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Handbook of Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development in Higher Education

Brandli, Luciana - Handbook of Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development in Higher Education, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Sustainability in University Contexts

1. Inclusion of Sustainability in University Classrooms Through Methodology
Esther García-González, Rocío Jiménez-Fontana, Pilar Azcárate Goded, José M. Cardeñoso

2. Controlling Risks Through Flexibility and Urban Integration: The Regeneration of Otaniemi Campus in Finland
Antti Ahlava, Jarmo Suominen, Saana Rossi

3. Sustainability Education: Towards Total Sustainability Management Teaching
S. Boron, K. R. Murray, G. B. Thomson

4. Fostering the Professionalization of Business Students Through Education for Sustainable Development at University
Elena Escrig-Olmedo, M. Ángeles Fernández-Izquierdo, Idoya Ferrero-Ferrero, Raúl León-Soriano, M. Jesús Muñoz-Torres, Juana M. Rivera-Lirio

5. Fauna Protection in a Sustainable University Campus: Bird-Window Collision Mitigation Strategies at Temple University
Katherine Switala Elmhurst, Kathleen Grady

6. Multimedia Exhibition Teaches Undergraduate Students About Sustainable Fashion
Britanny E. Reef-Stout, Katalin Medvedev

7. Campus Infrastructure and Sustainable Resource Management Practices: Mapping Campus DNA for Human Resiliency
Gowri Betrabet Gulwadi, Kathleen G. Scholl

8. Developing Sustainability Competence for Future Professional Accountants: The Integrative Role of an Undergraduate Program
Artie W. Ng, Tiffany C. H. Leung, Jack M. K. Lo

9. Linking Space and Nature Syntaxes: The Influence of a Natural View Through Observed Behaviour at Arcosanti, Arizona, USA
Karen Munro, David Grierson

10. The Effects of Higher Education in Economics, Law and Political Science on Perceptions of Responsibility and Sustainability
Niklas Harring, Cecilia Lundholm, Tomas Torbjörnsson

11. Student Participation and Engagement in Sustainable Human Development: A Value Education Approach
Shobha Sundaresan, Sushama Bavle

12. Food (In)Security Within a University Community: The Experiences of Students, Staff and Faculty at a Sustainable Institution
Annie L. Booth, Melanie Anderson

13. Student Leadership in Sustainable Development in a Private University in the UAE—A Case Study
Kathy O’Sullivan

14. Creating Change for Sustainability in Universities in Australia, One System at a Time
Julie Davis, Jo-Anne Ferreira

15. Financing the Transition for a Sustainable Campus: Experiences from Brazil
Bruno Allevato, Suzana Kahn Ribeiro

Part II. Implementation of Sustainability in Practice

16. Improving Building Energy Performance in Universities: The Case Study of the University of Cambridge
Tim Forman, Roberta Mutschler, Peter Guthrie, Eleni Soulti, Bryn Pickering, Viktor Byström, Si Min Lee

17. The Sustainability Journey of USM: Solution Oriented Campus Ecosphere for Vitalising Higher Education Action on GAP
Omar Osman, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, Kanayathu Koshy, Noor Adelyna Mohammed Akib, Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Shabudin

18. Weaving the Filigree: Paradoxes, Opposites and Diversity for Participatory, Emergent Arts and Design Curricula on Sustainable Development
David Haley, Valeria R. Vargas, Paolina Ferrulli

19. Crafting Pedagogical Pathways that Disrupt and Transform Anthropocentric Mindsets of Higher Education Students
Tanja Tillmanns, Charlotte Holland

20. How University Sustainable Development Research Can Impact the Local Community: The Links Between ESD and Dietary Choices
Loraine Spiteri, Mark C. Mifsud

21. The Development and Evaluation of an Environmental Awareness Course Addressed to Student Tourist Guides in the Maltese Islands
Mark C. Mifsud

22. Environmental Education in Higher Education Institutions: An Analysis of the Strategies of the University of Southern Santa Catarina to Promote Environmental Education
Jéssica Garcia, Issa Ibrahim Berchin, Gabriel Alfredo Alves Zimmer, Maria Eduarda Medeiros Silveira, Wellyngton Silva Amorim, Samara Silva Neiva, José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório Andrade Guerra

23. Building the Platform: Supporting a Sustainability Agenda and University-Community Relationships
B. D. Wortham-Galvin, Jennifer H. Allen, David Ervin, Jacob Sherman

24. Towards a Smart Campus: Building-User Learning Interaction for Energy Efficiency, the Lisbon Case Study
Ricardo Gomes, Henrique Pombeiro, Carlos Silva, Paulo Carreira, Miguel Carvalho, Gonçalo Almeida, Pedro Domingues, Paulo Ferrão

25. Addressing Food Waste Through University and Community Partnerships
Petra Molthan-Hill, Helen Puntha, Aldilla Dharmasasmita, Kirsty Hunter, Beverley Lawe

26. Does “Science” Matter to Sustainability in Higher Education? The Role of Millennial College Students’ Attitudes Toward Science in Sustainable Consumption
Jiyun Kang, Gwendolyn Hustvedt, Stefanie Ramirez

27. Student Perceptions on the First Masters in Education for Sustainable Development in Malta
Mark C. Mifsud

28. Sustainability at Universities: Degrees of Institutionalization for Sustainability at German Higher Education Institutions—A Categorization Pattern
Kathrin Rath, Claudia T. Schmitt

29. Promotion of Sustainable Development at Universities: The Adoption of Green Campus Strategies at the University of Southern Santa Catarina, Brazil
João Marcelo Pereira Ribeiro, Samuel Borges Barbosa, Jacir Leonir Casagrande, Simone Sehnem, Issa Ibrahim Berchin, Camilla Gomes Silva, Ana Clara Medeiros Silveira, Gabriel Alfredo Alves Zimmer, Rafael Ávila Faraco, José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório Andrade Guerra

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Environmental Management, Higher Education, Administration, Organization and Leadership

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World Sustainability Series
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10 pages
Natural Sciences
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