Xiaobo Chen, Mark Easton

162. Evaluation of Functional Properties of the Rapidly Solidified Cast AlSi30 Alloy As A Material for Transport Applications
Bogusław Augustyn, Marcin Szymanek, Dawid Kapinos, Marek Nowak, Wojciech Pakieła

163. The Near-Rapid Solidification Behavior of AA1070 Aluminum Alloy
Y. L. Liu, L. Zhang, Y. H. Zhao, J. J. Wang, C. Z. Liu

164. Computational Analysis of Thermal Process of A Regenerative Aluminum Melting Furnace
Ji-min Wang, Yuan-yuan Zhou, Hong-jie Yan, Jie-min Zhou

165. Electromagnetic Stirring in Melting Furnaces — a Critical Evaluation
Andreas Buchholz, Georg Rombach, Gerd-Ulrich Gruen

166. Sampling Tool for In-Depth Study of Furnace Processes
Stephen Instone, Mark Badowski, Daniel Krings

167. Transient Properties of Refractory Castable with Hydraulic Binders
Mohamed-Ali Maaroufi, Cécile Diliberto, André Lecomte, Olivier Francy, Pierre Le Brun

168. A Novel Method of Online Measurement to Develop Specific Heating-Up Procedures for Industrial Furnaces
Thomas Schemmel, Günter Thieser, Norbert Pfitzner, Uwe Kremer

169. 20 Years of LiMCA Utilization in the Aluminum Industry: A Review of the Technology Development and Applications
Thomas L. Buijs, Daniel Gagnon, Claude Dupuis

170. Clean Aluminum Processing: New Avenues for Measurement and Analysis
S. W. Hudson, D. Apelian

171. Metallurgical Performance of Salt and Chlorine Fluxing Technologies in Casting Furnaces
Mark Badowski, Stephen Instone, Markus Hagen

172. Metal Cleanliness Evaluation of Reusable Ceramic Foam Filters
D. Corleen Chesonis, Edward M. Williams, Louis Gendreau, Louis-Pierre Clément

173. Parallel Laboratoryand Industrial Scale Aluminium Filtration Tests With Al2O3 And Sic Based CFF Filters
Martin Syvertsen, Anne Kvithyld, Sarina Bao, Arne Nordmark, Anders Johansson

174. New Developments of the I-60 SIR Melt Refining Unit
Terje Haugen, Arild Håkonsen, John Olav Fagerli, Mats O. Jönsson

175. A New Vacuum Degassing Process For Molten Aluminum
Jianmin Zeng, Bolin Wu, Zhiiu Hu, Linjiang Wang, Deguang Cao

176. Development and Demonstration of a Molten Metal Cooling Trough to Improve Casthouse Performance
André Larouche, Frédéric Borel, Jean Crépeau

177. Commissioning and Start-Up of Ingot Casting Machines in the Biggest Integrated Aluminum Complex in the World
Abdullah Al-Garni, David Humphreys, Khalid Al-Azmi, Nasser Al-Shammari, Kalyana D. Sundaram

178. Preventing Explosions in Maintenance Pits under Furnaces
Alex W. Lowery

179. The Effect of Magnesium Supply on the Quality of Aluminum Melts
Heather Drieling, D. Corleen Chesonis

180. Effects of Microstructure And Defects on Tensile and Fracture Behaviour of a Hpdc Component: Potential Properties and Actual Outcome of En AC-44300 Alloy
Mohammadreza Zamani, Salem Seifeddine, Anders E. W. Jarfors

181. Thermal Parameters Analysis During Directional Solidification of Al-Cu Eutectic Alloys
Alex Ivan Kociubczyk, Federico Cabello, Carlos Enrique Schvezov, Ricardo Walter Gregorutti, Alicia Esther Ares

182. Impurity Level Distribution in GPC And CPC and Impact on Anode Properties
Les Edwards

183. Determination of Contact Angle from Raw Material Properties Using Linear Multivariable Analysis
Arunima Sarkar, Duygu Kocaefe, Yasar Kocaefe, Dipankar Bhattacharyay, Brigitte Morais, Charles-Luc Lagacé

184. Use of Coal Tar Pitch Coke for Producing Prebaked Electrodes
Shoulei Gao, Chongai Bao, Baiyuan Xia, Rifu Lin, Joe Woo, Guanghui Lang, Euel Cutshall

185. Characterization of Dry Aggregates in Carbon Anodes by Image Analysis
Dipankar Bhattacharyay, Duygu Kocaefe, Yasar Kocaefe, Arunima Sarkar, Brigitte Morais, Jerome Chabot

186. Characterization of Packing Ability of Coke Particles
Kamran Azari, Asem Hussein, Houshang Alamdari, Donald Ziegler, Mario Fafard

187. Texture Analysis Of Anode Paste Images
Julien Lauzon-Gauthier, Carl Duchesne, Jayson Tessier

188. High Temperature Compression Test to Determine the Anode Paste Mechanical Properties
Stéphane Thibodeau, Hicham Chaouki, Houshang Alamdari, Donald Ziegler, Mario Fafard

189. Viscoplastic Modeling of the Green Anode Forming Process
Hicham Chaouki, Stéphane Thibodeau, Houshang Alamdari, Donald Ziegler, Mario Fafard

190. Characterization of Homogeneity of Green Anodes Through X-Ray Tomography and Image Analysis
Kamran Azari, Behzad Majidi, Houshang Alamdari, Donald Ziegler, Mario Fafard

191. Field Experience with the Buss Kneader Type KX: Highest Quality and Throughput Targets Attained
Hans-Ulrich Siegenthaler, Christian Hauser

192. Maximizing Green Anode Slots Height through a Rigorous Methodology and Finite Elements Modeling
Jean-Louis Abeille, Patrick Sornin, Yann El Ghaoui, Philippe Contard, Alexandre Gagnon, François Moralès, Marc Gagnon, Franck Fruleux

193. High Performance of “Eolios” Pitch Fume Treatment System
Salima Sendid, Alix Courau

194. Improving Fuel Gas Injection in Anode Baking Furnace
Pierre Mahieu, Patrice Sedmak

195. Anode Baking Furnace Firing System Lean Engineering
Philippe Contard, Christophe Bayard, Yann El Ghaoui, Yvan Foster, François Ordronneau, Peter Sulzberger, Edgard Altmann, Raphael Grange, Jérémie Lhuissier, Patrick Noraz

196. Effect of Heating Rate on the Crack Formation During Baking in Carbon Anodes Used in Aluminum Industry
Salah Amrani, Duygu Kocaefe, Yasar Kocaefe, Brigitte Morais, Gerry Blaney

197. Structured Approach to Modernization of Fume Treatment Centers
Erik Dupon, Edo Engel, Rick Oliana, Bas Admiraal, Peter Klut

198. Upgrade of an Existing Fume Treatment Plant at Aluar to Cope Higher Production in the New Open Type Anode Baking Furnaces
E. Cobo, L. Beltramino, J. Artola, F. Heinke, D. Maiwald, D. Lisa

199. An Approach to Help Control Air Permeability of Pre-Baked Anodes
Shoujun Zhang, Wenxiang Li, Jinlong Jiang

200. Optimising Anode Performance in Dubal Reduction Cells
Edouard G. M. Mofor, Sergey Akhmetov, T. K. Sahu, Jose Blasques, Daniel Whitfield, Gregory Meintjes, K. S. Rajwinder, Ali Jassim, Saleh A. Rabba, H. Devadiga, Kamel Al Aswad

201. Paste Production and its Performance in Søderberg Smelters
Markus W. Meier, Raymond C. Perruchoud

202. Study of Manufacturing Technology for High Quality Anodes
Zhao Qingcai, Zhao Jingli, Zhao Qingbo

203. Understanding Anode Overpotential
Rebecca Jayne Thorne, Camilla Sommerseth, Ann Mari Svensson, Espen Sandnes, Lorentz Petter Lossius, Hogne Linga, Arne Petter Ratvik

204. Room Temperature Creep Behaviour of Ramming Paste Baked at Different Temperatures
Pierre-Olivier St-Arnaud, Donald Picard, Houshang Alamdari, Donald Ziegler, Mario Fafard

205. Characterisation of the Material Behaviour of Cathode Steel Collector Bar at High Temperatures and Low Stress Levels
Femi Fakoya, Donald Picard, Guillaume Gauvin, Houshang Alamdari, Richard Beeler, Mario Fafard

206. Cartography and Chemical Composition of the Different Deposits in the Hall-Heroult Process
François Allard, Marc-André Coulombe, Gervais Soucy, Loig Rivoaland

207. Interaction of Sodium Vapor and Graphite Studied by Thermogravimetric Analysis
Z. Wang, A. P. Ratvik, E. Skybakmoen, T. Grande

208. N-SiC Side Lining — Variations of Materials Structure
Andrey Yurkov, Oxana Danilova, Alexey Dovgal

209. Improving Energy Efficiency at Albras: A Case Study in the Rodding Shop
Paulo Douglas S. Vasconcelos, Marcelino Pascal Rodrigues Vasconcellos, José Fernando Nunes

210. Arts-Anode & Rod Tracking System — A New Tool for Optimization of Anode Performance
Aluminij d.d, Ivan Grle, Alfred Harwardt, Manfred Beilstein

211. Anode Rodding Basics
D. Molenaar, B. A. Sadler

212. Anode Electrical Resistance Measurements: Learning And Industrial On-Line Measurement Equipment Development
Guillaume Léonard, Sébastien Guérard, Denis Laroche, Jean-Claude Arnaud, Stéphane Gourmaud, Marc Gagnon, Marie-Josée Chollier, Yvon Perron

213. Automated Crack Detection Method Applied to CT Images of Baked Carbon Anode
Donald Picard, Julien Lauzon-Gauthier, Carl Duchesne, Houshang Alamdari, Mario Fafard, Donald Ziegler

214. Development of A New Methodology to Measure Contact Pressure Along A Thermo-Electo-Mechanical Interface
Mohammadreza Emami, Daniel Marceau, Martin Désilets

215. Rodding in Hall-Héroult Cells: An Fea Model that Predicts Room Temperature Mechanical Properties and Cracking Tendency of Thimbles
D. R. Gunasegaram, D. Molenaar

216. Temperature Fitting Method for Predicting Equidistant Voltage Drop of Anode Rod in Aluminum Reduction Cell
Jian-hong Li, Gan-feng Tu, Xi-quan Qi, Jing Liu, Hui Dong, Ying Zhang

217. Effect of La on the Electrolysis Performance of 46Cu-25Ni-19Fe-10Al Metal Anode
Peng Weiping, Liu Ying, Guo Jie, Zhao Ruilong, Yang Jianhong, Li Wangxing

218. Evaluation of a Pre-Oxidation Treatment for Limiting Electrolyte Penetration in Cu-Ni-Fe Anode during Al Electrolysis
G. Goupil, E. Gavrilova, B. Davis, D. Guay, L. Roué

219. Inert Anodes: An Update
Rudolf P. Pawlek

220. Investigating the Corrosion Behaviors of Fe-Ni-Cr Anode Material for Aluminum Electrolysis
Zengjie Wang, Jilai Xue, Luxing Feng, Fangyin Dai

221. The Metal Phase Selection of 10NiO-NiFe2O4-Based Cermet Anodes for Aluminum Electrolysis
Hanbing He

222. Study on the Anode and Cathode Configuration of Aluminum Reduction Cell
Ban Yungang, Mao Yu, Mao Jihong, Liu Jing, Yang Xiaoling

223. Study on Cathode Structure Optimization of Aluminum Reduction Cell
Ban Yungang, Mao Yu, Mao Jihong, Liu Jing, Yang Xiaoling

224. Effect of Process Control Agent on the Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of an Aluminum and B4C Metal Matrix Composite
C. Hofmeister, A. Giri, S. Brennan, Y. H. Sohn, T. Delahanty, K. Cho

225. Microstructure and Damping Properties of Ultra Fine Grained Al Wires Reinforced by Al2O3 Nanoparticles
R. Casati, M. Vedani, A. Tuissi, E. Villa, D. Dellasega, X. Wei, K. Xia

226. Elevated Temperature Deformation Behavior of High Strength Al-Cu-Mg-Ag Based Alloy Reinforced By TiB2 Particles
Martha Indriyati, Vit Janik, Richard J. Dashwood

227. Understanding the Role of Nanodispersions on the Properties of A390 Hypereutectic Al-Si Cast Alloy
I. El Mahallawi, Othman A. Othman, M. H. Abdelaziz, H. Raed, T. Abd El-Fatah, S. Ali

228. Phase Formation and Mechanical Properties of Al-Mg-Mn-Ti-B-Zr-Sc Composite Material
Nikolai Belov, Elena Kurbatkina, Alexander Alabin

229. Physico-Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Aluminum-Based Composite Materials with Carbon Nanoparticles
S. Vorozhtsov, D. Eskin, A. Vorozhtsov, S. Kulkov

230. Contactless Acoustic Wave Generation in a Melt By Electromagnetic Induction
Georgi Djambazov, Valdis Bojarevics, Bruno Lebon, Koulis Pericleous

231. Brownian Motion Effects on the Particle Settling and its Application to Solidification Front in Metal Matrix Composites
J. B. Ferguson, B. F. Schultz, P. K. Rohatgi, C.-S. Kim

232. X-Ray Tomography and Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Characterization of Nano-Composites: Static and In Situ Experiments
Sofiane Terzi, Rémi Daudin, Julie Villanova, Prakash Srirangam, Pierre Lhuissier, Luc Salvo, Elodie Boller, Ralf Schweins, Peter Lindner, Jean-Jacques Blandin, Peter Lee, Hartmut Lemmel

233. The Physical-Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Nanocomposites Produced by High Energy Explosion Impact
S. Vorozhtsov, A. Vorozhtsov, S. Kulkov, V. Komarov

234. Processing of Metal Matrix Composites under External Fields and Their Application as Grain Refiner
E. Djan, S. Vadakke Madam, N. Hari Babu, J. Tamayo-Ariztondo, D. G. Eskin, Z. Fan

235. Grain Refinement and Nanoparticle Dispersion Using Traveling Magnetic Field
Mariano Garrido, Yves Fautrelle, Laurent Davoust, Valdis Bojarevics, Koulis Pericleous, Mustafa Megahed, Ole Koeser

236. Nanoparticles Distribution and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum-Matrix Nano-Composites Treated with External Fields
J. Tamayo-Ariztondo, S. Vadakke Madam, E. Djan, D. G. Eskin, N. Hari Babu, Z. Fan

237. Manufacturing of Nano-Surface AA7075 Composites by Friction Stir Processing
M. M. Z. Ahmed, M. Refat, I. El-Mahallawi

238. Novel Ultrafine-Grained Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites Prepared from Fine Atomized Al Powders
M. Balog, F. Simancik, P. Krizik, M. Nosko, W. Rajner, M. Walcher, M. Qian

239. The Structure, Phase Composition and Mechanical Properties of Hot Pressed Metal Matrix Nanocomposites Al-Al4C3

S. Vorozhtsov, A. Vorozhtsov, S. Kulkov

240. Mechanical Properties of Aluminium-Based Nanocomposite Reinforced with Fullerenes
Kwangmin Choi, Se-eun Shin, Donghyun Bae, Hyunjoo Choi

241. The Effect of Mechanically Exfoliated Graphene Dispersion on the Mechanical Properties of Aluminum/Graphene Composites
Seeun Shin, Donghyun Bae

242. Development of Al/C60 Composites with Nano-Network Structures
Hyunjoo Choi, Donghyun Bae

243. AlTi5B1 Grain Refiners on the Casting of DIN 226 Aluminum Alloys
Onuralp Yucel, Ceyhun Yapıcı, Ahmet Turan

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Materials Engineering, Light Construction, Steel Construction, Timber Construction

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