TMS 2015 144th Annual Meeting & Exhibition

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Table of contents

1. Application of Rotating Magnetic Field to Improve the Reinforcement Distribution, Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of Copper Matrix Composite
CunLei Zou, Wei Wang, Huijun Kang, Mingyu Li, Rengeng Li, Tongmin Wang

2. The Effect of Static Magnetic Field on the Length of Mushy-Zone of a Single-Crystal Nickel-Base Superalloy during Directional Solidification
Zhining Hu, Bin Liu, Weili Ren, Yongchun Liang, Yunbo Zhong, Zhongming Ren, Wanli Zhong

3. Application of External Fields to the Development of Aluminum-Based Nanocomposite and Master Alloys
D. G. Eskin, S. K. Vadakke Madam, J. Tamayo, S. A. Vorozhtsov, N. Hari Babu, A. B. Vorozhtsov

4. The Use of Alumina and Zirconia Nanopowders for Optimization of the Al-Based Light Alloys
S. A. Vorozhtsov, V. V. Promakhov, D. G. Eskin, A. B. Vorozhtsov, I. A. Zhukov

5. Melt Flow and Grain Refinement in Al-Si Alloys Solidified under the Influence of Applied Electric Currents
Y. H. Zhang, D. Räbiger, S. Eckert

6. Solidification Structure Refinement of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel by Pulse Magneto-Oscillation
Jie Ni, Congsen Wu, Honggang Zhong, Qijie Zhai

7. Simulation of Solidification Process of Steel Ingot under the Forced-Convection Condition
SenYang Qian, JieYu Zhang, Bo Wang, Jian Zhao, Jie Ma

8. Grain Refinement of Pure Aluminum under External Electromagnetic Field Treatment — Reviews and New Experimental Evidence
Zhuyuan Liang, Dong Liang, Jie Sun, Changjiang Song, Qijie Zhai

9. In Situ Synchrotron Radiography of Ultrasound Cavitation in a Molten Al-10Cu Alloy
W. W. Xu, I. Tzanakis, P. Srirangam, S. Terzi, W. U. Mirihanage, D. G. Eskin, R. H. Mathiesen, A. P. Horsfield, P. D. Lee

10. The Solidification Structure Refinement of SWRCH22A Steel Billet under Pulse Magneto-Oscillation Treatment
Qi-xin Li, Dong Liang, Qi-jie Zhai, Zhan Zhou, Yi-feng Xu, Ren-xing Li, Yong-yong Gong

11. A Comparative Study on the Single Crystal Growth of CMSX-4 via the Vertical Bridgman and Vertical Bridgman with a Submerged Baffle
M. Bacak, M. Montakhab, E. Balikci

12. Removing Impurity Element of Copper from Pb-3%Cu Melt by Super Gravity
Yuhou Yang, Bo Song, Gaoyang Song, Shujian Jia

13. The Effect of Surface Pulsed Magneto-Oscillation on Solidification of Low Pressure Rotor 30Cr2Ni4MoV Steel
Xunzhe Zhang, Jing Zhao, Jihao Yu, Honggang Zhong, Qijie Zhai

14. Materials Genomic Design of Novel Alloys with CALPHAD Tools
Jiadong Gong, David Snyder, Jason Sebastian, Greg Olson

15. Phase Field Simulation on Dendritic Growth in Pressurized Solidification of Mg-Al Alloy
Haowei Pan, Zhiqiang Han, Alan A. Luo, Baicheng Liu

16. Experimental Investigation of Zn-Zr Binary of Zr-Rich Part Phase Diagram
Jia-jun Luo, Tian Yin, Bing-yi Bai, Jie-Yu Zhang, Zhi-Hong Zhang

17. Thermodynamic Reassessment of BaO-YO1.5 System
Lin Chongmao, Hu Renmin, Chen Guangyao, Lu Xionggang, Li Chonghe

18. Environmental Degradation of Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced Syntactic Foams
Steven Eric Zeltmann, Ronald Poveda, Nikhil Gupta

19. Dislocation Structure of Cu/Nu (100) Semi-Coherent Interface and Its Role in Lattice Dislocation Nucleation
Firas Akasheh, Mohammad R. Karim, Shuai Shao

20. Sol-Gel/Hydrothermal Method for the Synthesis of Ultralong (NH4)2V6O16·1.5H2O Nanobelts
Liang Wang, Hong-Yi Li, Chuang Wei, Yu Wang, Bing Xie

21. Effect of Distribution and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Composite Reinforced with Nonmetallic Particles Fabricated by CGG Process
Youngsek Yang, Myeongsang Lee

22. Fabrication of Diamond-WC-Based Cemented Carbide Composites by Microwave Sintering
Quanchao Gu, Lei Xu, Jinghui Peng, Yi Xia, Libo Zhang, Shaohua Ju, Chenglong Wei

23. Photocatalytic Degradation of Rhodamine B over Dy-doped TiO2 Film Synthesized through Microwave Sintering
Keyou Ma, Hongwei Wang, Bingchang Li

24. Using Energy Efficient Microwaves to Synthesize High Performance Energy Saving Magnesium (Nano) Composites
Manoj Gupta, S. Sankaranarayanan

25. Continuous-Heating Ignition Testing of Hybrid Al-Ni-CuO Reactive Composites Fabricated by Ultrasonic Powder Consolidation
Somayeh Gheybi Hashemabad, Teiichi Ando

26. Effect of Matrix and Reinforcement Powder Types on Tensile and Wear Properties of TiB/Ti and TiC/Ti Composites Prepared by SPS
Shoji Kamegawa, Hiroshi Izui, Yoshiki Komiya, Keisuke Kobayashi, Ryohei Arimoto

27. The Micro-Mechanical Behavior of Electron Beam Melted Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
Yuan-Wei Chang, Tait McLouth, Marta Pozuelo, Chun-Ming Chang, John Wooten, Jenn-Ming Yang

28. Mechanical Properties of TiB-Reinforced Ti-6Al-4V Using Matrix Powders with Different Particle Sizes and Morphologies
Yuko Sampei, Hiroshi Izui, Yoshiki Komiya, Hirotaka Shigimura, Chihiro Suzuki

29. Effect of TiO2 Doping on the Densification and Microstructure in High Pressure Sintering Nano Size γ-Al2O3
Nilgun Kuskonmaz, Zeynep Taslicukur Ozturk

30. Synthesis of Cement-Like Materials from Wastes by Solid-State Reaction and Solution Combustion Techniques
Oratai Jongprateep, Prawin Laomorakot, Panupong Sathumbuch

31. Influence of Magnetic Field on Dealloying of Al-15Fe Ribbons and Formation of Fe3O4 Octahedra
Shi Jia, Tingting Song, Bingge Zhao, Quanliang Zhang, Qijie Zhai, Yulai Gao

32. Modeling Microstructural Evolution during Recrystallization in Hot Rolled Structure
Khaled F Adam, David P Field

33. Impact of Grain Boundary Character on Faceting and Migration of Low Angle Boundaries and Grain Rotation: Experiments and Simulations
Jann-Erik Brandenburg, Luis A. Barrales-Mora, Dmitri A. Molodov

34. Self-Similar Grain Growth in Nanocrystalline Two-Dimensional Polycrystals and Thin Films
Dana Zöllner, Peter Streitenberger

35. An Experimental and Numerical Study of Deformation Behavior of Steels in Biaxial Tensile Tests
Dilip Banerjee, Mark Iadicola, Adam Creuziger, Timothy Foecke

36. Solar Energy Capture: Methods of Optimizing Nanofluid-Based Volumetric Solar Flow Receivers
Luqmaan Habib, Mohamed I. Hassan, Youssef Shatilla

37. Energy Storage Utilizing Advanced CVD Nanodiamond Technology
Stephen E. Minden, John Fraley, Lauren Kegley, Jim Davidson, David Kerns

38. A Statistical Optimization of Co/Pd Multilayers Patterned via Block Copolymer Lithography
Allen G. Owen, Hao Su, Angelique Montgomery, Robert Douglas, Subhadra Gupta

39. Synthesis and Characterization of Amorphous Silicon Nitride Nanoparticals and α-Silicon Nitride Nanowires
Qi Wang, Jungang Hou, Hongmin Zhu

40. Nanocrystalline Sm-Fe Based Alloys: Structural and Magnetic Properties
L. Bessais, K. Zehani, J. Moscovici, N. Mliki

41. Structural and Magnetic Properties of Fe55Co45 Nanoparticles Synthesized by Different Methods
R. Bez, L. Bessais, K. Zehani, J. Moscovici, N. Mliki

42. Effects of Porous Carbon and CNTs on the Discharge Performance of Li-Air Batteries
Yuxing Yan, Yingjie Zhang, Zhengwei Xiao, Mingming Li

43. Effects of the Additive on Performance of Alkali Electrolyte Solution
Cheng Jin, Zhang Zhengfu, Hou Hongying, Peng Jinhui, Wang Xiaoyan, Qu Xiaolong

44. CPP-GMR of Multilayered Nanowires Electrodeposited into Anodized Aluminum Oxide Nanochannel Filters Mechanically Exfoliated from Metallic Aluminum Rods
K. Ishizuka, Y. Zenimoto, T. Ohgai

45. Semiconductor Properties of ZnTe Thin Films Electrodeposited from Aqueous Solutions
Y. Sugawa, J. Ohta, T. Ohgai

46. Preparation and Characterization of Platinum Nanowires by Template-Assisted AC Electrodeposition
Qu Xiaolong, Xu Mingli, Zhang Zhengfu, Hou Hongying, Peng Jinhui

47. Contribution to the Study of the Dielectric Properties of WO3 Thin Films: Effect of Oxygen Adsorption
M. Hannachi, W. Belkacem, M. Othman, F. Jomni, K. Aguir, N. Mliki

48. A New and Efficient Multi-Scale Simulation Architecture for Prediction of Performance Metrics for Parts Fabricated Using Additive Manufacturing
Deepankar Pal, Brent Stucker

49. DMLS Process Modelling and Validation
N. N’Dri, H.-W. Mindt, B. Shula, M. Megahed, A. Peralta, P. Kantzos, J. Neumann

50. Aspects of the Process and Material Relationships in the Selective Laser Melting of Aluminium Alloys
M. Simonelli, N. Aboulkhair, I. Maskery, C. Tuck, I. Ashcroft, N. Everitt, R. Wildman, R. Hague

51. Stress Rupture Behavior of P91-AISI 304 Weld Transition Joint Developed by Friction Surfaced Additive Manufacturing Method
Javed Akram, Prasad Rao Kalvala, Mano Misra

52. Transition Microstructures and Properties in the Laser Additive Manufacturing Repair of Monel K-500 (UNS N05500) and Toughmet 3AT (UNS C72900)
Manuel Marya, Virendra Singh, You Lu, Jean-Yves Hascoet, Surendar Marya

53. Microstructural Analysis and Mechanical Evaluation of Ti-45Nb Produced by Selective Laser Melting towards Biomedical Applications
Sasan Dadbakhsh, Mathew Speirs, Ganna Yablokova, Jean-Pierre Kruth, Jan Schrooten, Jan Luyten, Jan Humbeeck

54. Automated Multi-Scale Microstructure Heterogeneity Analysis of Selective Electron Beam Melted TiAl6V4 Components
H Zhao, A. A. Antonysamy, J. Meyer, O. Ciuca, S. T. Williams, P. B. Prangnell

55. Integration of Deformation Processing with Additive Manufacture of Ti-6Al-4V Components for Improved β Grain Structure and Texture
Jack Donoghue, Jagjit Sidhu, Andrew Wescott, Phillip Prangnell

56. Production and Properties of a Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing Part Made with Friction Extruded Wire
Xiao Li, A. P. Reynolds, Cong Baoqiang, Ding Jialuo, S. Williams

57. The Effect of Substrate Temperature on Properties of RPA Deposited Maraging 250 for Tooling Repair
David Schwam, Bryant Walker, Raymond Walker, Michael Kottman

58. Microstructures of Inconel 718 by Selective Laser Melting
Xibing Gong, Kevin Chou

59. High Throughput Femtosecond-Laser Machining of Micro-Tension Specimens
Stephanie K. Slaughter, Jonathan P. Ligda, Tomoko Sano, Brian E. Schuster

60. Study on Tensile Behaviors of Al-Killed Steel Under Batch-Annealed and Continuous-Annealed Conditions
Zhengyan Shen, Libing Liu, Yang Yang, Yunhu Zhang, Jianxun Fu, Changjiang Song, Qijie Zhai

61. Construction of Representative Volume Element for Fe Simulation of Bulk Deformation of Stainless Steel Using X-Ray Computed Tomography Approach
Xian Zheng Lu, Luen Chow Chan

62. Deformation Twinning Behavior in Precipitate Strengthened Cu-Ni-Si Alloys
Akiyoshi Araki, Equo Kobayashi, Tatsuo Sato, Warren Poole

63. Influence of Testing Environment on the Degradation Behavior of Magnesium Alloys for Bioabsorbable Implants
Iñigo Marco, Frank Feyerabend, Regine Willumeit-Römer, Omer Biest

64. Surface Treatment of Ti-45Nb Open Porous Structures towards Biomedical Applications: A Modified Approach
Ganna Yablokova, Sasan Dadbakhsh, Mathew Speirs, Aliakbar Khangholi, Jean-Pierre Kruth, Jan Luyten, Jan Schrooten, Jan Van Humbeeck

65. Titanium Anodic Oxidation: A Powerful Technique for Tailoring Surfaces Properties for Biomedical Applications
MariaPia Pedeferri

66. Tribocorrosion Studies on Surface Modified Medical Grade Stainless Steel
Guohua Zhao, Nuria Espallargas, Ragnhild E. Aune

67. Deposited Layer Thickness and the Corrosion Resistance Behavior of 316L Stainless Steel by Ti Coated
André Lopes Soares, Leopoldo Viana Batista Neto, Walman Benicio Castro

68. Elastic Modulus of Oxidized Ti-Nb Alloys
Neide Kazue Kuromoto, Hebert Hiroshi Sato, Douglas Tiago Valerio, Pedro Akira Bazaglia Kuroda, Adriano Scheid, Carlos Roberto Grandini, Carlos Maurício Lepienski

69. Role of Complex Energy Landscapes and Strains in Multiscale Inhomogeneities in Perovskite Manganites
Keun Hyuk Ahn, Tsezar F. Seman, Turab Lookman, A. R. Bishop

70. Role of Electric Field, Defects and Radiation Damage in Determining Reliability in AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors
P. G. Whiting, S. J. Pearton, K. S. Jones, F. Ren, Y.-H. Hwang, Shun Li, Yueh-Ling Hsieh

71. E-Beam Induced Effects in Ge-Se Based Redox Conductive Bridge Memory Devices and Thin Films
K. Wolf, M. S. Ailavajhala, D. A. Tenne, H. Barnaby, M. N. Kozicki, M. Mitkova

72. Effect of Electric Field Intensity on Atom Diffusion in Cu/Ta/Si Stacks
L Wang, J H Xu, L H Yu, S T Dong

73. Optical Parameters of Spray-Deposited CdS:In Thin Films
Shadia J. Ikhmayies

74. Thickness Dependence of the Optical Parameters of Spray-Deposited SnO2:F Thin Films
Shadia J. Ikhmayies

75. Transport Properties of ABX Type Thermoelectric Alloys
Haoxing Yang, Ramana. G. Reddy

76. Process Scalability for Promising Si Based Thermoelectric Materials
C. Navone, T. Baffie, G. Bernard-Granger, J. Simon, M. Soulier, K. Romanjek, J. Leforestier, V. Salvador, L. Aixala

77. Phase Stability of Thermoelectric Alkaline Earth Metal Borides and Silicides
Mallikharjuna R. Bogala, Ramana G. Reddy

78. Biochemical Characterisation of the Leaf of Morinda Lucida: Prospects for Environmentally-Friendly Steel-Rebar Corrosion-Protection in Aggressive Medium
Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi, Olubanke Olujoke Ogunlana, Oluseyi Ebenezer Ogunlana, Taiwo Felicia Owoeye, Elizabeth Toyin Okeniyi

79. Preliminary In-vitro Study of Surface Alterations of Subcutaneous Venous Access Ports Exposed to Antineoplastic Drugs and Whole Blood
Maren K. Fossum, Emma Strömberg, Javier Sanchez, Samuel Rotstein, Gunilla Björling, Ragnhild E. Aune

80. Adhesion of Blood Platelets in TiO2 Coatings
Jonathan M. Schuster, María L. Vera, Margarita E. Laczeski, Mario R. Rosenberger, Carlos E. Schvezov

81. Adhesion of Anodic Titanium Dioxide Coatings on Titanium Grades 5 Alloys
María Laura Vera, Mario Roberto Rosenberger, Carlos E. Schvezov, Alicia E. Ares

82. Bulk Metallic Glass: A Superior Erosion and Cavitation Resistant Material
Harpreet Singh Arora, Ayyagari V. Aditya, Sundeep Mukherjee

83. Correlation between Dynamics and Atomic Structures in Cu-Zr Metallic Glasses
Yue Zhang, Caizhuang Wang, Feng Zhang, M. I. Mendelev, M. J. Kramer, K. M. Ho

84. Computer Simulation of Martensite Spread: A Stochastic Approach
Paulo R. Rios, Filipi G. Cardoso, Tiago. A. Neves, José Roberto C. Guimarães

85. Quantifying Experimental Characterization Choices in Optimal Learning and Materials Design
Kristofer Reyes, Si Chen, Yan Li, Warren B. Powell

86. Cantilever Box-Beam Application of Composite Stacking Sequence Optimization Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Daniel Gutierrez-Delgadillo, Roselita Fragoudakis, Michael Zimmerman, Anil Saigal

87. First-Principles Phase Stability Calculations of Zr3Al1-xNbx Alloys with L12 and DO
Bimal Kumar Sarkar, Ajay Sing Verma, P S Deviprasadh

88. ReaxFF Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Oxidation Behaviors of 3C-SiC: Uniaxial Strain Effect
Yu Sun, Yijun Liu, Fei Xu

89. Effect of Characteristics on Elastic Modulus of Porous Titanium by Numerical Simulation
Yilong Liao, Guibao Qiu, Yang Yang, Cui Hao

90. Numerical Analysis for Temperature Field and Thermal Stress of Side Dam with Composite Structure on Twin Roll Strip Casting
Jianhong Dong, Min Chen, Nan Wang

91. Numerical Simulation for the Mixing Process of Converter with Preheating Oxygen
Fuhai Liu, Rong Zhu, Kai Dong

92. Modelling Rhizophora Mangle L Bark-Extract Effects on Concrete Steel-Rebar in 0.5 M H2SO4: Implications on Concentration for Effective Corrosion-Inhibition
Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi, Cleophas Akintoye Loto, Abimbola Patricia Idowu Popoola

93. Elements Oxidation during Kinetic Behaviors of Vanadium-Extraction Process in 70T Converter
Weijun Huang, Yuehao Zhao, Min Chin

94. Numerical Sumulation of Desulfurization Behavior in Gas-Stirred Ladles
Wentao Lou, Miaoyong Zhu

95. Numerical Analysis on the Multi-Physics Field in the ESR System with Vibrating Electrode
Fang Wang, Yanchun Lou, Rui Chen, Zhaowei Song, Baokuan Li

96. Modeling of Ferrite-Austenite Phase Transformation
Dong An, Shiyan Pan, Qing Yu, Chen Lin, Ting Dai, Bruce Krakauer, Mingfang Zhu

97. A Mechanistic Study of the Interaction among C, N and Ti3O5(100) Surface Based on Density Functional Theory
Hong Zhong, Liangying Wen, Chong Zou, Shengfu Zhang, Chenguang Bai, Feng Lu

98. Replica-Exchange Wang—Landau Sampling: Pushing the Limits of Monte Carlo Simulations in Materials Sciences
Dilina Perera, Ying Wai Li, Markus Eisenbach, Thomas Vogel, David P. Landau

99. Molecular Dynamics Study of Structural and Transport Properites of FeO-SiO2-V2O3 System
Zhen Zhang, Bing Xie, Jiang Diao, Lu Jiang, Hongyi Li

100. Study on the Mechanism of Sulfur Compound Precipitates of Non-Oriented Silicon Steel
Fangjie Li, Feng Zhang, Huigai Li, Dan Zhao, Shaobo Zheng

101. Application of MIVM for Cu-Ni Alloy in Vacuum Distillation
Lingxin Kong, Anxiang Wang, Bin Yang, Baoqiang Xu, Yifu Li, Dachun Liu

102. A Modified Random Pore Model for Gasification Kinetics of Coal Char and Biomass Char
Guang-wei Wang, Jian-liang Zhang, Wei-wei Geng, Jiu-gang Shao

103. Catalytic Effect of Fe2O3, MnO2 and MgO on the Gasification Reaction of Biomass Char
Hai-bin Zuo, Wei-wei Geng, Guang-wei Wang, Jian-liang Zhang

104. Study of Combustion Property of Biomass Char/Coal Char Blended Char Based on Isothermal Thermo-Gravimetry in O2/N2 Atmospheres
Hai-bin Zuo, Peng-cheng Zhang, Guang-wei Wang, Wei-wei Geng, Jian-liang Zhang

105. Solid-Like Clusters in Supercooled Liquid Fe: A Study of Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Rong Li, Junjiang Xiao, Yongquan Wu

106. Crystallization in Supercooled BCC-Vanadium, HCP-Zinc and FCC-Aluminum
Yongquan Wu, Rong Li, Junjiang Xiao, Yewei Jiang

107. Portland Cement Clinker Formation: High Temperature Equilibria and Phase Composition Prediction
Daniel Esteban Jiménez Valencia, Oscar Jaime Restrepo Baena

108. Thermodynamic Analysis for Formation of Ti(C,N) in Blast Furnace and Factors Affecting TiO2 Activity
Chaoquan Yao, Jianliang Zhang, Xinyu Li, Yapeng Zhang, Chao Zhang

109. Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation of the Rheology of Solid-Liquid Coexistence System in BF Slag
Jiajia Tu, Liangying Wen, Shengfu Zhang, Guibao Qiu, Danyang Zhang

110. Strengthen Reduction Process of Vanadium Titano-Magnetite Adding NaF Under High Temerature
Xing Xiang-dong, Zhang Jian-liang, Liu Xing-le, Wang Zhen-yang, Jiao Ke-xin

111. The Kinetics Test of Vanadium-Titanium Magnetite Iron Ore in Smelting Reduction
Zemin Zhuang, Jieyun Chen, Bo Meng, Shaobo Zheng

112. A Yield Surface for HCP Materials Undergoing a Wide Range of Loading Conditions
Jeffrey T. Lloyd, Richard Becker

113. Effects of Microstructural Anisotropy on the Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloy AA 7010 — T7651
A. L. Cranston, P. J. Hazell, G. J. Appleby-Thomas, Q. Md Zakaria, J. P. Escobedo

114. Comparison of a New Sin-Hyperbolic Creep Damage Constitutive Model with the Classic Kachanov-Rabotnov Model Using Theoretical and Numerical Analysis
Mohammad Shafinul Haque, Calvin Maurice Stewart

115. Micro-Crack Initiation in High-Silicon Cast Iron during Tension Loading
Keivan A. Kasvayee, Ehsan Ghassemali, Anders E. W. Jarfors

116. Microstructure-Based Constitutive Model for Yield Strength and Strain Hardening of 5XXX-Series Aluminum Alloys after Non-Isothermal Fire Exposure
P. T. Summers, S. W. Case, B. Y. Lattimer

117. Investigation on Tensile Property and Constitutive Relationship for As-Quenched Al-5%Cu-0.4%Mn Alloy
Wenguang Wang, Gang Wang, Peng Du, Yiming Rong

118. Physical Based Constitutive Model for the Prediction of Plastic Deformation of Fe-Cr-Ni Stainless Steel Under High Strain Rate
Jianchao Yu, Gang Wang, Yiming Rong

119. Effect of Zr Addition on Recrystallization Behavior in Rolled Ti-Zr Alloys
Yusuke Matayshi, Tomoyuki Homma

120. Damage Behaviors at Twin and Grain Boundary in Alloy 690 Material in Very High Cycle Fatigue Regime
Guocai Chai

121. Low Cycle Fatigue of Aluminum-Silicon Alloys for Power-Train Applications
S. K. Shaha, F. Czerwinski, W. Kasprzak, J. Friedman, D. L. Chen

122. Fatigue Life Predictions for Irradiated Stainless Steels
Robert W. Fuller, Nima Shamsaei

123. High-Temperatur-High Pressure Stress-Strain Testing of Materials in CO2-Containing Saline Solutions
Anja Pfennig, Marcus Wolf

124. Linkage between Ductile Fracture and Extremely Low Cycle Fatigue of Inconel 718 Under Multiaxial Loading Conditions
Mohammed S. Algarni, Yueqian Jia, Justin Karl, Ali P. Gordon, Yuanli Bai

125. Fracture Toughness of Welded Thick Section High Strength Steels and Influencing Factors
V. A. Popovich, I. M. Richardson

126. Generation of Synthetic FRP Microstructures Based on Experimentally Observed Microstructures
Seyed Hamid Reza Sanei, Ray S. Fertig

127. Statistical Analysis of Failure in Polymer Matrix Composites
Masoud Safdari, Nancy R. Sottos, Philippe H. Geubelle

128. The Multi-Scale Closed Chain of Simulations — Incorporating Local Variations in Microstructure into Finite Element Simulations
Jakob Olofsson, Kent Salomonsson, Ingvar L Svensson

129. Effect of Cu Addition on Microstructures for Ti(C,N)-Mo2C-Ni
Hiroyuki Hosokawa, Kiyotaka Katou, Koji Shimojima Ryoichi Furushima, Akihiro Matsumoto

130. Study of Behavioral about the Decomposition Reaction of the Solid Solution KFe3(SO4)2-x(CrO4)x(OH)6 in Ca(OH)2 Media
Ister Mireles, Iván A. Reyes, Francisco Patiño, Mizraim U. Flores, Juan Hernández, Sayra Ordoñez, Martín Reyes

131. Alkaline Reactivity of Solid Solution of NH4-Na Jarosite with Arsenic
Víctor Flores, Francisco Patiño, Elia Palacios, Iván Reyes, Mizraim Flores, Martin Reyes, Julio Juárez

132. Effect of Sintering Techniques on Mechanical Properties of WC-FeAl Composites
Ryoichi Furushima, Kiyotaka Katou, Koji Shimojima, Hiroyuki. Hosokawa, Aikihiro Matsumoto

133. Synergistic Effects of Nano-Fillers on Halogen-Free Fire Retardant Polypropylene Composites
Karnika Silva, Sudip Ray, Mark Taylor, Debes Bhattacharyya

134. Use of Extract of Cupressus Goveniana for Synthesis and Stabilization of Nanoparticles Silver
L. García Hernández, D. Arenas Islas, M. U. Flores Guerrero, P. A. Ramírez Ortega, L. García Lechuga

135. Synthesis of Bimetallic Nanoparticles Urchin-Like with Ricinus Communis Leaf Extract
L. García Hernández, D. Arenas Islas, M. U. Flores Guerrero, P. A. Ramírez Ortega, L. García Lechuga

136. Effects on Combustion Process of Pulverized Coal Adding Biomass Char
Jiang Xu, Li Bingchang

137. Coarsening of Decomposed Phases in Cu-Ni-Cr Alloys
Felipe Hernández-Santiago, Victor M. Lopez-Hirata, Maribel L- Saucedo-Muñoz, Hector J. Dorantes-Rosales, Jose D. Villegas-Cardenas, Jorge L. Gonzalez-Velazquez

138. High-Throughput Synthesis and Characterization of Thin Film High Entropy Alloys Based on the Fe-Ni-Co-Cu-Ga System
Samuel Guérin, Anaïs Guyomarc’h, Brian Hayden, Sergey Yakvolev, James Cotton

139. Structure and Properties of Some CoCrFeNi-Based High Entropy Alloys
J. Cornide, U. Dahlborg, Z. Leong, L. Asensio Dominguez, J. Juraszek, S. Jouen, T. Hansen, R. Wunderlich, S. Chambreland, I. Todd, R. Goodall, M. Calvo-Dahlborg

140. Effect of Annealing on Phase Composition and Microstructure of the CoCrFeNiMnVx (x=0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1) High Entropy Alloys
N. D. Stepanov, D. G. Shaysultanov, G. A. Salishchev, M. A. Tikhonovsky, O. N. Senkov

141. Effect of Boron Addition on Microstructure and Property of Low Cost Beta Titanium Alloy
Cheng-Lin Li, Yang Yu, Wen-Jun Ye, Song-Xiao Hui, Dong-Geun Lee, Yong-Tai Lee

142. Progress in Structure-Property Modeling Tools for γ-Tial
K. A. Brindley, R. W. Neu

143. Investigation on Microstructure and Properties of Ti-Al-Cr-Fe-V-Zr Alloy
Dong Li, Cheng-Lin Li, Song-Xiao Hui, Wen-Jun Ye

144. Pre-Conceptual Development and Characterization of an Extruded Graphite Composite Fuel for the Treat Reactor
Erik Luther, Isabella Rooyen, Ching-Fong Chen, David Dombrowski, Rafael Leckie, Pallas Papin, Andrew Nelson

145. Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing of a Zirconium Based Alloy
P. S. Korinko, R. L. Sindelar, R. L. Kesterson, T. M. Adams

146. Validation and Numerical Simulation for Shrinkage Porosity of a X12 Steel Ingot
Zheng Chen, Qijie Zhai, Jieyu Zhang

147. Serrated Flow in 9-11Cr Ferritic/Martensitic Steels
Yinzhong Shen, Zhiqiang Xu, Jiarui Lu, Bo Ji, Xiaoling Zhou, Huan Liu, Jun Zhu

148. Characterization a Bending Fatigue Mini-Specimen Technique (Krouse Type) of Nuclear Materials
Ahmed S. Haidyrah, Joseph W. Newkirk, Carlos H. Castaño

149. Effect of Strain and Degree of Sensitization in TGSCC Susceptibility of Stainless Steel in High Temperature
Carlos R. Arganis-Juarez, J. M. Malo T

150. Prediction of Inclusions Distribution in a Steel Continuous Casting Slab Cast with FC-Mold
Lifeng Zhang, Qiangqiang Wang

151. 3D Mathematics Model of Formation and Motion of Metal Droplets During Electro-Slag Remelting Process
Yi Wang, Le Yu, Lifeng Zhang, Gang Li, Ke Tao, Juntao Li

152. A Micromechanical Model for Hygrothermoelastic Heterogeneous Materials
Tian Tang, Sergio D. Felicelli

153. Numerical Investigation of the Interaction between the Martensitic Transformation Front and the Plastic Strain in Austenite
Julia Kundin, Heike Emmerich

154. Real Time in Situ X-Ray Diffraction Study of the high Temperature Mechanical Behavior of a Rafted Single Crystal Superalloy
Thomas Schenk, Alain Jacques, Jean Briac Le Graverend, Jonathan Cormier

155. Experimental Investigation on Plastic Strain and Recrystallization of Single Crystal Nickel Based Superalloys
Li Zhonglin, Xu Qingyan, Liu Baicheng

156. Effect of Gamma Radiation on the Mechanical and Degradation Properties of Bromobutyl Rubber Compounds
Sandra R. Scagliusi, Elisabeth C. L. Cardoso, Ademar B. Lugão

157. Preparation, Process Optimization and Performance of LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 Coin-type Lithium Ion Battery
Jiang Du, Zhengfu Zhang, Jinhui Peng, Jin Cheng, Xiaolong Qu, Xiaoyan Wang, Hongge Yan

158. Nanocomposite Sodium Transition Metal Phosphate Prepared via Combustion Route for Hybrid Capacitor
Manickam Minakshi

159. Application of Energy Dispersive PNCCD Detector in Material Science using hard X-Rays
N. Pashniak, A. Abboud, S. Send, B. Dönges, A. K. Hüsecken, H.-J. Christ, U. Pietsch

160. Phase Transformation in a High Flux Magnetic Field
Roger England, Gerard Ludtka, Thomas Watkins, Jaime A. Fernandez-Baca, Peter Kalu

161. Thiol-Based Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) as an Alternative Surface Finish for 3D Cu Microbumps
Silvia Armini, Yannick Vandelaer, Alicja Lesniewska, Vladimir Cherman, Inge De Preter, Fumihiro Inoue, Jaber Derakhshandeh, George Vakanas, Eric Beyne

162. Effect of Two Free Dendritic Growth Models on the Simulation of Microstructure Formation in Solidification Process of Fe-0.4WT.%C Alloy
Wan-Ping Pan, Jie Ma, Jie-Yu Zhang, Bo Wang, Jin-Yin Xie, Sen-Yang Qian

163. Research on Non-Directional Solidification Process of AISI 301 Austenite Stainless Steel
Liang Bai, Yonglin Ma, Shuqing Xing, Jieyu Zhang, Bo Wang

164. Ostwald’s Step Rule in the Crystallization of Supercooled Magnesium from Molecular Dynamic Simulation
Junjiang Xiao, Rong Li, Yongquan Wu

165. Analysis of Phase Decomposition in Fe-Cr Alloys by Diffusion Couples
Orlando Soriano-Vargas, Nicolas Cayetano-Castro, Victor M. Lopez-Hirata, Hector J. Dorantes Rosales, Erika O. Avila-Davila, Maribel L. Saucedo-Muñoz

166. Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructures and Tensile Properties of a Fe-1.7Mn-1.3Al-0.5C Steel
L. N. Qiu, Y. F. Shen, X. M. Zhao, Y. D. Liu, L. Zuo

167. Importance of Interfacial Energy in Precipitation Modeling Using Computational Thermodynamics Techniques
Andre Costa e Silva

168. A Study of Microstructure and Phase Transformations of Medium-Carbon Dual-Phase Steels
Ersoy Erişir, Oğuz Gürkan Bilir, Meltem Sezen

169. Effect of Annealing Temperature on Martensite Start Temperature in Intercritical Region
Ersoy Erişir, Oğuz Gürkan Bilir

170. Phase Field Modeling of Microstructural Evolution During Intermediate Quenching and Intercritical Annealing of Medium-Carbon Dual-Phase Steels
Ersoy Erişir, Oğuz Gürkan Bilir

171. Peritectoid Phase Transformations in Ni3Mo Alloy
I. Khalfallah, A. Aning

172. Experimental Study and Modelling on the Grain Growth of Annealing Process in Fe-50%Ni Alloy
Zhenguo Nie, Gang Wang, Yingtao Zhang, Yiming (Kevin) Rong

173. Phase Transition Research on Fe-2Mn Alloy Powders Prepared by Gas Atomization
Yang Yang, Zhengyan Shen, Libing Liu, Yunhu Zhang, Changjiang Song, Qijie Zhai

174. Universal Scaling Behaviour of Subgrain Size Evolution in Face-Centered Cubic Metals With Moderate to High Stacking Fault Energy
Sepideh Abolghasem, Ravi Shankar, Raha Akhavan-Tabatabaei, Roberto Zarama

175. Refractory Thin-Films Derived from Organometallic Polymers
Mark F. Roll, Natalie Kirch

176. The Microstructural and In Vitro Characterics of Hydroxyapatite Coating Fabricated Using Nd-YAG Laser
Monnamme Tlotleng, Esther Akinlabi, Mukul Shukla, Sisa Pityana

177. Autocatalytic Ni-P and Ni-B Deposition on SiC Ceramic Particles
Gökce Sezen, Ayfer Kilicarslan, Sibel Daglılar, Isıl Kerti

178. Ultra-Fast Boriding and Surface Hardening of Low Carbon Steel
Bakr Mohamed Rabeeh

179. The Influence of Mn on the Interfacial Reaction for Hot-Dipping 55Al-Zn-1.6Si/Iron
Xuan Dai, Guangxin Wu, Wangjun Peng, Xin Yang, Jieyu Zhang

180. Preparation of BaCo0.7Fe0.2Nb0.1O3-δ Asymmetric Tubular Oxygen Permeable by Dip-Coating and Co-Sintering Process
Yinhe Liu, Weizhong Ding, Lan Jiang, Gonghui Yang, Xingxing Zhang

181. Substrate-Enamel Interface Relation and Impact on Quality of Enamel
Özge Işiksaçan, Alper Yeşilçubuk, Onuralp Yücel

182. Effect of Titanium and Chromium on the Microstructure of Tungsten-Manganese Alloys Prepared by Mechanical Alloying
O. S. Elsebaie, K. M. Jaansalu

Keywords: Materials Science, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Materials Engineering, Electrochemistry

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