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Table of contents

1. Influence of Scale Formation on Copper Enrichment Behaviour in Continuously Cast Slab
Nan Wang, Shan Yu, Xiaoao Li, Jianhua Xin, Guanghao Chen, Min Chen, Cuihuan Huang

2. Physical Simulation of Critical Blowing Rate of Slag Entrapment of 80 Tons Ladle
Rui Wang, Yanping Bao, Yihong Li, Aichun Zhao, Yafeng Ji, Xiao Hu, Qingxue Huang, Jiansheng Liu

3. Liquid Metal Modelling of Flow Phenomena in the Continuous Casting Process of Steel
K. Timmel, B. Willers, T. Wondrak, M. Röder, N. Shevchenko, G. Gerbeth, S. Eckert

4. The Cu-Ni-S System and Its Significance in Metallurgical Processes
Fiseha Tesfaye, Daniel Lindberg, Pekka Taskinen

5. Reduction Kinetics of Magnetite Concentrate Particles with Hydrogen at 1150–1600 °C Relevant to a Novel Flash Ironmaking Process
Mohamed Elzohiery, Yousef Mohassab, Amr Abdelghany, Shengqin Zhang, Feng Chen, Hong Yong Sohn

6. Hydrogen Reduction Kinetics of Mechanically Activated Magnetite Concentrate
Ricardo Morales-Estrella, Juan Ruiz-Ornelas, Yousef Mohassab, Noemi Ortiz-Lara, Hong Yong Sohn

7. Influences of Thermomechanical Processing on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a HSLA Steel
Yu Zhao, Songsong Xu, Yun Zou, Jinhui Li, Z. W. Zhang

8. Behaviors and Evolutions of MgO·Al2O
in Non-Oriented Silicon Steel During Calcium Treatment
Yong Zhao, Yan-hui Sun

9. Evaluation of Joint Performance on High Nitrogen Stainless Steel Which is Expected to Have Higher Allergy Resistance
Kouichi Nakano

10. Obtaining Multiple Metals Through Electron Beam Melting of Refractory Metal Wastes
Katia Vutova, Vania Vassileva

11. Solidification and Evaluation of Thermal Parameters of Sn-Zn Eutectic Alloys Horizontally Solidified
Alex Iván Kociubczyk, Roberto Rozicki, Verónica Liliana Scheiber, Alicia Esther Ares

12. Laser Ablation of Aluminum and Titanium Alloys Under Glass Confinement
Peixuan Ouyang, Liangju He, Peijie Li

13. The Cooling Ability Study on CO2 and O2 Mixed Injection in Vanadium Extraction Process
Pengcheng Li, Yu Wang, Wei-Tong Du, Gang Wen

14. Effect of MnO on Sintering and Microstructure of Al2O3-MgO-CaO Refractories
Xue-liang Yin, Lei Liu, Xiang Shen, Mei-le He, Lei Xu, Nan Wang, Min Chen

15. Determination of Total Iron Content in Iron Ore and DRI: Titrimetric Method Versus ICP-OES Analysis
Yousef Mohassab, Mohamed Elzohiery, Feng Chen, Hong Yong Sohn

16. Effective Inoculation of Grey Cast Iron
Dariusz Kopyciński, Józef Dorula

17. Study on the Infrared Spectral Range for Radiation Temperature Measurement of Continuous Casting Slab
Yunwei Huang, Dengfu Chen, Lin Bai, Mujun Long, Kui Lv, Pei Xu

18. Behavior of Quartz and Carbon Black Pellets at Elevated Temperatures
Fei Li, Merete Tangstad

19. Interrupted Quasi-static and Dynamic Tensile Experiments of Fully Annealed 301 Stainless Steel
O. G. Rivera, Z. McClelland, P. Rivera-Soto, W. R. Whittington, D. Francis, R. D. Moser, P. G. Allison

20. Evolution of Void Shape Anisotropy in Deformed BCC Steels
Gregory Gerstein, Florian Nürnberger, Hans Jürgen Maier

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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