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Advances in the Science and Engineering of Casting Solidification

Buhrig-Polaczek, Andreas - Advances in the Science and Engineering of Casting Solidification, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Science of Casting and Solidification: ASM Handbook Contributions — Honoring Professor Doru Michael Stefanescu
Afina Lupulescu, Scott Henry, Karen Marken, Steven Lampman

2. On the Solidification of Metal Alloys during Microgravity Conditions
Hasse Fredriksson

3. Formation of the Tin Rich Layer and Inverse-Segregation in Phosphor Bronzes During Continuous Casting
S. Saleem, M. Vynnycky, H. Fredriksson

4. A Model of Cavitation for the Treatment of a Moving Liquid Metal Volume
G. S. Bruno Lebon, Koulis Pericleous, Iakovos Tzanakis, Dmitry Eskin

5. Ultrasonic Processing of 6061-Based Nanocomposites for High Performance Applications
S. Jia, P. G. Allison, T. W. Rushing, L. Nastac

6. Numerical Modeling of the Dispersion of Ceramic Nanoparticles during Ultrasonic Processing of A356-based Nanocomposites
Daojie Zhang, Laurentiu Nastac

7. Optical Floating-Zone Crystal Growth of Heusler Ni-Mn-Sn Alloy
Jinke Yu, Jian Ren, Hongwei Li, Hongxing Zheng

8. Modeling of Macrosegregation during Solidification of Steel Ingot Casting
Wutao Tu, Houfa Shen, Baicheng Liu

9. Scaling Analysis of Alloy Solidification and Fluid Flow in a Rectangular Cavity
A. Plotkowski, K. Fezi, M. J. M. Krane

10. Structure and Casting Defects of Aluminum Billets Produced by Direct-Chill Casting
D. G. Eskin

11. The Fluid Flow and Solidification Phenomenon in Billet Continuous Casting Process with Mold and Final Electromagnetic Stirrings
Dongbin Jiang, Miaoyong Zhu

12. Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition in zn-27wt.%al Alloys: A Comparation Between Vertical and Horizontal Directional Solidifications
Alicia E. Ares, Carlos E. Schvezov

13. Microstructure Investigation of Aluminum Die-Cast Parts with Different Gating Conditions Tested in Fatigue
Roxana Ruxanda, Richard Obara

14. A Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Simulation on Squeeze Casting Solidification Process of Three-Dimensional Geometrically Complex Components
Jie Tang, Zhiqiang Han, Feifan Wang, Jue Sun, Shanxin Xu

15. Double Oxide Film Defects in Al Castings and the Effect of Different Element Additions
Q. Chen, A. J. Caden, W. D. Griffiths

16. The Design of New Submerged Entry Nozzles for Beam-Blank Continuous Casting
Miaoyong Zhu, Mianguang Xu, Sen Luo

17. Effects of Ce on the Thermal Stability of the Ω Phase in a Cast Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite
F. Melotti, A. Dustan, T. Hirst, W. D. Griffiths

18. Non-Metallic Ti Oxides and MnS/FeS2 Complex Precipitation in Ti-Killed Steel
Jieyun Chen, Dan Zhao, Huigai Li, Shaobo Zheng

19. Prediction of Surface Porosity Defects in High Pressure Die Casting
Mahdi Saeedipour, Simon Schneiderbauer, Stefan Pirker, Salar Bozorgi

20. Engineered Cooling Process for High Strength Ductile Iron Castings
Simon N. Lekakh, Anthony Mikhailov, Joseph Kramer

21. Numerical Simulation of Solidification Structure for YQ450NQR1 Steel Bloom in Continuous Casting Process
Kun Dou, Lei Wang, Jiasheng Qing, Xiaofeng Zhang, Bao Wang, Bo Liu, Qing Liu

22. Modeling of Microstructure Evolution During Alloy Solidification
Mingfang Zhu, Shiyan Pan, Dongke Sun

23. A Lattice Boltzmann Model for Dendritic Growth Under Natural Convection
Mohammad Hashemi, Mohsen Eshraghi, Sergio Felicelli

24. Modeling of Dendritic Structure and Microsegregation in Solidification of Al-Rich Quaternary Alloys
Ting Dai, Mingfang Zhu, Shuanglin Chen, Weisheng Cao

25. In Situ Study on the Evolution of Dendrite Morphology Affected by Electric Field in Sn-Bi Alloy
Fenfen Yang, Fei Cao, Rengeng Li, Huijun Kang, Yanan Fu, Tiqiao Xiao, Tongmin Wang

26. Heterogeneous Strip Originated from Inclusions: Characterization and Physical Mechanism
Xiaoping Ma, Dianzhong Li

27. An Investigation of Dendritic Segregation in Directionally Solidified CMSX-4 Superalloy
Gheorghe Matache, Doru Michael Stefanescu, Cristian Puscasu, Elvira Alexandrescu

28. Modeling of Casting Defects in an Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Approach
Adrian S. Sabau

29. X-ray Observations Showing the Effect of Fluid Flow on Dendritic Solidification in Ga-In Alloys
Natalia Shevchenko, Olga Roshchupkina, Sven Eckert

30. Defect Formation Mechanisms in Lamellar Cast Iron Related to the Casting Geometry
Attila Diószegi, Peter Svidró, Lennart Elmquist, Izudin Dugic

31. Characterization of Directionally Solidified Gray Iron
Elis A. Rivera, Tyler Christiansen, Amber L. Genau, Adrian Catalina

32. Age-Strengthening of Cast Iron and Its Effects on Machinability: Review of the Literature
Von L. Richards

33. Examination of Austenite Solidification and Spheroidal Graphite Growth in Ni-Fe-C Alloys
J. Qing, V. L. Richards, D. C. Aken

34. Production of Selected Key Ductile Iron Castings Used in Large-Scale Windmills
Yung-Ning Pan, Hsuan-Te Lin, Chi-Chia Lin, Re-Mo Chang

35. An Overview of Isothermal Coarsening in Hypoeutectic Lamellar Cast Iron
Juan Carlos Hernando, Attila Diószegi

36. Experimental Studies of Gray Cast Iron Solidification with Linear Variable Differential Transformer
Abel Tadesse, Hasse Fredriksson

37. Undercooling, Cooling Curves and Nodule Count for Hypo-, Hyper- and Eutectic Thin-Walled Ductile Iron Castings
Wojciech Kapturkiewicz, Andriy Burbelko

38. Graphite Growth Morphologies in High Al Cast Iron
H. M. Muhmond, H. Fredriksson

39. Thermophysical Properties of Thin Walled Compacted Graphite Iron Castings
Marcin Górny, Janusz Lelito, Magdalena Kawalec

40. Understanding Cast Iron Materials and Components: A Never Ending Story
Ingvar L. Svensson, Jakob Olofsson

41. Understanding Superfine Graphite Iron Solidification Through Interrupted Solidification Experiments
G. Alonso, D. M. Stefanescu, P. Larrañaga, E. Fuente, E. Aguado, R. Suarez

42. Counter Gravity Casting
John Campbell

43. A Numerical Model for Predicting the Gas Evolution in Silica Sand (Furan Binder) Mold Castings
Laurentiu Nastac, Shian Jia, Mihaela N. Nastac, Robert Wood

44. Evaluation of the Casting/Chill Interface Thermal Behaviour During A319 Alloy Sand Casting Process
Farzaneh Farhang Mehr, Steve Cockcroft, Carl Reilly, Daan Maijer

45. Dependence of Hardness on Microstructure of a Directionally Solidified Sn-40wt.%Bi-0.7wt.%Cu Alloy
Bismarck Luiz Silva, José Eduardo Spinelli

46. Contributions on Optimizing Approximations in the Study of Melting and Solidification Processes That Occur in Processing by Electro-Erosion
F. L. Potra, T. Potra, V. F. Soporan

47. Investigation of Thin-Walled IN718 Castings by Counter-Gravity Investment Casting
Anping Dong, Naishun Yan, Jiao Zhang, Jun Wang, Baode Sun, Haiyan Gao, Da Shu

48. Thermal Test of Nodular Cast Iron Cooling Stave
Jin Zheng, Haibin Zuo, Jianliang Zhang, Fengguang Li

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

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