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14th International Probabilistic Workshop

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Table of contents

Part I. Keynotes

1. Optimizing Adaptable Systems for Future Uncertainty
D. Straub, O. Špačková

2. Freak Events, Black Swans, and Unknowable Unknowns: Impact on Risk-Based Design
M. A. Maes, M. R. Dann

Part II. Structural Reliability Methods and Statistical Approaches

3. Extrapolation, Invariance, Geometry and Subset Sampling
K. Breitung

4. Performance of Various Sampling Schemes in Asymptotic Sampling
M. Šmídová, M. Vořechovský

5. Moving Least Squares Metamodels—Hyperparameter, Variable Reduction and Model Selection
I. Reuter, M. Voigt, R. Mailach, K.-H. Becker, A. Fischersworring-Bunk, H. Schlums, M. Ivankovic

6. Comparing Three Methodologies for System Identification and Prediction
S. G. S. Pai, I. F. C. Smith

7. Global Sensitivity Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Walls Subjected to Standard Fire—A Comparison of Methods
M. Achenbach, T. Lahmer, G. Morgenthal

Part III. Probability and Statistics

8. Comparison of Computed and Observed Probabilities of Failure and Core Damage Frequencies
D. Proske

9. Probability of a Large Fire in a Road Tunnel Bayesian Inference
R. M. L. Nelisse, A. C. W. M. Vrouwenvelder

10. Statistical Extrapolation for Extreme Traffic Load Effect Estimation on Bridges
M. Nowak, D. Straub, O. Fischer

Part IV. Uncertainty Quantification

11. Uncertainty Quantification for Force Identification and Response Estimation in Structural Dynamics
K. Maes, G. Roeck, G. Lombaert

12. Uncertainty Quantification of Creep in Concrete by Taylor Series Expansion
P. Criel, R. Caspeele, S. Matthys, L. Taerwe

13. Uncertainty Quantification of Extrapolation Techniques for Bonded Anchors
J. Podroužek, J. Vorel, R. Wendner

14. Uncertainty Quantification Applied to a Fire-Exposed Glued-Laminated Timber Beam
A. I. Bartlett, D. Lange, J. Anderson, R. M. Hadden

Part V. Uncertainty Modelling

15. Generation of Spatially Embedded Random Networks to Model Complex Transportation Networks
J. Hackl, B. T. Adey

16. Effect of Climate Change on Snow Load on Ground: Bayesian Approach for Snow Map Refinement
P. Croce, P. Formichi, F. Landi, F. Marsili, N. Friedman

17. Imposed Correlation Between Random Field and Discrete Particle Placement
J. Podroužek, J. Vorel, G. Cusatis, R. Wendner

18. A Bayesian Network for the Definition of Probability Models for Masonry Mechanical Parameters
F. Marsili, P. Croce, F. Klawonn, A. Vignoli, S. Boschi, F. Landi

19. A Bayesian Network for the Definition of Probability Models for Compressive Strength of Concrete Homogeneous Population
F. Marsili, P. Croce, F. Klawonn, F. Landi

20. Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment Through Large Scale Simulations
F. Sihombing, M. Torbol

Part VI. Applied Structural Reliability Analysis

21. Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis Using Approximative FORM
M. Huber, M. Krogt, W. Kanning

22. Bayesian Updating of Slope Reliability in Undrained Clay with Vane Shear Test Data
S. H. Jiang, I. Papaioannou, D. Straub

23. Structural Reliability in Design and Analysis of Tensile Structures
E. Smedt, M. Mollaert, R. Caspeele, L. Pyl

24. Probabilistic Assessment of Wind-Loaded Façade Elements
N. E. Meinen, R. D. J. M. Steenbergen, C. P. W. Geurts, C. A. Bentum

25. Shear Resistance of Prestressed Girders: Probabilistic Design
O. Slowik, D. Novák, L. Novák, A. Strauss

26. Reliability Assessment of Buried Pipelines for Through-Wall Bending Stress
A. U. Ebenuwa, K. F. Tee

27. Sensitivity Studies Within a Reliability Analysis of Cross Sections with Carbon Concrete
J. Weselek, U. Häussler-Combe

Part VII. Risk Analysis and Optimization

28. Risk Analysis of Bridge Falsework Structures
J. André, R. Beale, A. M. Baptista

29. Reliability-Based Methodology for the Optimal Design of Viscous Dampers
D. Altieri, E. Tubaldi, M. Broggi, E. Patelli

30. Optimization of a Landing Gear System Including Uncertainties
I. Tartaruga, J. E. Cooper, M. H. Lowenberg, P. Sartor, Y. Lemmens

Part VIII. Probabilistic Assessment of New and Existing Structures

31. Probabilistic Analysis of Combination Rules in Eurocodes
J Markova, M Holicky

32. Floor Live Loads of Building Structures
N. L. Tran, D. Müller, C.-A. Graubner

33. Methodology for Evaluating the Safety Level of Current Accepted Design Solutions for Limiting Fire Spread Between Buildings
R. Coile, D. Maeso

34. Robustness Assessment—A New Perspective to Achieve a Performance Indicator
H. Guimarães, J. Fernandes, J. Matos, A. Henriques

35. Probabilistic Concepts of Upcoming European Document on Assessment of Existing Structures
M. Holický

36. Present and Future Probabilistic Challenges for Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Structures
S Kessler, A Strauss, R Caspeele

Keywords: Engineering, Civil Engineering, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

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